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Programming for Saturday, October 5, 2013

We have all been there — standing in front of the bathroom mirror, pillow marks still on the cheeks, hair a hot mess, toothbrush hanging out of the mouth, thinking to ourselves, “I think I’m going to skip training today.” When this moment strikes we offer the same advice for when you hit a wall during a workout  — just push through that moment and you will be so glad you did! Showing up to sweat on a Saturday morning is an achievement and something to be proud of in-and-of-itself. Don’t let the tired version of yourself keep you from feeling great this saturday!


1200 Meter row
75 Kettlebell swings
200 Sit ups
50 Kettlebell swings
150 Sit ups
75 Kettlebell swings
200 Sit ups
1200 Meter row
*Teams of four, only one works at a time.

In Loving Memory


Programming for Friday, October 4, 2013

To our friend, student, and teacher, Jay Middagh. Thank you for teaching us how to live everyday with a smile. We are a stronger community because of our time together. May your family be blessed with only the good times and the happy face we will never forget. The messages you have left us with live on in us. ONE LOVE.

Don’t worry about a thing,
Cause every little thing gonna be all right!
Rise up this mornin’
Smiled with the risin’ sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin’ sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin’, “This is my message to you… DON’T WORRY ABOUT A THING”


Jay “BULL” Middagh
Using 45/35 lb plate
800m plate run
50 plate burpee
50 walking OH Lunges
50 plate thrusters
50 walking OH Lunges
50 plate Burpees
800 M run with plate

Using 25/10 lb plate
400 M Run
25 plate burpees
25 walking OH Lunges
25 plate thrusters
25 walking OH Lunges
25 plate Burpees
400 M run with plate

no plate
400 M Run
15 burpees
15 walking Lunges
15 air squats
15 walking Lunges
15 Burpees
400 M run

SICest of the Southwest II

There will be no classes on October 19th. Instead, head over to the BIGGEST FITness expo in the state! SICest of the Southwest will play host to some of the biggest named athletes who compete in the sport of FITness. The event will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center and doors open at 8am!

During the week of SICest, SICFIT Scottsdale will be having UNLIMITED WEEK for all SICFIT Scottsdale students!


Winning in Last Place


Programming for Thursday, October 3, 2013

The achievement of ‘winning’ comes in many forms. Though it is most commonly conceived of as finishing first or scoring the most points, these only scratch the surface of what it means to win. Winning is something that is felt inside; it is the proud recognition of self-achievement. Winning can occur at the top of the leader board, somewhere in the middle, and at the bottom. Winning is a state of mind, not a number. And here at SICFIT Scottsdale, we train nothing but winners.


Row clinic
2 Rounds: 500 Meter row + 2 minute rest
3×2 Heavy thrusters
4×5 Dips
5 Minute rest
LIFE: 3×10 Barbell thrusters + paralet dips
7 Minute AMRAP
10 Hand release push ups
10 Thrusters
LIFE: Barbell thrusters
FITness: #75/55
Sport: #105/85

Showcasing Your Growth with the SICFIT WOW


Programming fot Wednesday, October 2, 2013

At SICFIT Scottsdale, Wednesdays are much more than just another day of programming. For us, Wednesdays have become a scheduled weekly benchmark test, assessing and revealing the rewards we have earned in training. These rewards — higher performance, increased stamina and strength, tougher mental grit — are both tested and showcased in the weekly WOW. All you have to do is come as you are, try your best, and let your SICFIT training speak for itself.


Work up to heavy 3 rep deadlift
10 Minute AMRAP
LIFE: 3 Deadlift + 5 burpees + 7 lying knees to elbows
FITNESS: 3 Deadlift (135/95) + 5 burpees + 7 hanging leg raises
SPORT: 3 Deadlift (2x bodyweight/ 1.5x bodyweight) + 5 burpees + 7 toes to bar

Stretch of the Week


Warming Up is the New Black


Programming for Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Warming up is extremely important — it prepares the body for increasingly taxing work, it reestablishes proper motor patterns, and it helps the muscles remember how to be explosive. At SICFIT Scottsdale, our warmups are designed to set you up for success for the remainder of that class. On days like today however, our warmups have different intention — they are designed specifically to give you the following bragging rights:



4 Minute row
3 Minute jump rope
2 Minute run
1 Minute burpee
Power clean progression
Air squat/Pistol
LIFE: 1k Row + 25 air squats + 25 hang cleans +25 air squats
FITNESS: 2k Row + 25 plate air squats + 25 hang cleans + 25 air squats
SPORT: 2k row + 25 pistols + 25 hang cleans

SICFIT Scottsdale Goes Pink


Programming for Monday, September 30, 2013

At SICFIT Scottsdale we support each other in our efforts to ensure our lives are long, healthy, and happy. Come late October, you will have the opportunity to take this support outside of the gym in the fight against breast cancer. Like many catastrophic illnesses, early detection is key. Though sadly, many individuals do not have access to these vital services. With your participation in the Barbells For Boobs Event, coming to East Valley CrossFit on October, 26th, you will become one of the connecting links between an individual regardless of age, gender, or their ability to pay, and their live saving screening. To sign up and start fundraising for this cause, click here!


Dynamic warm up
Band mobility
Build to a heavy 5 rep seated strict press with dumbbells
4 Rounds:
5 Dumbbell press
5 Burpee long jumps
6 Touch and go shuffle runs 10′
2 Minute rest
30, 20, 10 Kettlebell swing + air squat + box jump
LIFE: Russian swing + air squat + box step up 20″
FITNESS: Russian swing (heavy) + jumping air squat + box jump (step down)
SPORT: Full swing 55/35 + goblet squat 55/35 + box jump 24/20″

Lifting with Grace


Programming for Saturday, September 28, 2013

When executed with patience, poise, and balance, the two most ballistic movements we perform — the clean and snatch — appear graceful and effortless. In a sense, the effort in these olympic lifts comes much before the actual lift itself. It comes from the discipline to practice them often and the determination to detect and refine even the tiniest flaws in form. Though in today’s workout we are trying to establish our capacity for these two movements, we encourage you to view every lift as an investment in the next, moving you closer and closer to that effortless and graceful state.

Jen D, snatch/Overhead Squat,

20 Minutes to establish heavy snatch
5 Minute rest
20 Minutes to establish heavy clean
5 Minute rest
3 Minute max burpees

Thrusters, Stones, and Rope Climbs, OH MY!

Programming for Friday, September 27, 2013

Taxing the body in strange ways in the name of fitness reaps incredible rewards. We don’t do it often, but working with stones is a great way to asses our ability to adapt our strength over multiple domains. SICFIT Ambassador and certified “Strongman” coach, Dan Lennon, explains two different ways to approach ground to shoulder with atlas stones.

15 Minutes
Work up to a heavy thruster off racks
30 Minutes
Stones + rope climbs
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