New Year, New You!

2013 is right around the corner, and it is that time of the year to set some resolutions

for yourself, your health, and your fitness. Come join CrossFit Scottsdale

by starting the year and your resolutions off right on New Years Day!

Also, save the date for Coach Troy’s New Year Goal Seminar

on Monday, January 7th at 6pm to help put those resolutions

and goals in writing and prepare to accomplish them this year!

December 7, 2012 Guest Days Part II

400m Indian Run
20 Med Ball Sit Ups
20 Med Ball Slams
20 Hand Release Push Ups

The Handstand
On the bench, on the wall and free standing practice

WOD – Workout of the Day
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats
20min AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible)

New Saturday Class- Beginning in January!

You asked, and we listened!

Starting in January the all new FlexibilityRx class will be available for all students.

Flexibility and full range of motion are extremely important for your performance

and safety, so this class will help with your flexibility, allowing for more depth

and safe movements, and ultimately more PR’s!

Details on the class are below!

Athlete of the Month Dale Bracco

This month the team has nominated a fairly new athlete to the list of athlete(s) of the Month. I would like to congratulate Dale Bracco for understanding how important health and fitness are and for
“Showing up and Not Quitting”


I am working hard for a number of reasons. I will be 45 next year and I’m starting to see friends pass away, get sick or just start falling apart. I want to try and hold those types of things off as long as possible. Another reason would a quote from one of my sports hero’s. Steve Prefontaine once said “to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”. If you and the other coaches are willing to work with me, I’ll give you the best I got. I grew up in Chicago and moved to Arizona in 1996. I currently work for MSC Industrial Supply. I supply all types of businesses with their industrial needs I’ve been in industrial distribution for 23 years. Since I started CrossFit Scottsdale, my new favorite food is bacon wrapped sweet potatoes.

December 5th 2012

Three sets of:
Bulgarian Split Squats use kettle bells x 6-8 reps @ 30X0
Rest 45 seconds
Turkish Get-Ups x 3-4 reps each side
(move slowly, be deliberate in each stage of the movement)
Rest 45 seconds

For time:
10 Wall Ball Shots
10 Pull-Ups
9 Wall Ball Shots
9 Pull-Ups

1 Wall Ball Shot
1 Pull-Up
(advanced athletes should perform chest-to-bar pull-ups)

Aloha Coach Jenn-D

Aloha and Maui No-Ka-Oi,

It is with great pleasure and a little jealousy that I write this farewell blog to my good friend, coach and real life version of the Jersey shore Jennifer “Jenn-D” Donovan. Having spent the past 2 years alongside her in the gym, at Starbucks, at the gym and at Starbucks. Like most of our coaching team we got to know each other traveling for hours by car and plane to local and regional CrossFit competitions, none more memorable than this years CrossFit Regionals in Denver, Colorado. Where she became the most inspirational athlete I have ever competed with. Going into the 3rd day with a pull lower back she carried Mel 100 feet with a #70 dumbbell and performed 2 clutch muscle ups with zero seconds on the clock. Reminding everyone around her that she is pound for pound the baddest BABS on earth. Read “We are what we believe and for that we are champions” to get a full write up on the entire Regional…

So fast forward a few months and everyone’s dream of moving to a tropical paradise like hmmmmmm lets say Maui became her realty. Yup, just like that and who can blame her? Having grown up in Hawaii and living in Maui for many years I can completely relate to her and congratulate her on following her dream. Jenn you will be missed but I know this is not goodbye just some Aloha for now…. We love you and always remember to watch the sunset. L.K
“Hawaii Five-0″ compare to 12-15-2011
Pull- ups *Strict
Push- ups *Games
Back Squats *Bodyweight
Deadlift *Bodyweight

This WOD is not for time we will be looking for Quality movements, full range of motion and proper depth on every rep.

December 3rd 2012

1 min at each station for 3x rounds
Row, Airdyne, Jump rope

Thrusters 20 min to establish a heavy double
Dips 3x 8-10 rest (90)

7 minute AMRAP as many reps as possible
5 burpees
7 push press
9 back squats

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