FlexibilityRx™ Program

Get Your Arms Overhead & Your Hips Below Parallel!

Accelerate Your Fitness Training…


FlexibilityRx™ is a system of flexibility training for athletes in functional fitness programs, Olympic Weightlifters, and Powerlifters.

You can develop the ‘Perfect SQUAT’ and the ‘Perfect PRESSin just a few weeks by devoting 15-minutes a week to flexibility training!


“My overhead squat went from a 45lb limitation to a 165lb ‘PR’ and my chronic hamstring pain disappeared allowing me to sprint for the first time in 18 months – two months after implementing FlexibilityRx!” – Randy Mahlerwein (CrossFit Forever Strong Member)


Here’s how to get started

Devote 5-minutes to stretching before every workout.  As a minimum, five-minutes before three workouts a week = 15minutes/week.

First learn and practice the, ‘Core-Fourlower body stretches.  Once you are comfortable going through the ‘Core-Four’ lower in 3-4 minutes, add in two stretches from the ‘Core-Fourupper body stretches.

These eight stretches, known as the ‘Great 8 Stretch Matrix’ have the biggest impact on the range of motion of the hips and shoulders.











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Kevin Kula (creator of FlexibilityRx™, known as the ‘Flexibility-Coach’) also offers assisted-stretching (Fascial Stretch Therapy™) out of SICFIT Scottsdale – for a free ‘personal flexibility assessment’ email




Flexibility is an Insurance Policy for Your Fitness Training & The Quickest Path to Heavier Lifts, Athletic Skill Development,
and ‘PR’s!!


“Your FlexibilityRx classes help me more than Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy.” – Tina Velgos (SICFIT Scottsdale Member)


“After herniating a disc in my lower back two years ago and doing extensive PT with only some improvement, I decided to go to Kevin.  I am now playing competitive tennis and just did a triathlon.   Kevin is a master in his field.” – Chuck Warshaver


“So Kevin – when you say that you help people achieving ‘PR’s I didn’t realize that you meant, that same day!! This evening I PR’d by 10 reps on the Open workout from 2012 – with NO residual bicep, elbow or shoulder pain…THANK YOU!!!!! I felt like I got my arm back today.” Kare Williams (CrossFit Masters Competitor)