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So you come to SICFIT Scottsdale weekly, completing an intense workout for an hour full of push-ups, pull-ups and squats. You yell, sweat, stretch, high five and hug your fellow SICFITer after an extremely difficult workout and you don’t even know what they do for a living? LETS FIX THAT!

SICFIT Scottsdale Connections is a networking organization where fellow SICFITers, spouses, friends and colleagues can come together to enjoy lunch and learn about each other’s professions, to not only become a better supporter in the gym, but to help grow everyone’s business and network outside these walls.Sicfit Connections


  • Details including your company logo, picture, website link and details of your services will be on the SICFIT Scottsdale website for everyone to access.
  • The opportunity to showcase your business, business cards and coupons to over 250 active students and guests on the SICFIT Scottsdale’s Connections Marketing Board.
  • Mix, mingle and get to know your fellow training partners on a professional level at two bi-yearly networking breakfast meetings, hosted by SICFIT Scottsdale.
  • Help grow your business with additional visibility and marketing with a fresh active group of professionals you trust and know you will have something in common with.
  • Your SICFIT Scottsdale gym membership  can be a tax write-off for your business, after all you are networking.

If you are interested in becoming a member of SICFIT Scottsdale Connections, please contact



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