Kayyem Signature Series Tackles the Handstand Pushup


Programming for Thursday, August 29, 2013

Need a new perspective? How about looking at the world from upside down? Whether you are skilled handstand pushuper, or haven’t yet mastered the mechanics of inverted test of strength, coordination, and courage, tonights Kayyem Signature Series will help you become just as comfortable upside down as you are right side up! See you at 7pm for this free class!

hand stand

Walk small lap + run small lap x2
Lunge + run back
Side squat walk + shuffle back
Inch worm + pushup
Suicide run x3
Long jump + air squat
Down dog + up dog x5
Burpee x5
Walk/Water active rest
Develop heavy overhead squat
LIFE: 5-8 pvc/barbell Over
SPORT: 3. 2. 1 heavy
500 Meter row


“WOW” Wednesdays Workout of the Week

SICFIT.com is pleased to Introduce the “WOW” a weekly FITness test for all level athletes wanting a fun, exciting way to compete in a friendly, safe environment around the globe. We believe you must distinguish your Strength In Conditioning between Training and Testing. Our three levels of programming are simply described as LIFE, FITNESS and SPORT. With each level getting progressively more challenging. We invite you to showcase your “WOW” each week through your SICFIT.com profile with photos, video and scores.

SPORT: In 7 minutes complete as many reps of kettle bell swings #35 x10 #55 x8 #75 x6 as possible and continue until no time remains. Women #15 x10 #35 x8 #55 x6
FITNESS: In 7 minutes complete as many reps of kettle bell swings as possible #35 x10 #55 x8. Women #15 x10 #35 x8
LIFE: In 7 minutes complete as many reps of Russian kettle bell swings as possible #35. Women #15. Break as needed.

Here we see Troy of SICFIT Scottsdale crush the Sport category.

Stretch of the Week

Stretch your way to better scores on the weekly WOWs with these flexibility exercises!



A Look at Lifting


Programming for Monday, August 26, 2013

With the start of a new training week, it is a great time to assess where we are at with some of our most fundamental lifts. Many of us will be happily surprised by our own strength. Others may be reminded of a plateau they have yet to break through. In each case, use today’s workout to remind yourself of how far you have come and to set your sights on new (heavier) goals! And be sure to record your scores, weights, misses, makes, and personal reflections in your success journal!


Spend 20 min to establish a heavy front squat
Spend 15 min to establish a heavy deadlift
Spend 10 min to establish a heavy strict press
Spend 5 minutes in the plank position

FIT for the 5th FINALS!

Now that you got your sexy on at the Anniversary party last night, it’s times to refocus and get ready for the FIT for the 5th finals!! You came to the prelims, you worked out in class, so don’t miss the chance to see how much you have improved in 30 days!

This is the most exciting part of the challenge. It doesn’t matter if you win or not, you are VICTORIOUS no matter what because you showed up and you didn’t quit!

Buuut, because we like to have so much fun at SICFIT Scottsdale, we will be having prizes and goodies at the finals!!

If you are competing, you are strongly encouraged to bring a friend or family member to cheer you on. Let’s blow the roof off this place!!

If you are competing, but cannot make the finals and need to schedule a makeup time, please email Hallie@CrosssFitScottsdale.com.

Don’t forget to recheck your scores at the bottom!

Fit for the 5th


“Every new beginning come from some other beginnings end”

As we stand here tonight celebrating 5 years of (SICcess) as CrossFit Scottsdale Powered by: KAYYEM FITNESS we have so many people to thank that have been such a large part of our lives and the growth of this program. We would like to start by thanking you the students of our amazing FITness School. Without you we would not be! In the past 5 years we have Coached over 3000 students, completed over 4,000 baselines and taught over 13,000 classes, more importantly we have eliminated over 5,000 lbs of fat from our bodies and added countless years to our lives. We have sent 3 teams to the CrossFit Games Regionals along with 9 individual athletes and will continue to develop those who choose to compete in “The Sport of FITness”.

My greatest “JOY” however is the experience I have shared with my family and yours. This family atmosphere has become a staple in our program. My daughter Camille was born in the gym literally mid workout as I was Coaching two of my first students “Buddy & Toby Schultz” that would eventually become my adopted parents. We would like to thank you both for giving me back something I never had.… a Mom and Dad. “Pops” thank you for showing me how to give back to our community in his 22nd and final year as founder of Arizona Baseball Charities Buddy has raised over $5,000,000 and with that he will “go out on top”. We created the Jump-rope-a-thon to help assist in the fundraising process and are proud to say our jumpers have raised over $50,000 in less than 10 days. A special thanks to the unseen who raised money and never asked for anything in return. Larry Benowhich, Josh Vella, Kalen Richard, and Michael Fischer.

We would like to thank our neighbors and the families that choose to train with us. The Holts, The Tousleys, The Coopers, The Andres, The Mans. Because of you we have the strongest neighborhood in Arizona and some of the FITest most confident kids in our schools. They are the “Future of FITness” and I am proud to be a part of their lives. For those of you who know me outside the gym you know my family is my life and without them I would not be standing here today. They are the driving force and passion behind everything I do.

To the women who just might be the single greatest networker since Ivan Mizer, the biggest job creator since Walmart and the hardest working women since Oprah, she is my high school sweet heart, business partner, best friend and wife Najla. Words cannot express the emotions behind our friendship, relationship, and existence together in this world. You inspire me to be successful, balanced, honest yet simple and thankful for every moment of every day. You gave up a career in fashion, development and shopping for a life of lulu, FITness and Paleo. You have invested tireless hours to work on the things I imagine and that you actually make happen. You are my everything and I will forever be yours.

To those students who have witnessed progression and never blinked an eye at change I will always be at your service. When we first moved to Scottsdale in October of 2007 I took a job as a personal trainer at Golds gym for a little over 3 weeks and in that time I was handed a few “members” to schedule a workout with…. 5 years later they have achieved goals never imagined. Tina Vange who just wanted to loose some baby weight and try a few sessions, Dr. Reem Kiddess who has opened up her heart and her practice to my family and my daughter’s missing tooth on a Saturday night. John McKeever who just recently *PRd his clean & jerk with #185, Katie Hunt who always showed up and never quit, Bill Gold who has been a founding member since 2008. The “Mayor” Mr. Bob Hisle and Marc Lutz who over the years has gone from overweight, to loosing weight, to FIT, to athletic, to now we train together and who I admire for becoming one of the most goal oriented humans on the planet. Marc just recently completed 700,000 meters on his rower from home in the past 3 years. Marc has also become a mentor for me and in true entrepreneurial fashion given me the advice needed to make some exciting things happen in the FITness industry.

To the military athletes also known as “Jedis” who join us young, weak and inexperienced. It is a privilege to teach you strength, wisdom and responsibility before you set out to join the forces that keep us free. Nolan Bonsetter, Al-Mikel Armstrong, Logan Smith and all of our military forces THANK YOU.

To the Coaches who have had to put up with our meticulous standards, constant evaluations and OCD based cleanliness you guys are what makes this place special, class after class and hour after hour. We constantly stress the idea that “just because your certified does not make you qualified” and with good reason. You put your trust on the single most important item in your life, your body and in return we promise to prescribe you the right amount of intensity, work and movements. This is why we developed our 3 levels of exercise physiology simply described as LIFE, FITNESS and SPORT. “From push up to Podium” we promise to provide the highest quality coaching, programming and nutritional education for anyone and everyone willing to learn. With the exception of World record holder Danny Nichols, we have only hired students as coaches, meaning we only hire from within and will continue to do so building an-infrastructure that supports success from the moment someone walks in that door. Hallie, Erin, Ashley, Tyler, Tony, Joe, Chris, Troy, Jaclyn, Brianna, Billy, Stacey, Nicole, Mike, Josh, Tom and Nate.

To my own personal coaches and mentors who I know I don’t know more than and is why I have sought out their expertise. Those who have guided me in the right direction, answered my late night and early morning texts and given me strength to endure the peaks and valleys of the FITness business. Troy Henson, James “OPT” Fitzgerald  the 2007 CrossFit Games champion, Andy Petranek creator of the baseline fitness test and John Burch the affiliate business Coach and founder of  The Biz. Chris and Maribel LaLanne pioneers in the FITness industry and two of the most influential couples in the industry.

To my affiliate brothers and sisters close and far we will continue to remain an open resource working closely within the FITness community, remaining allies and continue to be an ear to your voice assisting in your business success anyway we can. “We are united through FITness”. We will remain sponsors in your Competitive FITness events, donate time and energy to showcase your achievements and stream the SICEST Throwdowns around. We will continue to support your great causes like CrossFit for Hope, Fight Gone Bad and Memorial Day Murph. When a HERO falls we will without fail donate to your cause in anyway we can.

So whats next for our “SCHOOL OF FITNESS? Our belief is that FITness is a never-ending journey that evolves as we evolve, grows as we grow and embraces CHANGE. With the inception of SICFIT San Diego and the addition to SICFIT Scottsdale we have decided to set standards, structure and create systems to put in place that guarantee the SICFIT experience is universal and that the integrity is maintained in all of our gyms.

A founding member “Jeff Zuhl” once told me that I inspired him through my positivity and have enriched his life by walking the walk. You need to lead from the front through positivity and that’s it. Those words have been ingrained in my mind for years. Our vision as FITness professionals is to make you feel better when you walk out the door then when you walked in. A place where life, work and suck can be forgotten even for a moment but long enough to give you the emotional energy and physical confidence to go #ONWARD.

Thank you all for being here tonight, for taking the time out to come down, support and celebrate with us on this wonderful occasion. Here’s to the past five years and to the many years to come. From our entire team and family. Aloha my Aina’, thank you and GOD BLESS AMERICA! 

Luke D. Kayyem
CrossFit Scottsdale

I Workout Because…


Programming for Saturday, August 24, 2013

You’re dedicated; you recommit yourself day after day, week after week; you’ve ingrained the philosophy “show up, don’t quit” into the very fiber of your being. But what is the driving force behind your stick-to-it attitude? What motivates you to come give SICFIT Scottsdale your all, even when you’re tired and simply don’t feel like it? Share your reason for working out in the comment section below, or on facebook!



Dynamic movement
Lunge 1 minute + push up :30 seconds
Rope climb/rope squat/rope pull
15 Minutes
1 Rope climb + 11 kb swings
300 Sprint
1 minute rest
300 Sprint
*score is total time of both

The Quest for the Orange Band!

Next Wednesday  is the Level 2 Test at 7pm! If you are ready to push yourself to a new level, then come on out! Whether you are testing or not, be at the gym to cheer each other on! This is a test of skill, strength and mental toughness.


Life is not a Sprint

Programming for Friday, August 23, 2013

Just because life is not a sprint does not mean that we shouldn’t train for when life calls for a sprint. Today’s conditioning segment is a series of several sprints, followed by a delineated amount of rest time. Each sprint is an opportunity for you to learn how to get comfortable in high-speed, high-stress scenarios. Life may not be a sprint, but sometimes we have to sprint to get to where we want to go.


30 Burpees +300 meter run AFAP
rest two minutes
30 push ups + 300 meter run AFAP
rest two minutes
30 Toes to bar/ground knees to elbows+ 300 meter run AFAP
rest two minutes
30 Box jump/step ups + 300 meter run AFAP
30 x4 Scissors kicks + 500 row

Today We Get Stronger


Programming for Thursday, August 22, 2013

Strength can only be cultivated through challenge. Only when we are challenged do we expand the limits of what we are capable of. Today, we challenge ourselves with a heavy strength component. Today, we get stronger.


1000 row

EMOM for 12 minutes
3x Tough front squat, odd minute
7x Heavy russian kettlebell, even minute

100 Lunges for time
1000 row

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