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Muscle Up Clinic
07/10/2014, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Kayyem Signature Series Part III: The Muscle Up
muscle up

The Muscle up gets you from under objects to over them in a quick, explosive second. This pull and press combo are thought of as one of the most technical and difficult movements in the world yet it is graded an A as one of the easiest by Gymnasts. Still as basic as it seems this explosive action takes skill, strength, flexibility and power 4 of the 10 general, physical skills. Please join Coach Luke Kayyem and the SICFIT Scottsdale team on Thursday, July 10th from 7-8pm for an hour seminar on the muscle up. We will practice the techniques needed to learn basic ring skills, progressions and how to complete workouts when the muscle up is programmed.


  • False grip
  • Progression
  • Pull up
  • Ring dip
  • Kip
  • Skills & drills

Don’t wait… space is limited! Give us a call at (480)-922-3253 or sign up at the gym!


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