Coach Luke teaching fundamentalsSICFIT Scottsdale offers 60 minute structured classes. All classes include a warm-up, skill acquisition/strength building/mobility and the workout of the day. Classes are lead by a trained and certified coach and movements are scaled appropriately to the individual. Once you have completed your baseline workout and introduction session, the coach will recommend which classes would be appropriate for you to attend.

LIFE Classes

To improve your quality of LIFE. To begin your journey into health and wellness. These are geared towards beginners.


To get stronger, faster, look better naked, lose 20 pounds and feel better about yourself. These are all levels classes.

lifefitnesssportSPORT Class

To compete in FITness. To score the most points to win. These are classes for a more advanced SICFIT athlete.

Olympic Lifting

Learning the techniques in Olympic style lifting is critical to SICFIT Scottsdale. We want everyone to understand the mechanics of each lift and how to do them effectively and above all, safely.


SICFIT Scottsdale emphasizes strength, speed, agility and endurance which require a mind body connection, flexibility and focus; yoga emphasizes a mind body connection, flexibility and focus which require strength, speed and agility. The union of functional fitness and yoga creates a balanced athlete.