Push It




Strength in Conditioning

A) Bench Press x8
Rest 1-2 minutes
Make small, consistent increases in weight*

B) 7 minute AMRAP
7 clean and jerks
14 toes to bar
L- barbell + lying toes to bar, F-65/95 + hanging knees to elbow,

Snatch, Crackle, Pop




Strength in Conditioning

Skill- Power Snatch

A) Power Snatch
rest 1-2 minutes

B) AMRAP 15 min
**With a partner, one works, one rests.
Farmers carry small lap
30 ball slams
10 overhead ball throws to partner (backwards throw)

Keep Pulling!


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.47.03 AM


Strength in Conditioning

Skill: Kipping pull up~ 10 min

A) 5 minute abs- 5 exercises, :45 max effort, :15 rest/transition

B) 20 minute AMRAP:
Max unbroken pull ups
Run big lap
*Record total number of pull ups

+ stretch

How Low Can You Go




Strength in Conditioning

A1) Take 15 minutes to build to heavy 1-rep back squat

A2) 3×6 @5-75% of A1)

B) EMOM x16
1- Russian kettle bell swing
2- Burpee
Choose a number of burpees, do 2x that of KBS. Complete AFAP every

Shake, Rattle, and Roll




Strength in Conditioning

A) Overhead Squat 5×10
Rest 1-2 minutes between sets (heavier= more rest)

B) For time:
20 overhead walking lunges (with plate)
10 dips (box, parallette, rings)
20 lunges
10 pull ups

Gotta Get Down On Friday


Friday fun fact: the record for most push-ups completed in 24 hours is 46,0001. That’s sustaining about 32 push-ups per minute for TWENTY FOUR HOURS! ┬áSee if you can sustain that pace for over two minutes.



Strength in Conditioning

A) Nonstop:
Row 1000m
80 squats
60 sit ups
40 push ups
20 pull ups
rest 5 minutes

B) For time:
Row 500m
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups

+ roll out






Strength in Conditioning

A1) Bench
A2) Deadlift
A3) Power Clean
Get in small groups and share weights
L- choose weight
F-Approximately: A1 0.5x BW, A2 1.0x bodyweight, A3 .75x BW
S- A1 .75x BW, A2 1.25x BW, A3 1.0x BW
*As little rest as possible

B) With partners:
Accumulate 200 kettlebell swings as fast as possible
*1 person work at a time

Run It




Strength in Conditoning

A) Run 400m + 15 burpees
Rest 3 minutes
Run big lap + 10 burpees
Rest 2 minutes
Run small lap + 5 burpees
Rest 1 minute
(Life- no 400m, do small lap portion 2x before repeating circuit; sub
burpees with no-push-up walk-out if needed)

STRETCH Glutes, hips, hammies, quads, calves remainder of class time



Push Yo Self




Strength in Conditioning

A1) Push press x4-5
A2) Pull up x6
Rest 1-2 minutes
X6 sets

B1) Front Shoulder raise + Lateral shoulder raise
X7 each

B2) 12-15 hammer curls
B3) 5 burpees As Fast As Possible (AFAP)
Rest :30

C) For time:
Row 500m
30 push ups

Motivated Monday





Strength in Conditioning

A) EMOM x10
Power Clean + Front Squat
Build as heavy as possible (L-add weight when possible with good form,
F-add weight every 2 minutes, S- add weight every minute)

B) EMOM x5
2 hang squat cleans
*keep moderate weight, work on speed and pull under bar

C) Row :10 sprint, row :50 easy
:20 sprint :40 easy,
:30 sprint, :30 easy
:40 sprint, :20 easy
:50 sprint, :10 easy
(15 min timer count down)

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