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Southwest Regionals- WOD 4- #205 Snatch

SICFIT: Friday Night Lights Presented by CrossFit Scottsdale

CrossFit Scottsdale Plans For the Open

CrossFit Games Open – Friday Night Lights: Week 3

Friday Night Lights: 2011 CrossFit Games Qualifiers

Luke Kayyem of CrossFit Scottsdale "Courage Games" 4th place

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate test of fitness. It’s a grueling multi-day competition in which the world’s fittest athletes compete in a variety of workouts. What are the workouts? Each year they change, and the details of them are not announced until a couple days before the event. This means that all year long, the athletes are training for a competition whose format is almost completely a mystery.

The Road to the CrossFit Southwest Regionals

Congratulations to the 2012 CrossFit Scottsdale Affiliate Team Cup and to all of the athletes that competed this weekend in a grueling series of workouts to test your spreed, stamina, strength, and skill. The following athletes will be training alongside Nick Zambruno, who qualified at the individual level to represent CrossFit Scottsdale at the CrossFit Games Southwest Regional Competition near Denver, Colorado May 4, 5 & 6.

Melissa Einbinder (Team Captain)
Luke Kayyem (Team Captain)
Brad Kuiper
Jennifer Donovan
Chris Tommarello
Klubo Flingai
Brandon Nee
Tatum Jestila

If you are interested in traveling with the team to support the group, please let us know.

Thank you to our Regional team sponsors for their support of our athletes, their generous contribution will cover lodging expenses of our athletes while in Colorado.

DragonFly Weapon Systems
TruStrength Fabrication
West Dermatology

Several athletes showed up for the CrossFit Affiliate Team Cup tryouts at CrossFit Scottsdale this weekend to see who could make the cut. For a short video overview of the team giving it their all check this out.

For some it was the first time they did FRAN or multiple WOD’s in a day… (day after day) and for others it was the push they needed to re-spark the fuel that will drive them for the next 30 days as they refine their training, learn to work and communicate as a team and go for the Gold at Regionals. The goal was to find the best committed athletes to represent our team at the regional level. We will be competing against the top 30 CrossFit Affiliate teams in the Southwest Region (over 5 states) for a shot to compete at the Reebok CrossFit Games in July.

Workouts and the scores for the Regional Team  tryouts can be found HERE.

Thank you to all of the athletes, teammates, students, volunteers and judges who can out to support the competitors over the last few days and assisted with the competition.





CrossFit Scottsdale’s 2012 Regional Affiliate Team Tryouts: WOD’s announced

Congratulations Team CrossFit Scottsdale. For the third year in a row we have qualified to compete at the regional level (5 states). The top 30 affiliate teams that competed in the CrossFit Games Open were selected from each region to participate. This year we will be holding team tryouts to find the best competitors for our team.

Anyone who competed in the Reebok CrossFit Games Open season is encouraged to compete, participate, try out and join us in Colorado. It’s great to have a support system and have familiar faces in the crowd cheering on the team. If you plan on attending and are not planning on competing on the regional team please keep us in the loop so that we can coordinate and add you to the regional updates.

Team tryouts will take place this week on Friday 4/6 and Saturday 4/7. There will be several workouts per day to simulate a real competition with strategy planning, timing, rest, sleep, nutrition and recovery. We are competing for the top affiliate in the state and a chance to go to The CrossFit Games in July in California.

What are the WOD’s???

WOD 1:
 “The Track” (Friday 4/6 at 4:30pm Location TBD)

1. 800 M Run for Time
2. handstand walk for distance on grass
3. Plank  Hold for time on forearms
4. L Sit Hold for time on parallettes
5. “Suicide to Overhead”- For time: 100 M Run (Lalanne Burpees (ground to over head      with a plate), 2,4,6,8,10,12……. (45# plate men/ 35# plate women). Weight must be locked out overhead. 8 minute AMRAP

WOD 2: “Gut Check” (Friday 4/6 at 7:30pm at CrossFit Scottsdale)

1. 30 squat cleans for time (185#  men/ 115#  women) 10 minute cut off, rest 1 minute, 2 minutes to get 1 rep max snatch
2. 10 minute AMRAP of: 10 Kettle Bell Swings (75# men/55# women, 10 OH Squats (135# men/85# women), 10 Toes to Bar

WOD 3: “Fran”  +1 (Saturday 4/7 at 9am at CrossFit Scottsdale)

1. “Fran” for time (rest 1 minute)
2. Finisher:  Max unbroken HSPU

WOD 4: “The Finish Line Chipper” (Saturday 4/7 at 11am at CrossFit Scottsdale)

1000m Row, Sled push (down and back) (4/45 # plates men, 4/25# plates women), 50 Games Push Ups, 40 OH walking lunges with a 45lb/35lb plate, 30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups, 20 Pistols, 10 ring dips, 5 muscle ups. 25 minute cut off.

*Scales on the weight can be reduced in 10# increments as needed. Those that scale will will rank behind those that don’t but can still place.

*1/3 of your overall team tryout score will come from your ranking in the Open.

Please email if you are interested in helping at the team tryouts. We need a few extra hands and some judges.

Affiliate Team Training will occur: M, W, F 4:30pm in the Games Class and  T, W 7pm (entire official team required).

The Southwest CrossFit Games Regionals will take place at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock Colorado (outside of Denver) on May 4,5, 6 (Friday-Sunday).

We are still trying to secure 6 ($500) sponsorships to take care of the majority of the lodging expenses for the team for the weekend, we will be creating a “warm up shirt” with company logos on them to wear throughout the weekend. If you have a business or know of someone who is interested in helping fund some of the expenses of the team, please share this opportunity with them and let me or Luke know so that we can get them plugged in.


Body RX Challenge – March 2012 RESULTS of SUCCESS


Way to go Challengers!! You have lost a total of 187 pounds in 28 days!!

The WOD was a one-rep max back squat and a timed 1,000 meter row on March 3rd. We worked out hard for four weeks, and did the same WOD on March 31st. EVERYONE increased their one-rep max back squat weight and lowered their 1,000 meter row time!

Our Paleo diet was a huge success. What we found is that it wasn’t even that hard to change a few things in our lifestyle. We gave up dairy, we gave up grains. We added healthy fat to our diet and ate good protein.

Week one we made it a habit to drink half of our body weight in ounces of water every day. Week two we committed to taking fish oil each day. Week three was a big deal for most of us, we gave up fruit and honey for those 7 days and everyone saw tremendous drop in weight and body fat during that week. Our final week was a commitment to getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night. And, with the exception of young mothers and those of you that are working lots of hours in March, we did it!

What were the results of just 28 days in the “cave”? Stronger, faster, leaner and successful!

Congrats to our Winners:
1st Place Men: Dany Hakimeh

March 3, 2012:

March 31, 2012


1st Place Ladies: Judy Leinweber

March 3, 2012:


March 31, 2012:


2nd Place Men: Anthony Spencer

2nd Place Women: Amber Weberpal

3rd Place Men: Mark Disalvo

3rd Place Women: Tamra Reddy

You guys rocked this!

What’s Your Fran Time?

Ready to Compete? Whether this will be your first competition or you are a seasoned gamer, come test your skills at the CrossFit Scottsdale Spring 2012 Fran Fitness Challenge. Come tryout the famous “Fran” WOD or come and beat your current Fran time!

Fran: 21,15,9 Thrusters & Pull ups

 There will be CASH prizes for fastest time and most improved!!

Prelims: Saturday, April 7 at 9am & Finals: Saturday, April 28 at 9am

Cost $25 (2 extra WOD’s prelims and finals)

 The challenge prelims will also count as a component for the 2012 Regionals Team for the CrossFit Games.

Sign up at the gym today and show us what you’ve got!

Let’s Tighten Your Core!

Powerhouse Core Clinic

Summer is right around the corner, and wouldn’t it be nice to show off your new body with a nice tight core at the pool or beach? Let’s get you there!

All movements in CrossFit are core based functional movements; therefore, maintaining strong and powerful midline throughout the whole movement is essential.  In the powerhouse core clinic you are going to learn new techniques that will make your midline stronger and more powerful.  The outcome of having a stronger midline will boost your overall ability in all movements throughout CrossFit, and of course, look better in that swim suit this summer!

 Powerhouse Core Clinic will be held this Friday 23rd at 6pm and is FREE for all CrossFit Scottsdale students. Spots are limited so sign up in the gym soon!

See you all there!

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