ooOOooOOooOo would you look at that, it’s Friday the 13th!


FREE FITNESS FRIDAY! Join us at Natural Grocers at 9:00am for some fellowship and a fun workout.
* Reminder: All classes tomorrow, Saturday 5/14, will be at Northsight park



Strength In Conditioning

A) EMOM x10min
1- Push Press x8 (weight starts on the ground)
2- kettle bell swing x12
rest 2 minutes

B) EMOM x10min
1- wall ball x12
2- Lying leg lift x12
rest 3 minutes

C) EMOM x10min
1- Pull up x8
2- wall sit :45 seconds

Show Us Whatcha Got


Remember to cheer on coach Jorge tomorrow and this weekend as he will be in Dallas competing in the 2016 CrossFit Regionals in hopes of continuing on to the Games! All of the regional workouts will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2. Workout details can be found online.




Strength In Conditioning

Skill- Power clean and Jerk

A) Power Clean and Jerk
4×3, 4×2
rest 1-2 minutes between sets, stay around 60-75% of 1RM and focus
on speed.

B1) Box jump x4 (no rebound)
B2) Plyo push up x6 (jump only, clapping, to platform, anything goes!)
Rest :30
X8 rounds

C) For time:
Run small lap after each set.

Chest Pump





Strength In Conditioning

A) Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets)
Bench press
1st- 10 reps
2nd- 8 reps
3rd- 6 reps
4th- 4 reps
5th- 2 reps
*Increase weight every time
Life- Push ups :30 max effort every set

B) 3 rounds for time:
10 ring rows
30 crunches
10 pull ups
15 V-ups
Life- jumping pull ups, lying knee tucks
F- strict pull ups, knee tucks if necessary
S- Chest to bar pull ups

+ 1 mile jog or walk (sport- 2 mile jog)

Row All Your Problems Away




Strength In Conditioning

A) Back Squat x8,8,8,6,6
(Life- 3×15)
rest 1-2 minutes between sets

B1) Step up x16
B2) 25 bicycle kicks/side
Rest 1 min
(F&S add weight by DB or KB)

C) For time:
Row 100m
Rest 1 minute
Row 200m
Rest :45
Row 300m
Rest :30
Row 400m
Rest :15
Row 500m

KB + WB = <3


Jorge Aragon

Strength In Conditioning

A1) 5x Turkish get ups/arm
A2) 10x goblet squats
A3) 20x kettle bell swings
Rest :60

B) EMOM x15
1- Ball slam x5-8
2- wall ball x6-12
3-burpees x5-8
(SPORT do Burpee pull ups)

+ roll out and stretch

The Week May Be Ending, But The Fitness Is Not!


Friday Fun Fact: Sprint training enhances Calcium release within the muscles and increases blood buffering capacity, maintaining a healthy acid-base balance within the blood and tissues. GET ON THE LINE!

Lil Beasts

Strength in Conditioning

A) Partner abs 10-15-20-15-10 each
Plank with clap
Med ball sit up
Sitting sideways pas
Lying Multi-plane straight-leg throws

B) :30 on, :30 off, :45/:15, :60/0
Overhead Squat PVC/barbell
Shuttle run 30 feet

Get ‘Er Done!


photo 3

Strength in Conditioning

Skill- Turkish get up

A) Every 90 seconds for 18 minutes (4 sets of each)
1- Push Press x8
2- Sit up x20
3- Turkish get up x3/side
4- ball slam x12
L- light weight and less reps as needed

B) 3 rounds for time:
10 strict pull ups
30 mountain climbers/side
10 goblet squats
L- bands/30 total/air squat
F- 25/45 kb
S-35/55-75 kb

We Can Do It Wednesday



Strength in Conditioning

A) Every 2 minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
20 Walking Lunges (L- no weight, F- light DB/KB, S-40/75KB)

B) Every 3 minutes, for 15 minutes (5 sets):
Bench Press x 4-6 reps *building weight

C) Three sets of:
Single-Arm DB Row x 8 reps each @ 2111
Rest 45 seconds
Hollow Holds/Rocks x 60 seconds
Rest 45 seconds

Monday Mayhem



Strength in Conditioning

Skill: Overhead Squat
-Straight arms facing a wall
-Dumbbell/kettlebell (only with good mobility)
x15 reps of each

A) With a partner:
30 minute AMRAP400m run +
10 Overhead squats
10 sit ups
10 ring rows
*With a partner, 1 person runs while other person works through as
many reps as possible. Switch when runner returns.
L-Airdyne 30 cal + PVC/air squat
F- 45#/75#

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