Look Good, Feel Good


Strength in Conditioning-
A) Back Squat x3-4 (approx. 65-85% of 1RM)
Rest 1-2 min
*start medium and build, if they were here last Tuesday 2/16 try to use heavier weight
B1) Straight leg deadlift (L-12-15, F-8-10, S-5-6)
B2) Shrug x12
Rest 1 minute
C) As fast as possible
Row 500m, 1:1 work:rest
Row 400m
Row 300m
Row 200m




Hump Day Fun


Handstand ~5 min
A) Every :30 x6
1 wall walk
B) EMOM x10
E-10-12 wall ball shots
O- 5-6 Handstand push ups (substitute inverted box HSPU)
C) 3 rounds For time:
Bear crawl shuttle x2 down an back
10 ball slams
1 small lap run




Clean It Up


Strength in Conditioning-
A) EMOM x10
Power clean + Push Press
*Build up weight every time, pull out weights beforehand.
B) E2MOM x10
5 power clean + 5 Push press
@ 40-60% of heaviest in A
C) 5 min AMRAP:
kb swing Russian x5
Goblet squat x5
kb push press x5/arm
*Punishment run 1 big lap for each time putting down the kettle bell.



Happy Monday, SICFIT Scottsdale!


Strength in Conditioning-
A1) Row 500m
A2) small lap farmers carry (2 light kb)
B1) Row 250m
B2) Overhead carry ¼ small lap (about 6 parking spaces down and back)
C1) Row 500m
C2) small lap front rack kb carry
D1) Row 250m
D2) 25 goblet squats
No rest in between all!



Get Fit and Feel Great this weekend

Snatch ~10 min

Strength in Conditioning-
A) Every Minute on the Minute x10 minutes
Power snatch x2
*Same weight across, work on speed and bar path
Life- hang power
Sport- increase weight each time

B) 15 minute As Many Rounds As Possible
14 hanging knee tucks
7 power snatches
14 air squats
7 jumping pull ups
(Life- barbell, Fitness-55/75, Sport-75/95)


Jeff “Riff Daddy” giving 100% at the SICest of the Southwest II

Get Fit or Die


Strength in Conditioning-
A1) Front Squat (Life-8-10, Fitness-5-6, Sport-3)
A2) 40 yard sprint or row 40 yards
Rest 1-3 minutes

B) With a partner:
Barbell Thruster x20 (2 people on the bar, one at each end of the bar, bring it to same side shoulder, squat and press up to full extension and then bring down to other shoulder. Repeat.)
Big lap run or 300 meters with barbell
Burpees over barbell x20 total
Partner assisted pull ups x20/person
x3 rounds
Life 1-2 rounds



Celebrate the life and legacy of Pat Tillman

Strength in Conditioning-

A) Every Minute on the Minute x10 minutes
Split power clean + Split jerk
*Stay light, be fast

5 Push Press (Life- Barbell, Fitness-55/75, Sport-75/95)
5 push ups
5 box dips

C) 5 min As Many Rounds As Possible
10 ring rows
150 meter run or row

A of M

Celebrate the life of Pat Tillman with our fitness community on April 23rd for the 12th annual Pat’s Run from Arizona State University.

Register HERE: Team SICFIT




Get over it Wednesday that is


Warm up-
1 min jump rope, :30 side plank both sides, rest :30

Strength in Conditioning-
A1) Single leg deadlift x6
A2) Bent over Dumbell row x6-8 @31X3 tempo
A3) Standing single arm DB press @31X3 tempo
A4) Pistol squat x6 (assist with rig or on a box)
*no rest between sides, :30 rest between movements
x5 rounds

B) 6 min Row max calories



Put your hands up


Warm up-
Core warm up + hip, glute, hamstring mobility

Strength in Conditioning-
A) Back Squat x4-5 (approx. 65-85% of 1RM)
Rest 1-2 min
*start light and build
B1) Straight leg deadlift (L-12-15, F-8-10, S-5-6)
B2) Shrug x12
Rest 1 minute
C) *With a partner:
P1- Row/Airdyne 20 calories
P2- Plank
P1 plank
P2- Row/airdyne 20 cal
First group to finish does 5 burpees all other teams do 10


+ stretch hip, glutes, hamstrings



Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls please put your hands together and flex your biceps for SICFIT Scottsdale’s new Strength in Conditioning Coach Emily Lilo.

Level Testing to Improve Human Performance




I first created the Level Test in 2009 to give a few members my self included a way to repeatedly take a fitness test and see exactly where they stand. It’s become a staple here at SICFIT Scottsdale and a program affiliated at gyms around the world. I hope you enjoy and as always share your score with us or let us know what part you missed or had a challenging time with. I would love to give you some helpful tips and training tools. If you are local and a member we will see you Thursday night at 7pm.

Luke Kayyem

At SICFIT Scottsdale we advocate the importance of quality over quantity. For example, the quality of your reps vs. the number of reps completed; the quality of your WOD (Workout of the Day) vs. the top time on the white board; a few quality workouts during the week vs. a half hearted WOD everyday of the week.

The reason we teach quality is because everything that we do in SICFIT as well as in life is built upon foundation. We must be proficient in one area before moving on to the next. This is where the quality of our reps will help determine the quality of our WOD which in turn determines the quality of our improvements.

SICFIT Scottsdale Level Testing plays an important role for both new members just beginning a workout program and elite competitors as well. First of all, level testing allows us to set a goal and strive for it. We find that focusing on a goal and the steps required to reach it is far more effective then working out aimlessly. Secondly, level testing allows us to set a foundation.

Level Testing allows us to strive for something, work hard for it, hear our names cheered on by coaches and peers, stand on top of the podium to collect our new bands and to wear our Level band with pride, showing off how far we have come to achieve our goals. Because in the end SICFIT is about where we end up, not where we begin.

Level I – White Band
Level II – RED Band
Level III – Camouflage Band


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