Tuesday: 80s DAY!



Tuesday 3/15: 80s Day. What better way to get your fitness on than in a tight, neon leotard and some matching spandex? Don’t forget your hair scrunchies, ladies!


Strength in Conditioning

A) EMOM x 8
2 strict press + 3 push press

B) 10 Thrusters; rest 1 minute
8 Thrusters; rest 1 minute
6 Thrusters; rest 1
5 Thrusters; rest 1:30
5 thrusters

LIFE- barbell
FITNESS- use same weight across
SPORT- increase weight every time

C)For time:
25 burpees
rest 1 minute
Run 400m
Rest 1 min
250 jump rope

WE’VE GOT SPIRIT, YES WE DO! Monday: Pro/ College Sports Day




Bring your enthusiasm and cheer… It’s spirit week at SICFIT Scottsdale! All members upgrade to unlimited classes for the week- no additional charge!

Monday March 14th: College or pro sports day. Come dressed in your fave jersey for a good, fun workout!

Strength in Conditioning

A1) Back Squat x20
A2) Chin up/ ring row hold :30-:45
A3) L-sit/tuck hold on paralletes or boxes :30-:45
Rest :30 btwn movements; :90 btwn sets;
X3 sets

LIFE- Barbell back squat or air squat
FITNESS & SPORT- 50-65% of 1Rep Max Back Squat

B) Row sprint ladder:
:10 on :10 off
:20 on :20 off
all the way up to :90 on

+ roll out and stretch

Row, Row, Row Your Boat



Strength In Conditioning

Skill- double unders
 People who don’t know take 20 attempts
 People who know do 10 attempts at max unbroken
*about ten minutes max

A) Build to heavy 3 rep hang squat clean

B) Tabata:
(Yes, row twice. Barbells for everyone on thrusters)
*Rest 1 minute between exercises

Healthy Life, Happy Life



Strength In Conditioning

A1) Back Squat (Life-10-12, Fitness & Sport- 3-5)

A2) Box jump x3 (high!!)
Rest 2 minutes exactly
X 5 rounds

B) 5 rounds:
Run small lap
12 shoulder to overhead
12 ball slams
rest 2-3 minutes

(Life- barbell, Fitness-55-75, Sport-85-115)

*Record best and worst times




Strength In Conditioning

A1) 5 burpee broad jump (Life- burpee) emphasize safe landing
A2) 5 archer push ups (push up, turn and reach, push up, turn and reach
other side)
A3) 5 barbell roll outs (L&S on knees, S on feet)
A4) Row 300m
X 5 rounds, not for time but for quality movement
(Life- 3-4 rounds)

B) For time:
Jump rope 50-40-30-20-10
Ring row 25-20-15-10-5
V-ups/knee tucks 25-20-15-10-5

(Life- First, middle and final rounds only)

Shoulders, Shoulders, Shoulders


Group Photos

Strength In Conditioning

A1) Every 60 seconds x5 sets
1 power clean + 1 Push Press
No rest

A2) Every 30 seconds x6 sets
3 power clean + 3 push press
*Build weight first 5 sets, drop 50% for volume sets

B) Alternate with a partner, each partner does full time/movement
2:00 nonstop American kettlebell swing
1:30 nonstop goblet step ups
:60 nonstop right arm swinging high pull
:60 nonstop left arm swinging high pull

Life- 5-15#, Fitness-20-35#, Sport-40-70#

C) 2 min max sit ups

The best Paleo food delivery service in Scottsdale is SUNFARE


How many times have you left your house in the morning without eating breakfast? What about skipping lunch because you couldn’t find time to go shopping or worse pick up drive through on your way home after a long day? It happened to me for years, which is why our family started using SUNFARE’s gourmet Paleo food delivery system.

SUNFARE is a local owned gourmet food delivery company based out of Phoenix that was founded in Los Angeles in 1997 by Carl Ferro and John Stewart. John and Carl have been best friends since meeting at the University of Kansas. They followed their dreams to LA and with a lot of work, a little luck, and a ton of heart they were first to the market. These two guys were light years ahead of the rest of the world and they both realized how important eating healthy was and how inconvenient grocery store shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning can be especially with a busy life and family.

I personally started using SUNFARE back in 2012 during my competitive season training to compete in the CrossFit Games Southwest region. After a few early morning delivered were made to the house my wife and kids started to see what was in the bag and the rest is history. I have tried several other companies both local and online and nothing even comes close to the freshness, variety and taste of SUNFARE. Each and every single one of my personal Exclusive Coaching Clients have all used the system to lose weight, get strong and more importantly learn how to eat right each and every day.

My all time favorite menu items are the Ground Turkey Scramble and sweet potato for breakfast.

The Mandarin Chicken Salad with a side of Olive Oil for lunch and the Grilled Turkey with Strawberries and mixed nuts for a snack.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.45.53 PM












In the past 5 years I have gone down from 210 lbs to a lean mean 174 lbs and a HUGE part of it has been not only from the amazing fresh low fat ingredients in SUNFARE but from learning to eat with forks over knives. For the first time in my life I was eating a salad a day and that’s how I truly Transformed myself into a health machine. I would highly recommend SUNFARE to anyone looking to improve the overall quality of their health especially those with little to no time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.32.11 PM









Here are my Top 5 reasons to have SUNFARE delivered to your home or office daily.

#5 Variety: I can only cook 3 meals, Asian, Italian and Meat. SUNFARE has so many options especially in the Paleo section where healthy can become plain and boring.

#4 Efficiency: I did the math once and realized I was spending 30-60 minutes a day driving around looking for places to eat a decently healthy lunch under $12-15 dollars. If I did pack my own lunch it was always leftovers. SUNFARE has saved me so much time during the week to focus on work and not waste energy trying to figure where my next meal was coming from. What about luncheons? Guess what? I served two good friends of mine and members of the gym lunch at my house via SUNFARE. I saved a few extra bucks and got to enjoy more quality time with them in a more personal space.

#3 Accountability: It’s delivered. I open the bag, put breakfast in the oven, lunch in the cooler and dinner in the fridge. I don’t grab a pastry at the coffee shop or miss a meal because I wasn’t prepared for the day. I don’t skip meals ever and I am always ready to train and perform when it’s time to be at my best.

#2 Money: This one is extra tricky. First off what’s your value of time? I mean what are you worth? Take how much you make a year and divide it by 365 that’s your daily worth. Then divide that by 24 and that is what is cost to spend an hour of your time. Now multiply that by 2 or maybe even 3x with driving, shopping, driving home, unpacking, prepping, cooking and doing the dishes. Which is why most American’s eat out way too much! For the first time in history sales at restaurants and bars overtook spending at grocery stores. That means that most of us don’t mind spending more money if the result is fast and tasty.

#1 Success: “Planning to fail, is failing to plan” that’s right I said it…again. But it’s true! The same reason Steve Jobs wore the same outfit everyday is the same reason why you should eat SUNFARE everyday. Because you don’t have to think about it. It just show’s up at your front door every single day as long as you pay of course.

But seriously stop looking for other answers when the only one you need is right here! I see it everyday with new clients that ask me the same thing. Where should I eat? What should I eat? Is steak ok? What about olives, I like olives and steak! STOP! Pick up the phone and call 1.866.786.3273 and tell them you want the Paleo approved program and use the code SICFIT for 10% off your first order. Tell your counselor what you like, what you don’t and what you really love. Then sit back and enjoy! You will thank me many times over and now with all the extra time you save you can stop by and train with me during lunch.

Carl Ferro President of SUNFARE still handles personal calls and getting our clients set up for success.
Check out this video as he stops by SICFIT Scottsdale and shares the new Paleo menu with me!

In great health and amazing food

Luke Kayyem


Monday Funday



Strength In Conditioning

A) Front squat x10-12, x8-10, x5-8, x3-5, x1-2
Rest 1-2 minutes
*Add weight, more rest as you get into lower sets

B1) Strict Press x12
Rest :30

B2) Partner Assisted strict pull ups x12
Rest 1 min

C) For time:
12,9,6 burpee + small lap sprint

+ March Abs Challenge!

Thruster Thursday



Strength in Conditioning

A1) Front Squat + Thruster x1+1

Build to heavy set

A2) Then do 5 sets of 2+1 at 85% of A1

B) Every Minute on the Minute for 18 minutes

1- Row 20 second sprint

2- Burpees 20 second max

3- Thruster 20 second max (Life- PVC-35#, Fitness-45-75#, Sport-85-115#)

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