Food as Fuel is Next Week!


You can eat whatever you want and lose all the weight you want…. as long as you train hard enough. Have you ever heard that? Well it is total BS, it’s false, and it is just all out untrue. You cannot out train your diet. As a matter of fact let’s forget diets all together.

It is time for a Lifestyle Change. Your body is a machine! If you fuel it with high octane turbo fuel you get results. If you fuel it with McDonald’s you get fat.

Do you want to know you want to how to become a fat burning machine? What if you could teach your body’s hormones to not store the excess calories you take in?

Want to become a power cleaning monster? Here is a secret you have to have the right protein carb balance. You have to figure out what that is and we can help.

Whether you want to go faster, get leaner, or gain muscle the SICFIT Scottsdale “Food as Fuel” program is for you!

I want to see every new student, everyone who has never come, and everyone who wants to make a change now at 7:30pm, Thursday January 16th, front and center at the SICFIT Scottsdale white board.

Let’s Rock this

Coach Sean

Show up early to grab a good seat!

Guest Days Wraps Up Today!


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today is your last chance to bring a friend or family member with you to SICFIT Scottsdale’s Guest Days. Instead of just telling people about how SICFIT Scottsdale can help them achieve even their greatest fitness goals, this is your opportunity to show them first hand! So make that last minute text, phone call, or e-mail — and then don’t take no for an answer! We look forward to seeing your and your guest at the gym!


3 Rounds
200 Meter run + 10 lunges + 10 inch worm + 10 side lunges
Clean & jerk Barbell progression
15 Minutes to find heavy single clean & jerk
4 Rounds | 3 Minutes on 1 minute off
LIFE: 7 Air squat + 5 kettlebell swing + 3 burpee
FITNESS: 7 Barbell back squats + 5 kettlebell swing 55/35 + 3 burpee pull ups
SPORT: 7 Jumping barbell back squats + 5 kettlebell swing 75/55 + 3 burpee muscle ups


It’s WOW Time!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Holidays won’t hold us back any longer! It’s time to WOW! This is one most of us have tackled before, making it the perfect opportunity to assess our progress and benchmark the beginning of 2014. If this is your second go at this heavy AMRAP, review your success journal before class so you know what you’ve got to beat. If not, prepare yourself to set your personal bar high! Perhaps you will find that your one rep max has increased. Maybe you will squeeze a few extra power cleans into each AMRAP. Or maybe this time around it simply will not seem quite as much like torture to get through each three minute segment! Good luck SICFITTERS! Pick up that barbell and surprise yourself!


Barbell progression
WOW #21
A1. 20 Minutes to find one rep max power clean
3 Minute rest
A2. 3 Minute AMRAP of power cleans at 90%
3 Minute rest
A3. 3 Minute AMRAP of power cleans at 75%
3 Minute rest
A4. 3 Minute AMRAP of power cleans at 50%
Score = A1 + A2 weight x reps + A3 weight x reps + A4 weight x reps

Stretch of the Week


Family Fun FITness



(The Bucko Clan: Ashley, Thomas and Nathan)

Working out with your family can be one of the best motivators you can get! Who doesn’t want to work out with their parents, and battle them in a FITness competition? Or rather than fight with your brother or sister over a video game, fight for the best time in the workout? Make it a goal in 2014 to get your family closer, through FITness!

We have classes at SICFIT Scottsdale for all ages, and all FITness levels. We are lucky to have several families that come and workout together at SICFIT Scottsdale, and watching the family sweat together is amazing!

Now is the PERFECT time to bring in those relatives, those siblings, parents and cousins, as over the next 3 days we have Guest Days! Bring them in to any class on January 7th, 8th and 9th and let them see for themselves how SICFIT Scottsdale can help them reach their goals! Check out the class schedule here!


(Brother and Sister: Nevin and Mary)

Food as Fuel Coming Soon!


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We do a lot of hard work here at SICFIT Scottsdale. But all of your sweat, soreness, and success is in vain if you don’t back it up with hard work in the kitchen! Your nutrition is key in achieving the fitness goals you want, and in fueling your body to get the most out of your training. At SICFIT Scottsdale, we got your back when it comes to nutrition with our Food as Fuel seminar. At this seminar we will teach you the basics and benefits of the Paleo Diet, and give you some great ideas on how to integrate  it into your lifestyle. So, if you need a nutrition make-over or just a little bit of positive reinforcement to get back on track, then please join us Thursday 1/16, at 7:30pm for the first Food as Fuel seminar of the year!

3 Rounds
500 Meter row
1 Minute rest in between
Snatch progression
7 Rounds
7 Toes to Bar
7 Snatches
7 Back Squats
LIFE 35/45 | FITNESS 65/95 | SPORT 85/105

2014 FITness Challenge, Sign up TODAY!


Mark your calendars! We will be hosting a 1 day, in house FITness competition. Instead of our regular prelims and finals, you get to bring your A-game for one FITness filled morning at SICFIT Scottsdale. The competition will be held January 18th starting at 9am. Bring friends and family to cheer you on! The components in this workout are open to ALL FITness levels, so no matter where you are on your FITness journey, you CAN do this! Cost for this event is $30! There will be CASH prizes! So don’t miss out! Sign up at the gym TODAY or call 480-922-3253 to reserve your spot!



Practicing Mental Poise


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, January 6, 2014

“Remember that when life’s path is steep, keep your mind even.” ~ Horace

Not every day at the gym is our strongest. Not every workout we face will energize more than defeat us. And not every one of life’s obstacles will leave us feeling accomplished. But, in the face of our greatest challenges we will always come out on top if we keep our thoughts poised. Negative self talk will never make a situation easier for you, only more difficult. Practice this lesson in your workouts at SICFIT Scottsdale and see how this positive mental habit transforms the rest of your life.



3 Rounds
30 Second lunge
30 Second jumping jacks
30 Second side to side shuffle
30 Second front to back run
30 Second break
30 Man makers with dumb bells (each arm =1) vary up in weights
Pistols: bench, box, roll downs
EMOM for 15 Minutes
Life: 15 Air squats on even minute | 10 Push up on knees on odd minute
Fitness: 15 Squat jumps on even minute | 8 Burpees AFAP on odd minute
Sport: 6 alternating legs pistols on even minute | 10 Burpees AFAP on odd minute

Hit Your FITness Goals in 2014!

“It’s been almost 18 months now at SICFIT. I came with an athletic background and already being in great shape. What’s amazing is I didn’t think I could get that much better. Well I was wrong. My Olympic Lifting keeps getting stronger every month. I am doing workouts with times that would qualify with the girls at Regionals. I still, 18 months later love the energy in the Gym. I also love being around other people that 100% support me and cheer for me to get better. I Love being apart of the community there and can’t imagine being anywhere else. My friends and family laugh because almost every day someone comes up to me and asks wow girl what do you for fitness? Are you a professional athlete?? Feels good at 35 and mother of 3 boys.”- Michelle Plunkett

Join Michelle, and the other SICFIT Scottsdale Students by focusing on FITness goals in 2014, get in better shape, work on YOU, and get ready to work hard for those goals!

What do you say about your gym? Come learn more about SICFIT Scottsdale- check out our class schedule here, and drop in to try a class! We would love to have you come experience our facility and help change your life in 2014!

photo 1 photo 2

photo 1

Guest Days at SICFIT Scottsdale

Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, January 4, 2014

For those of us with friends and family who have set the “get in shape/lose some weight/get healthy” New Year’s resolution, perhaps you — with the help of SICFIT Scottsdale — can help them turn this year’s resolution into reality. Round up the fitness resolut-ers in your life and bring them to class with you next week for SICFIT Scottsdale’s Guest Days. Be the one to give your friends and family the extra nudge to take their fitness into their own hands and make 2014 their SICEST year yet!

Summer Guest Days 2013 pics only


Atlas stones + rope climbs
20 Minutes working towards 1 of each
3 Rounds
1 Minute max stone to shoulder
1 Minute break
2 Minute max rope climb
2 Minute break
1000 Meter row for time

Athlete of the Month: Rohit Sarkar!

We are please to announce the January Athlete of the Month, Rohit Sarkar!          

Rohit is a fairly new addition to the SICFIT family but is well deserving of Athlete of the Month.  This gentle giant started his fitness journey back home in India.  Rohit battles some pretty severe asthma and was limited on what he could do.  His coach instructed him to lift and to lift heavy so he could build his lung capacity. Well not only did in help with his asthma it also turned him into a BEAST!  Squats 400 pounds like he was warming up and deadlifts 500 something pounds like he was folding laundry.  He puts technique first before big weights and is very eager to ensure his technique is correct.  A great student to have in class and also one of the friendliest personalities I have had the pleasure of coaching.

                Keep up the good work my friend.  I look forward to seeing what you get done in 2014! – Sensei


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