Together CrossFit Scottsdale raised $8,821.24 for Arizona Baseball Charities

Dear CrossFit Scottsdale,

On behalf of Arizona Baseball Charities I would like to thank Luke and Najla Kayyem, CrossFit Scottsdale and their staff and to all participants who contributed to the 2012 Jump Rope a thon. The total amount we received was $8,821.24.

This will be the 21st year for Arizona Baseball Charities and this money will help provide for equipment, fields and sponsorships for those who cannot afford to play Little League Baseball.

Our Charity Baseball Game will be held at Scottsdale Stadium on Sunday, January 27th, 2013 and Crossfit Scottsdale will have complimentary tickets for all of you. The CrossFit Scottsdale Run For Kids Race will also be held that day, before the game.

Again, thank you for your generosity and your support for our Charity and again thanks to all of you in the community.


Buddy Schultz


CrossFit Scottsdale Loves Boobies!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and CrossFit Scottsdale is joining the cause to find a cure!

We will be participating in the annual event Barbells for Boobs “Amazing Grace” on October 6th at East Valley CrossFit. Last year we had an amazing showing while coach Hallie took home third for the ladies, and Ron “Goldie” McClendon took fourth for the men. If you are interested in competing this year, please click here to be directed to the Barbells for Boobs website, and register under East Valley CrossFit. You can also call coach Hallie at 480.922.3253 or email her at A sign up sheet will be going up in the gym for this event.

In order to raise money for this event, we have breast cancer awareness shirts available for preorder starting today! Part of each shirt sale will be going towards the MAMMOGRAMS IN ACTION ® GRANT PROGRAM for qualified low-income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer.

If you love boobies, and we are sure you do, come be apart of this AMAZING event and order your shirt today!!

Athlete of the Month A.K.A “Mommy Makeover”

This month we congratulate a CrossFit Scottsdale veteran who after a year and a half of just going “through the motions” and “taking classes” decided to take a stand and get after it! A truly amazing wife and mother of 3 Day decided it was time for a mommy make over. After meeting with Coach Najla they developed a plan to get the pre baby bikini body back by the end of summer. With a winning combination of  classes and personal training from coaches Jen and Erin Day worked 6 days a week and followed a strict Paleo diet. Starting with a grocery store tour to Trader Joes she followed the NO NO principals. NO CHEAT DAYS. NO CHEAT MEALS for 45 days straight.  The results….. speak for themselves. Thank you for inspiring one of the most important demographics we have. MOMS!!!




Tom’s Thumb Hike


Who is in for a hike to Tom’s Thumb this Sunday?

The hike to Tom’s Thumb is one of the most beautiful local Scottsdale hikes and personally my favorite. It’s in the McDowell Mountains and the trail can be accessed by the Gateway Trailhead or the newly “almost” built Tom’s Thumb Trailhead which we are going to be hiking from.

Date: This Sunday 9/16/2012
Time: 06:00 – meet at AJ Market at Pima & Pinnacle Peak (SE corner) to share a ride.

Plan on about 2 ½ – 3 hours total for the hike/drive- It takes about 15 minute to get to Tom’s Thumb Trailhead and the hike is about 1 ½ -2 hours roundtrip.

Bring Two bottles of water (there is no water at trailhead YET) but port-a-potties are available, and REAL bathroom facilities soon.

Miles Roundtrip: 4.9 miles RT from Tom’s Thumb Trailhead. (just fyi- 13 miles RT from Gateway Trailhead)
Elevation Gain: 1,010 ft – the first mile will cover most of this elevation!
Accumulated Gain: 1,558 ft
Difficult Level: Moderate

High Intensity Interval Training

CrossFit Scottsdale offers a high intensity interval training that is sure to provide results.. All you have to do is “Show Up & Don’t Quit”!!!

Warm Up
Dynamic Stretches / Movements

“Baseline” Workout
for quality

Thrusters 2,2,2,2,2
(5 min rest)
1 attempt max effort thrusters #96/65

Full Body Workout in Scottsdale

CrossFit Scottsdale offers a core strength and conditioning program that is proven to be an incredibly effective method of burning fat and building muscle. We perform functional movements at high intensity, giving you a comprehensive full body workout in under an hour. Classes are instructor-led, and peer-driven, providing an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation. To get started email or give us a ring at 480-922-3253.

Warm Up
foam roll/band stretch/pvc

20 min to find 1RM Deadlift

5 minute rest

Workout of the Day
5 Deadlifts #275/185
10 Burpees
x5 rounds 

Is your child getting enough water?

Did you know that a child’s body does not tolerate excessive temperatures the same as adults do? This is because children haven’t fully developed cooling mechanisms such as sweating. It is even harder for a child to say hydrated than it is an adult. Children have a tendency of continuing to play without stopping to take a drink of water to stay hydrated and possibly miss the signs of dehydration. Signs to look for include fatigue, nausea, headaches, cramping, excessive thirst and difficulty in coordination.

                To prevent dehydration in your young athlete there are some important habits to develop. In order for your child to stay properly hydrated during CrossFit Kids class, practice or game times it is important to drink at least 1-2 cups of water at least 4 hours prior to vigorous exercises. During vigorous exercise such as sports games or CrossFit Kids it is important to stop and a take a drink every 15 minutes to keep water and electrolyte levels up. A good source of electrolytes and an alternative to traditional sugary sports drinks is coconut water. It has about 600mg of potassium and 253mg of sodium per serving making it an excellent post exercise drink.

                As parents it is a good idea to teach your kids to drink at regular intervals to develop the habit of drinking enough water throughout the day. After exercise it is essential to replenish the body’s fluid and nutrient levels. Meals and fluid will restore proper hydration levels. A high protein meal or a protein drink within 30 minutes post exercise is recommended. Hydration is as necessary a part of optimal performance as practice and good equipment. Carrying out this vital task properly will ensure your athlete has the proper nutrients during key times, like the big game and in class.

Source Kids and Sports Magazine and

CrossFit Workout

Warm Up
10 min of Jump Rope

Handstand Push Up

Press 1 + max Push Press
x5 rounds
*2 minute rest between rds

Workout of the Day
Toes to Bar
Box Jump 30″

Crossfit Scottsdale Heros Workout

Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday in support of our troops and nation. 

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