There is a group introductory class on Saturday every week- come enjoy it for FREE!


Every student starts their training at SICFIT Scottsdale with an introductory session. These are by appointment only – call us to schedule at 480.922.3253, email us at, or fill out this form below:

Get Started Today!

At SICFIT Scottsdale we want to start you off with a one-on-one session so we can find out about you, your goals and expectations, fitness level, and experience.  This time also allows us to explain who we are and what we do.  We ask that you to make an appointment so that when you come in, one of our experienced coaches will have an hour to dedicate to you.  Our complimentary training session will give you a chance to learn a lot more about our programs and actually experience SICFIT Scottsdale for yourself.  After your intro, you can choose from several membership options that give you access to our group fitness programs and specialized classes or personal training.

SICFIT Scottsdale is different than a traditional gym.  We host free weekly classes for those interested in learning more about SICFIT Scottsdale and our methods in a group setting.  Our free group classes take place every Saturday at 10am.  Make sure to Email us to let us know to expect you.

What should I expect at one of these sessions?

You should expect to meet one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members that will guide you through a challenging, but short workout that might give you a reality check about your fitness level.  Expect to see other members that will greet you with smiling faces, ask you your name and welcome you to our community.  Make sure you wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothing that you can exercise in.

SICFIT Scottsdale is a high energy, no-nonsense, friendly, competitive facility that is your alternative to large commercial gyms.  We focus on relationships with our students, building community, service that exceeds your expectations, and program design that helps you reach your goals faster.  Strength In Conditioning is not only the staple of our programs, it’s in our name.  We use proven methods, both traditional and non-traditional, to help our students reach their health and fitness goals.  We will give you the guidance, tools and knowledge to start down a path to a healthy lifestyle and hold you accountable to make sure you reach those goals.

There is absolutely no substitute for dedication and hard work.
The key to success is consistency, showing up and not quitting

Make your daily workout a habit and make your health
and fitness your priority. Results are not guaranteed, they are earned.


Standards are standards, and ours remain steadfast. It takes a real person to undergo ruthless self-evaluation. When one’s life is full of purpose and intent, there is little room for excuses. Understandably, none are accepted here. There is a lot of information about us on our website and on our Facebook fan page. Spend some time on these sites so that you are familiar with what we do. If you’re not ready for this type of commitment, stay connected to us, one day you will be. If you would like to come learn more about us, call or email us and make an appointment to go through your complimentary introductory session with a Coach. Please do not call and ask about price. We don’t compete on price; we compete on quality, service, skilled professional coaching, commitment to our community, training and RESULTS.

There are plenty of places out there that are a lot cheaper. You get what you pay for. If you are looking for value and our commitment to helping you achieve your goals, then you are in the right place.

Motivated People Only