Functional Fitness for everyone at CrossFit Scottsdale

A. Walk/Jog/Run small lap >10 min
B. Sets of 5 unbroken push ups >10 min
C. Double under progression start over >10 min
D. Wall ball + KB swing 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Bacon-Wrapped Sweet PotatoesServes 6-8 as an appetizer
Prep time: 12 minutes
Cook time: 45 minutes

2 medium-small sweet potatoes
1 pound (16 slices) bacon
2 tablespoons melted butter or ghee (use coconut oil for dairy-free)
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon finely ground sea salt
optional: a pinch of cayenne pepper for extra heat
optional: the original recipe suggests 4 tablespoons of maple syrup for drizzling- up to you if you’d like some extra sweetness!

Preheat the oven to 350F and line a baking sheet with foil for easy clean-up. Place an oven-safe metal rack on top. Peel sweet potatoes and quarter lengthwise, then cut each quarter in half twice for 32 pieces total. Put in a large mixing bowl.

Combine melted butter, chili powder, salt, and cayenne if using. Pour over the sweet potatoes and toss until evenly coated.

Halve bacon slices width-wise so you have 32 pieces. Wrap each sweet potato with a slice. You can use a toothpick to hold the bacon in place or skewer multiple pieces on a longer skewer. I place them “just so” right on the baking rack so the bacon will stay in place without a skewer if I’m not serving them as appetizers.

Bake for 45 minutes or until a fork slides easily into the sweet potatoes and the bacon is nice and crispy. Remove from heat, drizzle with maple syrup if desired, and allow to cool before serving.

Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens XLVII running back Ray Rice uses CrossFit to train for the NFL

A. Jump rope for 1 min/lunge down 20″/ bearcrawl back 3x

B. Front squat 21×2 (4-6 reps) 3x rounds (2min rest)

C. Three 1 minute rounds for time:

1. DB or KB Thrusters 45 lbs
2. Box Jumps 20″ box
3. Push Ups
4. Double Unders or singles
5. Calorie Row

*Rest 1 minute between rounds

**In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

D. If your team lost you got 50 burpees after class


An interview with Super Bowl Champion Ray Rice. To read the entire article click here

What does your strength-training regimen look like? How often are you in the gym, and what are you doing in there?

In the off-season I do a lot of powerlifting. Especially coming out of the season. I’m working out four days a week and I use one day as a recovery day. On Wednesday I get a massage, deep tissue, just to work everything out. But I do a lot of powerlifting and a lot of explosions and a lot of CrossFitnow. A lot of guys are getting into that. So that’s really how my routine goes. The CrossFit was very new to me, but one thing I learned about it was it was a change of pace. So when I stopped doing my powerlifting, I went into CrossFit, and CrossFit, obviously, was different because you’re just non-stop. You keep going and it wasn’t as long as my powerlifting sessions were, but it did get me in great shape.

Winter Fitness Challenge – The Results Are In!

Awesome job by all the competitors on Saturday! The most improved female was Tonya Fitzpatrick who has been with us only a few short weeks but still was able to shave 3:36 off her prelim time. For the men Billy Aiton took the most improved prize with 2:33 off his prelim time. They will both enjoy an upgrade to unlimited training for the month. Congratulations to Sarah Tablak, Chris Bonin, Michael Fisher, Michelle Plunkett and Dustin Anderson for their fastest times in their category! They each get a gift certificate to spend on CFS gear.

Keep up all of your hard work and now that you have caught the competition bug we expect to see all of you at Friday Night Lights in March!!!


First Last Level Gender Prelim Time Final Time Improvement
Sarah Tablak Beg Female 5:07 4:46 0:21
Cheryl Fox-Strausberg Beg Female 7:57 5:52 2:05
Tonya Fitzpatrick Beg Female 9:37 6:01 3:36
Jenn Lyles Beg Female 9:33 6:30 3:03
Chris Bonin Beg Male 7:54 5:35 2:19
Blake Tablak Beg Male 7:17 5:37 1:40
Billy Aiton Beg Male 9:59 7:26 2:33
Michael Fischer Int Male 7:13 6:29 0:44
Johnny Grenz Int Male 8:34 7:12 1:22
Michelle Plunket Rx Female 7:46 6:16 1:30
Klubo Flingai Rx Female 7:04 7:07 0:03
Hallie Flood Rx Female 9:06 7:31 1:35
Erin Wellendorf Rx Female 9:24 9:18 0:06
Dustin Anderson Rx Male 6:55 5:28 1:27
Jeff Rifkin Rx Male 6:03 5:30 0:33
Logan Smith Rx Male 6:14 6:01 0:13
Joe Atkielski Rx Male 7:02 6:22 0:40
Luke Kayyem Rx Male 6:12 6:28 0:16
Josh Vella Rx Male 9:00 7:28 1:32
Frank Moskowitz Rx Male 8:44 8:23 0:21
Mike McLinn Rx Male 10:00 9:30 0:30

Winter Fitness Challenge – Final Heats


Tomorrow is the day!!! We can’t wait to see the progress everyone has made. Heats start at 9 so please be here a little early to check in, warm-up, and cheer on your fellow students!


First Last Level Gender Heat Prelim Time
Billy Aiton Beg Male 7 9:59
Dustin Anderson Rx Male 5 6:55
Nathan Atchison Rx Male 7 7:53
Joe Atkielski Rx Male 6 7:02
Fran Beck Beg Female 1 10:24
Sonya Bladow Int Female 5 5:43
Chris Bonin Beg Male 1 7:54
Matt Bucko Int Male 2 9:19
Chris Cannon Rx Male 6 6:05
Bill Dittman Int Male 1 5:52
Michael Fischer Int Male 3 7:13
Tonya Fitzpatrick Beg Female 2 9:37
Klubo Flingai Rx Female 6 7:04
Hallie Flood Rx Female 4 9:06
Cheryl Fox-Strausberg Beg Female 3 7:57
Johnny Grenz Int Male 3 8:34
Katie Hunt Int Female 7 12:00
Max Hunt Int Male 7 8:14
Luke Kayyem Rx Male 6 6:12
Shandee Larsen Int Female 4 9:04
Bruce Lundquist Int Male 4 12:00
Jenn Lyles Beg Female 6 9:33
Mike McLinn Rx Male 1 10:00
Graham Montgomery Int Male 6 6:07
Frank Moskowitz Rx Male 7 8:44
Abhijeet Namoshi Beg Male 2 8:59
Kalen Rickard Rx Male 3 9:38
Jeff Rifkin Rx Male 3 6:03
Jeff Schwartz Int Male 1 7:19
Stu Selden Int Male 4 10:04
Logan Smith Rx Male 6 6:14
Gina Speirs Beg Female 4 9:39
Anthony Spencer Int Male 2 9:52
Tony Swann Rx Male 1 6:18
Blake Tablak Beg Male 4 7:17
Sarah Tablak Beg Female 5 5:07
Tiffany Temple Int Female 3 11:34
Josh Vella Rx Male 4 9:00
Bob Vosoghi Int Male 3 8:47
Erin Wellendorf Rx Female 5 9:24
Mike Wellendorf Int Male 7 10:29
Don Wong Rx Male 2 7:06

Ways to Stay Motivated & Keep Moving

Let’s face it-we all want to be active, but getting out the door is easier said than done. Here are some tips for keeping your body moving and in the process keeping you healthy, happy and on track.

1. Make sure your exercise plan has a purpose (i.e., to run a 5k, participate in “Friday Night Lights”, Compete in The Reebok CrossFit Open, or hike an 8,000-foot peak). Once you have a detailed training plan to follow you’ll be much more likely to follow through with a regular routine, and your fitness will improve much more rapidly.

2. Talk to people! Telling friends, family and coworkers about your goal to follow through on a plan of action will hold you accountable to it. Without going overboard, mention your goal in conversation at least once a day to stay focused and keep your training on track.

3. Keep a training log. Whether you follow through with your complete workout that day or not, record your activity for the day as well as how you felt while doing it in your customized Success Journal. Record how much sleep you had the night before, how did you fuel? What you ate prior, etc. This is a great way to track outside factors that may be affecting your performance, and it will also help you to feel like you’ve really accomplished something that day

4. Make an early investment. If your goal involves something that requires an entry fee or registration, sign up early! Signing that check and choosing your T-shirt size is like signing a written agreement to follow through. When training gets tough you can tell yourself, “The check has cleared—there’s no backing out now!”

5. Find training partners. Having others to train and exercise with will not only help hold you accountable to your plan, it will make following the plan much more fun. Group trips to the coffee house or your favorite breakfast restaurant post-workout are a great motivator to get you up early on those Saturday mornings.

6. View this as YOUR time. Avoid looking at workouts as another item to check off the list, and instead view them as time that’s reserved just for you. Also, look at your active time as something that makes the rest of your day run more efficiently and that keeps you clear-headed.

7. Make an appointment with a Coach. Simply being active is only one part of the equation. By making healthy changes with regard to nutrition as well as fitness you’ll be more likely to adopt “whole” lifestyle changes that will lead to ultimate success. Participate in The Whole Life Challenge, be held accountable.

8. Involve the family. Family time is scarce to begin with, and when you add exercise into the mix it can sometimes be a limiting factor. Make a “date” with your spouse to go for a brisk walk once or twice a week, do a run or go hiking or swimming. One idea is to arrange a weekly Thursday night date night that begins with some type of sport (or Lab After Dark) and ends with dinner out. And, if you have kids, involve them in other ways. Nice long walks with your kids gives you quality time (i.e., time outside shuttling them to their practices and friends’ houses) to relate to each other, and bike rides around your neighborhood are fun for the whole family.

9. Commit to learning. Stay informed and motivated, at least twice a year buy a book that will teach you more about the scientific aspects of being healthy and fit. Knowing the “whys” behind what you’re doing will help you to make lasting changes that will enhance your health.

10. Reward yourself! While fitness is a huge reward in itself, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself an added incentive for finishing that 10k, conquering a new mountain,  Setting a PR on your Clean & Jerk or finally learning to surf. Whether it’s indulging in your favorite treat or allowing yourself to buy that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, little rewards work!

Happy Birthday Coach Hallie Flood

Dear Hallie,
I remember the day you walked in and said I just had a baby, my husband is over seas in the military and “I want to bring sexy back”. We made a deal that if you showed up to every class you could pay me later and now 3 years later, down over 90 pounds and working full time at CrossFit Scottsdale you are sexy girl! Thank you for becoming such an inspiration, training like an animal and raising such a beautiful baby boy in Peyton. Najla, myself and the entire team wish you a happy happy forever “29″ birthday in high intensity fitness fashion.

29 burpees
500 row
29 clean and jerks
(I am going to put the mens and womens RX weight at #135 so Hallie can beat up some boys on her day)
Heats of 2
Warm up well through barbell progression

Get Your “Automatic Body” at CrossFit Scottsdale

CrossFit Scottsdale is excited to introduce some great new products into our line of nutrition: Automatic Body by Nutrié.

Automatic Body by Nutrié offers 3 different HEALTHY options for energy, meal replacement and a way to burn more calories.

A delicious way to start your day. Helps increase energy and burn more calories when you just can’t make it into the gym.

CLA Oil Omega 6 B Vitamin: energy increase
Garcinia Cambogia: Suppress appetite and enhance fat-burning
Chromium picolinate: Decreases sugar cravings, regulates blood sugar control
Rhodiola 300 MG: Decreases cortisol, increases energy without a buzz
Magnesium Calmative

A premixed protein! Easy for grab and go! Fuel is packed with all the protein, fiber, vitamins, and nutrients you need without all the fat, carbohydrates, and “bad stuff”. You can substitute it for any meal of the day. The best part is the TASTE.

Protein from Whey concentrate Apple Pectin Fiber Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D 25% Vitamin K Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 Vitamin E Niacin 25% Calcium Riboflavin Magnesium Chromium Zinc

Energy drinks are the fastest growing drinks in America, and we know that majority of us partake from time to time, or even daily. So if you’re going to drink them, why not drink a healthy one? Natural ingredients without the negative effects of sugar and caffeine.  And the taste is fantastic!

Withania 200mg Rhodiola 200mg Astragalus 150 mg Panax Ginseng 100mg Schizandra 100mg Taurine 1000mg Guarana Seed Extract 200mg D-Ribose 50mg Inositol 100mg Choline Chloride 45 mcg Vitamin C 300mg Riboflavin 100mg Niacin 100mg Vitamin B6 100mg Folate 800mcg Vitamin B12 100mcg Biotin 300mcg Pantothenic Acid 100mcg

These are now available in our fridge at CrossFit Scottsdale. Each item is only $3.50, and the return for how they will make you feel is priceless. We are always looking for ways to help our students in their goal of health and fitness. Enjoy!

Friday Night Lights is OPEN for Registration!

Calling all CrossFitters….Competition season is upon us and CrossFit Scottsdale is proud to announce that we will be hosting the CrossFit Games Qualifier “Friday Night Lights” on Friday, March 8th and Friday, April 5th. This event consists of two nights of local competition to start and finish the qualifiers and it’s first step in qualifying for the 2013 CrossFit Games.

Registration is now open!

To Register for March 8th or BOTH Dates Click Here!

To Register for April 5th Only, Click Here!

The 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games season is a three-stage test of fitness, comprised of the Open, Regionals, and the world championships, the CrossFit Games.

The season kicks off with “Friday Night Lights, presented by CrossFit Scottsdale” the first weekly challenge of the Open, the most inclusive competition in the world. The top athletes and teams in each region from the Open will move onto Regionals. The best athletes and teams at Regionals will compete at the CrossFit Games, the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth™.

Opening Ceremonies will be held on March 8th  at 5pm, in addition we will be hosting the final Workout as well as the closing ceremonies on Friday, April 5th at 5pm. These competitions are open to the public and all CrossFitter’s from around the state are encouraged and welcomed to participate. Registration opens on February 1st at The cost to participate in the competition is $25 each Workout or $45 for those participating in both. We are capping athlete registration at 150 people. The goal of “Friday Night Lights” is to foster an inclusive competitive fitness atmosphere amongst our students, local affiliates and garage gym’ers where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to compete.  We want you to come and bang with the best of them, bring your friends and family to support you and have fun.

There will be 3 divisions for the “Friday Night Lights” 2013 CrossFit Games Season Opener, Prescribed (RX Gamers hoping to have high enough scores to advance to Regionals as an individual or for their affiliate cup team), Masters (Age groups include: 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+) and a Scaled division to allow for maximum participation, energy and new competitors to the sport. Experienced coaches and volunteers will judge the competition to count reps, adhere to movement standards, validate and submit scores to CrossFit Headquarters. Those interested in competing in the 5 week world wide open will need to also register on to compete. It is also important to understand the rules, and the CrossFit Games rulebook is available here:

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