#75 Dead Meat

Row 1000 meters

Sled Press 5x (25#, 45#)
Sled Press 5x (25#, 45#), 10 push ups between reps

Bosu Ball
Lateral Raise 25x
Bicep Curl 25x
Front Raise 25x
Reverse Curl 25x
Shoulder Press 25x
With one foot on the Bosu Ball balance for 1 full minute. Alternate feet for second full minute.

5 Rounds of D.B. Rows 5x, 10x push ups


10x Push Ups
10x Sit Ups
10x Supermans
10x O.H. Squats
As many rounds in 20 minutes.

#74 We heart Burpees

Do as many rounds non-stop for 10 minutes.
Lunge 30 seconds
Run 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
Push Ups 30 seconds

Sprints at Max speed for 30 seconds. As many rounds in 5 minutes.
25 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
20 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
15 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
10 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
5 Burpees

CrossFit Scottsdale always has open arms for participants who want to drop in for a tour and/or class. Please check out our class times and come on by.
On Tuesday Chantel, a fellow crossfitter from San Diego dropped in for a class. She never misses her crossfit workout, even if shes out of town. We put her through a tough WOD, consisting of lots of jumping rope, pull ups, rowing, thrusters and much more. Check out Chantels blog to see what kind of pain we actually put her through.

Bring your Valentine in on Saturday, Feb. 14 for a FREE Workout at CrossFit Scottsdale!!! Feel the Love, Feel the Burn!!!

Happy Valentines Day from CFS!!!


3 rounds non-stop of:
Jog 50 meters
Sprint 50 meters
Jog 50 meters
Sprint 50 meters
Jog 50 meters
Sprint 50 meters

 WindShield Wipers 100x (10#, 14#)
5 Rounds of Med. Ball Clean and Press 10x; move up in weight every round. (4#, 6#, 10#, 14#, 20#) Repeat for 3 full rounds
4 Rounds of Box Jumps 10x;  move to a higher box each round. Repeat for 3 full rounds
KB swing 25x, 30 sec rest
KB swing 20x, 20 sec. rest
KB swing 15x, 15 sec. rest
KB swing 10x, 10 sec. rest
KB swing 5X

Lulu Luke

Congratulations to Coach Luke for becoming the newest Lululemon brand ambassador. The Lulu crew showed up at the Edge on Friday afternoon and surprised Luke with signs, a plaque and high-fives. The Lululemon ambassador program is extended to unique individuals in the community who embody the Lululemon lifestyle of health and fitness and who live the culture.

Lululemon  encourages their ambassadors to test the limits of their product and provide feedback to further develop the world’s best yoga-inspired athletic wear. Ambassadors are also featured in their communications materials, like store posters, website and postcards.

Way to go babe….we are very proud of you.

~Najla, Kanon and Camille

#72 500-25-10-1

Row 500 meters
25 jumping pull ups
10 full pull ups
1 Hang as long as you can

Row 500 meters
25 push press
10 hand stand push ups
1 minute of trying a handstand

Row 500 meters
25 jumping air squats
10 throwing ball squats
1 min hold squat


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