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Can you Beat the Record Holders for Baseline Times?

M/1] Brad 3:07
W/1] Jen 3:37

M/2] Brian 3:22
W/2] Mel 4:09

M/3] Carl 3:15
W/3] Najla 4:20

Work Out of the Day

Baseline – Slow
5 Minute Rest

Baseline – 80%
5 Minute Rest

Baseline – All Out

500 Meter Row
40 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Pull Ups






Free Saturday Class!

Have you been thinking about trying CrossFit Scottsdale? Here is your chance!

Saturday, November 24th at 11am CrossFit Scottsdale will be hosting a FREE class to anyone who is interested in trying CrossFit. This is a great opportunity to check out one of the most elite CrossFit gyms in the Valley, meet the coaches and get in a great workout to kick off your weekend right after all the food and drinks at the Thanksgiving festivities.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or stay active, come see what our program is all about and how it can change your life!

To register: Call the gym (480) 922-3253 or email us at

MOvember 19th 2012

300 run (big lap) 80% 5-8 strict pull ups strict form >10 min

Front squat 21×1 at 80% of body weight 5x reps EMOM every minute on minute 8 total minutes

5 min rest

5 minute “Cindy” 5 pull up/10 push up/15 air squat



“Proud to be”

I am proud to be so many things on this amazing 18th day of November in 2012. For our 4th year in a row we participated in the CrossFit Fury Fundraiser. An annual charity event and “Old School” fitness throw down in the parking lots and streets of Goodyear. I am proud to be affiliated with the owner and head Coach Peter Egyed and his entire crew. You sir have “raised your game” again and I look forward to many more showdowns in your gym.
I’m proud to have watched 1st time competitors Angelica and Joe go at it with some extremely challenging movements and skills they have never attempted like sledge hammer into plates and rope climbs. Since joining our competition team 6 months ago they have reached a new level of fitness and we are saddened to say goodbye to Angelica who is moving to the “OC” to further her career. “Thank you for your hard work and dedication”.
I am proud to see Riff and Nate push each other forward and progress each week. Klubo for unlocking more and more potential and Nicole Miller for showing up right when we needed you. Welcome to Team CrossFit Scottsdale! I am so proud to have been Jenn Deez partner and witnessed her P.R (personal record) after P.R when the pressures high and the weights ( #115 thruster 2x) are even higher. I am proud to be part of Team over “34” and would go to battle with you “anytime, anyplace”.
I am proud to bleed “black and yellow” Team CrossFit Scottsdale pride was everywhere and the SICFIT swag was seen through the crowds of CrossFit Affiliates from all over the state. I am so so proud of Team Mel/Meghan for winning the women’s division and for Mel winning 2 competitions in a row. For a full time Engineer and part, sometimes no time CrossFitter you are Golden!!!

I am the most proud to be father of a 6.1 year old FREAK and PHENOM Kanon Kayyem who called his dads bluff of attempting to do 100 burpees in 10 minutes for $100. I know, I know bribery should not be rewarded but this was the afternoon entertainment and he really wanted to prove to me and the team he could do it. He actually completes 121 reps and received a $1 over per burpee. “If you watch the entire video he gets called for about 10 “NO REPS” for not touching his chest to the deck and still fights hard to the finish. I am proud to be a FIT family and know that my kids are growing up, attending these amazing fitness competitions surrounded by amazing people.
I am proud to be your fearless leader and wish that all of our students at CrossFit Scottsdale
Powered by: KAYYEM FITNESS train towards the goals you set set new ones and punch them in the face!

Here is a link to all the photos from the days events.
CrossFit Fury Furious 5 on

Healthier Dining

EATING OUT SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE but you still want to get some nutritional bang for your buck. Experts recommend reviewing menus online prior to choosing a restaurant and looking for ways to make healthy substitutions for high fat, high salt and high calorie options. Choose salsa instead of butter or ranch dressing, fruit instead of French fries, grilled or baked meats/fish/poultry and broth based soups.

• Choose menu items that are designated “healthier”.
• Order items “protein style” – Wrapped in lettuce instead of on a bun.
• Choose options with minimal accompanying carbohydrates.
• Skip the bread and butter or chips and dip offered before your meal arrives. Bring fresh fruits or veggies that your child can snack on while waiting for the meal to be served.
• Keep it colorful. “I need to find a rainbow on my plate” says ASU Associate Professor Leigh Small, Ph.D. “It’s not only exiting for kids, but the color comes from fruits and veggies and gives them the variety they need.”
• Choose fresh fruits instead of those canned in syrups.
• Ask for water flavored with fresh-cut lemon, lime, orange or cucumber rather than sugary sodas or hydration drinks.
• Have a salad and drink a glass of water prior to the main course to take the edge off hunger.
• Ask for dressings on the side. If you dip your fork in the dressing before each bite you end up eating much less dressing, which is where the calories are.
• Feed kids from the adult menu instead of the children’s menu to avoid processed foods. Have the kids share a healthy meal, or take left overs home.
• Ask the servers to place half of the adult portions in a “to go” container prior to serving it. Portion sizes and the caloric value of food served in restaurants is usually twice what an adult should eat at a meal.
• Eat slowly when the meal is served.
• Don’t add salt; most restaurant meals have more than enough.



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