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Programming for Friday, July 12, 2013

Today’s Strength in Conditioning skill is the Split Jerk.  “Splitting” our feet to catch the bar in a deep lunge position decreases the distance that the bar has to travel over head.  Because of this, split jerking often allows athletes move heavier loads.  Check out this video by our very own Kawika Henderson to brush up on your technique before class today. This video is extremely informative, however please pay particular attention to the second half of the video where the split jerk is covered extensively.

50 Lunges + gym run
40 Lunges + gym run
30… 20… 10…
5 Rounds, 2 minute rest each round
Split jerk + Max effort hold: Tuck/L-sit/rings/parallets
LIFE: 8-10 jerks
FITNESS: 5-7 jerks
SPORT: 3-5 jerks
2 Rounds
500 Row +50 push ups


Exclusive Coaching Client and my friend Marc Lutz


“As a Coach I meet thousands of people from all around the world and some of them I have the privilege of training exclusively one on one. Some clients I work with for an hour and some for years. Marc Lutz and I have been training together for over 4 years. I say training together because once every two weeks that’s what we do! He is by far my greatest single accomplishment  as a Coach and health service provider. You see when Marc first ventured in to see what we were all about he was a little over 300 pounds, seditary and quite unmotivated. His career wasn’t much help either with 8-10 hour days behind a phone and computer in the middle of a tech boom. Marc was killing himself day after day and the cause of death was LACK. Lack of fitness, lack of nutrition, lack of life. The transformation that I have been able to #WITNESS day after day, month after month and year after year is remarkable, amazing and inspiring. It not only proves that nothing works better than hard work it solidifies the fact that if you want something bad enough you will dig deeper than you ever though imagined to conquer it. Check out what Marc has to say about his FITness journey below.”  Luke Kayyem

Rowing is something I do during the summer months when Phoenix turns into a pizza oven and it’s too hot to run a lot outside. Of course, I still run a couple of miles before each working at CrossFit Scottsdale, but by itself just isn’t enough. That means rowing five days a week, usually for around 5000 meters each day with a fair bit of variety on how those meters are accumulated. For example; sometimes it’s as simple as 5000 meters straight up; sometimes it’s a whole bunch of 40 seconds slow / 20 seconds sprints; sometimes two sets of 2500 meters…variety is a good thing.

Last month that added up to 100,000 meters, and I’m on track for the same this month before rowing starts to wind down during August for this summer. To be honest, long unbroken rows can get a bit dull so I try and vary the pace and intensity as much as possible, but when I’m just rowing steadily subtitled foreign horror movies of Netfix help pass the time!

Adding rowing and running on top of regular Strength In Conditioning  is something that’s been important as part of changing a very unhealthy lifestyle. Before I started working out with Luke the most energetic thing I did was push a computer mouse around or reach for the junk food and it showed. Even climbing a few flights of stairs was hard, my joints and back ached, and I was carrying far too much weight (over 80 pounds more than now). Crossfit workouts helped change this, especially once I started seeing results and replaced aching joints and a sore back with honest muscle fatigue. Every time you hit a new PR, whether it’s a new max lift or just getting a few more pull ups strung together in a workout, it makes you push just a little harder next time. But the time you spend in the box is only part of the solution, and for me rowing or running on top of Crossfit serves not only as conditioning, but also makes sure that there is something ‘extra’ in the day to break up the evening and make sure I don’t boredom eat, and just keep active. It also helps reinforce just how much work those unnecessary calories actually represent. Whatever works, I guess…

An average week for me consists of three training sessions with Luke, plus something like 10 miles of running or roughly the equivalent in rowing, with usually one hour of something else thrown in and stretching out my lower back every morning. One day every week I take completely off to rest, watch TV and indulge in eating something bad for me. When I look back at pictures of myself from 5 years ago, I realize how far a journey it has been for me, and how much of a basic lifestyle change it’s been.

Eat better, not necessarily less.

The most important fitness move is getting up off the couch.

And remember it all takes time, so be patient. And most important of all, fitness isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy yourself! Which takes me to the next challenge that I’ve been working to prepare for in September, the Endeavor Team Challenge. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure I’m up for something quite this extreme, but it will be fun getting ready and trying. Marc Lutz


Fuel Your Workout


Programming for Thursday

Getting through today’s workout of heavy lifting and full effort rowing is going to require a little extra gas in the tank.  One sure fire way to ensure that your tank is full is to maintain a nutrient-rich, energy-fueling nutrition plan.  So often people reason themselves away from healthy choices: “I work out enough, I don’t really have to worry about my diet.”  This logic couldn’t be more incorrect.  Implementing a diet that supports your training and your fitness goals is considered by many to be the key (nutritious) ingredient to actually achieving those goals.  You may have a car to get from point A to point B, but without the proper fuel you aren’t going to get very far.

SICFIT Scottsdale endorses a diet that is designed to help you run optimally at the gym and in your daily life.  This diet is the Paleo diet — rooted in the philosophy that humans should go back to their roots when making dietary considerations and eat like our cave-dwelling, paleolithic ancestors did.  Join us tonight at 7:30pm for Food as Fuel to learn more about how to successfully adopt this diet and to talk about the challenges and rewards of committing to this lifestyle shift.  Check out this article for the basics and bring your questions to tonight’s free seminar!

Paleo Lifestyle at CrossFit Scottsdale



5 Minute row @60%
5 Minute row: 10 seconds @100%, :50 seconds @50%
Barbell complex: deadlift/hang clean/front squat/push press/back squat
6x Reps of each, 3x sets
4x Reps of each, 2x sets
3x Reps of each, 1x set
1x Rep of each, 1x set
*1 working complex followed by  2-3 minute break. Increase weight each complex.
3 Rounds
2x Heavy back squats
100 Meters row @100%
1 Minute rest

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Gut Health
As we all know, the gut is where you digest your food and where life-sustaining nutrients are absorbed. Therefore, maintaining digestive health is vital for life and both internal and external physical performance*.

In order to maintain optimal digestive health, however, it is necessary to maintain a healthy micro flora population. The normal healthy micro flora in humans perform multiple functions such as influencing the systemic immune system, balancing healthy vs. ‘non-healthy’ microbes, fermenting unused energy substrates, stimulating cell growth, producing certain vitamins, as well as enhancing absorption and storage of lipids.

Exhaustive exercise, severe emotional stress, drugs, chemicals and contaminants contained in foods, alcohol consumption, poor sleep, and local gut and systemic inflammation can adversely affect healthy micro flora. Additionally, diets and specifically a diet that is not a well-balanced plant-based whole food diet that includes enough calories to support daily activity, can also adversely impact gut micro flora health resulting in GI distress.

– See more at:

Tendon and Ligament

Tendon & Ligament provides vital support for the 4 physical attributes all elite athletes require for success:

  • Stronger and more solid foundation*
  • Strong connective tissue*
  • Secure joint structure*
  • Increased elasticity*

– See more at:


Wednesday is the New Friday!


Programming for Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday is the new Friday here at CrossFit Scottsdale! Well, maybe not exactly. But there will certainly be a lot more hype surrounding this day of the week from now on. Wednesday is now the official day for the SICFIT Workout Of the Week — a test of fitness that is sure to make you say “WOW!”.  As SICFIT makes its way into gyms around the world, the WOW Wednesday Workouts will become something you and SICFITers everywhere will have in common.  Bring your A-game people, because your Wednesday workout routine just got kicked up a notch!


3×10 PVC pass through/air squat/sit up/box step up
7 Rounds, 10 minute time cap
LIFE: 7 Burpees + 7 hand release push ups
Fitness: 7 Burpees + 7 plate push ups 15/10
SPORT: 7 Burpees + 7 handstand push ups

Muscle Up Clinic THIS Thursday!

Don’t forget about our third installment of the Kayyem Signature featuring the Muscle Up is THIS Thursday at 7pm! This is a FREE clinic for students of CrossFit Scottsdale! Come learn the foundations of one of CrossFit’s more complicated movements! See you there!

SICest of the Southwest II


SICest of the Southwest is coming October 19th. Last year was such a HUGE success and we know this year will be even bigger!

We are looking for lots of participation this year, whether you want to compete, volunteer or judge, PLEASE log in to and register. All students of CrossFit Scottsdale are encouraged to participate!

Come see who is going to be SICest of the Southwest 2013! click here to be directed to SICest of the Southwest.

Don’t have a SICFIT account? Sign up today!!

Carlos Suescun from SICFIT SCOTTSDALE races in the IRONMAN

 My name is Carlos Suescun and I work as a physician hospitalist at Scottsdale Osborn hospital and also work for Serenity Hospice. My whole family: my wife, Veronique and my two kids, Luca and Natalia train here at CrossFit Scottsdale.  We love all of it and the workouts are awesome too! I believe that no matter what sport you practice, Strength In Conditioning will only make you better and stronger.  We enjoy being an active, fit, and healthy family.

I am lucky that my wife has learned a lot about nutrition and also that she is a great cook.  Our diet consists of lots of fresh vegetables, grains, fruits, fish, eggs, wholegrain pasta and breads, fish and poultry.   After a work out, I drink chocolate milk and I have a Lara bar.  During long rides or runs, lots of water, salt tablets, and gu gels. 
This past Ironman race was very hard but a lot of fun.  The swim was very intense with a lot of physical contact the whole time you are  in the water, this is what made it challenging.  Lots of people dropped out of the swim after only a few minutes.   Swimming in the ocean and looking at coral and colorful fish as you swim sure beats swimming in Tempe Town Lake!   The bike was very challenging as there are lots of hills and and the Hawaiian crosswinds will test your balance on the bike.   The run course was hot and humid, staying hydrated and cool becomes crucial to making it to the finish line. My motivation is just staying fit and healthy and having fun at the same time.   Racing brings a  whole new dimension to this.   It is fun and challenging to keep pushing yourself to keep getting better, stronger, and faster.

Food for Thought


Programming for Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Here is some “food for thought” for those of you who haven’t been able to kick the refined carbs habit just yet. According to the video below (click image), your love of bread, pasta, sugar, and other carbo-deliciousness is more than just a craving — it’s an addiction! But fear not my friends, food addictions can be broken with 30-45 days of non-indulgence, when the neurotransmitters in your brain actually begin to create new pathways!  If you need more motivation to get your nutrition in line with your programming, join us for Food as Fuel at 7:30 pm this Thursday!


Click Image for Video

1 Minute each:
Barbell progression
Deadlift/hangclean/front squat/push press
Find heavy single power clean
7 Minute AMRAP
9 Deadlift + 7 hang power clean + 5 front squat  + 3 shoulder to overhead
Then… 2 min max burpee over bar
LIFE: 55/35 FITness: 95/65 SPORT:155/95

A Note from Austin

Hey!! I love you guys so much and miss you more and more every day. I’m in the city for a day doing some research stuff and there’s INTERNET! I don’t have much time so I have to keep it brief, but next week is midterm so i will get a chance to call you.

I’m living in the most beautiful community in the world. That’s not an exaggeration either. The community is called Santa Maria Mixistlan and it’s a small fully indigenous Mixe pueblo lodged in the side of a dramatic mountain about 4 and a half hours outside of civilization. Just to give you an idea of how cut off it is, they don’t know what Facebook or google is, and have never been on the Internet.

The community is very rural and I’m one of the first white people to ever visit there so they were very nervous about me for the first few days, but since then I have fully integrated myself into the community and I couldn’t be happier. I hand wash my clothes, kill chickens, shit in a latrine, etc. Admittedly the culture shock was extreme and very difficult the first night but it passed quickly and I’m so happy here now. The local youth there love me and LOVE to play with the gymnastic rings I use to work out. We have 3 hours of structured interactions/ discussions with youth every weekday. Our “project” is the construction of a recycling/ trash disposal system that the whole community can use.

My host family is great, I eat home made tortillas every meal of the day, food is cooked in tin hits cooked over a fire. Almost everything they eat was picked or killed right there. I haven’t gotten sick either which is soooo great because other volunteers are really struggling.

Every day my partner Cesar and I hike to the top of the mountain to read and reflect for a few hours. The community is so isolated that they have maintained their simple lifestyle for the most part. The call themselves the community that was never conquered. Many wake up at 4am to take a bus to the city every day, and probably 10 percent of all males try to go to the United States for work. For everyone on the community Mixe is their first language. Where we are is strangely similar looking to the Andes. It’s breathtaking. Attached are some pics, but it’s impossible to actually understand how beautiful where I am actually is without seeing it firsthand.

The head project supervisor Mack is extremely well educated on Latin America studies/ immigration/ indigenous cultures and has given me TONS of readings on the subjects. I read all the time and I’m becoming very well versed on the subject matter. The community is an ideal place to research migration, many of the males that currently live their have been deported or failed to cross. Poverty and alcoholism are prevalent realities in the community, a full days work in the Campo pays less than 10 dollars. Still, they are all active, always smiling, and have more than enough despite their lack of money.

Attached are some pics. I love you guys so so much.



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