“I have a dream” Martin Luther King

Take 10 min to mobilize and warm up through the following movements.
Jump rope/Pull/Up/Barbell
Barbell progression
(DL) deadlift (HC) hand clean (S2O) shoulder to overhead

Test #1
12 DL/9 HC/6 S2O
8 min amrap

~3 min rest

Test #2
jump rope ladder
10-20-30-40-50 double or single
5-10-15-20-25 double or single
5 min to move as far up and down as possible

~3min rest

Test #3
3 min max pull up


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Squat Saturday at CrossFit Scottsdale


Warm up: Tabata – Row, Push-up, sit-up,

Strength: Squat Ladder – 1 the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third minute…

Minute 1 – 10 Overhead Squat, Minute 11 – 20 Front Squats, Minute 21 + Back Squats

Work: “Megan”



Kettle Bell Swing

Double Under


Learn to lift like an Olympian at CrossFit Scottsdale

Olympic lifting mobility
Rack stretch/high pull/toe drops
Then 3 of the following with a barbell

DL deadlift
BR barbell row
HC hang clean position 1
FS front squat
SP strict press
PP push press
PJ push jerk
J jerk
BS back squat
BNPP behind the neck push press

>20 minutes to establish a heavy single clean

7x power clean
7x bar over burpees (no push up burpee
7x rounds

Coach Nate pushing the metal overhead.

Squat. Pull. Jump in less than an hour at CrossFit Scottsdale

 Robert takes a break from strength training to smile. Injuries are part of training
and they happen often. This one was actually from a snow boarding trip. We can scale
and adapt any injury and any movement with KAYYEM fitness. NO EXCUSES!!!!

Workout of the Day:

A1 Front squat 31×1 4-6 reps
A2 Pull up 10-15 reps
A3 Jump rope -45 seconds
5x Rounds/2 min rest

short break~

B1 Kettle Bell snatch 20x seconds each arm 10x second rest 8x
C1 max push up 2 min

Free Nutrition Seminar!

So you’ve starting CrossFit, or maybe you are still thinking about it…but did you know that your workout is only a portion of what you need to achieve that healthy lifestyle? What we fuel our body with is so important when it comes to making our workouts actually work for us. Do you feel lost when it comes to knowing what you really need to put on your plate and in your body to reach your health and fitness goals?

Come to CrossFit Scottsdale on Thursday, January 17th at 7:30pm and learn the in’s and out’s of healthy eating.

Come learn more about the Paleo Lifestyle and what you should be eating to help fuel results. You will be provided with ideas for quick and easy recipes, snacks, grocery shopping and eating out and on the go, so bring your success journal and get ready to learn!

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Winter Challenge: Kettle Bell Swing Technique


We have one week down in the four week Winter Challenge at CrossFit Scottsdale! Have you been practicing? One major way to improve your WOD times is to work on the technique of each movement.  With more efficient technique you will be less fatigued as you go on to the other movements.

Maybe the most important thing about the kettle bell swing is the movement of your hips. Avoid squatting when at the bottom of the swing. The movement should be more hip dominant: hinge at the hips as the weight comes down and pop them open to make the weight come up. Keep your back flat and core tight through the whole movement. Take some time to watch the video below and work on your technique. Sometimes it is difficult to feel what you are doing wrong so schedule some time with a coach or grab a friend and have them video your movement. That way you can see what you are doing and make some corrections.

Three weeks to go…Keep up the hard work and training!


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