Exclusive Coaching Client: Mary Mag Wilson


Meet Mary Mag Wilson- The 17 year old equestrian rider and full time student who is wise beyond her years, and stronger than most kids her age. Mary has been riding horses her whole life, and has had the honor of serving on the Young Rider Team, and has won several championships at her young age as well. Her dedication and love of riding has led her into an opportunity to become a pro rider in the future. Knowing of this dream and goal, she wanted to step up her game and focus on her fitness to build strength and form.

I met Mary back in August as she was a new student coming in to try a Teens class. After her first workout, I knew she was something special. Her endurance and strength was so unreal for her age, and after learning more about her I knew why. She was focused, and eager to learn more about functional fitness and how it can better her form and riding technique. After a week of training, she was moved up into Adult classes and personal training. We set a plan in place to get her core stronger, and continue to focus on strength training as she prepared for a huge competition coming up in December.61204_10151727907232560_977853582_n

After 5 months of commitment and training, she was stronger than ever and ready for her next step in her riding career. I had the privilege of training her every step of the way, and I know how much hard work and effort she put into her training week by week, and day by day. She pushed her limits, and trusted the process. She soared through PR’s when it came to all Olympic lifts, and pushed past her fear of the handstand and even accomplishing a 90 second handstand hold. She has hit the “100 club” in many lifts including the clean and jerk, the thruster, and push press. She has hit every goal and FITness challenge I have put in front of her, and I am beyond thrilled and excited to continue to work with her towards her next set of goals leading into 2014.

Mary, you are truly an inspiration. Your commitment to the sport of riding and FITness shows in your strength and technique. It is an honor to work with you and see you get stronger. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!

Coach Ashley


Goal Seminar at SICFIT Scottsdale!


Don’t Forget the Goals Seminar is NEXT Monday!

Are you signed up? Do you have your 2014 goals lined up? Here is your chance to get prepared for a successful year!

You are invited to join our business coach Troy Henson, President of EVŌC, on January 6th at 7pm at SICFIT Scottsdale to set your focus and create big wins in your personal and professional life.

This event is FREE and open to friends and family! Be sure to attend this not to miss event and get you set up for success this New Year!

In this upcoming seminar expert business coach, Troy Henson, will help you to set your focus and establish a process to help you reach your goals efficiently.


Sign up today at the gym or by emailing info@sicfitscottsdale.com

2014 Here We Come!


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, December 31, 2013

On the last day of the year, what are you going to do to close the chapter of 2013 and begin writing your future in 2014? With the new year comes opportunity for new beginnings, new growth, and new ways of seeing the world.  Let’s resolve to take only the lessons we have learned and the memories we have created into the new year with us and leave everything else that no longer serves us exactly where it belongs… in the past. SICFIT Scottsdale wishes you a very happy, healthy, and FIT New Year!



5 Rounds
Row 2 minutes + Lunge 1 minute
10 Burpees
Lunge for 1 min + Row 2 Minute
5 Minute rest
Run big lap + 50 air squats
Run a big lap + 40 air squats
Run a big lap + 30 air squats
Run a big lap + 20 air squats
Run a big lap + 10 jumping air squats
Walk a small lap
5 Minute rest
 3 Rounds
Jump rope 3 minutes + push up 30 seconds
Jump rope 2 minutes + push up 20 seconds
Jump rope 1 minute + push up 10 seconds
100 Sit ups

New Years Schedule


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, December 30, 2013

We have a bit of a limited schedule early this week to accommodate the New Year Holiday. Please review the gym schedule to ensure you are able to stay committed to your fitness regimen. If you are unable to join us during the times we are open, we have supplied you with a few quick and effective workouts you can do at home. SICFIT Scottsdale wants you to ring in the new year as your healthiest and happiest self, so don’t let your training fall to the wayside!

4 Rounds
Back squat x6 reps
Reverse barbell pull ups x12 reps *from a low rack advanced athletes put feet up on bench or box
Reverse lunge 24 steps
2 Minute rest
10 Rounds or 15 minute cap
5 Pull ups + 5 push ups + 5 air squats + bear crawl 20″
LIFE: Ring row + negative pushups
FITNESS: Band/hand release pushups
SPORT: Kip/chest to bar/deficit or clapping pushups

Paleo Recipe: Apple Pie Balls

Craving a sweet treat? Here is a great recipe to hit your sweet tooth and one that the whole family will enjoy! Want to learn more fun and easy recipes? Be sure to join us for Food as Fuel on Thursday, January 16th at 7:30pm. This FREE seminar will give you all kinds of tricks and tips to stay healthy in 2014! Sign up at the gym or email info@sicfitscottsdale.com to reserve your spot for the seminar!


1 C cinnamon apple chips (look for a brand that has 2-3 ingredients: apple, coconut oil, cinnamon)

1 C cinnamon apple rings (recipe to make your own in Eat Like a Dinosaur)

1 C coconut flakes

1 C soft medjool dates

3/4 C raisins


♥ Add all ingredients, except raisins, to a food processor and pulse until they come together to form a ball when molded in your hand – about 1-2 minutes and the apple chips will be 1/4″ shards

♥ Add raisins and pulse a few more times, so that there’s still chunks of them (if you don’t want chunky raisins in your balls, then add raisins to main batch and save yourself this step, but we like the treat of surprise raisin bites!)

♥ Form tablespoon size balls, the dough shouldn’t be too sticky so we skipped rolling them in coconut flakes this time – but you can do that if you’d like.

♥ EAT!

Recipe Credit: paleoparents.com


Taking Time to Stretch


Strength and Conditioning for Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today when you are done with your workout — after your have caught your breath and rehydrated — SICFIT Scottsdale challenges you to stick around for a couple of extra minutes to work on one of the most important aspect of physical fitness: FLEXIBILITY. With all the muscular contraction we do during training, our bodies are craving a good stretching session to reestablish length and space within our muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. So instead of considering your workouts as “done” after your conditioning is over, try and get in the habit of adding some stretching and mobilizing to the mix. As an added bonus, taking the time to cool down in this way will also relax the mind and nervous system, so you can move on to the rest of your day or evening with a balanced body and mind!

Flexibility Program in Scottsdale

10 Front squat
45 Second row for calories | 2 Minute rest
8  Front Squat
45 Second row for calories | 2 Minute rest
6  Front Squat
45 Second row for calories | 2 Minute rest
4  Front Squat
45 Second row for calories | 2 Minute rest
2  Front Squat
45 Second row for calories | 2 Minute rest
1  Front Squat
45 Second row for calories | 2 Minute rest
Scores =  front squat + calories each round
200 Push press for time
20 Minutes
Run 300 meters
Walk 150 meters

From Resolution to Reality


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, December 27, 2013

With the holiday hoopla on the  down swing, its about time to start thinking about the year ahead. What would we live to achieve in 2014? What are some things that we would like to do a bit differently than the previous year? And what would we like to hold onto from 2013, and make even bigger and better over the next 12 months? Whatever your resolution may be, SICFIT Scottsdale’s Goal Setting Seminar will help you achieve your biggest dreams in 2014. Join us on January 6th, at 7:00pm and leave with some concrete strategies to turn your resolution into a reality!

Goal Setting at CrossFit Scottsdale

10 Rounds
10 Wall balls | 1 minute rest
10 Kettlebell swings | 1 minute rest
10 Push ups | 1 minute rest
5 Minute rest
10 Rounds
10 Barbell thrusters | 1 minute rest
10 Barbell back squats | 1 minute rest
10 Burpees | 1 minute rest


Back to the Grind


Strength in Conditioning For Thursday December 26, 2013

Nothing like a 30 minute AMRAP on the day after Christmas to get get our head and body back in the fitness game. The gym has a limited schedule today — 6am, 12pm, and 5pm only — so be sure to plan ahead to make sure you have time to come work off any treats you enjoyed yesterday! Let’s stay motivated through the end of the year and start 2014 off right!

Get Motivated at CrossFit Scottsdale

Basic dynamic movement + plyometrics
30 Minute AMRAP
50 Meter heavy farmers carry
30 Sit ups
30 Superperson

On The 12th Day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale Gave to Me….


Merry Christmas!

Join the SICFIT Scottsdale Family at Northsight Park at noon today to finish up the “12 Days of Christmas” workout with true holiday cheer! Anyone can do this workout, so bring your family and friends and let’s share our healthiest and happiest holiday together!

On the 1st day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 25 push ups!
On the 2nd day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 50 overhead squats!
On the 3rd day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 25 sit ups!
On the 4th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 10 burpees!
On the 5th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 400 meter run!
On the 6th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 2 min plank!
On the 7th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 1 min 6″pike!
On the 8th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 100 double unders or 500 singles!
On the 9th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 75 dips!
On the 10th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 100 walking  lunges!
On the 11th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 20 hand stand attempts!
On the 12th day of Christmas SICFIT Scottsdale gave to me: 1 mile run!

holiday potluck and picnic 2012

Christmas in the Park

SICFIT Scottsdale will be meeting at Northsight Park TOMORROW, December 25th at 12pm for our annual Christmas in the Park workout! All those 12 Days of Christmas warmups will now be complete with one final and FUN workout! We hope to see you, friends and family there!! This is open to EVERYONE!

Northsight Park is located at 8400 E Thunderbird Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

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