“The Wall”

Programming for Thursday, June 27, 2013

The wall.  We have all experienced it.  Its the point in a workout where every fiber of your being, every thought in your mind, and all of your common sense is begging you to stop.  At CrossFit Scottsdale, not only do we train to you to reach this wall, but we train you to get comfortable there. It only takes a few times of smashing that wall to pieces to know intuitively that no wall is too grand to come between you and the finish line.  Welcome that wall. Embrace it. Then laugh in its face and bash right through it!




Foam roll – ankle & calf mobility
A1 : Split jerk
A2 : Sit up
B : Burpee/row 1k/burpee
LIFE: Split Jerk 8-10 +  Arm swing sit up 8-10 + Burpee 10/1k row/burpee 10
FITNESS: Hands behind head sit up 5-7 + Burpee 20/1k row/burpee 20
SPORT: Strict toes to bar 3-5 + Burpee 20/1k row/burpee 20 + Max HSPU

5th Annual CrossFit Scottsdale Jump Rope-a-Thon

Programming for June 24 and 25, 2013

Tie your shoe laces extra tight and stretch out those calves, ankles, and shoulders everyone because the much anticipated 5th Annual CrossFit Scottsdale Jump Rope-A-Thon has finally arrived!  Both today and tomorrow’s workout will be about so much more than just jumping rope.  With each swing of the rope and with each hop of your feet you will be helping an Arizona child find joy, health, and friendship through team sports.  At CrossFit Scottsdale we understand the profound impact that participating in sports activities has had on our lives, and we want you to help us give that gift to Children across our state.  All of the money we raise at the this super fun, family friendly event will go straight to the Arizona Baseball Charities and into the hands of youth sports programs that need it most!. You can choose to make a flat donation, or pledge to donate .01, .05, .10, or .25 per jump.


Set a Goal. Demolish it. Repeat.


Goal Setting at CrossFit Scottsdale

It’s Monday folks, and that means we have another week to get better, faster, stronger, and healthier.  Let’s start this week by setting up a personal goal for ourselves — one that is challenging, concrete, and 100% attainable.  Maybe we want to raise a certain amount of money at the Jump Rope-a-Thon. Maybe we want to set our alarms a little earlier to have our workout in the bag before breakfast?  Or maybe we just want to extend to ourselves a little extra love and understanding.  Whatever your goal is this week, use it to invigorate your every action and you will surely achieve it!

Programming for Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Minute jump rope + tempo air squat
A-Front squat + max calorie row – 45 sec (3 min rest) x5
B- Strict pull up + max mountain climber – 45 sec (2 min rest) x3
C- 100 Air squats for time
LIFE: Front squat 10-12 + ring row 8-10
FITness: Front squat 8-10 + negative 5-8
SPORT: Front squat 3-5 + strict/weighted 3-5

Team Conditioning


There is something strangely powerful about a team workout.  At CrossFit Scottsdale, we are well-acquainted with struggling through a workout, only to find the strength to finish within the cheers and encouragement from our coaches and peers.  But in a team workout, a whole new element is added when others are relying on us to give it our all. In a team workout, we know that the fate of the team rests on our shoulders, and it is up to us to rise to the occasion for the good of all.  In such a scenario we are able to dig to new depths and achieve feats greater than we ever thought possible, all thanks to the people working out along side of us.
Team CrossFit Scottsdale competes at the Southwest Regionals

Programming for Saturday, June 22, 2013

Teams of 4 only one person can work at a time
3200 row
75 kb swings
200 sit ups
50 kb swings
150 sit ups
75 kb swings
200 sit ups
3200 row

Jumping for a Cause

The Fifth Annual CrossFit Scottsdale Jump Rope-A-Thon

Normally when we dedicate ourselves to a workout we do so for the benefit we receive personally.  Coming up next week however, on Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th, children across the state of Arizona need you to workout for them!  Join CrossFit Scottsdale in helping to support The Arizona Baseball Charities‘ mission of helping “children reach their full potential through sports,” in our Fifth Annual Jump Rope-a-Thon — where every jump has the power to make a difference in life of an Arizona Child!

All of the money raised over the course of this two day event will go directly to the Arizona Baseball Charities, where they will get it into the hands of the youth sports programs who need it most. Participants in the event can choose to make a flat donation, or put their money where their jumps are — and donate .01, .05, .10, or .25 cents per jump.  Jumpers will have 45 minutes to rack up as many jumps as they can and are welcome and encouraged to rest as needed.

There will be prizes for the top donators and jumpers, and plenty of fun for the whole family!  There will be several Jump Rope-a-Thon time slots throughout the mornings and evenings of both days and jump ropes will be provided. The event is open to the public, so bring your family and friends to share in the fun.

Click here for more information about the Fifth Annual CrossFit Scottsdale Jump Rope-a-Thon.

Perfecting The Basics

 Programming For Friday, June 21, 2013

The intention with which we approach any workout makes all the difference in the world.  Upon your first entry into CrossFit Scottsdale, we tested you with the Baseline workout for time.  Recently, we have tested you again with the Baseline to see if your time has improved.  If you have been training consistently, it likely has. Today however, your task is to complete the Baseline workout while focusing all of your attention and energy on the quality of your from.  Your time may not improve (though perhaps it will!) but that is not the intention. The intention is to perfect the basics — only once we have done this can we excel in other areas.

“Baseline” for quality
A1. Thrusters (off rack)
SPORT: Heavy 2
FITness: Tough 5
LIFE: Hard 8
A2: 45 sec plank hold
A3: Jump rope max unbroken
SPORT/FITness: 50 Hand release burpees for time
LIFE: 5-7 Hand release burpees EMOM 5 minutes

Fortifying Strong Backs

The health and strength of your back is the foundation for nearly every action you make in your daily life. We can think of our spine as a sort of “control center,” housing our central nervous system which connects each vertebra to every major muscle system and organ in the body.  Today when you are deadlifting know that you are not only strengthening your back, but fortifying your entire life. Kudos to you!


Programming for Thursday, 20, 2013

Dynamic warm up -10 min
A1. Build to a heavy 5 rep deadlift
A2. x5 long jumps
5x rounds
5 Deadlift + 10 Burpees
SPORT: 275/185
FITness: 90% of A1
LIFE: 5 Deadlift + 5 burpees AMRAP 5 min

Lil’ Beasts Kids Summer Camp Session 2

Attention all moms and dads! Session 2 of the CrossFit Scottsdale Lil’ Beast Summer Camp is coming soon!! Our first session was amazing! Great kids and lots of fun and learning! We can’t wait for July! If you are interested in signing your kids up for camp, please visit our website at www.CrossFitScottsdale.com and click on the Kids Summer Camp icon.


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LIFE, FITness, Sport


Programming for Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The road to health, fitness, and happiness is unique for everyone. It starts and ends in different places, and has various places to visit along the way.  Maybe some of us are just returning to the gym after a long hiatus or are just beginning to work out for the first time to change our LIFE for the better. Others of us may have been active for a while but are still looking to get stronger, slim down, and just improve our FITness as a whole. Others may eat, breathe, sleep, and bleed the SPORT of fitness, and would die to score.  No place on this road to optimal well-being is any better or worse than the next.  They are simply different, but equally honorable and commendable.



1 Minute Each x2 Rounds
Air Squat
Scissor Kick
Jog Inside
LIFE: x5 Strict Press + x10 Push Press
FITness: x5 Strict Press + x5 Push Press 
SPORT: Press x1 + Max Push Press *
*x5 Rounds go up each set
LIFE: 1 Min of ab mat sit ups + 1 min of box step up (alternating)
FITness: 10 Lying knees to elbows + box step up
SPORT: 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Toes 2 bar + box jump 30″
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