2014 FITness Challenge, Sign up TODAY!


Mark your calendars! We will be hosting a 1 day, in house FITness competition. Instead of our regular prelims and finals, you get to bring your A-game for one FITness filled morning at SICFIT Scottsdale. The competition will be held January 18th starting at 9am. Bring friends and family to cheer you on! The components in this workout are open to ALL FITness levels, so no matter where you are on your FITness journey, you CAN do this! Cost for this event is $30! There will be CASH prizes! So don’t miss out! Sign up at the gym TODAY or call 480-922-3253 to reserve your spot!



Practicing Mental Poise


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, January 6, 2014

“Remember that when life’s path is steep, keep your mind even.” ~ Horace

Not every day at the gym is our strongest. Not every workout we face will energize more than defeat us. And not every one of life’s obstacles will leave us feeling accomplished. But, in the face of our greatest challenges we will always come out on top if we keep our thoughts poised. Negative self talk will never make a situation easier for you, only more difficult. Practice this lesson in your workouts at SICFIT Scottsdale and see how this positive mental habit transforms the rest of your life.



3 Rounds
30 Second lunge
30 Second jumping jacks
30 Second side to side shuffle
30 Second front to back run
30 Second break
30 Man makers with dumb bells (each arm =1) vary up in weights
Pistols: bench, box, roll downs
EMOM for 15 Minutes
Life: 15 Air squats on even minute | 10 Push up on knees on odd minute
Fitness: 15 Squat jumps on even minute | 8 Burpees AFAP on odd minute
Sport: 6 alternating legs pistols on even minute | 10 Burpees AFAP on odd minute

Hit Your FITness Goals in 2014!

“It’s been almost 18 months now at SICFIT. I came with an athletic background and already being in great shape. What’s amazing is I didn’t think I could get that much better. Well I was wrong. My Olympic Lifting keeps getting stronger every month. I am doing workouts with times that would qualify with the girls at Regionals. I still, 18 months later love the energy in the Gym. I also love being around other people that 100% support me and cheer for me to get better. I Love being apart of the community there and can’t imagine being anywhere else. My friends and family laugh because almost every day someone comes up to me and asks wow girl what do you for fitness? Are you a professional athlete?? Feels good at 35 and mother of 3 boys.”- Michelle Plunkett

Join Michelle, and the other SICFIT Scottsdale Students by focusing on FITness goals in 2014, get in better shape, work on YOU, and get ready to work hard for those goals!

What do you say about your gym? Come learn more about SICFIT Scottsdale- check out our class schedule here, and drop in to try a class! We would love to have you come experience our facility and help change your life in 2014!

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Guest Days at SICFIT Scottsdale

Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, January 4, 2014

For those of us with friends and family who have set the “get in shape/lose some weight/get healthy” New Year’s resolution, perhaps you — with the help of SICFIT Scottsdale — can help them turn this year’s resolution into reality. Round up the fitness resolut-ers in your life and bring them to class with you next week for SICFIT Scottsdale’s Guest Days. Be the one to give your friends and family the extra nudge to take their fitness into their own hands and make 2014 their SICEST year yet!

Summer Guest Days 2013 pics only


Atlas stones + rope climbs
20 Minutes working towards 1 of each
3 Rounds
1 Minute max stone to shoulder
1 Minute break
2 Minute max rope climb
2 Minute break
1000 Meter row for time

Athlete of the Month: Rohit Sarkar!

We are please to announce the January Athlete of the Month, Rohit Sarkar!          

Rohit is a fairly new addition to the SICFIT family but is well deserving of Athlete of the Month.  This gentle giant started his fitness journey back home in India.  Rohit battles some pretty severe asthma and was limited on what he could do.  His coach instructed him to lift and to lift heavy so he could build his lung capacity. Well not only did in help with his asthma it also turned him into a BEAST!  Squats 400 pounds like he was warming up and deadlifts 500 something pounds like he was folding laundry.  He puts technique first before big weights and is very eager to ensure his technique is correct.  A great student to have in class and also one of the friendliest personalities I have had the pleasure of coaching.

                Keep up the good work my friend.  I look forward to seeing what you get done in 2014! – Sensei


A Deadly Combo: Wall Balls and Burpees


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, January 3, 2014

As if wall balls and burpees weren’t bad enough on their own — together they form the couplet from SICFIT hell! Remember to maintain a steady rhythm of breath throughout this gasser of a workout. The oxygen will be like fuel for your fatigued muscles and racing heart while at the same time giving you something a little less painful to focus on. Stay strong SICFITTERS!

Scottsdale CrossFit goes Balls-to-Wall


5 Minutes in the bottom of the squat
5 Minutes in the top of the push up
Fast twitch drills
Deadlift to 75% of 1RM
Wall balls
10 Wall balls + 1 burpee
09 wall balls + 2 burpees
08 Wall balls + 3 burpees
07 Wall balls + 3 burpees
06 Wall balls + 4 burpees
05 Wall balls + 5 burpees
LIFE 8/10 | FITNESS 14/20 | SPORT 20/30
Rest 3 minutes
10 Minutes
10 Deadlifts at 75%
15 Wall balls
30 Second rest

Paleo and Power Lifting: A Perfect Pair


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, January 2, 2014

When it comes to eating paleo, a little time and effort is required. We have to maintain a full stock of fresh produce and meat. Microwave dinners and fast food is out of the question. And more than a little prep work is usually required to get dinner on the table. So for those nights where quick and easy is the name of the game, here is a super simple baked escarole recipe from nomnompaleo.com that will complement virtually any protein you decide to dish up!
  • 1 large head of escarole, cut into quarters (or 3 heads of radicchio, cut in half lengthwise)
  • 3 tablespoons of ghee, melted
  • 1 tablespoon Sunny Paris seasoning
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • Balsamic vinegar

“I preheated the oven to 400 F and grabbed a 9×13” glass baking dish. I coated the dish with ghee before putting the escarole in a single layer. I drizzled the remaining ghee over the top of the greens and seasoned with Sunny Paris, salt, and pepper. I roasted the greens in the oven for 15 minutes before flipping them. After an additional 8-10 minutes, the escarole was finished — tender yet crunchy on the edges. Before taking the dish to the table, I drizzled on some aged balsamic vinegar.”


Spend 20 minutes to establish a heavy front squat 3RM/ 1RM
Spend 15 minutes to establish a heavy deadlift 3RM/1RM
Spend 10 minutes to establish a heavy strict press 3RM/1RM
Spend 5 minutes in the plank position (go to failure, record max)
Record all of these scores/weights/misses and makes in your success journal

Make 2014 Your SICEST Year Yet!


Happy New Year SICFITTERS! Begin the new year by joining us for open gym, today from 10am to 2pm, and make day one of 2014 one of strength, dedication, and wellness. The first of the year is a great time to hone in on a skillyou struggled with in 2013 or to retest a WOW that you know you can improve upon. By attacking your weaknesses head on as the first thing you do in 2014,  you will be setting yourself up to have your SICEST year yet!




Exclusive Coaching Client: Mary Mag Wilson


Meet Mary Mag Wilson- The 17 year old equestrian rider and full time student who is wise beyond her years, and stronger than most kids her age. Mary has been riding horses her whole life, and has had the honor of serving on the Young Rider Team, and has won several championships at her young age as well. Her dedication and love of riding has led her into an opportunity to become a pro rider in the future. Knowing of this dream and goal, she wanted to step up her game and focus on her fitness to build strength and form.

I met Mary back in August as she was a new student coming in to try a Teens class. After her first workout, I knew she was something special. Her endurance and strength was so unreal for her age, and after learning more about her I knew why. She was focused, and eager to learn more about functional fitness and how it can better her form and riding technique. After a week of training, she was moved up into Adult classes and personal training. We set a plan in place to get her core stronger, and continue to focus on strength training as she prepared for a huge competition coming up in December.61204_10151727907232560_977853582_n

After 5 months of commitment and training, she was stronger than ever and ready for her next step in her riding career. I had the privilege of training her every step of the way, and I know how much hard work and effort she put into her training week by week, and day by day. She pushed her limits, and trusted the process. She soared through PR’s when it came to all Olympic lifts, and pushed past her fear of the handstand and even accomplishing a 90 second handstand hold. She has hit the “100 club” in many lifts including the clean and jerk, the thruster, and push press. She has hit every goal and FITness challenge I have put in front of her, and I am beyond thrilled and excited to continue to work with her towards her next set of goals leading into 2014.

Mary, you are truly an inspiration. Your commitment to the sport of riding and FITness shows in your strength and technique. It is an honor to work with you and see you get stronger. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you!

Coach Ashley


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