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Nutrition and Fitness Challenge!

Welcome to the Whole Life Challenge! This challenge is a health and fitness, workout, & nutrition, daily check-in, online accountability game. You’ll track your daily actions and see what kind of progress you can make in your body and performance over 8 weeks.

The challenge will be played from February 16 to April 13 and costs $45 to enter. For the entry fee you’ll get access to the website where you’ll log your Whole Life Challenge score each day (more on that later), get coaching, and interact with the community, not just the community here and the thousands of other people playing around the world, but any friends and family that you want to invite to play along!

And it’s not just about workouts and diet. It’s a fun, social, community game that will have you interacting with the people that matter most to you around building a consistently healthy lifestyle for everyone that goes beyond the 8 weeks of the game.

And like many of our challenges, there will be great prizes at the end, like up to $200 CASH!! To sign up and learn more, follow this link:


Make sure to use that link so you end up in our WLC Affiliate Group on the Challenge site. Once you’re registered you can invite any of your friends and family you want to play with from your profile page, they do not have to be members of CrossFit Scottsdale, so invite anyone you think will benefit from losing weight and feeling great!

We also have a few add on package’s to help guarantee your success. See the flyer above for more information about how to make this challenge the most successful one yet!

We’re really excited and hope you are too! Any questions, don’t hesitate to email info@CrossFitScottsdale.com

SICFIT presents the 2013 Winter Open

It was with great pleasure that Team SICFIT represented CrossFit Scottsdale at the 2013 Winter Open at CrossFit Works in Tucson on Saturday. This one day “fitness competition” had 3 divisions RX/Team and Masters. Klubo showed us all how strong she really is and I think she realized it too! Finishing workout #1 with a #175 barbell progression. Teammates Erin and Riff barely missed the cut by a few points and newcomers to the Team Nicole and Bruce got a taste of the AIRdyne. Coach Danny Nichols crushed the competition with a #325 clean/front squat/jerk. Danny finished the competition in 3rd place overall. SICFIT.com our sister company video streamed the entire event online and the team Najla, Nathan, Tony, Shannon and Johny worked magic to produce a “competitive fitness” broadcast that was shared with the world. Go to www.SICFIT.com and build your free profile to watch over 40+ hours of streaming video from the past 31 days. Check out some video below!!!


A1 thrusters (off rack)
3 emom (every min on the min)
12 minutes total
~5 min rest

Workout #2 from the 2013 Winter Open
2 min max push up or handstand push up (#15 plate deficit)
1 min rest
30 thrusters 95/65 + 10 pull ups
20 thrusters + 20 pull ups
10 thrusters + 30 pull ups

Arizona Baseball Charities Kids Run

We are sorry to announce that the Kids Run for Arizona Baseball Charities being held this Sunday, January 27th has been cancelled due to rainy weather and wet fields. Thank you to all who supports Arizona Baseball Charities.

Strength, endurance and power at CrossFit Scottsdale

1 min row/run/air/burpee/lunge
Barbell progression snatch/clean and jerk
Set up all weights and additional plates before you start.

A1. 30x clean and jerks #95/65
3 min rest
B1. 30x power snatch #95/65
3 min rest
C1.5x deadlifts
C210 burpees
5x rounds
5 min rest
:30 seconds on rower AFAP (as fast as possible)
:30 seconds recovery row
5x rounds



Level I Test Tomorrow at CrossFit Scottsdale

Tomorrow Night, January 24th  at 7pm!

So you have been CrossFitting for a while now, you show up to class, you don’t quit, but you are ready to take your fitness skills to the next level. Well tomorrow you have your chance! Come test your fitness and challenge yourself in a whole new way! The Level I test is the next step for our CrossFit Scottsdale students, to help understand where you are at in your fitness, and to help earn your spot in the more advanced Level I classes. Whether this this your first attempt or many tries later, come out and see how far you can go in the Level test. You may just walk out of here with a Level I White Band! Want to know what components you need to pass the test? Check out your Success Journal, and be sure to bring them tomorrow for the test!

The Level 1 Test will be held TOMORROW at 7pm, come determined and bring your cheer squad!

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