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Friday Night Lights: 2011 CrossFit Games Qualifiers

Luke Kayyem of CrossFit Scottsdale "Courage Games" 4th place

The CrossFit Games are the ultimate test of fitness. It’s a grueling multi-day competition in which the world’s fittest athletes compete in a variety of workouts. What are the workouts? Each year they change, and the details of them are not announced until a couple days before the event. This means that all year long, the athletes are training for a competition whose format is almost completely a mystery.

What a Week for the SICFIT Scottsdale Community


What an absolutely brilliant week at SICFIT Scottsdale not only for the members of our community but for our families as well. What I am about to tell you is so amazing you would think it was scripted. It’s so classic it should be a show on NETFIX. If you see any or all of these folks in the gym this week be sure to congratulate them with a high-5, hug or “Damn bro you really ran 60 miles”? After you read the stories below go to each ones public FACEBOOK page and see their full story. I am proud to be a part of your lives! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Let’s finish 2015 with a BANG and get ready to kick the door down to 2015.


What a week October 29 2015

The ASU wedding

Congratulations to a beautiful couple inside and out. Tyler Anderson & Heather Anderson were married at a hidden gem called the “Secret Garden” tucked below several buildings on campus at Arizona State University. Both kids who have been dating for 9 years graduated as Sun Devils. The highlight of the night was older brother Dustin Anderson’s best man speech which was both classy and genuine at the new Showcase Room. The after party involved Sparky the Sun Devil testing T.A with max one armed push ups.

The Complete guide
What can you say about a student who is a Doctor and a Mom and follows direction day after day, year after year? I say Marcia Sistek you are an A+ student and your results are your report cards. Amazing work Doctor now let’s get you the next version 5.0. If it’s worth remembering it’s worth writing down!

The right way to run
Matt Emerson completed the Vancouver half marathon in under 2 hours with a time of (1:59:03) a record that he has not hit in over 5 years. A Father of the Future Matt comes to us via Mc Dowell Mountain Little League and his been attending both the 6am on Tuesdays and the SPORT class at 1pm. He has packed on about 10 pounds of lean muscle in his upper body and is scheduling race after race through 2015. If you are a runner and you don’t think you need to lift weights ask Matt how much running he did for this last half marathon.

The new Pickle
Russ Perry and wife Mika Perry delivered their 2nd baby together at Scottsdale/Shea. A beautiful, healthy little girl will now fill the Perry home with months of crying and up all nights which is why Russ attended and graduated from Warrior week one of the worlds leading platforms for helping Married Businessmen all over the world go from good – to great – to super-human. Although I have only known this guy for a year I would cross continents with him if he said it was the right thing to do!

The Endurer 
Paul Deuchar is now a 100k or 60 mile Finisher but even bigger than that accomplishment is the injury he overcame months ago to get here. Paul safely executed 4 x15 mile loops around Fountain Hills at the Javelina Jundred. Along with his pit crew that included Bethany Allendorf and Ultra Marathon Expert Bill Ditman he was able to fend off the demons of regret and fight for his “Why” over the course of 16 hours and 35 minutes. Even more impressive is how much this guy has inspired me to sign up for challenges that push you further and father than you ever thought possible. Paul and I share a past race in 2014 we both completed KOKORO Camp 34 at SEALFIT off the beaches of Encinitas, California. A 50 hour course that breaks most seasoned athletes down to their knees. When I asked Paul which was harder he leaned towards this race stating “It took more will and heart” the pain was far worse but my team helped me fight through this race. Of the 143 total starters only 86 finished that’s a 60.1% completion rate. My man Paul you encourage me to keep going!

The Brotherhood
The Worlds Toughest Mudder Crew completed a daunting task of walking from SICFIT Scottsdale to SICFIT Old Town this Ruck covering 26 miles along Scottsdale road through Paradise Valley and all the Halloween action of Old Town Scottsdale. The crew of 4 including myself, Jason Hersh and Joe Conner was lead by 9 year old Kanon Kayyem my son who completed the first half of the Ruck and had Mom and sister picked him up at the Chop Shop where we gobbled up Acai bowls and Gluten Free brownies.  Along the way we were accompanied by other members of the Tribe who viewed our video and wanted to be a part of the experience. Michelle, Craig, Matt and Keith you guys made it captivating and constantly flowing through the streets. The stories we shared, the bonds we sealed and the history we lived was unconditional and will live with me for life.

Well if you know of a producer in Hollywood that wants to shoot our script have him me us for a class.

Until next week stay happy, healthy and keep living the SIC life

In good health….

Luke Kayyem

First Race Announced for SICest of the Southwest IV!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Competitors of all ages… SICFIT is excited to announce the 1st of 5 races that all teams will complete for the Title of SICest of the Southwest IV on December 5th in Scottsdale, AZ!

Remember when we told you to practice lifting heavy s*** and running fast with it? Well, here you go… Next weeks clue, practice your double unders with a goal of 20 UNBROKEN every round.

RACE I  “Get on the Line” Slam Ball Relay

4 Rounds of suicide run with slam ball (20’ and back, 40’ and back, 60’ and back, 80’ and back, 100’ and back). The ball must cross each distance line, and touch the ground. After each complete lap the ball must touch the ground before the next athlete starts. Teams can go in any order but each person must complete one round. Duos can also go in any order but must complete two rounds each. Men & Women will use the same weight.

SPORT #80 slam ball FITNESS/MASTERS #50 slam ball

To register a team of 2 or 4 click HERE:

To become a volunteer rockstar (you will receive swag & a cup of cold beer) click HERE:

To be a  judge (Get $25 + swag for the day) click HERE:

SICest of the Southwest video

Chris Gartrell

SICFIT Ambassador, Chris Gartrell



Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Think your fitness can rise to the SICFIT occasion? You’ll have the opportunity to find out at the SICEST Fitness Competition in the Valley – The SICEST of the Southwest IV!

We’ve been around the block a few times with this comp (four times, to be exact!) and we have learned a thing or two about how to deliver an entertaining, inclusive, and challenging test of strength, stamina, and mental determination.

From elite athletes seeking out another “W,” to those just starting out in their fitness journey looking to have some fun and challenge themselves at the same time – there is a spot for athletes of all kinds at SICEST of the Southwest IV!

If working behind the scenes and with the details is more your cup of tea, sign up as a volunteer or judge! Of course, you can always just come to sit back to enjoy the show, and cheer on you gym’s competitors.

All athletes, judges, volunteers, and event attendees can reserve their spot by clicking HERE!

Keep checking back to the SICFIT Scottsdale Blog, along with the SICEST of the Southwest IV facebook page for updates!

2 Rounds
Run Big Lap
300 Meter Row
150 Jump Rope
Rope Climbs
20 Minute AMRAP
Run Big Lap
30 Air Squats
3 Rope Climbs | Sport = 5
15 Pull Ups

Coaching spotlight and Athlete of the Month Jesse Holland

Jesse Holland is one of those guys that you wish you had known your entire life. He’s someone you can count on, trust and are as happy to see him as he is you! When Jesse enters the room even before he speaks you know and feel his presence, then after he speaks he is in complete command of the room. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jesse for over three years and have been working along side him for the past fifteen months. His life has changed at SICFIT Scottsdale and now he changes lives. From fat to FIT to athlete Jesse has been crushing workouts, races and competitions lately. Which is why I decided to honor him with the coveted title of Athlete of the Month. Thank you Jesse for walking the talk and representing the SICFIT lifestyle. You have a huge heart and even bigger soul. Thank you for being you a man that I respect and enjoy time with. Luke Kayyem
Check out and read his full story below.


I was born in Vermont. I lived in upstate New York and in the North Shore of Boston prior to packing up and heading West to Arizona in 1993. I moved here in high school and went to Brophy College Prep before transferring to Chaparral where both my sister and I graduated from. I then moved to Tucson and graduated from University of Arizona.  I moved around with work after school and lived in Las Vegas, the Inland Empire, Los Angles, San Francisco, and Sacramento before I came back to my family here in Scottsdale. My family is everything to me!

My mother (Cindy), father (Mark), sister (Ashlee), and niece (Makayla) are all very close to me. I have many other family that has moved out West since we made the Pilgrimage back in 1993. The worst job I ever had would have to be no job at all. I would rather have something I don’t enjoy doing than doing nothing at all. My best place of employment would be Claim Jumper. I grew up while growing that company from one to twenty locations. I had many great teachers and mentors along the way that propelled me into the places I wanted to excel to. I was introduced to SICFIT three years ago. It was just a gym that people went to before it became my home. I was slow to the dance at first but, once I had gone through my first introduction workout out with Coach Luke and afterwards knew that this place was the missing element I needed in my training and in my life to get back to a healthy place.  After a lower lumber surgery and 11 month recovery process. I joined team SICFIT in January 2014. Luke, and the rest of the coaching staff had given me the guidance and support I needed to shed over 70 lbs and start rebuilding the muscle mass I had lost in the recovery process.


The experience that I have had over the last two years in making SICFIT my rock and having the fruition of all of my hard work show is part of how I motivate others to know that we are all capable. We are all capable of achieving more, everyday. It is a great feeling to do things that you never thought you would or could do. It’s very empowering and from a coaches stand point that is to me the largest reward, when I see an individual see more in themselves then they thought they had,  it makes my day, my job and my life. I love celebrating SICcess.
My greatest weakness in my current training is that I have not completed a Muscle Up on the rings. I will break through this weakness within the first half of the year. This last year I had competed in a few competitions to see where I stood in the group. The taste of SPORT did nothing but, make me even more hungry. I am going to compete in five competitions this year to take it to another level (one of my personal goals for 2015). I also plan on continuing my education in nutrition, health, and fitness in the years to come.

The greatest accomplishment of mine is when I was able to be resilient enough to pull myself back up from a serious back surgery. To continue the journey of the recovery process and take it beyond what I ever thought was possible. I was able to lose the weight I had gained and push past the darkest portion of my existence to return to living a healthy and happy life surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones doing what I love most, coaching. When I was in the recovery process I struggled with defining my self worth. I made a decision that I would crawl, walk, jog, run, and sprint my way back to the man I was before no matter how long it took me to get there. I wake up feeling great everyday!


In good health,

Jesse Holland


Tribute to the SICEST Day Ever!


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, January 23, 2015

SICEST of the Southwest III, the first of the SICEST series to be held in our own back yard, was a day that will live on the memory of all those who participated for years to come.

This video is a tribute to the athlete’s that laid out everything they had on the arena floor; to the volunteers who diligently judged competitors, organized logistics, and prepared equipment; to the supportive and encouraging fans who fueled the event that day; and to everyone who gave their hearts and souls to create the SICEST competition that Southwest has ever seen.

As you enjoy the highlights in this video, let it also get your blood pumping for round four of the SICEST series. Because if you didn’t think it could get any better…  just wait!

5 position Lunge Complex
EMON for 5 Minutes
5-8 Tempo Air Squats
PVC Pass Through, Around the World, Shoulder Grind
Wall Ball Technique
5 Rounds
30 Seconds Slam Ball + Slam Ball Squat
30 Second Rest
AMRAP for 10 Minutes
LIFE: 10 Wall Ball Shots + 130 Meter Run or Row
FITNESS: 20 Wall Ball Shots + 300 Meter Run
SPORT: 30 Wall Ball Shots + 300 Meter Run with Ball

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