Veterans Day Tribute Workout


Strength In Conditioning for Monday, November 11, 2013

“Be at ease for your watch is over. Now proudly we carry your weight, onward into the unknown we march for our fallen.” ~Unknown

In today’s workout we recognize the soil we run upon – wet from the sweat of our aching bodies – as ground that has been preserved through sacrifice, courage, and patriotism. Today we offer the tribute of our sweat as a symbol of gratitude to those who have fought honorably for our country. Inspired by our American Soldiers’ and their families’ many sacrifices, we remember their perseverance to find strength when we feel we have none left, and to keep moving forward when we feel we cannot bare to take one more step. Happy Veterans Day, everyone.

1000 Meter run/row
100 Lunges
200 Yard bear crawl
Then 3 rounds:
10 Clean & jerks
30 Kettlebell swings
200 Yard bear crawl
100 lunges
1000 Meter run/row

Don’t Ditch The Diet This Weekend


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, Nov 9, 2013

The weekend is a time for relaxing, having fun, and pushing all the “musts” and the “have tos” of our lives off to the side for a bit. These restorative activities are essential for health, wellbeing, and happiness. One thing that tends to happen when we let our “responsibilities guard” down though, is that our diet plan goes out the window. While allowing your self a little leeway is necessary (to keep you sane and satisfied!) try not to become so at-ease with your food choices that you make decisions that you regret later. Whether you are Paleo, Zone, or on another dietary program, try to find the balance this weekend between letting go and enjoying yourself, and staying true(ish) to your nutritional integrity!

Dynamic range of motion + mobility in the movement

20 Push press + 20 deadlift  + 20 pull ups

LIFE: Kettlebell deadlift | Jumping pullup
FITNESS: Deadlift 135/95 | Strict pullup
SPORT: Pushpress 135/95 | Deadlift 185/135 |Strict pullup
3 Rounds

150 Meter run + 10 Burpees + 150 Meter run + 10 Push ups + 150 Meter run
FITNESS: Deficit pushups
SPORT: Handstand pushups

Marathon Training — Week 2 Reflection

Interval running.
Intensity breeds results. Long distance running, sometimes referred to as Zone 2, builds your aerobic capacity. Getting out there and putting in the one, two, even three hours at a time is an excellent was to develop your energy pathways. Long distance helps to teach your body to source fat for energy. The better your body uses energy the more efficient your running is.

Similar to many energy consumption processes, some waste is created when running. Cars emit excess gas; fire leaves charred remains; likewise, your body produces lactic acid. Although lactate is necessary to continue the energy turnover in your body, too much of it is slows us down.

If we can drive up the lactate threshold, less lactic acid will be produced when running. A very effective way to do that is to perform sprint repeats at high intensity. This past week we focused a training day on 400 meter repeats. The 400 is an excellent mid range sprint.

The point is to run as hard as possible while maintaining even paced times. For example, we ran five repeats this week. Our general pacing guideline was to hit 90 seconds each repeat, plus or minus 2 seconds. Depending on your conditioning you may want to adjust that up or down, but aim for the same times each leg.

How much rest is ideal between each sprint? Tune in next week to find out. (Same Bat channel, same Bat time.) If you are interested in learning more on functional endurance training contact me, Coach Sean at And come run with us sometime; join the SICFIT Scottsdale running club SICFEET.

Marathon Training – Week 1 Reflection

.Nick Zambruno of CrossFit Scottsdale
Twelve weeks out, that is all of the time we have to prepare. In January Coach Luke and I will be running the PF Chang’s Full Marathon. This entry is a reflection of our first week of training, which ended Saturday, October 26. (Stay tuned each week for an update.) So what did we concentrate on during this first week? The traditional endurance model has been:

1. Volume
2. Intensity
3. Skill

You would run as many miles possible during the week, upping that number every week. After several weeks you add in some speed work. And then when you burn out and start getting injured it may be time to look at your running skill. That model does work and it has for a very long time. It also worked for me when I first started running a long time ago. It then stopped working after all kinds of injuries started happening in my legs. The model had to change.

1. Skill
2. Intensity
3. Volume

During our first training week we began drilling the techniques of POSE running, emphasizing skill above all else. We followed up those drills with sprints. Why sprints? Well, the central nervous system responds and adapts more readily during brief periods of intensity, not volume. Finally, to conclude the first week we ran a 5k Time Trial. This gave us a small volume increase to the work we had done prior in the week, and set a marker to revisit later.

By following this model we develop a strong running suspension and then apply the benefits of that suspension to higher mileage workouts. If you are interested in learning more on functional endurance training contact me, Coach Sean at And come run with us sometime; join the SICFIT Scottsdale running club SICFEET.

‘Hang’ In There!

Programming for Friday, November 8, 2013

Olympic lifts don’t always have to come from the ground. In fact, working from the hang position is a great way to drill your technique and get stronger.

Run/row 2 big laps + down/up dog
Hang power clean
Behind the neck push press 2×5 3×3 5×1
2k Row
When we initiate our lifts from the hang, it forces us to focus on cultivating speed and explosiveness where it matters most — the hip extension. Use these hang cleans to practice forcefully opening those hips to drive the bar up. ‘Hang’ in there everyone — power cleans are a fantastic functional fitness exercise!



Thrusters Pack the Punch


Programming for Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thrusters in-and-of themselves are quite the daunting task. Add to them the additional requirement that each set is going to get heavier and heavier… well, thats enough to make even the strongest of the strong desperate for a little inspiration. Well SICFIT Scottsdale has got ya’ covered, and we didn’t have to go very far to get you the inspiration you need! Our very own Olympic Lifting Coach, Danny Nichols, packs enough inspiration in this video of his two-rep-max thruster to help us get through all six sets of ascending weight thrusters. Thanks Danny!

PVC + mobility + movement prep
Thrusters off rack | Ascending weight 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1
Lunge 50 steps, 40, 30, 20, 10, walk | Between thruster sets
2 Minute max sit up + 30 second plank hold | Rest 1 min repeat +  rest 2 min repeat
FITNESS: Hands behind head
SPORT: toes to bar

Whole Life Challenge Results

New habits were formed. Talking with Judy she said that one of the habits she created during the Whole Life Challenge was pre-making meals for the week. Not having to make the daily choice “what is for lunch or dinner?” helped lead her to success. What habits did you form? wholelifechallenge


Overall the SICFIT Scottsdale team had an outstanding success during the Fall Whole Life Challenge. Some of the awards are as follows:


Most classes attended (46): Alexandra Bhatti

Most inches lost (10”) Morgan Leinweber

Spirit Award (almost cut his workout time in half): Connor Reinhardt


For the overall competition:

1st: Josh Hoefker

2nd: Morgan Leinweber

3Rd: Judy Leinweber


Special shout outs go to Matt Essary and Brianna Diffie for throwing up mad points on the daily entries.


It’s not called the Whole Life Diet, because diets are something you go off. This was a challenge to change your lifestyle habits. How will you use your success from this challenge to inspire the rest of your life?

Breathe Later…


Programming for Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Talk about a gasser! This week’s WOW has *GASP!* written all over it! Short enough to justify the “breathe later” method, but long enough to make you regret that decision half way through. But, by the time you realize how winded you are, the finish line will be way too close to stop and catch your breath! It’s time save the breathing for later folks… it’s time to WOW!

Single arm dumbbell snatch| 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1 each side | Ascending weight | walk 2 minutes between rounds
Single arm dumbbell/kettle bell row | 5×5 each arm
Single arm heavy kettle bell swing | 7×7 | rest as long as needed for unbroken sets
5 Minute rest
WOW 18
500 Meter row + 30 burpee over rower
LIFE: 500 Meter row + 30 air squats

Stretch of the Week

Go the Distance with SICFIT Scottsdale

Though not every day is an endurance day at SICFIT Scottsdale (that would be way too predictable for our tastes) our strength in conditioning programming makes us SICFITTERS well prepared for any endurance challenge. Remember our previous blog about distance athletes using our methodology to rake in the PRs in the half the time?

For those of us that have an obstacle course, fun run, half or full marathon on the ol’ to-do list, SICFIT Scottsdale has some specialized training to add to the mix for you! Below is Coach Luke’s sample week of training for the distance seekers among us. Top off your training every Saturday at 8am for the SICFIT Scottsdale Race Class. Interested? Have Questions? Email Coach Sean at

Sample Endurance Training Plan by SICFIT Scottsdale


Programming for Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mobility + foam roll
4 Rounds| 30 seconds on 30 seconds off each movement | 15 minutes total
Lunge + push up + sit up + air squat + burpee
Rest 2 min after each round
3 Rounds
Row 500 meters + run 300 meters at 100%
Rest time = total time


Measurable Success at SICFIT Scottsdale


Programming for Monday, November 4, 2013

It’s quite easy to fall out of the habit of recording our workouts. But without this valuable data we have one less metric to measure our success by. Sure we can look in the mirror and check in with how we are feeling internally for evidence of the rewards SICFIT Scottsdale has helped us achieve. But why not multiply your sense of accomplishment ten fold by being able to pin point every single PR, every weakness demolished, or even just being able to look back and appreciate all of your hard work each week.

Today’s SICFIT Scottsdale Strength In Conditioning program is a great day to restart that good habit of recording your workouts in your Success Journals.  Make sure you have them by your side in class today, and record every score, weight, miss, make, and PR. Your future self will thank you.

CrossFit Scottsdale Success Journal 4.0

20 Minutes to establish heavy front squat
15 Minutes to establish heavy deadlift
10 Minutes to establish a heavy strict press
05 Minutes in plank position
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