19 NOV SICFIT Ambassador Kawika Henderson Demos Today’s Lift


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, November 23, 2013

For information and inspiration double whammy, check out SICFIT Ambassador Kawika Henderson’s video tutorial of the strict and push press. To refine your lifts today, pay particular attention to his instructions on when and how to breath. Proper breathing technique may just be the game-changing cue you have have been looking for to bring your lifting to the next level!

Dynamic warm up + band mobility + pvc rotations
5-7 Minutes to build heavy 5 rep push press
5 Rounds
5 Rep push press
7 Touch and go shuffle runs 10′
9 Toes to bar
2 Minute rest
LIFE: 10 Sit ups
FITNESS: Hanging leg lifts to hips
30 Burpees
30 Second plank
20 Burpees
20 Second plank
10 Burpees
1 Minute plank

The SICFIT Scottsdale “Hell Night” Begins at 1800, Sharp!


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, November 22, 2013

Do you have butterflies in your stomach? Because we do! Twelve hours worth of them! If  you are participating in SICFIT Scottsdale’s “Hell Night,” led by United States Airforce E-6, Jade McLeod, it’s time to tap into that mental toughness because the challenge begins tonight at 1800 sharp! Only the strongest will make it till morning!
Military Training
300 Meter back to front sprint
15 Minutes medball + pvc overhead + partner barbell carry
10 Minutes push up hold + sit ups  + lunges + burpees
20 Rounds with 20 minute time cap
5 Pull ups + 5 push ups + 5 air squats + bear crawl 20″
LIFE: Ring row pull ups | negative pushups
FITNESS: Banded pull ups | hand release pushups
SPORT: Kipping or chest to bar pull ups | deficit or clapping pushups

SICEST of the Southwest II Throwback


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, November 21, 2013

Taking it back to the SICEST of the Southwest II for this one, folks! Remember that gnarly snatch progression? The one that the top four women and men pro athletes had to throw down for a spot in the final workout? Yeah, that’s what we are doing today! Of course, that will only be after we complete at 12 minute EMOM of power snatches and burpees!

OLY snatch progression
12 Minute EMOM
Odd minute: 3 tough power snatch (not touch-and-go)
Even minute: 7 burpee over bar
5 Minute rest
SSWII Snatch progression
Max rounds in 5 minutes
1 Round = 1 snatch grip deadlift + 1 squat snatch + 1 overhead squat
SPORT: 135/95

SICFIT WOW: Time to Test!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday is the perfect day of the training week for a fitness test. Waiting until Wednesday gives us two days of training to wake up and energize the body after the weekend. At the same time, as the mid-week mark, Wednesday isn’t so late in the week that we are too sore to accurately test our capacities. To top it all off, the extra pump from the Wednesday WOW is just what we need to keep our training fueled with urgency and enthusiasm for the rest of the week!
Burpees at CrossFit Scottsdale

LIFE: 8-10 Bench press | 5-8 Strict dips
FITNESS: 5-8 Bench press | Strict dips 4-6
SPORT: 3-5 Best press | 1 Muscle up | Max dips
3-5 Minute rest
WOW #20
For time:
50 Double unders
10 Burpees
40 Double unders
10 Burpees
30 Double unders
10 Burpees
20 Double unders
10 Burpees
10 Double unders
10 Burpees
LIFE: Single unders | 5 Burpees each round
FITness: Double unders
SPORT: Unbroken double unders

Stretch of the Week


True Strength Requires Failure


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, November 19, 2013

One lift at a time, today we will get stronger — but only if we are not afraid of failure.  The only true measure of strength requires us to push ourselves to our own failures. Only then do we know what our limits are. From this perspective, failure is not an experience to avoid or get frustrated with, but rather is one that should be sought after. Let’s resolve ourselves today to view every lift as an opportunity for success, and every fail as a valuable revelation of our strength.

2 Minute run, row, air dyne, lunge
Run big lap + walk small lap
Barbell progression | x3 each x10 rounds
3 Minutes walking rest
Work up to heavy push jerk
LIFE: 8-10 Push press
FITNESS: 5-8 Push jerk
SPORT: 3 Push jerk
3 Minute rest
8 Minutes to find heavy power clean
3 Minute rest
Power Clean AMRAP with 90% of STRENGTH A
Photo By: Greg Westfall


12 Hours of Hell: This weekend

12 Hours of Hell is almost here! Are you still on the fence? Well it’s time to get off an sign up! This event is both physically and mentally challenging, but worth every hour. Call us at 480.922.3253 or email info@sicfitscottsdale.com. Check out the flyer for more information.


NFL Training Day SICFIT Style


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, November 17, 2013

Professional athletes are some of the strongest, fastest, healthiest people on the planet. At SICFIT Scottsdale we take inspiration from the pros and their training to give you the most innovative and challenging workouts we can dream up! Today our inspiration comes straight from the NFL… minus all the pads, helmets, and cups!


4 Rounds
30 Back squats
Max effort push up
3-6 Prolwer sled sprints up + down
2 Small lap walking/light jog rest
LIFE: Sleds high up/high down | low-no weight
FITNESS: Sleds high up/high down, high up/low down low up/low down | #140/90
SPORT:Sleds high up/high down, high up/low down, low up/low down | #180/140
*decrease back squat reps by 10 each round
*score = back squat weight and push up reps
10 Minute AMRAP
Walk 150 meter (small lap) then sprint length of sidewalk
Image by: Jim Danvers


Marathon Training – Week 3 Reflection



Over train to injuries or under train to no results. How should we fall in the middle? What can your body handle? The key is what can your body recover from quickly? Running, lifting, swimming – all of these activities create very little benefit while you work. The real gains are made when the body works to rebuild itself, afterwards.

It is only during rest that we improve ourselves. In my reflections on week one and week two, I talked about creating beneficial stimuli to drive the rebuilding phase of the body. But really, how much time does it need to do that? In this post I want to concentrate on interval training rest periods. Let’s take sprinting for an example.

Sprinting is fantastic because it can raise the ceiling on our lactate threshold. The breakdown I use for sprint length variations are the following:

1 mile

There are no absolute rules on the allotted time you need to take between intervals, but below are some time tables that reflect effective energy pathway replenishment:

Below 60 seconds of work (3:1 –  Rest:Work)
ie: A 30s run warrants a 90s rest.
50m, 100, and 200m runs

1 to 3 minutes of work (2:1 –  Rest:Work)
ie: A 2min run warrants a 4min rest.
400m runs

3+ minutes of work (1:1 –  Rest:Work)
ie: A 4min run warrants a 4min rest.
800m and 1 mile runs

Test these out and see how your body instantaneously recovers. Then after several practice sessions try throwing them out the window and resting extra short and extra long breaks. Try 200m repeats with only 20 second breaks. Then get someone to take a picture of you lying on the pavement afterwards. Then, you better send me that picture.

Next week I want to touch on periodization and further look at our rest schedule. And as always if you are interested in learning more on functional endurance training contact me, Coach Sean, at Sean@SICFITScottsdale.com. And come run with us sometime; join the SICFIT Scottsdale running club SICFEET.

Image by: Eneas De Troya

Saturday from Hell


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, November 16, 2013

Trying to decide whether or not you have what it takes for the 12 hours of hell that SICFIT Scottsdale’s “Hell Night” will subject you to? Today is your opportunity to find out! Everything from today’s workout, to the demeanor of the coaches, to the pride you feel when you complete all that is laid in front of you, will replicate what you will experience at Hell Night. Except on Hell Night… you can expect 12 times the intensity! This underwordly event begins Friday, November 22, at 6pm. Sign up online or at the gym.
CrossFit Scottsdale Hell Week Bootcamp


Indian run with coach
Repeat with med ball
Team Half-Murph
800 Meter run
50 Pull ups
100 Push ups
150 Air squats
800 Meter run
5 Minute wall squat
5 Minute plank

Drop it Like a Squat at the SICFIT Squat Clinic


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, November 15, 2013

Having trouble at the bottom of those thrusters today? Even after all the mobility work we did for the warmup? Dropping to hips below parallel while keeping the heels down and chest up is no easy task, especially while under load in the front rack position!  SICFIT Scottsdale has got the answer to all of your squat woes, worries, and wounds in tonight’s ‘Perfect’ Squat Clinic! This workshop is FREE for members but invaluable to your training!

CrossFit Scottsdale Squat

Mobility with PVC, bands, rolling out
Kipping pull up
21 Thrusters + 21 Pull ups
Run small lap + Walk small lap
repeat x15
repeat x9
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