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Programming for Thursday, October 10, 2013

So many modern day tasks assume that humans should be seated while performing them. The two largest culprits… working at a desk and driving a car. While sitting is certainly not all bad, and we definitely need it for rest at times, prolonged sitting has averse effects on our physiology and energy levels. Check out this infographic from the CDC, detailing some recent research findings on prolonged sitting. While there is not much that we can do about the car situation for our long commuters out there, we can make other accommodations to ensure that we stand or walk more often throughout the day. For desk activities, try standing at a tall counter, investing in a standing work station, or placing a small box ontop of your current desk as alternatives. Take this a “step” further and treat yourself to a short walk every hour.

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Dynamic movement, emphasizing mobility
300 Meter run
30 Burpees
300 Meter run
20 Burpees
300 run
20 Power cleans
SPORT: #Bodyweight/ 3/4 bodyweight
20 Deadlift
LIFE: Kettle bell deadlift
FITNESS: #135/95
SPORT: #Bodyweight/ 3/4 bodyweight
20 Pull ups
LIFE: Jumping
FITNESS/SPORT: Bandless kipping
300 Meter run




12 Hours of Hell at SICFIT Scottsdale

On Friday November 15th, SICFIT Scottsdale will become the official training grounds for “12 Hours of Hell” a 12 hour physical training course that will be led by coach Luke Kayyem KOKORO 16.

The course will start promptly at 1800 hours with phase 1. Screening and phase 2. Assessment. The course will take many different shapes, directions, locations and elements. Athletes will need to bring enough gear, food, and change of clothes for multiple weather and altitude changes. This course is open to all ages over 18 years of age. **17 with parents permission, release of liability and invite only.** Completion and graduation of “12 Hours of Hell” is not guaranteed it is earned. The course is $89 for SICFIT Scottsdale and non students. For more info email



Recommended reading books
Unbeatable Mind, by Mark Divine
The Soul of Leadership, by Deepak Chopra
Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell

Recommended gear
Black SICFIT Scottsdale classic 2x
Cammys 2x
Hoody sweater
Running shorts 2x
Running shoes 2x
Underoos 3x
Socks 3x
SFH recovery protein/shaker
Water bottle that holds at least 32 oz of water
Swimming shorts 1x
Swimming goggles 1x
Towel 2x
Sweats or warm clothes for comfortably resting

A Global Fitness Community United by WOW


Programming for Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here at SICFIT Scottsdale we are challenged day-in and day-out with our comrades by our side. We have seen each other at our best and worst, and have supported one another when we triumph and falter. We all share something special inside these gym walls, and this makes us a pretty tight-knit community.  But we have the opportunity to extend the boundaries of this community beyond SICFIT Scottsdale thanks to the weekly WOWs. By sharing your scores, pictures, and reflections on, you will extend the camaraderie across space and time, helping to keep you and your virtual community accountable, motivated, and inspired!


Thrusters off rack
LIFE: 12, 10, 8 + 12, 10, 8 reps
FITNESS: 9, 7, 5 + 9, 7, 5 reps
SPORT: 3, 2, 1 + 3, 2, 1 reps
5 Minute rest
3Minutes max thrusters off ground
EMOM complete 3 burpees
LIFE: Barbell #45/35
FITNESS: #95/65
SPORT: #135/95

Stretch of the Week


Air Squats, Wall Balls, and Arithmetic.

Programming for Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today’s workout will challenge you physically, mentally, and arithmetically. This AMRAP requires more than  just keeping track of rounds — it demands multiplication! But don’t worry, no need to whip out the times-table flash cards, we’ll only be working in multiples of three. But don’t be fooled by the simple multiplication, those threes can add up quick in an eight minute AMRAP!
Med ball fun: toss, slam, wall ball, thruster, sit up
Hang power snatch
LIFE: 5×3 hang power snatch progression
FITness + SPORT: Find heavy 3 rep hang power snatch
3-5 Minute walking rest
8 Minute AMRAP
3 Air squats + 3 burpees + 3 wall balls
6 Air squats + 6 burpees + 6 wall balls
9 Air squats + 9 burpees + 9 wall balls
12 Air squats + 12 burpees + 12 wall balls
… and so on by 3s


Unlimited Week Next Week!

GET PUMPED! SICest of the Southwest II is just around the corner! While we gear up, we are offering Unlimited Week to all SICFIT Scottsdale students! And of course, when you are done with the week, you can head over to the Phoenix Convention Center on the 19th to watch big name athletes compete for the SICest man and woman in Arizona!

SICest of the Southwest from Tony and Max – Video Production on Vimeo.

Specializing In Competitive FITness

What is SICFIT?

Now that you know what it is here is one of the things that we do.

What’s next? On October 19th LIVE from the Phoenix Convention Center SICFIT and SICFIT Scottsdale will put on the largest FITness competition in the state and will have over 540 athletes competing to become the SICEST of the South West II. The gym will be closed that Saturday so be sure to take advantage of UNLIMITED week and come watch the show. Our very own athletes will be competing as well. Danny Nichols, Michelle Plunkett, Chris “Maro” Tommarillo and Jeff Riff Daddy” Rifkin will round up the Pro- division. We also have two teams competing SICFIT BLACKLISTED will be Klubo, Sensei, Nicole and Cannon and SICFIT Scottsdale Joe, Sean, C.J and E.Z


Columbus Day Class Schedule

In honor of Columbus Day our class schedule will be 8am, 12pm, Teens at 3:45 and 5pm. All classes will be open to all FITness levels and are FREE! Please bring friends and family members so you can show them what a Strength In Conditioning workout is all about!


Monday Motivation


Programming for Monday, October 7, 2013

Let’s use this week’s beginning as an opportunity to recall a revitalize why we have committed ourselves to health, fitness, and happiness. Perhaps some of us joined SICFIT Scottsdale to turn their life around from one on a steady path to dis-ease to one that is fortified by strength. Others may be following through on their long-held awareness that it just feels better to be physically active. While others still, find themselves restless until each training goal is met. Perhaps you find yourselves somewhere in between all of these — but where ever your motivation lies, let’s activate it this Monday and let it drive you through out the week!

Get Motivated at CrossFit Scottsdale?
Dynamic movement
2 Minute row + run + jump rope
1 Minute air squat + push up + sit up
30 Seconds of burpees
4 Working rounds
5 Back squat — tough but successful reps (30 sec rest)
8 Strict chin up (30 rest)
12 Strict push up  (30 rest)
150 Meter sprint run or row (2min rest)
LIFE: Barbell back squat +  tempo ring row + tempo push up + AIR dyne :30 sec
FITNESS: As prescribed
SPORT: Weighted chin ups + plate push ups

Saturday Sweat > Saturday Sleep


Programming for Saturday, October 5, 2013

We have all been there — standing in front of the bathroom mirror, pillow marks still on the cheeks, hair a hot mess, toothbrush hanging out of the mouth, thinking to ourselves, “I think I’m going to skip training today.” When this moment strikes we offer the same advice for when you hit a wall during a workout  — just push through that moment and you will be so glad you did! Showing up to sweat on a Saturday morning is an achievement and something to be proud of in-and-of-itself. Don’t let the tired version of yourself keep you from feeling great this saturday!


1200 Meter row
75 Kettlebell swings
200 Sit ups
50 Kettlebell swings
150 Sit ups
75 Kettlebell swings
200 Sit ups
1200 Meter row
*Teams of four, only one works at a time.
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