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Southwest Regionals- WOD 4- #205 Snatch

SICFIT: Friday Night Lights Presented by CrossFit Scottsdale

CrossFit Scottsdale Plans For the Open

CrossFit Games Open – Friday Night Lights: Week 3

Friday Night Lights: 2011 CrossFit Games Qualifiers

Luke Kayyem of CrossFit Scottsdale "Courage Games" 4th place

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate test of fitness. It’s a grueling multi-day competition in which the world’s fittest athletes compete in a variety of workouts. What are the workouts? Each year they change, and the details of them are not announced until a couple days before the event. This means that all year long, the athletes are training for a competition whose format is almost completely a mystery.

Team CrossFit Scottsdale 2012 Southwest Regionals Part II

“There’s no crying in CrossFit”

Our goal was simple to make the cut on Sunday and be able to compete in the 6th and final event of the 2012 Southwest Regional’s. So when we made it we were happy just to be able to get one more shot at proving how tough our team was and that we had…

“Nothing to lose, everything to prove”

3…2..1. GO Chris bangs out 10x muscle ups unbroken while Brad holds a #225 dead-lift then it’s Brad’s turn to PR with 10x muscle ups of his own knocking out the 1st 20 muscle ups with ease and on to the 60x wall balls and static pull up holds  While one judge watches the wall balls and one stands on a box making sure that no part of your chin grazes the bar they finished after 3 or 4 switches and moved on to the partner carry where Chris had no problem carrying Brad 100 feet  across the stadium with a #100 dumbbell in his hand immediately after 40x alternating box jumps. Then it was Brad’s turn to carry his partner and the dumbbell back 100 feet. If that wasn’t enough they each had to complete 1x more muscle up. Brad jumped up on the rings and missed, Chris completed his rep seconds later and then Brad jumped back up completing the rep needed so that the ladies could start. Mel and Jen would have to complete the exact rep scheme including one muscle up each to finish the final event.
This is where the story unfolds….

It had taken us months of training, 3 days of living and competing together over  5 grueling events for our team to finally be working together as a unit. The only issue was that Mel had to do about 19 out of 20 muscle ups and Jen would have to dead lift 30 more pounds then her body weight every time Mel had her hands on the rings. You see Jen had done a muscle up once or twice before but never in competition or in a workout and definitely never ever after hundreds of squats, pull ups, handstand pushups and dead lifts. After 4 UNBROKEN muscle ups Mel could not string anymore together and started missing. That sent Jen into a panic… with every pull off the floor Jens face would scrunch up in pain and agony. Then that is when the stars lined up and all 4 athletes clicked. Chris would watch Mel and wait for her to give the sign “Ready” then Chris would transfer that sign to Brad who was standing next to Jen and he would say GO and Jen would pull the dead lift off the floor. It was like watching the Stock Exchange, New York Giants or Tru Foods Kitchen run a sequence of events that looks like chaos but actually becomes an orchestra. They were all working together to become better.

Rep after rep 13…14…15…all complete. Then as great as she was Mel was toast and needed a break. I’m pretty sure Jen actually called her own shot and said “I go”. With the help of Chris lifting her off the floor like a scene from Mary Lou Rettons highlight film. Jen popped up and pushed passed the dip and kipped up completing the 1 rep needed to give Mel a rest and give Jen the confidence needed to hit the game winning shot with 7 minutes left on the clock. 17…18…19…20 done! On to the wall balls which made Jen look like she was getting shot out of a Canon at a 100 miles an hour. If you ask her she will tell you the target was 25 feet high and the ball weighed #50. It didn’t matter 1 by 1 they completed all 60 reps moving them to phase 3 the partner carry. Mel had no problem carrying the much lighter Jen. With less than 3 minutes on the clock I knew if they could just get to box jumps they could collect as many reps as possible before the clock expired. I was dead wrong! They blasted through the jumps in less that 2 minutes taxing there lower back’s even more.

With 100 seconds left Jen picked up the #70 dumbbell at the same time as Mel jumped on her back. Now think about this for a second…. Jen weighs #105 the dumbbell weighs #70 and Mel weighs #130 Jen carried double her body weight 100 feet. It looked like a scene from Saving Private Ryan and Jen was Tom Hanks. Halfway down the she fell dropping Mel and the dumbbell violently to the floor hesitating to get up Jen almost stayed down for the count. 1 minute left the announcer yelled and Jen got back to her feet within seconds with the dumbbell and Mel right behind stepping inch by inch forward passing the line and collapsing on the spot. 45…44…43 GET UP!!!! GET UP!!!! We shouted Mel jumped up on the rings and pulled 40…39… Mel missed the muscle up attempt and our hearts dropped 33…32… Jen jumped up and almost got her final rep, she not only missed but dropped to the floor from 10 feet up landing hard on the mat. 25…24…23 Mel back up on the rings and….BAM kipped up into the top of the dip 15…14..13… she dropped down and now with the fate and future of Team CrossFit Scottsdale in her hands Chris boosted Jen up onto the rings 9…8…7…6…5…4….as Jen got one arm up and in the other one slowly turned and Jen had finished it falling from the top of the rings. Listen closely to the crowd gowing crazy. 3…2…1 TIME. I couldnt hold back the emotions of not only the wod but the entire weekend and  Iliterally could not stop the tears coming down. This was the climacting ending to the greatest finish in School history.

Let this be a lesson to all of us. “Never ever give up”

A special THANK YOU to our crew Brandon, Erin, Tatum, Zuhl, Tony, Logan and Drew thank you guys for making the trip up, supporting our team and keeping the laughs at an all time high.
The coaching team back home Ashley, Hallie, Sensei, Canon, Jeff thank you for holding down the box and to all of you for following us online all weekend long.

None of this would have been possible without our team sponsors Dragonfly Weapons Systems (Josh, Jay and Christine Middagh)  iacquire (Jay Swannson)  Tru Strength Fabrications (Mike and Natalie Gillis) West Dermatology (Rich and Heather Rotan)  S.W.I.H “So What It’s Hot” (Anthony Ausband)  I Auto home insurance (Nathan and Shannon Atchison)

This weekend was dedicated to our team mom Najla who had to fly home early to take care of our 3 year old who knocked out her tooth. We love you!!!

Athlete, Father, Coach
Luke Kayyem

Team CrossFit Scottsdale 2012 Southwest Regionals

“We are what we believe and for that we are champions”

If I try to explain the events that took place this past weekend at the CrossFit Southwest Regional’s in Colorado and I use words like amazing, unbelievable and epic none of them will do the justice of the storyline that unfolded over the course of 3 days. The weekend was filled with peaks and valleys. Our team floated up and down the scoring chart and at the end of it all stood tall with an 11th place finish out of 30 teams in the 2nd hardest region in the world. It wasn’t easy and it took every single ounce of strength, energy and teamwork to make it through the cuts and move on to the 6th and final event of the competition and this is how we got there.

Sunday morning…. 7am the ladies (Jen, Mel and Klubo) and I headed out of the house for the 8am start of event 5 the snatch ladder. The drive was quiet we had fallen to 16th place after Saturdays performance and our goal of making it to the finals was disappearing right in front of our eyes. We needed a monster score just to make it and this was our worst workout in practice the weeks before. The starting weight for women was #105 and would go up #10 each lift. All 3 women would have 50 seconds total to successfully snatch the weight in order to move on to the next load. The total of each athletes snatch combined would be our score and if Jen missed it would be zero. #105 was also Jen’s max and had only completed it a few times at home, not to mention her body weight. As they started warming up I pulled Jen aside and told her to “believe, this is all mental and she is stronger than she knows” she looked at me and said “I won’t let you down”. After a few barbell snatches they lined up team by team moving through the ladder. Almost every team missed including Chris Spealers sister. The game plan was to have Jen go 1st incased she missed so that she could get another chance. The announcer shouted 3.2.1 rotate and Jen stepped up to the bar, set up tight and pulled. No rep the judge yelled as the bar floated out in front of Jen’s head. Then Mel stepped up and stuck a power snatch then Klubo stepped up and made it look like a pvc… so light. With 20 seconds left Jen stepped back up to the bar, set up in a deep squat and pulled…past her knees…past her hips and BAM triple extension had dropped completely under the bar to snatch #105 and move the team forward. Like Kobe or Jordan dribbling down the lane with seconds left on the clock to win the game Jen pulled up and hit the clutch jumper moving the entire team to #115 and she did not disappoint.

I really can’t remember what happened next I was so excited but I remember the sound of the crowd. It was a very strange sound like people were shocked or even amazed it sounded more like people talking loudly like “what was that, who is that” as I repositioned myself on the other side where the heavier bars were I realized it was Klubo shocking the world with these effortless lifts. #120…clear #125…clear. Now the crowd noise was changing and was turning into loud cheers. #130…clear and now loud roars. Klubo had been the 1st female athlete to make it down the line and she made it look so effortless. #135 was next and it was the 1st time she looked well inside her element. I actually think she started dancing as the clock clicked down 3.2.1 rotate. She stuck it and the entire stadium went nuts. “Where you at Scottsdale” the announcer shouted. We all went crazy and Klubo stepped up to the bar for her final lift where she barely missed #140. The ladies had set the bar…literally with a #345 total. Next up the boys and we were not going to let anyone down especially the ladies.

Chris, Brad and I started warming up and our strategy was similar except in reverse order so that I would have more time to lift especially when we hit my max which was #185 although I missed it in the warm up. We lined up and started moving through the bars. #155/165/175/185 even #195 which was a P.R (personal record) for me. When we got to #205 Chris missed the lift which was shocking because he was our best lifter and were prospecting at least #225. Brad stepped up and power snatched #205 and quickly I decided to pull the lift up to my knees missing on purpose so that Chris could get another shot at a fairly light lift for him. He pulled no problem and now it was my turn with 30x seconds left on the clock. I stepped in, let out a few bursts of fire and……………..

I PRd my snatch by #20 Brad moved up to #215 and successfully cleared it barely missing #225. We did our part and now it was time for the kid to prove his strength. Remember Chris missed at #205 and I think it might have helped him settle. He cleared #225 which was his previous record… cleared #235 which was a PR and now stepped up to #245 clearing it almost as efficiently as the previous lift. As he stepped up to #255 the crowd, Brad and I were going ape $#iT. 3.2.1 rotate Chris stepped up to the load and pulled it well above his head, started to stand up with it and just missed actually pulling it over and behind his head. We finished with a #665 mens total and a #1010 overall total to give us 5th place in the workout and move us up to 12th place overall securing our spot in the last and final workout of the 2012 Regional’s.

To be continued…..



Team Zambruno

When I first decided to move to Scottsdale I was nervous. I was about to leave my home and my comfort zone to a place that was completely foreign to me. Granted Scottsdale is arguably one of the most beautiful, clean and safe places to live in, it was still a big change. Change can be stressful and hard to manage.  CrossFit Scottsdale would become my home away from home and a place that would become very near and dear to my heart.  It not only helped me get through this stressful period in my life, but also allowed me to establish friendships with some amazing people.

I remember the day that I decided to move to Scottsdale I began my search for a CrossFit gym in the area. No doubt because of Najla’s brilliance in marketing, CrossFit Scottsdale was at the top of the list. After watching several of the videos, I felt that CrossFit Scottsdale was the place for me and I didn’t even look at any other CrossFit gyms. Soon after, I called and scheduled my baseline with some guy named Luke Kayyem.

My baseline with Luke was an eye-opener.  We actually competed against each other during my baseline. I had been training CrossFit for a while and thought, “There is no way this guy is going to beat me.”  As I recall, Luke gave me a good old fashion “ass-kicking.” All I remember is him doing these crazy pull-ups called” butterfly pull-ups” as I sat there trying to catch my breath. I signed up right away.

I soon learned about the CrossFit Games, and how everyone at the gym was competing in the Open to earn a spot at the Southwest Regional competition.  I became amazed with this new sport and promised myself that I would train as hard as I could in order to compete the following year in the Open and possibly Regionals.

This past year has been filled with twists and turns, but one thing has remained constant, the amazing friends and support that CrossFit Scottsdale has given me. I could go on to name all of you at CrossFit Scottsdale who have made an impact on my life but the list would be too long and I would not want to forget anyone. To give credit and thanks to the coaches and programming at CrossFit Scottsdale, I would like to share with you some of my improvements:

Before CFS                                    One Year of CFS

4:30 Fran                                           2:30 Fran

285 Back Squat                                375 Back Squat

155 Strict Press                                190 Strict press

Front Squat 225                               Front Squat 320

Grace 3:30                                        Grace 1:38

It’s amazing how fast time passes. It is now a year later and the CrossFit Games season is among us.  I’m happy and proud that I am going to be representing CrossFit Scottsdale this weekend at the Southwest Regional competition in Denver, Colorado.  I couldn’t have done it without everyone at CrossFit Scottsdale. All of you mean the world to me and I will always cherish my time with you.  Thanks again for all that you have given me.

~Nick Zambruno

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

As our CrossFit Scottsdale competitors get ready to head out in the next 24 hours to Colorado for the CrossFit Southwest Regionals, we want to say THANK YOU again to our team sponsors! We have an amazing team heading up north and an even more amazing group of supporters! Thank you for your commitment, your energy, your sponsorship and your support during our competition season!

Spring Fitness Challenge

The Fran Finals are here! Bring everything you got and lets see some PR’s!
Remember to get to CrossFit Scottsdale by 8:45 to check in.

Spring 2012 Fran Challenge
First Name Last Name Prelim Time Final Time Change Heat Division Gender
John McKeever 10:17   10:17 1 RX Male
Amber Weberpal 7:48   7:48 1 Beginner Female
Matt Bucko 4:40   4:40 1 Beginner Male
Jay Middagh 10:58   10:58 1 Beginner Male
Rich Rotan 7:11   7:11 1 Intermediate Male
Angelica Nguyen 6:36   6:36 1 Intermediate Female
nathan atchison 11:45   11:45 1 RX Male
John Holt 5:58   5:58 1 RX Male
Jennifer Adams 8:32   8:32 1 Beginner Female
Amanda Ausink     0:00 2 Intermediate Female
Stefanie Davis 9:07   9:07 2 Intermediate Female
Judy Leinweber 10:10   10:10 2 Intermediate Female
Heather Rotan 5:15   5:15 2 Intermediate Female
Stephanie Schuld 10:01   10:01 2 Intermediate Female
Klubo   6:07   6:07 2 RX Female
Thomas Hoogenboom 8:35   8:35 2 Intermediate Male
Bob Vossoughi 5:44   5:44 2 Intermediate Male
Jeff Zuhl 12:52   12:52 2 Intermediate Male
Aleta McDonald 6:14   6:14 3 Intermediate Female
Tabitha Chester 9:03   9:03 3 Intermediate Female
Hakim Benmoussa 4:34   4:34 3 Intermediate Male
Natalie Gillis 7:21   7:21 3 RX Female
Deric Andre 11:59   11:59 3 RX Male
Jeff Rifkin 4:59   4:59 3 RX Male
Amanda Gornet 5:55   5:55 4 RX Female
Steve Cederstrom 4:34   4:34 4 RX Male
Brad Kuiper 3:02   3:02 4 RX Male
Austin Groen 5:14   5:14 4 RX Male
Mike McLinn 6:21   6:21 4 RX Male
Brandon Nee 3:44   3:44 4 RX Male
Nate Ouzts 9:13   9:13 4 RX Male
Josh Vella 6:20   6:20 4 RX Male
Erin Wellendorf 9:20   9:20 5 RX Female
Mel Einbinder 3:48   3:48 5 RX Female
Ron McClendon     0:00 5 RX Male
Josh Wagner 5:06   5:06 5 RX Male
Luke Kayyem 3:15   3:15 5 RX Male
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