Kayyem Signature Series Part 1: Kipping Pull-Up

This Thursday at 7pm is the first installment of the Kayyem Signature Series. The first focus of the series is the Kipping Pull-Up. Whether you are brand new to this skill, or need to refine the movement (connect multiple kips, smooth out your technique), this is a clinic you NEED to attend. Come spend an hour with Coach Luke Kayyem and become a steward of the craft!


Turn Weakness to Strength


Programming for Monday, May 13, 2013

At CrossFit Scottsdale we want to help you turn your weaknesses into your strengths, and turn your strengths into areas where you are unstoppable.  Many of us have trouble mastering the pull-up, making today’s conditioning portion seem like a looking dark cloud above us.  But this week we are offering you a tool to help change this with our FREE Kipping Pull-Up Clinic! Join us at CrossFit Scottsdale on Thursday, May 16th from 7pm-8pm. Sign up at the gym today!


A1 – 5 thrusters on the minute odd minutes 1,3,5,7
A2 – 12 hand release push ups on the even minutes 2,4,6,8
1000 meter row
50 (45#) thrusters
30 pull ups

Preventative Medicine


Programming for Saturday, May 11, 2013

Each and every one of us is our own best doctor. Our experience in the field is each and everyday we spend living in our bodies. We know what makes us feel alive and healthy, and what causes us to feel lethargic and sick. At CrossFit Scottsdale School of Elite Fitness, we specialize in preventative medicine. We believe that a butt-kicking workout at day will keep the doctor away!


Jerks off rack 5,5,5,3,3,3
Mountain climber AFAP :30sec
Pistols (progression, roll downs) 5 each side alternating
Jumping pull up AFAP :30sec
10 minutes
Prowler Sled Sprints

Finish Off Your Week With Something Heavy


Programming for Friday, May 10, 2013

The sound of loaded barbells crashing to the floor.  The feel of chalk underneath your fingernails. The sense of accomplishment you feel when you walk out the door.  No better way to end your work week — guaranteed!


Jump rope 5 min
Lunge 3 min
Burpee 1 min
Snatch progression
PVC/Barbell/Build to a Heavy Single
5 min break
7x Snatch EMOM 90% of single (odd minutes)
LIFE: 7 push ups (even minutes)
FITNESS/SPORT: 7 HSPU (even minutes)

Mother’s Day Celebration

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend! Don’t forget to bring all the amazing mother’s in your life to CrossFit Scottsdale for FREE all levels classes at 8am, 9am and 10am. After each class, treat those amazing women to healthy snacks, delicious mimosas and a relaxing massage! Whether it’s your own mom, your sister, your friend, aunt, or cousin – bring them in for a morning of health, wellness and relaxation!

Moms and Mimosas Flyer 2013

Healthy Summer Habits

By Najla Kayyem, Fitness Expert

CrossFit Scottsdale Owner, Coach and Mom


The change in routine and soaring summer temperatures often create short fuses and frustrated family members. How can you turn – “It’s hot,” “I’m bored” and sibling bickering into a happy summer vacation?


Here are four tips to create healthy habits so summer becomes a season everyone looks forward to.


  1. Get Up, Get Out: It sounds simple but if you can get outside early each morning, you will remain energized and productive throughout the day. A 15-minute walk, job, swim or bike ride before it gets too hot will provide a boost and allow you to sleep much more soundly.


  1. Culinary Training: Summer schedules allow children (especially pre-teens and teens) to help out more around the house. Harness this availability and invite them to plan and help prepare light, simple summer meals. Kids will also learn budgeting and nutrition while providing a valuable service to the rest of the family.


  1. Earn You Seat on The Couch: Ever arrive home from work only to see your child in the exact same position on the couch (and wearing the same clothes) as when you left that morning? Don’t give up. Have children earn their TV, video or social media time through comparable increments of time reading a book, exercise or physical labor (like mowing the lawn). These must be completed before the desired social media or digital activity is allowed.


  1. Adventure Vacation: These are becoming very popular and provide endless options. Try scuba diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, family tennis tournaments, and more as you allow summer vacation to bond each family member together.


Need more ideas to develop healthy summer habits as an individual or family? Check with Najla and the other coaches at CrossFIt Scottsdale – www.CrossFitScottsdale.com.

Mobilize your Body: Mobilize your Fitness


Programming for Thursday, May 9, 2013


Getting the most out of your workout begins with being able to get the most out of your body.  Our joints can be our best friends or our worst enemies when it comes to FITness, or even just daily living.  Because of this, increasing mobility and flexibility is something we should work at everyday.  We begin today’s workout with this as our explicit focus.  See for yourself if you notice any improvement during your conditioning.

PVC/foam roll/bands/up dog/down dog /inch worm
A. Thrusters 10 rep max
B. Pull ups (unbroken sets of 5) in 10 minutes.
LIFE - Ring row
SPORT -Strict
C. KB Single Arm Russian Swing
*alternating arms rest as needed

FlexibilityRX Workshop with Kevin Kula

Are you getting the most out of your workouts? FlexibilityRX™ is a system of flexibility training that is specific to the sport of CrossFit. Learn specific stretches that address movements like the squat or the front rack position and turn your flexibility into performance!

Kevin is the Director of the CrossFit Scottsdale Flexibility Program and holds Five CrossFit Coaching Certifications.  Kevin studied with the top stretching, joint mobility, and manual therapists in the world – Chris Frederick (Stretch to Win), Structural Integrator Tom Myers, and CrossFit Mobility Expert Kelly Starrett.  Kevin is a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Marketer, Teacher (Stretch to Win) and Business Owner (Ready State Fitness). Kevin has written two articles for the CrossFit Journal, “Moving Beyond Muscle” and “MbM p2: Flexibility Training for CrossFit”.  In 2013 Kevin is publishing a book based around his system of Flexibility Training for CrossFit – and is launching a Digital Magazine, “FlexibilityRx™” – initiating a conversation with the top strength and conditioning experts about the interplay of Flexibility and Strength.

Please join us at CrossFit Scottsdale on Saturday, May 9th from 1-3pm for this workshop. To sign up, please click here or call us at 480.922.3253.


Fitness: Straight no Chaser!


Programming for Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fitness is our drink of choice here at CrossFit Scottsdale! We train hard to play hard and we have fun doing it! Come get some today for a “happy hour” you’ll never regret in the morning!


Bear crawl/Lunge/Single Leg Toe Touch/Long Jump
10 minutes
Jump Rope Progression 10 Minutes
Push press 5.3.1 + 5.3.1
800 run
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