"Best Dam CrossFit"

“So I have to share this with you. I went to CrossFit St. Louis today with my friend and afterwards, I kept thinking how much I like our CrossFit better, including the way you run the classes.  I was telling my friend that I was considering moving back to St. louis but I really love my CrossFit Scottsdale and don’t think I can leave it.   At that point, she did tell me I need to get some serious psychological help. But really, you guys are doing such an awesome job at welcoming people, helping us to collaborate, learning team work, and really pushing us to our max potential.  I have gone to 3 different CrossFit affiliates now and have to say you guys seriously have the best ran school of “Elite Fitness.”  I’m not just saying that either, I really believe it! I keep telling my friends in St. Louis that they have to come to my CrossFit class!  It’s way better. LOL  Okay, I’m a psycho, I know. but I wanted to share my opinion with you.”

Jill Haaser
CrossFit pix August 09 548

Eazy "E"

Today we will celebrate Coach Erica’s “27”  birthday with “Tabata” everything under the kitchen sink

20 seconds of non stop work
10 seconds of rest
8x rounds

Air squat
Chin up
Overhead lunge
Push ups
Hand stand hold

Brett Bartlett "33" Birthday Burpees

Happy Birthday Brotha. You have become a stapel at our home away from home… CrossFit Scottsdale. So since today is friends and family day we will all start with “33” burpees to celebrate Brett’s birthday.

Warm up
“33” Brett Bartlett Birthday Burpees
5 min jump rope
Wall balls
400 meter run
25 push ups
25 pull ups
25 wall balls
25 sit ups
4x rounds


Core to Extremity: Overhead Squat

You want flexibility? Step right this way. Stronger lower back? Can’t think of a better way to build it. You want this thing we call “overall body strength” but can never agree on how to get it? Overhead squats are the “one size fits all” of the lifting world.

Warm up
Wrist flexibility
Pass throughs
Turkish get ups
Overhead Squat
100x OH Squats 95/#65
For time:
Check out this video by CrossFit Los Angeles looks like Jonsey is the one to beat. 5:33

"CrossFit Yoga"

What a great 1st CrossFit Yoga class. Katie twisted, turned and moved us in every direction during the 45 minute “Flow”  broken up by a 10 minute AMRAP consisting of  5 strictpull ups/10 sit ups/15 squats. It was a tough class and I really enjoyed it. Thank you Tia, Erin, Sara, Don, Tabatha and Richard for pushing me to find my inner Yogi… Namaste… Coach


Aloha Team CrossFit Scottsdale

Who wants to go to Maui?

The January mile run challenge is well underway.  So far we’ve logged over 200 miles.

There are 2 categories (the individual and the team…pick one, you can’t do both). As a reminder, you have until Friday to sign up as an individual or to partner up with a teamate and start pounding the pavement.

For more details on the challenge visit:

Luke & Najla

Kaanapali Beach

"Oh Canada"

I don’t know what it is or whats in the water but every Canadian women that has ever stepped foot in CrossFitScottsdale is a BAD ASS and they always “Rock” lululemon. Today was no different. Chelsie, Tara and Lisa from CrossFit Edmonton are in town visiting folks and never miss dropping in at CrossFit Scottsdale. Here they are below showing off their new CFS shirts. Whats that say? Like my…


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