Lunges, Lunges, and more Lunges!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Anything for just 400 meters can’t be too bad… right? Wrong! Not for today’s WOW anyway. And don’t be fooled by the the single task on the agenda. Sometimes the simpler the workout seems on paper, the more trying it is in practice. Make the commitment to yourself before you take even your first lunge to keep a positive outlook no matter how taxing each step becomes. In this workout especially, the only way to finish is by taking one step at a time.

SICFIT Collage.

1K Row
Lower extremity mobility
WOW #22
Walking lunge for 400 meters for time
LIFE: lunge for  1 min rest 1 min x5

Stretch of the Week



Paleo Pickings from SICFIT Scottsdale


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The paleo diet is about more than simply avoiding certain kinds of foods. It is about knowing where the food we decide to eat comes from, and eating in a way that not only sustains our body but sustains the earth as well. Sometimes this task is easier said than done, as our modern day super markets do not always make known the source of their fare. When in doubt, (the outreach website associated with the documentary, Food Inc) suggests reaching for a cut of lamb. The article states that lamb is more likely to have been treated humanely than poultry or beef and to have been raised using sustainable farming practices. Of course, our best option is still the one that is most informed and closest to home, so get to know your local farmers and never have to face market mystery meat again!


4 Rounds
05 Thrusters off rack
30 Seconds or jumps of double under
45 Second row for calories
03 Minute rest
Sleds up/up + run/walk small lap x3
Sleds down/down + run/walk small lap x3

Photo by: Stuart Webster

A Beautiful Day to Lift Heavy


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, December 9, 2013

During an Olympic Lift, it can seem like all time stands still. We take a breath and mentally prepare as we step our feet beneath the bar. As we tighten our core in preparation we commit ourselves to the effort required for success. Then as we reach down and grip the barbell all becomes silent. Our minds are intently focused on the the impending dance between position, power, and timing — all which must be executed with the most refined precision. In the very next instant we find the bar resting in its final destination above our head, as if by zero and great effort of our own all at the same time.
SICFIT presents Melissa Einbinder of CrossFit Scottsdale in the London Throwdown
Burgener warm-up for snatch and clean & jerk
Spend 25 minutes building to a heavy Snatch
Spend 25 minutes building to a heavy Clean & Jerk

Team SICFITness!


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, December 7, 2013

There is power in numbers in just about every activity. This is especially true when it comes to our workout. We tend to dig a littler deeper, hold on for that extra rep, and maintain a more positive attitude when we are held accountable by a teammate. Let’s allow our teammate to inspire our highest potential today, and let’s do the same for them!

CrossFit Scottsdale Regionals Partner Deadlift

One Thousand Ways to Die
100 Calorie row
100 Lunges
100 Box step ups/jumps
100 Wall balls
100 Kettlebell swings
100 Burpees
100 Knees to elbows on back/toes to bar
100 Hand release push ups
100 Double unders or 100 singles each
100 Air squats

Free Intro Class Saturday

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Give Yourself the Gift of Yoga at SICFIT Scottsdale


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, December 6, 2013

The Holiday months — with all the card writing, picture taking, deal catching, and party going — can really take a lot out of us. During this time of year it is especially important that we continue to do what we need to do to stay cheerful, healthy, and energized. Lets make coming to SICFIT Scottsdale the gift we give to ourselves everyday. And if we need to tap into our reserve of positive energy for the holiday, lets finally try that Yoga class we have been meaning to check out. SICFIT Yoga classes are offered on Tuesdays at 7pm and Thursdays at 9am. Experience it for yourself and your body and mind will thank you!



5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 Front squat  | 30 second rest
5-8 Strict chin ups with 1 second pause at top  & bottom | 2 minute rest
LIFE: Ring rows
FITNESS: Use bands if needed
3 Rounds AFAP
30 Burpees + 30 push ups + 30 air squats + 2 minute rest
LIFE: 1-3 rounds

Fitness to Feel Good About


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, December 5, 2013

At SICFIT Scottsdale, we like to consider ourselves the counter-culture of fitness. We don’t stare at ourselves doing bicep curls in the mirror. Our goals go beyond looking good in a pair of jeans, bathing suit, naked, whatever. Our kind of fitness includes feeling the joy of being able to run, bike, hike, swim, garden, and play well into our older years; from being able to help a friend load up a moving van with furniture and heavy boxes; from simply feeling alive and healthy. Continue to work hard, athletes, and continue reaping the benefits of your positive lifestyle.
CrossFit Lifestyle>

3 Rounds at 50-75%
300 Meter run + 150 meter walk
Dynamic movements
3×10 Perfect push up/sit up/over head squat
200m Running sprint | 0:90 second rest
400m Running sprint | 2:00 minute rest
600m Running sprint | 2:30 minute rest
800m Running sprint | 3:00 minute rest
200m Running sprint | 0:90 second rest
400m Running sprint | 2:00 minute rest
600m Running sprint | 2:30 minute rest

Strength, Stamina, and Endurance in Olympic Lifting


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To perform multiple power cleans at a heavy weight we must break through our kinesthetic habit that likes to lift and then dump because it’s easier, and embrace our ability to just hold on to a little bit longer.  Watch as SICFITER Christopher Gartell performs three touch-and-go heavy power cleans. He remains tight through each movement as the bar travels up and down his body so that he is prepared for the next lift. Using the rebound off the ground, he harnesses that momentum to initiate the upward bar path on lift two and thee.  And his feet remain beautifully grounded and unshaken by the turbulent and quick movements of the bar so that his foundation supports the tremendous power he is exerting. Use these tips in WOW 21 today to help you achieve a score that makes you say WOW!

Barbell progression
Deadlift/hangclean/front squat/press/pushpress
WOW 21
A1. 20 Minutes to build to 1 rep max power clean
3 Minute rest
A2. 3 Minute AMRAP with  90% of A1
3 Minute rest
A3. 3 Minute AMRAP with 75% of A1
3 Minute rest
A4. 3 Minute Amrap with 50% of A1
Score = A1 weight + A2 weight x reps + A3 weight x reps + A4 weight x reps

Stretch of the Week

New Year’s Resolution Head Start


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do you know someone who is already talking about their New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, tone up, and get healthy? Let’s help them get a head start on their goals so that by the time the first of the year comes around they have already established the healthy habits that will lead them straight to success! This Saturday, SICFIT Scottsdale is opening our doors to anyone interested in seeing what FUNctional FITness is all about, and offering free classes at 8am, 9am, and 10am. Let’s get the word of this great opportunity out and RSVP by calling 480.922.3253 or emailing

Give the Gift of Health and Fitness!

Give the Gift of Health and Fitness!


Dynamic warm up + band mobility
Build to heavy 5 rep seated strict dumbbell press
4 Rounds:
5 Rep dumbbell press
3 Double burpee long jumps
6 Touch and go shuffle runs 10′
2 Minute rest
35 – 25 – 15 – 5
LIFE: Russian swing + air squat + box step up 20″
FITNESS: Heavy russian swing + jumping air squat + box jump step down
SPORT: Full swing 55/35 + goblet squat 55/35 + box jump 24″/20″

Sweet Sweet Paleo!

Programming for Monday, December 2, 2013

Set your self up for paleo success at the next holiday party you attend by bringing a dish you (and others) will enjoy, and help you resist the temptation of not-so-nutritionally mindful options. For those of us with a sweet tooth (or several!) I took the liberty of finding some of the MOST DELICIOUS and EASIEST paleo desserts out there. Did I say EASIEST? You’re welcome.


These Double Layer Fudge Treats from are a sure-fire hit and are 100% paleo! But fair warning folks, just because they are paleo friendly doesn’t give us permission to release the breaks and jump in head first. Moderation is still key with yummy treats like these!

Parter (2) 1000 meter row: alternating 100 meter sprints
Clean and jerk/ground to overhead
10 Rounds AFAP
01 Tough clean and jerk
05 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats
30 Second rest
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