Winter Challenge: Kettle Bell Swing Technique


We have one week down in the four week Winter Challenge at CrossFit Scottsdale! Have you been practicing? One major way to improve your WOD times is to work on the technique of each movement.  With more efficient technique you will be less fatigued as you go on to the other movements.

Maybe the most important thing about the kettle bell swing is the movement of your hips. Avoid squatting when at the bottom of the swing. The movement should be more hip dominant: hinge at the hips as the weight comes down and pop them open to make the weight come up. Keep your back flat and core tight through the whole movement. Take some time to watch the video below and work on your technique. Sometimes it is difficult to feel what you are doing wrong so schedule some time with a coach or grab a friend and have them video your movement. That way you can see what you are doing and make some corrections.

Three weeks to go…Keep up the hard work and training!


Should I workout today? YES


Warm – Down Dog – Up Dog – Push Up 1, 2, 3, 4…10

800 m Team Med Ball Run

Strength – Shoulder Press => Push Press => Push Jerk => Split Jerk (3 reps of each; 4 rounds)

Work – 4:00 min to run 400 m then complete in the remaining time:

Round 1: max rep Pull Ups

Round 2: max rep Kettle Bell Swings (35#/55#)

Round 3: max rep Med Ball Sit Ups (20#/14#)

Rest 1 minute between rounds.


“Adapt or DIE” The life of Stephanie Hammerman

CrossFit Scottsdale put your hands together for adaptive athlete Steph Hammerman. Who dropped by to train with Coach Luke Kayyem last week
and also joined us for the 12 days of Christmas. She has started writing a blog on called “Adapt or die” follow her as she chases her
dream of competing in fitness competitions all over the world.

Today’s entire class will be completed with one arm behind your back. You may alternate as needed

A1 strict press DB or KB 5,4,3,2,1
A2 jumping pull up 11x
A3 run 300 meters (backwards)
5x rounds

5 min rest
B1 50 burpees for time: 1 hand behind your back

Tips for Time Management

Time Management Skills

Alright the holidays are behind us, and it is time for the rush- where you try to focus on New Year’s resolutions, work, family, and a social life, all while finding time for yourself and for the gym. Sound familiar? Don’t get me wrong, we live in a society where time is of the essence, and it seems that we are too busy trying to cram everything into one day, and before you know it the quality of life is diminished and you are not getting the things you need to get done, done.

You probably know that managing your time effectively will help you get more done each day. But it has important health benefits, too. By managing your time more wisely, you can minimize stress and improve your quality of life.

But how do you get back on track when organizational skills don’t come naturally? Here are some tips to help you get started:

Plan- Planning each day can help keep more control over your agenda items and daily life. Create a to-do list, and prioritize everything with the most important things on top. You may not complete it all, but prioritizing things helps you keep in control.

Take Your Time- That’s right, ensure you take your time, and do a quality job, when completing a task or a project, if you are rushed, errors often are created, thus creating even more work for you in the end. Do it right the first time.

Evaluate Time Spent- This is a big one! Where is your time going? Keep a journal and log where you spend your time, you may find additional time to use during your day if you are spending too much watching television, or browsing the internet.

Limit Distractions- Block out time on your calendar for big projects. During that time, close everything down, including cell phones, and televisions.

Get Sleep, Eat Right, and Exercise! - A healthy lifestyle can improve your focus and concentration, which will help improve your efficiency so that you can complete your work in less time.

Keep the coaches posted on your progress of time management next time you are in the gym!

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