Athlete of the Month

I would like to congratulate Kristin Sido, Soon to be Kristin Johnson for becoming CrossFit Scottsdale’s 1st athlete of the month for September. Kristin has been working hard every day since she started in July. Kristin is getting married on October 11th and we wish her all the best.

“You look fabulous”

I decided to look into CrossFit because I was in a rut at my local gym and was looking for a change.  I had lost motivation because I was so bored with my daily workout routines and I really needed to get in shape for my upcoming wedding.  A friend told me about CrossFit, so I thought I’d give it a try.  My friend, Katie, and I took a class with Luke at CrossFit Scottsdale and we both LOVED it!  It was so different from my tedious routines at the gym, and it actually made me look forward to exercising.  I have been taking CrossFit classes with Luke for 4 months now, and we haven’t repeated a workout once.  The workout of the day (WOD) is always different, which makes keeps it fun and exciting.  The workouts are intense, but fun and rewarding.  Luke is an awesome coach and does a great job of encouraging us and inspiring us to continually better ourselves.

Kristin Johnson

Thursday 10/2

Kettle bell swings
Wall balls
Row or bike
Push press
Knees to elbows

Perform each exercise for 1 minute non stop. Take a 10 second break in between exercises and a 1 minute break in between sets. Perform 3 sets. 18 total minutes of work.

Welcome to CrossFit Scottsdale

The Kayyem's

Luke, Najla, Kanon & Camille

Aloha and welcome to the CrossFit Scottsdale community. Above is my family and why I am working so hard on completing this project. Here at CFS we are building a family through exercise, health and wellness. This website is a work in progress and takes alot of time so bear with me and lets build this virtual masterpiece together. I will give 100% to each and everyone of you as long as u give it back. “Don’t take plays off” Work hard each and every minute that you step foot into CrossFit Scottsdale and you will see positive changes in your entire life. “Excitement creates excitement” so lets get excited about your school of elite fitness.

I want to thank all of you in advance for helping me build my dream. I love what I do and hope that each and everyone of you see that passion on my face every time I smile. So forward this link, tell a friend, text, write, blog and invite your family and co workers down to CrossFit Scottsdale for a FREE class.

Coach Luke Kayyem

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