Athlete of the month Jeff “HOUSE” Rosenbloom


Who in the world is this guy they call House? Well his birth name is Jeff  Edward Rosenbloom but was given the nickname House when he was pledging his fraternity at U of A, BEAR DOWN! He found SICFIT through his great friend Coach Jesse who also went to the University of Arizona. Then six degrees of seperation brought us even closer with another fraternity brother Noah Robinson at U of A who also happens to be my oldest friend in the world and neighbor in Kindergarten. Alright now that were all up to speed on how we know House let’s discuss why we love Jeff so much and why he is awarded the coveted title of Athlete of the Month. 

Jeff has been working exclusively with Coach Jesse three days a week, he just completed HELL WEEK and is down 54 pounds since he began his journey towards health and FITness earlier this year. Those accomplishments are only the beginning of what drives Jeff and why they are so important to him. One of the most generous and humble people I have had the opportunity of coaching over the years and a man who truly enjoys his life and the lives of those close to him. Congratulations Mr. Jeff “House” Rosenbloom we look forward to seeing how many more things you accomplish at SICFIT Scottsdale and in your professional career.

Luke Kayyem

Manhattan NY
Lived: New York, Connecticut, Arizona
Family: Arthur Rosenbloom, Jane Rosenbloom, and Maggie Rosenbloom
School: The University of Arizona
Worst job: Toshiba

Best job: What I do now.  the first mobile payment solution with bank grade security that allows people to tip service professionals with their mobile phone without the exchange of any personal information, such as phone numbers, email addresses and credit cards.

How has SICFIT changed your life? SICFIT changed my life by getting me in the best shape of my life at age 35.  Also SICFIT has made me understand how food affects my body and how to properly fuel my body.

How your changing lives through SICFIT?  I’m changing lives through SICFIT by my drive to work out and eat properly.  I lost 54 LBS in 2 months, someone at the gym heard that and it motivated them to come in more.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I am pretty happy with who I am and what I do for a living now.  I do want to continue to grow in to my new lifestyle!

Greatest weakness in your current training? My stamina and endurance.

Goals: Continue my fitness progression, and live a SICFIT lifestyle.

Greatest accomplishment: Losing 54 lbs in two months and completely changing my diet to Paleo

Whats your “Why”?  I want to look better naked.



Are You L1 Band Ready?


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, May 21, 2015

One week from today, a whole new crew of SICFITTERS will put themselves to the test in hopes of earning L1 SICFIT status. And while not all will leave donning the white band on their wrist, just by showing up these athletes prove to their coaches, their classmates, and to themselves that they have the heart and mind of a fighter, willing to stop at nothing until that white band becomes theirs.

In today’s workout, we prepare ourselves for the challenge of the L1 test. Even though our conditioning today is only practice for the test, treat it as if it were the real deal. Use your performance to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And then use your time wisely over the next seven days to strengthen those weaknesses.

For those athletes who go home with the band next week, we wish you a small congratulations.

Why small you ask?

Because this victory is only the first of many. Once the L1 White Band is earned, it is time to set your sights on the L2 and then the L3.

Enjoy the sweet flavor of triumph while you can, for this is only the first plateau in your journey. The mountain only gets steeper from here. Are you ready?

white band

1. Push Ups: 40 Consecutive |From Knees W
2. Sit Ups: 65 in 2 Minutes
3. Squats: 80 in 2 Minutes
4. Burpees: 20 in 1 Minute
5. Hand Stand Hold for 70 Seconds
6. Thrusters: 15 Consecutive | 75M / 55W
7. Wall Balls: 15  Consecutive | 20M / 14W
8. Push Press: 15 Consecutive | 75M /55W
9. Jump Rope: 500 Singles or 15 Doubles Consecutive
10. Box Jump: 20 at 20″ Consecutive
11. 400M Run: Under 1:45M / 1:55W


Spread the Word… Food as Fuel Tomorrow Night!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What is the paleo diet? How will it enhace my fitness? How can I make it work for my lifestyle? What are some strategies to stay committed?

All of these questions and more will be answered in SICFIT Scottsdale’s Food as Fuel seminar, tomorrow night at 7:00pm.

Join us for this free nutrition seminar and learn how the paleo diet can help you lose weight, give you more energy, enhance your workouts, and make you feel amazing!

In this seminar we will also give you the scoop on how and when to use supplements like protein and fish oil and what their benefits are.

If you’re ready to get your nutritional butt in gear, don’t miss Food as Fuel tomorrow night! Share this page over facebook with anyone you think would benefit from attending this seminar with you!

Parter Rows
Alternating 100 Meter Row Sprints
Clean and Jerk/Ground to Overhead
10 Rounds
1 Heavy Clean and Jerk
5 Pull Ups
5 Push Ups
5 Air Squats
1 Minute Rest


Practicing and Growing Mental Stamina


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It may only be day two of Hell Week for the brave souls who decided to accept the challenge, but there is no doubt that they are already learning valuable lessons about mental stamina. But it is not just those enduring Hell Week who have the opportunity to learn these lessons, as SICFIT Scottsdale dishes out physical and mental tests on the daily.

In today’s conditioning work, the lesson of mental stamina shines forth as a prominent one. In the first part of our workout, we get to practice gauging our energy output based on the task at hand. The longer the task, the more moderate our energy output must remain. The shorter the task, and we can sustain near peak power for that short duration. Knowing our limits amongst these varying durations of work requires us to learn about our own capacity for mental stamina.

The second conditioning section asks us to put these lessons to good use. In this section we are faced with the challenge of four tabatas, where our score is our total reps throughout all four sections. Personal victory during this long workout requires us to find the pace that pushes us just an inch outside our comfort zone, while never pushing too far into our burnout zone. To sustain this perfect level of power output trains and grows our mental stamina.

All of our workouts at SICFIT Scottsdale come packed with lessons, both physical and mental. It’s our job to take ourselves to those limits where those lessons can me learned.


10 Minutes for Foam Rolling + PVC Word
Dynamic Drills
3 Minute Row + 130 Meter run + 3 Minute Jump Rope @ 50%
2 Minute Row + 130 Meter run + 2 Minute Jump Rope @ 75%
1 Minute Row + 130 Meter run + 1 Minute Jump Rope @ 90%
4 Rounds Tabata Mash Up (8 sets of 20 sec work + 10 sec rest alternate movements)
A. 20 Seconds of Lunges + 10 Seconds of Burpees
B. 20 Seconds of Jumping Air Squats + 10 Seconds of Push Ups
C. 20 Seconds of Sampson Stretch + 10 Seconds Single Leg Alternating Toe Touch
D. 20 Second Calorie Row + 10 Seconds Rest


Make Mobility Your Full Time Job

Strength in Conditioning for Monday, May 18th, 2015

Wellness is a result of what we do 90% of the time. Unfortunately, many people in the today’s society focus their health practices on quick fixes that take up only 10% or less of their focused effort.

Mobility is a wellness practice that follows this same principle. If your mobility practice consists of rolling out on a foam roller before and after your workout at SICFIT Scottsdale, this simply is not enough.

A true quick fix is something simple that we can start implementing 90-100% of the time.

One of these quick fixes is called the menubrium lift. The manubrium is in the center of the chest just above the sternum. When we lift the menubrium, it adjusts the posture of our entire body. This benefits our mobility, as it allows us to maintain good position (i.e. good posture) regardless of how we tax or test the body in the gym or outside of it.

The medubirum lift is a powerfully simple tool to helping us maintain good posture all day long. By lifting the menubrium slightly upwars (as seen in the video below) It stacks our head back over the midline of our bodies. This takes pressure off the shoulders and allows the shoulder blades to drop back and down. Additionally, by correcting the alignment o the upper spine, it allows the deep core muscles of the lower abdomen to realign our lumbar spine as well.

So while there is no quick fix that allows mobility to be a part-time consideration, with simple cues like the menubrium lift, we can implement simple changes with a full time effect!

Movement Prep
Push Press | 8-10 | 5-8 | 8-10| 5-8
8 Pendalay rows
Single Arm Waiters Walk
*10 Slamball Penalty
3 Rounds
300 Meter Run or Row + 30 Burpees + 30 Air Squats
LIFE: 130 Meter Run or 150 Meter Row + 5 Burpees + 10 Air Squats


Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Richard Shields


I would like to take this opportunity to wish one of the greatest brand ambassadors and earliest adopters of the SICFIT lifestyle a truly Happy 70th Birthday. Mr. Richard Shields has been an active member of our fitness community since our inception in 2008. In true sprit of his dedication to health and wellness we will be pushing the redline today with a lactic acid burner to make us all appreciate life and living everyday as if it’s your last. Mr. Shields dropped into this mornings first HELL WEEK class of the week to give the team some motivation and of course some birthday burpees!. For more about Mr.Shields check out his  Athlete of the month blog.


Reoptimize Your Body with the Basics

Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, May 16, 2015

Do not let the simplicity of today’s workout deceive you. Often times it is the most basic movements that pack the most vigorous punch!

The various conditioning portions of our programming today train many fundamental human movement patterns. Squatting, jumping, sprinting, and pushing — each of these movements is engrained into our neurological and muscular system as something we are functionally designed to do.

However, the reason why these natural movements can be so difficult is because our modern day society has deconditioned u and weakened these natural capacities of our bodies.

Not to worry however, because SICFIT Scottsdale is committed to reconditioning ourselves back to our naturally strong and capable bodies through strength in conditioning! With our knowledgeable instruction, your dedication, a some sweat, you can reoptimize your body to not just be functional, but to be fit!

Work through these exercises with a detailed eye on your movement mechanics to get the most out of your conditioning today. Don’t be surprised when this in-depth awareness takes your workout the next level of controlled intensity. Your hard work will be pay off though, so stick with it, breathe, and stay positive through the end!


Dynamic Movement
Inch Worms
Leg Swings
Squat Holds + Tempo Squats
8 Minute AMRAP
3 Air Squats
3 Vertical Jumps
3 Air Squats
3 Long Jumps
6,6,6,6…. 9,9,9,9…. Then Back to 3s to Repeat
10 Rounds
10 Hand Release Push Ups
100 Meter Sprints
3 Rounds
20 Second Airdyne Sprint
Jump Rope Until Class Mates Cycle Through Their Turn on Airdyne


PNF Stretching & Targeting Fascia – Not Just Muscles


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, May 15, 2015

The ten Stretch-to-Win® principles of effective stretching gives athletes the upper hand when it comes to making quick changes in range of motion and movement quality through flexibility training. Part one of this three part blog series introduced the concept of stretching as an active movement that progressively increases range of motion.  Part two looked at the concept of stretching from core to extremity.

By looking at three more of the ten principles athletes can understand that stretching is not just about targeting tight muscles.

Stretching is more about creating changes in the nervous system, joint-capsule, and connective tissue than just ‘lengthening tight or short muscles.’

Use Multiple Planes of Movement

Another disadvantage to holding a stretch statically is that just one plane of motion (or static position) is used for a stretch. This prevents athletes from exploring what specific muscle fibers and range of motions are actually restricted.

The lattisimus dorsi is a broad muscle that spans from the hip, to the low back, out to the arms.  Many athletes are familiar with the banded lat stretch that is done from a forward lunge position (see first position).



While this targets the upper portion of the lat muscle (from the scapula out to the arms), this position does not fully release the lower fibers that span from the hip out to the low back.  The side lunge position targets the lower fibers, while the middle image shows a position that is in-between a forward lunge and side lunge. Instead of using a single position, athletes can better improve their overhead range of motion by using different positions and planes of movement to release the lats.

Consider the Fascia, Not Just the Muscle

Fascia (connective tissue) is the most prevalent tissue in the body – which wraps, connects, and separates muscle groups.  The downward dog in yoga stretches both the calf muscles and hamstrings at the same time – because the hamstring and calf tendons merge behind the knee to form a continuous line of tissue that continues up through the muscles along the spine.

This posterior chain consists of muscles connected by fascia into a unified line of transmission that helps maintain upright posture and extends the body during movements like the deadlift.  By first stretching from core to extremity and releasing the muscles/fascia closer to the hips and spine, more integrative stretches like the down dog can be applied with greater success.

Many athletes with tight IT-Bands can benefit from stretching their glutes instead of foam rolling the IT-Band.  Glute tightness and/or weakness can cause the IT-Band to take on the role of stabilizing the knee. Stretching the glutes and improving glute function with single leg exercises can help remedy IT-Band problems.  This is because the glutes control the knee via the IT-Band – a dense layer of connective tissue.

Facilitate Body Reflexes for Optimal Results (PNF)

A great way to overcome chronic tightness and restricted range of motion is to use muscle contractions during a stretch. PNF stretching (contract-relax) consists of exhaling into a stretch, then inhaling and holding an isometric muscular contraction (3-5 seconds), before exhaling deeper into a stretch.

The PNF cue for the lat stretch is to pull the scapula down the back (forward lunge) for the upper fibers, and laterally flex the ribcage down to the hips (side lunge) for the lower fibers of the hip.  The band provides the resistance against the motion of the scapula and ribcage (see video here).

“In summary, the way to get maximal lengthening of tight tissue is to traction and stretch all the tissue along a fascial track – joint capsule, ligament, tendon, muscle – without pain.  Move from the deep to the superficial layers, from myofascia that crosses one joint to, those that cross multiple joints, and then add multiple planes of movement as dictated by a synchronized breath and a properly tuned nervous system suited to the current conditions.” – Chris Frederick

- Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexibilityRx™ –

3 Rounds, 1o Reps Each
Single Leg Calf Raises
Single Arm Circles
Single Arm Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Single Arm Front Raise
8-10 Seated Dumbbell Single Arm Press
8-10 Seated Single Arm kettle bell.dumbbell Row
8 Single Leg Step Up (Add Weight Each Round)
8 Single Leg Lunge (Add Weight Each Round)
1-2 Minute Rest After Each Movement
5 Curtis P’s
1 Minute Rest
4 Curtis P’s
40 Second Rest
3 Curtis P’s
30 Second Rest
2 Curtis P’s
20 Second Rest
1 Curtis P


Hell Week At SICFIT Scottsdale: A Week of Discipline, Humility, And Growth


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, May 14, 2015

First things first… don’t forget to hit up tonights Kipping Pull Up Clinic, or our Free Outdoor workout at Asics in the Scottsdale Quarter! And now, on to business!

At SICFIT Scottsdale we believe that true strength and fitness requires much more than working out. In fact, we believe that working out is pretty ineffective. What is much more effective, much more difficult, and inherently much more rewarding, is working in…

A workin (as opposed to a workout) tests the strengths of our character using the medium of the physical body. If you’re ready to challenge yourself to the most intense series of work ins you have ever experienced, join SICFIT Scottsdale for Hell Week, beginning 5/18 – 5/22.

Every day during Hell Week you will report to SICFIT Scottsdale a 0500, dressed in the required uniform — your SICFIT shirt. Each day you will push yourself to your mental and physical limits, while learning incredibly valuable lessons about yourself — how well do you work in a team work? At what point does your self-discipline and positivity break down? What kind of leader are you? What are your strengths of spirit and how do you hold yourself back from accessing them?

During Hell Week we leave no stone unturned and hold nothing back. These skills are not learned in a textbook, success manual, or classroom. They must be experienced in the arena of hard physical training, mental toughness, emotional discipline, and humility.

The cost of HELL WEEK is $75 for members, $150 for non members of SICFIT Scottsdale. To reserve your spot, sign up at the gym, e-mail, or call us at 480.922.3253.



100 Meter R + Dynamic Movement
Rope climbs
LIFE: Rope Pulls + Med Balls
5 Rounds For Quality
1 Rope Climb + 10 Burpees AFAP
5 Stones to Shouder
2-3 Minute Rest
200 Partner Ball Slams
*Alternate as Needed
**Must Perform Burpee when Alternating


Turn Your Kipping Pull Ups from Sad to Strong


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The ability to manipulate our bodies through space in a controlled and efficient capacity is a fantastic expression of functional fitness. It is making use of our bodies in the way they are designed to be used, and doing so in a way that maximizes our strength, balance, and all other markers of physical fitness. There is perhaps no better skill that demonstrates this body-control than the kipping pull-up!

For many of us however, the coordination and strength needed to perform this exercise is either elusive or not at full potential. But worry not SICFITTERS, because tomorrow night’s Kipping Pull Up Clinic will help you get there.

Whether you are still working towards your first pull up, or want to improve this skill, tonight’s clinic will give you the detailed instruction and individual attention you need to progress. We will be covering the mechanics of the kipping pull up in great detail, as well as providing the tips, skills, drills, and strengthening exercises to turn the kipping pull-up into one of your strengths!

Join us at SICFIT Scottsdale tomorrow night (5/13) at 7pm for a kipping good time!



Dynamic Warm Up + Band Mobility
 5-7 Minutes building to a Heavy 5 Rep Dumbbell Deadlift 31×1
4 Rounds
8 Dumbbell Deadlift
6 Box Step Up and Over
3 Bear Crawls
4 Flutter Kick 4×15
2 Minutes Rest


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