Food as Fuel

What you put in your body affects how you feel, look and perform.  By educating yourself on the right fuel for your body you can optimize both your health and performance.

This class will cover the concepts and benefits of Paleo and Zone nutrition. Specifically, what kinds of foods are most beneficial, what foods are we specifically designed to eat, and what will help us lean out and consistently crush WODs.

You will be provided with ideas for quick and easy recipes, snacks, grocery shopping and eating out and on the go.

Join us this Thursday, August 9th at 7:30pm. Food as Fuel is FREE for all students, and only $25 for guests

Who can benefit and learn to turn food into fuel?

Breathtaking Workout

At CrossFit Scottsdale you will literally get a breathtaking workout as we train to increase our endurance and lung capacity.

Warm Up
Bottom of Squat
Top of Push Up
Hollow Position
x3 rounds – 45 sec each 


MMA Drills
sprawl / med ball spring / bear crawl

Workout of the Day
Hold Breath for 30 seconds
6 Burpees
9 Kettlebell Swings
12 Double Unders
2 minute rest
x5 rounds  

CrossFit Scottsdale 4th Annual Jump Rope-a-Thon

Insanity Workout

Do you CrossFit to unleash your insanity or regain your sanity? Either way… ‘get right’ at CrossFit Scottsdale.

Warm Up
Line Drills
high knees / butt kickers
leg raises / leg swing
toe touch



Workout of the Day
Power Snatch + Box Jump
1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4….

CrossFit Scottsdale Student Awards

It’s August, which means the CrossFit Scottsdale Anniversary Party is only a few weeks away! To continue with tradition here at CrossFit Scottsdale, we have our annual student awards where we want YOU to be the judge. Stop by the cubbies and fill out a ballot for this year’s awards!

Voting is open from August 1st to August 10th so Vote today!

The categories are:

-Best Attitude “Show Up Don’t Quit”

-Best Teammate

-Best Legs

- Best Dressed

-Best Undressed

-Best Burpee

-Best Pull-Up

-Most Burpee Penalties

-Best Smile

-Best School Spirit

-Best Form

-Most Intensity

So don’t forget to vote, and then join us on August 24th at 6pm for our Anniversary Party where the winners will be announced!

Challenging Exercise Training

At CrossFit Scottsdale we encourage our students and cheer one  another on. Regardless if you finish first or last, go Rx or scaled, everyone feels a great sense of accomplishment when they’re done. CrossFit is a fun, exciting, and challenging way to exercise that’s scalable for everyone, regardless of age, sex, or athletic ability. To learn more about our program and membership options at CrossFit Scottsdale shoot us an email or give us a call at 480.922.3253.

Warm Up
2k Partner Row
partner holds bottom of squat

Front Squat

Squat Clean

Workout of the Day
Squat Clean
Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

Summer 2012 Body Rx Challenge – Results

Wow!! We saw some amazing results from all the participants.  Monday saw some a lot of hard work by all of the athletes completing the Fight Gone Bad Workout followed by a buffet of yummy Paleo pot luck dishes.  After lots of Paleo eating, I am happy to announce that as a group we lost 88 pounds and nearly 30 inches.  Congratulations to Ryan Simpson and Caroline Grimes for taking the first prize! Also honorable mentions to Aimee Wood for being the go to Facebook poster and Matt McKean for helping us stay motivated.

Even though the challenge is over I encourage all of you to keep up the Paleo lifestyle even if you add back a few cheats here and there. Lets keep encouraging each other on to healthy eating and elite fitness!

Swimming the Alcatraz Shark Challenge

Here’s a testimony to the power of the referral.

Swimming the Alcatraz Shark Challenge made it’s way on to my list of “to do’s” during a social gathering with my dear friends and Crossfit Scottsdale members Bill and Erika Hubert. Bill was just getting ready to do the swim for the first time and I remember thinking “oh man, I am going to do that someday” Interesting thought for someone who had never swam farther than the distance required to retrieve a surf or boogie board.

So, off I went to commit myself to the swim while I was still a 24 Hour fitness client and I quickly got a real sense of how far away I was from this achievement. Even though I was “working out” (we Crossfiters all know what that really means at a globo-gym) I quickly realized the magnitude of this challenge in that at the time, after a fair amount of swimming in the 24 Hour Fitness pool, I could barely swim 100-150 yards without gassing out. The Alcatraz swim is 1.5 miles in cold, open ocean water.

I remember being in San Francisco on business and running the 2 miles from my hotel down to the wharf and staring out across the expanse of water to Alcatraz from the finish line at Aquatic park. I might as well have been staring up at Mount Everest.

It wasn’t long after that trip that Bill and Erika invited me to a guest workout at Crossfit Scottsdale. My first workout was “Fran” and frankly I was hooked from that moment forward. I signed up and also got connected with an excellent tri-coach named Anne Wilson in Scottsdale and I soon began to turn the corner on my fitness and swim training.

What I love most about Crossfit is that it is as concerned with building mental toughness and discipline as it is with the physical fitness. The first time Luke ever said to me “accountability; it’s a mutha” I knew I was in the right place.  And I could think of no discipline that would require more accountability and toughness than training for open water swimming. It is exactly what attracted me to the Alcatraz swim – more so than running or biking or even mountain climbing for that mater. With open water swimming there is no way to coast or quit half way, no place to stop, stand up and catch your breath – it’s truly sink or swim.

I’m very happy to say I did not sink, and am hear writing this blog after completing the swim this past Saturday after about 8 months of training. It was my first open water ocean swim and frankly, my goal was to simply finish the race. I far surpassed that goal by placing 33rd in my age group (50-60 years old) and 457th overall out of nearly 1200 swimmers. My heartfelt thanks go out to Bill and Erika Hubert and especially Crossfit Scottsdale and Anne Wilson at Camelback Coaching! Definitely could not have done this without your programs, your guidance and support!

Upcoming Events for the Month of August

August is always a big month for CrossFit Scottsdale. Now that the CrossFit Games are behind us, we are already gearing up for next year. So to kick off our calendar year, we have added some great community events to the schedule this month. Check out the upcoming events and a few changes we have this month.

Connections Breakfast Mixer
We are always looking for ways to grow our business, so why not yours as well? We created CrossFit Connections (which is exclusive to CrossFit Scottsdale) as an in house networking group where you can promote your business. Whether you cut grass or are a high powered attorney, we always want to do business with our CrossFit Scottsdale family first. The Connections Breakfast Mixer will be a bi-monthly networking opportunity. This month we are holding it on Friday, August 10th from 7-9am. Please sign up at the gym and tell us your name, your company and the category your business falls under. Please note, that the 7am class this day will be cancelled.

CrossFit Headquarters Level 1 Certification Course
CrossFit Scottsdale is hosting the HQL1 Certification twice this month! August 11-12th and August 25-26th. The gym will be closed during these days. But have no fear! Check out below what we have in store for you!

Unlimited Week
We want to extend our gratitude to you for changing your schedules around the gym closings, so for the entire week of August 20th we are offering UNLIMITED WEEK! August 20-24th, come and WOD as much as you would like!

CrossFit Scottsdale’s 4th Anniversary
It’s our Anniversary! 4 years and still going strong! We want to invite everyone to our Anniversary party that is taking place Friday, August 24th from 6-9pm. Join us at the gym for WOD demos, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, live music and student awards! This is definitely the event to be at in August! Bring friends, family and anyone else you like to have a good time with! Please note, the 4:30 and 5:30 classes that day will be cancelled to prepare the gym for the party.

Gym Closings/Cancelled Classes Summary
August 10th – 7am Class Cancelled
August 11-12th – Gym Closed
August 24th – 4:30 and 5:30 Class Cancelled
August 25-26th – Gym Closed

Powerful Upper Body Exercise

The handstand push up is without a doubt, one of the most powerful upper body exercises you can do for adding strength & muscle to your shoulders and entire upper body. While working your core and helping your shoulders feel healthier than ever before. Today at CrossFit Scottsdale we will work on getting comfortable with going upside down and work on various scales of the handstand push up.

Warm Up
2k Partner Row
Partner Holds Bottom of Squat
10 minutes of Suicide Runs


Handstand Push Up

Workout of the Day
Handstand Push Up

New Classes in August!

Here at CrossFit Scottsdale we are constantly striving to be the leader in the fitness industry and give you the best service we can. We are happy to tell you that starting August 1st we will have some new classes for you to try out.


Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm will be two additional beginners classes. Come and learn the CrossFit foundational movements in detail and get the same workout as all the other classes just geared toward the newbie.


Need a quick workout on your lunch break? Tuesday and Thursday at 12:00 we are adding an ExpressWOD. It will be a 30 minute class with a coach to lead you through a CrossFit workout and you’ll still get back in time for that meeting.

The Lab

For our Unlimited membership students who might need a little extra credit we are adding some Lab time. Tuesday and Thursday form 11 – 2 you can come in and work on skills or maybe that Wendler strength program.


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