Thruster Thursday



Strength in Conditioning

A1) Front Squat + Thruster x1+1

Build to heavy set

A2) Then do 5 sets of 2+1 at 85% of A1

B) Every Minute on the Minute for 18 minutes

1- Row 20 second sprint

2- Burpees 20 second max

3- Thruster 20 second max (Life- PVC-35#, Fitness-45-75#, Sport-85-115#)

Work It Wednesday




Spring Leaning is just around the corner! It’s always pool season here in sunny Arizona, and a great body is in style whether it’s pool season or parka season. The Challenge kicks off at 9:00am this Saturday, sign up today!

Strength in Conditioning

A) For time:

20 wall balls

20 power cleans

20 sit ups

40 wall balls

40 deadlifts

40 laying straight leg lifts

20 wall balls

20 power cleans

20 sit ups


Life- med ball thrusters emphasize full squat, med ball deadlifts, med ball

power cleans


This once-every-four-year happening is as good a reason as any to do something special to mix up your routine a bit! It’s an extra day to be awesome, so use it wisely! **It’s also as good a reason as any to offer a RETAIL special to you fine folks! Make sure you pick up your SICFIT Scottsdale shirts… 4 for $50! That’s a $50 savings! (Ask a coach or email to get your order completed!)

Strength in conditioning for Monday, Feb. 29th

A) 5 sets, not for time:

Overhead squat x10 (PVC only)

Laying leg lifts x10


B) Farmers carry x4 small lap

*each time you set it down run small lap around to the kettle bell

+ Ball squat & Ball slam 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

*6 min cap*

It’s Finally Here– Friday!



Turkish get ups ~10 min
Get up to heavy 1 rep/side
A) Goblet squat 4×8
Movement prep & prime to all levels KB swing >5 min

Strength in Conditioning-
500 row
21 kb swings
12 pull ups
3 Rounds for time:
L- ring rows + Russian swings
F- Jumping pull up + Russian swing #55/35
S- kip + American swing #55/35

shoulders, lats


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.47.03 AM

Look Good, Feel Good


Strength in Conditioning-
A) Back Squat x3-4 (approx. 65-85% of 1RM)
Rest 1-2 min
*start medium and build, if they were here last Tuesday 2/16 try to use heavier weight
B1) Straight leg deadlift (L-12-15, F-8-10, S-5-6)
B2) Shrug x12
Rest 1 minute
C) As fast as possible
Row 500m, 1:1 work:rest
Row 400m
Row 300m
Row 200m




Hump Day Fun


Handstand ~5 min
A) Every :30 x6
1 wall walk
B) EMOM x10
E-10-12 wall ball shots
O- 5-6 Handstand push ups (substitute inverted box HSPU)
C) 3 rounds For time:
Bear crawl shuttle x2 down an back
10 ball slams
1 small lap run




Clean It Up


Strength in Conditioning-
A) EMOM x10
Power clean + Push Press
*Build up weight every time, pull out weights beforehand.
B) E2MOM x10
5 power clean + 5 Push press
@ 40-60% of heaviest in A
C) 5 min AMRAP:
kb swing Russian x5
Goblet squat x5
kb push press x5/arm
*Punishment run 1 big lap for each time putting down the kettle bell.



Happy Monday, SICFIT Scottsdale!


Strength in Conditioning-
A1) Row 500m
A2) small lap farmers carry (2 light kb)
B1) Row 250m
B2) Overhead carry ¼ small lap (about 6 parking spaces down and back)
C1) Row 500m
C2) small lap front rack kb carry
D1) Row 250m
D2) 25 goblet squats
No rest in between all!



Get Fit and Feel Great this weekend

Snatch ~10 min

Strength in Conditioning-
A) Every Minute on the Minute x10 minutes
Power snatch x2
*Same weight across, work on speed and bar path
Life- hang power
Sport- increase weight each time

B) 15 minute As Many Rounds As Possible
14 hanging knee tucks
7 power snatches
14 air squats
7 jumping pull ups
(Life- barbell, Fitness-55/75, Sport-75/95)


Jeff “Riff Daddy” giving 100% at the SICest of the Southwest II

Get Fit or Die


Strength in Conditioning-
A1) Front Squat (Life-8-10, Fitness-5-6, Sport-3)
A2) 40 yard sprint or row 40 yards
Rest 1-3 minutes

B) With a partner:
Barbell Thruster x20 (2 people on the bar, one at each end of the bar, bring it to same side shoulder, squat and press up to full extension and then bring down to other shoulder. Repeat.)
Big lap run or 300 meters with barbell
Burpees over barbell x20 total
Partner assisted pull ups x20/person
x3 rounds
Life 1-2 rounds



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