Do you think yoga is just stretching and sitting around singing songs??photo 1

Come try yoga at SICFIT Scottsdale and you will see that yoga is in fact a workout. It challenges your body in a very different way than your normal workouts. Coach Katie Surma has been teaching yoga since 2007.  She completed her certification through Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and subsequently completed her level one with Baron Baptiste.  Katie teaches a power yoga style class, with an emphasis on mobility and proper mechanics.  Katie has attended workshops with Bryan Kest, Natasha Rizopoulos, Gregor Singleton and Wade Zinter (among others).   The breathing used is deep inhaling and exhaling through the nose to keep the body’s internal heat up. Using this breath fluidly and calmly through the nose can improve your cardiovascular health. You can burn a lot of calories during a class and feel refreshed, detoxified and cleansed after your practice.

Classes are offered Saturdays at 10:00am

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