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The Whole Life Challenge Starts this Saturday @ 9am


So what do you get….?

On top of being allied into a super awesome community

…that pushes for your excellence

…that supports your lifestyle change

…that you can share recipes and ideas with

…that you workout with everyday and will get to know even better


Join the Whole Life Challenge.

Enter the Code: WLCRYGYYdJtK



Yeah on top of all that you also get:


Free lunch bags from SICFIT Scottsdale

Access to F3 foods

A kickoff workout

Measurements to mark the start of your success

10-20% of all retail in SICFIT Scottsdale

Extra events like grocery store trips and hikes


Join the Whole Life Challenge.

Enter the Code: WLCRYGYYdJtK



Challenge Starts Saturday the 7th at 9 am


United by SICFIT


Programming for Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You give it your all at the gym each week. You come home rocking aching muscles, fresh bruises, and a renewed sense of empowerment. Don’t think its possible to get even more out of this experience of fitness? Think again! Infuse the excitement and passion you feel at SICFIT Scottsdale into the rest of your life by registering at Create a personalized profile and use it to track your fitness progress and to share your tips, struggles, and successes with like-minded people. is designed to reinforce digitally what you achieve physically!  Create a profile before tomorrow’s WOW and see how you stack up with SICFITters around the world!

Dynamic movement
3 Rounds
2 Minute row/run/jump rope
1 Minute air squat/push up/sit up
30 Seconds burpee, 30 seconds rest
4 Rounds
A1. x10 Tough back squat (30 rest)
A2. x5 Strict chin up  (30 rest)
A3. x8 Strict push up  (2 min rest)
LIFE: Barbell back squat/tempo ring row/tempo push up
FITness: Rx
SPORT: Deficit push up #25/#15 plates

SICFIT presents Melissa Einbinder of CrossFit Scottsdale in the London Throwdown

Hotshots 19 Memorial Workout


During this arduous, taxing, and at times painful workout, let our aching bodies symbolize our remembrance of 19 Granite Mountain Hotshot Firefighters, who gave their lives to protect the people of Arizona from the great blaze that threatened so many.  When the fatigue and exhaustion becomes overwhelming, remember just one of these names to find the strength to continue:

Jesse Steed, 36 | Wade Parker, 22 | Joe Thurston, 32 | William Warneke, 25 | John Percin, 24 | Clayton Whitted, 28 | Scott Norris, 28 | Dustin Deford, 24 | Sean Misner, 26 | Garret Zuppiger, 27 | Travis Carter, 31 | Grant McKee, 21 | Travis Turbyfill, 27 | Andrew Ashcraft, 29 | Kevin Woyjeck, 21 | Anthony Rose, 23 | Eric Marsh, 43 | Christopher MacKenzie, 30 | Robert Caldwell, 23

HotShots19 .

30 Air squats
19 Power cleans #135
7 Strict pullups
400 Meter run
LIFE: 3 Rounds, 3 minute rest between each
FITness: 25 Minute AMRAP

FIT for the 5th Heats

Alright competitors! Here are the heats for FIT for the 5th! If you did not compete in the prelims but would still like to come out for the finals, you can! You will be put into a heat before the finals start and will be in the running for best score, so get there early so you can warm up!

A few people have already completed a make-up for the finals, and every score is being crushed! So get ready to bring it!

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 9.05.44 PM

Fit For the Fifth Finale!

You have been working hard since the prelims, putting in extra time at the gym, and turning those weaknesses in to strengths. Well now is the time to lay it all on the table. That’s right, the finals are here and by the end of the morning we will which athletes reign supreme. There will be no 9am or 10am class, but these competitors need your help to do their best.When every rep counts, your encouragement could the factor that helps a competitor make it to the leader board!




 The Challenge… Good Luck Competitors!




SICFIT Trifecta


Programming for Friday, August 30, 2013

Today’s conditioning program is a SICFIT style triathlon of sorts, with three speed and endurance-based tasks to be completed.  Unlike a triathlon however, where steady pacing and energy conservation is key, each task in today’s workout is only visited briefly. What’s the strategy for this SICFIT trifecta, then…?

Sprint. Sprint up until the very end.

Rowing Machine Workout at CrossFit Scottsdale



2K Partner row
One athlete holds top of push up
PVC mobility shoulders
Hip mobility
LIFE: 1000 row + 400 run + 100 singles
FITNESS: 1200 row + 400 run + 300 singles or 50 doubles
SPORT: 1200 row + 400 plate  run 45/25 + 100 doubles + x3 burpee penalty for each miss


Fundamentals Seminar

Technique and Form are both very important in your workout routine at SICFIT Scottsdale. The SICFIT Scottsdale Fundamentals Seminar is designed to help your training and learn the 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit so you can perform them safely, efficiently, and effectively.

The 9 Foundational Movements are: Squat/ Front Squat/ Overhead Squat – Shoulder Press/ Push Press/ Jerk – Dead Lift/Sumo Dead Lift High Pull/Med Ball Clean

Learning these movements and incorporating them into your fitness training will optimize your physical competence, are you ready to master the fundamentals?

Join us at SICFIT Scottsdale on September 28th from 1pm-3pm.

Sign up at the gym and online by clicking here. $45 for SICFIT Scottsdale students and $60 for non-students.


Kayyem Signature Series Tackles the Handstand Pushup


Programming for Thursday, August 29, 2013

Need a new perspective? How about looking at the world from upside down? Whether you are skilled handstand pushuper, or haven’t yet mastered the mechanics of inverted test of strength, coordination, and courage, tonights Kayyem Signature Series will help you become just as comfortable upside down as you are right side up! See you at 7pm for this free class!

hand stand

Walk small lap + run small lap x2
Lunge + run back
Side squat walk + shuffle back
Inch worm + pushup
Suicide run x3
Long jump + air squat
Down dog + up dog x5
Burpee x5
Walk/Water active rest
Develop heavy overhead squat
LIFE: 5-8 pvc/barbell Over
SPORT: 3. 2. 1 heavy
500 Meter row


“WOW” Wednesdays Workout of the Week is pleased to Introduce the “WOW” a weekly FITness test for all level athletes wanting a fun, exciting way to compete in a friendly, safe environment around the globe. We believe you must distinguish your Strength In Conditioning between Training and Testing. Our three levels of programming are simply described as LIFE, FITNESS and SPORT. With each level getting progressively more challenging. We invite you to showcase your “WOW” each week through your profile with photos, video and scores.

SPORT: In 7 minutes complete as many reps of kettle bell swings #35 x10 #55 x8 #75 x6 as possible and continue until no time remains. Women #15 x10 #35 x8 #55 x6
FITNESS: In 7 minutes complete as many reps of kettle bell swings as possible #35 x10 #55 x8. Women #15 x10 #35 x8
LIFE: In 7 minutes complete as many reps of Russian kettle bell swings as possible #35. Women #15. Break as needed.

Here we see Troy of SICFIT Scottsdale crush the Sport category.

Stretch of the Week

Stretch your way to better scores on the weekly WOWs with these flexibility exercises!



A Look at Lifting


Programming for Monday, August 26, 2013

With the start of a new training week, it is a great time to assess where we are at with some of our most fundamental lifts. Many of us will be happily surprised by our own strength. Others may be reminded of a plateau they have yet to break through. In each case, use today’s workout to remind yourself of how far you have come and to set your sights on new (heavier) goals! And be sure to record your scores, weights, misses, makes, and personal reflections in your success journal!


Spend 20 min to establish a heavy front squat
Spend 15 min to establish a heavy deadlift
Spend 10 min to establish a heavy strict press
Spend 5 minutes in the plank position
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