Measurable Success at SICFIT Scottsdale


Programming for Monday, November 4, 2013

It’s quite easy to fall out of the habit of recording our workouts. But without this valuable data we have one less metric to measure our success by. Sure we can look in the mirror and check in with how we are feeling internally for evidence of the rewards SICFIT Scottsdale has helped us achieve. But why not multiply your sense of accomplishment ten fold by being able to pin point every single PR, every weakness demolished, or even just being able to look back and appreciate all of your hard work each week.

Today’s SICFIT Scottsdale Strength In Conditioning program is a great day to restart that good habit of recording your workouts in your Success Journals.  Make sure you have them by your side in class today, and record every score, weight, miss, make, and PR. Your future self will thank you.

CrossFit Scottsdale Success Journal 4.0

20 Minutes to establish heavy front squat
15 Minutes to establish heavy deadlift
10 Minutes to establish a heavy strict press
05 Minutes in plank position

Ruck Funning


Programming for Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sometimes SICFIT Scottsdale workouts are short, sweet, and to the point, and sometimes they are long, brutal, and torturous! Today not one bit of lasting brutality was spared! You know that when the workout begins with a mile long run it’s gonna’ be ugly!
Dynamic movement
1 Mile run + 50 push ups + 50 air squats + 10 burpees
Walk small lap
800 Meter run + 25 push ups + 25 air squats + 10 burpees
Walk small lap
400 Meter run + 15 push ups + 15 air squats + 10 burpees
Walk a big lap

Have You Met Your 2013 Goals Yet?


Programming for Friday, November 1, 2013

With two measly months left in 2013 it’s time to check back in with the goals we have a set for ourselves this year. Perhaps you set your sights on finally getting those double unders, getting a 10 pound PR on your snatch, or maybe your goal was to spend more time reading? If you smashed this goal to smithereens, congratulations! Revel in your accomplishment and start thinking about what you want to demolish in 2014. If these goals are still just outside of your reach… well guess what folks? We still have two whole more months left! Let’s refocus and finish this year off right!

Goal Setting at CrossFit Scottsdale

Bear crawl + lunge + single leg toe touch + long jump
Jump rope progression
Push press | 5 – 3 – 1 x 2
800 Meter run or 1000 meter row

See You in Hell


Programming for Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween SICFITers! Though this night is typically thought of as an evening of hellish activities, ghosts and goblins aren’t exactly the kind of hell that scares us straight at SICFIT Scottsdale. Nope, we’re a little more likely to feel the rush of fear in the face of an entire nights worth of demanding, gut-wrenching physical challenges. But that fear is enticing — we want to unmask it’s mystery and conquer it! Well your chance to spend the night in hell and (maybe) live to tell about it is coming up November, 22 at SICFIT Scottsdale’s Hell Night!  Check out this blog for more details and sign up here or at the gym!


Snatch progression DL
12 Minute EMOM
Odd minute: 3 tough power snatch
Even Minute: 7 burpee box jump/burpee step up
7 Rounds
Life: 7 Power snatch 55/35 + 30 single unders
FITness: 7 Power snatch 75/55 + 21 double unders
Sport:  7 Power snatch 95/65  + 21x double unders

SICFIT Scottsdale Does More With Less


Programming for Wednesday, October 30, 2013

At SICFIT Scottsdale we like to do more with less. Sometimes the workouts with the smallest rep-schemes pack the biggest punch! And that is exactly what you can expect from this week’s WOW — a total knock out!

Kettlebell progression
Double under
Handstand/push up holds
WOW #17
Life: 15-12-9 | Burpee + KB swing russian + single under
FITness: 21-15-9 | Burpee + KB swing 55/35 + double under
SPORT: 21-15-9 | Burpee + KB swing 75/55 + double under

Stretch of the Week



Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number, Baby


Programming for Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Forget about the saying “30 is the new 20″ because let’s face it, 30 is and always will be 30 no matter what way you slice it. Same goes for all the other numbers we associate with the years of our lives. But in the SICFIT world, age truly is nothing but a number. With our steadfast determination to manifest health and wellness in peoples’ lives — and not just physically… we’re talking a deep, whole-life kind of fitness — our members don’t simply survive as they ascend in years, they thrive!

Chronicling his daily experience thriving at 35, our very own Luke Kayyem has put his life in the spotlight as a way to help readers “feel good, look great and get the most out of your 30 something year old body.”

“My name is Luke Kayyem and I am a FITness entrepreneur who runs a  successful Strength In Conditioning facility and has been in the FITness industry since I was 19. My mom was a hippy who gave me soy and tofu because she thought that was healthier than steak and potatoes. Needless to say I needed to do my own research and learn what was good for my gut health and personal wellness. In high school I ate bagels and cream cheese, turkey sandwiches and pasta. Sure I was a growing boy and yes I was playing 3 sports a year but I would never let my kids (Kanon, 6 and Camille, 5) eat that many USDA government suggested servings of bread and pasta a day. ” To see more check out his FITness blog on SICFIT.
You can also read some of my favorite blogs as well.








Tuesday Oct 29
Baseline warm-up at 50%
A1 front squat 5.5.. (30 sec rest)
A2 strict chin up pause at top 1 sec pause at bottom 1 sec x5-8
LIFE use ring rows
FITNESS bands ok (2min rest)
1/2 baseline at 75% (5 min walking rest)
BASELINE at 100%


Women, Evolved.


Programming for Monday, October 28, 2013

Did you know that the best medical wisdom during the 1900s thought that women were a few rungs lower on the evolutionary ladder than men? That women were implored to conserve their limited physical and mental resources for fear of over exertion, and were instructed to avoid even light manual labor? We’ve come a long way baby. As the women of SICFIT, we are Women Evolved.

Women- Evolved. from Tony and Max – Video Production on Vimeo.


Dynamic warm up
Band mobility
Build to heavy 5 rep deadlift
A1 x5 rep deadlift
A2 x5 burpee long jumps
A3 x6 touch and go shuffle runs 10′
2 Minute rest and repeat x4
30, 20, 10… Kettle bell swings + air squats + box jumps
LIFE: Russian swing + air squat + box step up 20″
FITNESS: Russian swing (heavy) + jumping air squat + box jump (step down)
SPORT: Full swing 55/35 + goblet squat 55/35 + box jump 24″/20″

Spartan Who? What Mudder? This is the SICEST Course!


Programming for Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sometimes the obstacles of life just keep coming at us, one after the other. Lucky for us SICFIT Scottsdale specializes in training us to handle these obstacles — be them physical or emotional — with power and poise. Today’s obstacle course will teach us to put our head down and keep pushing even when it seems like there is no end in sight. There is always an end, and today’s will be just on the other side of that wall.

Games 2012 Individual Event 2 Obstacle Course

Walk small lap
Jog small lap
Dynamic Movement
2 Rounds
Jump over wall or do x21 air squats
Run big lap
Lunge down and back
Push sled down high and back low
Lunge down and back
Tire flip down and back
Lunge down and back
Farmers carry down and back
Lunge down and back
Run big lap
Jump over wall or 21 air squats.
Rest 5-10 minutes and repeat

Who said candy was a bad thing?

At SICFIT Scottsdale we don’t think so…that is if you bring it into the gym to exchange it for money!! That’s right gouhls and goblins, for every pound of candy your bring into SICFIT Scottsdale we will give you $1! Your dentist will thank you, your FITness will thank you, and guess what…the Troops will thank you. We will be sending hard candy to our troops overseas!

So see how good candy really is?

We will be collecting candy from Halloween Day until Monday, November 4th.


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