Food As Fuel Class

What you put in your body affects how you feel, look and perform.  By educating yourself on the right fuel for your body you can optimize both your health and performance.  Food as Fuel classes cover the concepts and benefits of Paleo and Zone nutrition. Specifically, what kinds of foods are most beneficial, which are the most nutrient dense, what foods are we specifically designed to eat, and what will help us lean out and consistently crush WODs.  This class gives you the basics and the practical application of these tools.  You will be provided with ideas for quick and easy recipes, snacks, grocery shopping and eating out and on the go. food pyramid Email us at to get information on our next nutrition class.


Body Fat Scanning

SICFIT Scottsdale provides the highly accurate BodyMetrix System featured in The 4-hour Body by Tim Ferris, which combines a hand-held ultrasound wand with innovative software to accurately and consistently assess and monitor your body composition. With this technology you can actually scan, see, and track fat loss and muscle gain. Our trained coaches will provide you not only with a detailed report of your body composition but also include, health risks, BMR, waist to hip ratio, and a plan to reach your goals. Call 480-922-3253 or email to book your assessment.

body fat scanning

Nutrition Challenges

SICFIT Scottsdale offers Nutrition Challenges to keep you focused on making a healthy lifestyle change.  Each challenge provides BodyMetrix Composition scans at the beginning middle and end of the challenge, pictures, nutrition consultations, food log feedback, and measurements of physical performance.  Challenges range from 30 days to 8 weeks and can be customized for any group. Email for more information, pricing, dates of SICFIT Scottsdale challenges or to schedule a challenge for your group.

CFS 3.0 Testimonial - Detric Andre Before & After

hallie before and after

CrossFit Scottsdale 2010 Winter Paleo Challenge

Crossfit Scottsdale's Paleo Challenge


Other Nutrition Services

Grocery Store Tours, Workshops and Seminars are also available. Email for more information and pricing.

Eating Paleo

Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution Quick Start Guide

Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution Food Matrix

General Paleo and Healthy Eating


Natural Food


Fish Oil

Long chain Omega 3 fats (EPA/DHA) were much more prevelant in our diet in the Paleolithic era and with today’s food supply and choices the need to supplement is quite high. The benefits includegeneral anti-inflammation, improved insulin sensitivity, better recovery, less aches and pains, improvedimmunes system and the list continues. For a recommended amount reference Robb Wolf’s Fish Oil Calculator at:

For a high quality, great tasting liquid fish oil brand we recommend the Original Nutritionals Functional O3 Fish Oil which you can get HERE . This high performance drinkable fish oil is available in lemon flavor, and packs over 3400mg of Omega 3 per dose.

Egg Protein

We strive to provide the best quality that we can find and that we would use ourselves.
Get your egg protein HERE.

Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Derived from a grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones. It is a rich source of the essential amino acids needed on a daily basis by the body.
Order your SFH whey protein HERE or post-workout recovery HERE.