Better, Faster, Stronger




Strength in Conditioning

A) Rope climb practice (everybody does minimum 5 climbs/attempts)
Life- 10 climbs from laying to standing

B1) Strict supinated pull up x5

B2) Z-press x15 (light dumbbells)

B3) Row :30 all out
X4 rounds
No prescribed rest, not for time, get through it quickly with best quality
of movement possible

C) For time:
30-20-10 of
Calorie row
Push ups
Sit ups

+ roll out back and shoulders

(not so) Terrible Tuesday




Strength in Conditioning

A) Power clean + front squat + Push Press x3+3+3
Rest 1-2 minutes, build weight
X5 sets

B) 3 Rounds For Times:
50 jump ropes (sport-DU)
5 squat clean and jerks (Life-barbell, Fitness- 85/135, Sport-105/155)
15 pull ups
5 squat clean and jerks
50 jump ropes
rest 3 minutes

Happy Monday!




Start your week off right, split-jerk style

Strength in Conditioning

A) practice footwork and speed for split jerk
Jerk balance x3, barbell only
Rest :60 or less

B) Every Minute, On The Minute (EMOM) x10 Push press + Split Jerk
*build to heaviest load

C) EMOM x15
1- Back Squat x5, 75-85% of 1Rep Max
2- Straight arm weighted sit ups (anchor feet if necessary) x8
3- Kettle bell swing x12




Friday 3/18: SICFIT Day. Come join us for a fun Friday workout dressed in all of your favorite SICFIT gear. Don’t have any SICFIT gear? We’ve got you covered with a variety of “SIC” gear to choose from. Don’t be a noob, get a SICFIT shirt!


Strength In Conditioning

A) Max time handstand hold
*Go in heats, once one group is done then switch, rest time is max time
of other group.

B) Review double under technique ~5 minutes
1 min max effort jump rope; rest 30 sec, x3

C) Max effort wall balls; rest 1 min, x3
LIFE- 4-12#, 9ft
FITNESS- 20#/14#, 10ft/9ft
SPORT- 30#/20#, 10ft/9ft

D) Max distance farmers carry outside; rest 1 minute, x3
LIFE- (15-25#)
FITNESS- (30-55#)
SPORT- (55-75#)

Luck Of The Irish




Thursday 3/17: Green Day (no, not the band… The color green). Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Skip the beer belly and come to SICFIT Scottsdale to work on your 6 pack of abdominals, rather than that 6 pack of Guinness. Wear green!


Strength In Conditioning

A) Every Minute, On The Minute (EMOM) x10
Back Squat (SPORT do front squat) x 5,4,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,3
Rest 5 minutes

B) EMOM x10
Push Press (SPORT do Power Jerk) x5,4,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,3
Rest 5 minutes

C) EMOM x10
Deadlift x5,4,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,3
*increase weight every time, decrease weight if needed for last set of 3.

D) Burpees, 30 seconds max reps, 30 second rest, x5




Before training here at SICFIT Scottsdale, Batman wasn’t the hero that he is today. With a little help from the best coaches around, and a slight diet change, Batman was able to save Gotham City and a number of less-fit villains (lower levels of fitness associated with failure to train at SICFIT Scottsdale, of course)!

Wednesday 3/15: Superhero day. Be like Batman, train at SICFIT.

Strength in Conditioning

A) Power Clean x 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 (not touch and go)
Rest :60-:90

B) 4 rounds:
Overhead walking lunges (plate) x24
Push ups x16
Strict sit up x16
Strict pull up x8

LIFE- regular lunge, banded pull up
FITNESS- (25/10), banded pull ups
SPORT- (45/25) plyo push ups

Tuesday: 80s DAY!



Tuesday 3/15: 80s Day. What better way to get your fitness on than in a tight, neon leotard and some matching spandex? Don’t forget your hair scrunchies, ladies!


Strength in Conditioning

A) EMOM x 8
2 strict press + 3 push press

B) 10 Thrusters; rest 1 minute
8 Thrusters; rest 1 minute
6 Thrusters; rest 1
5 Thrusters; rest 1:30
5 thrusters

LIFE- barbell
FITNESS- use same weight across
SPORT- increase weight every time

C)For time:
25 burpees
rest 1 minute
Run 400m
Rest 1 min
250 jump rope

WE’VE GOT SPIRIT, YES WE DO! Monday: Pro/ College Sports Day




Bring your enthusiasm and cheer… It’s spirit week at SICFIT Scottsdale! All members upgrade to unlimited classes for the week- no additional charge!

Monday March 14th: College or pro sports day. Come dressed in your fave jersey for a good, fun workout!

Strength in Conditioning

A1) Back Squat x20
A2) Chin up/ ring row hold :30-:45
A3) L-sit/tuck hold on paralletes or boxes :30-:45
Rest :30 btwn movements; :90 btwn sets;
X3 sets

LIFE- Barbell back squat or air squat
FITNESS & SPORT- 50-65% of 1Rep Max Back Squat

B) Row sprint ladder:
:10 on :10 off
:20 on :20 off
all the way up to :90 on

+ roll out and stretch

Row, Row, Row Your Boat



Strength In Conditioning

Skill- double unders
 People who don’t know take 20 attempts
 People who know do 10 attempts at max unbroken
*about ten minutes max

A) Build to heavy 3 rep hang squat clean

B) Tabata:
(Yes, row twice. Barbells for everyone on thrusters)
*Rest 1 minute between exercises

Healthy Life, Happy Life



Strength In Conditioning

A1) Back Squat (Life-10-12, Fitness & Sport- 3-5)

A2) Box jump x3 (high!!)
Rest 2 minutes exactly
X 5 rounds

B) 5 rounds:
Run small lap
12 shoulder to overhead
12 ball slams
rest 2-3 minutes

(Life- barbell, Fitness-55-75, Sport-85-115)

*Record best and worst times

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