The Lab at CrossFit Scottsdale

The Lab at CrossFit Scottsdale is a coach supervised open session for you to work on any skill based movement, strength component or WOD. On The first and third Saturday of the month from 11:00am-12:00pm, CrossFit Scottsdale will be open to all students to come in and practice your skills and drills and focus on your needs and areas for improvements, and this is Free to all students! Just one more opportunity for you to show up, get better, and don’t quit!

The next lab session is this Saturday

May 19th from 11am-12pm

How committed are you to your fitness? Take advantage of this hour and come try it this weekend!

Pain is Perception

Push your limits at CrossFit Scottsdale, after all pain is perception.

Run 400 Meters
30 Air Squats
20 Push Ups
x2 Rounds 

Clean & Jerk  
5x @ 60% of 1RM
5x @ 70% 1RM
5x @ 80% 1RM
5x @ 90% 1RM

Workout of the Day
“Body Blasters”
Burpee > Pull-Up > Knees-to-Bows
x30 for time

CrossFit Scottsdale Guest Days

We have all probably tried to explain CrossFit to at least one person who just did not get it. Well…now is your chance to help them understand what the madness is all about!  On June 5th, 6th, and 7th, we will be having Guest Days at CrossFit Scottsdale. Whether it is a friend, a spouse or significant other, a neighbor, a co-worker, or an enemy that you just want to torture for an hour, bring them in and let them experience CrossFit first hand. We have found that people who work out with friends have more focus, are more competitive, more consistent and have more fun with their workout. So go ahead and introduce the gift of good health to someone you know. It could just save their life!

Who can you commit to be fit?

*NEW* at CrossFit Scottsdale

Ribo Recovery Corvalen Chews

  • Made from Ribose, the basic building block of DNA and RNA
  • Helps with rebuilding your body after a workout
  • Provides faster recovery from workouts and stress
  • Great for significantly reducing fatigue
  • Feeds the heart muscle
  • Gives stamina for stronger, longer workouts.
  • Great for our competitive athletes
  • Orange cream flavor
  • Recommended dosage:
  • Men – 3 chews before and 3 chews after workouts
  • Women – 2 chews before and 2 chews after workouts.


CrossFit Conditioning

At CrossFit Scottsdale we believe anyone can get in shape and condition their body to be ready for day-to-day life though practicing functional movements and at high intensities. Give it a try! Schedule your free introductory session by calling 480.922.3253.

Warm Up

Row 500 Meters
1 min Max Toes-to-Bar
1 minute rest
x2 rounds 

Overhead Squat
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 @ max weight

Workout of the Day 
For Time:
30 Burpees
15 Pull-Ups
20 Burpees
10 Pull-Ups
10 Burpees
5 Pull-Ups

Olympic Lifting Seminar with Coach Luke Kayyem

How is your deadlift?  Are you getting low enough in your back squat? If you need help on your lifts then this one is for you! Come learn the skills, tricks, and techniques from Coach Luke as he shares the secrets to master Olympic Weight Lifting.

This seminar will be held on Friday, May 25th from 6-9pm.

Sign up NOW at the gym or online, cost is $45 and space is limited! This is one you will NOT want to miss!

 Coach Luke Kayyem, certified U.S.A.W. (United States of America Weightlifting)

Celebrate Mother’s Day at CrossFit Scottsdale

Moms and Mimosas

Warm Up
Wall Ball + Jump Rope progression 10x singles…1x double 10x minutes

Ring Row 7-10x + Walking Overhead Lunge w/ PVC 30x seconds
Tabata Hollow Hold (20x sec on 10x off 8x rounds)

Workout of the Day
x50 Burpees for Time

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a CrossFit workout in honor of Mom and stay for some healthy snacks and delicious mimosas today, May 12, during the 9am and 10am classes!  We want to celebrate all the amazing mothers in our lives, because where would we even be without you!? Happy Mother’s Day!

Still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Gift? Give the gift of health and fitness. CrossFit Scottsdale gift cards are available. Call 480-922-3253 to get yours today. We have a women’s only class and classes that are scaled for all ages and ability levels….Make her one HOT Mama!

No Excuses!

Train early morning or late night at CrossFit Scottsdale… with over 45 classes offered a week there are no excuses! Click HERE to view our schedule.

Warm Up
5 Push Up + 5 Sit Up
for 5 minutes

Barbell Only Progression
x5 of each:
deadlift/row/hang clean/front squat/push press/back squat/push press

Power Clean
>20 min work up to a heavy single
*No misses

Workout of the Day
Power Clean 90% of 1RM *No misses
7 kettle bell swings every minute on the minute
x10 minutes.

To find out more about our programs contact us at 480-922-3253 or shoot us an email to

Fundamental Fun

The press is one of the less complex lifts in CrossFit however it is also usually the weakest. Today at CrossFit Scottsdale we will review some fundamental techniques to help you maximize your presses.

Warm Up
Press > Push Press > Jerk
x3 reps of each x3 sets of each of the following:
PVC / Weighted PVC / 15# / 35# /45#

Weighted Dips
Paralett / Dip Bars / Rings / Bench
x3 max rep at each – 1 minute rest then switch

Workout of the Day
“Twisted Cindy”
20 minute AMRAP of:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
+ 20′ bear crawl after each round

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