"Elite Fitness is our Goal"

Congratulations to everyone who competed in our very 1st C.F.S Level I test. 15 students began the morning knowing they needed  a 70% pass rate or 7 out of 10 exercises completed– 12 passed. The 3 that did not know exactly what they need to work on and will be meeting with their coaches this week for a private skill lesson. We will be testing again next month and for those of you wondering what the Level II test will be… It will start with a 10K. These students received their white bands and will be wearing them with respect, honor and pride. Please take a moment to congratulate them on their success.
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Made for T.V

So many people ask what is CrossFit? So many people have different answers. That is why we decided to film a viral video about what CrossFit Scottsdale is and what sets us apart. I always tell people “Its not the what, its the how”. You can do CrossFit anywhere, you can go online, watch the videos, do it with a few friends at your local Globo gym or even think your doing it because your trainer says you are. But the truth is your missing a large part… The community, the team, the events, the camaraderie, the network, the equipment and more importantly. The most important piece… The coaching. World class coaching is the #1 reason why you should be in our program. That is why we emphasize continuing education and expect our coaching staff attends 2-3 certifications a year. It is why I get private coaching from my Coach 1x week. This video will be less than 4 minutes long but we believe through testimonials, kick @$$ workouts and by “Doing the right things, for the right people, for the right reasons” this video and our program will leave a permanent SCAR of what we are all about.

Thank you to all the team who “Showed up and Didn’t quit” late into Friday night.
C.F.S “Muffle your dump” Coming soon.

CrossFit Kids

Yesterday I was the guest speaker of a masters degree summer physical education class at ASU. The topic of discussion was CrossFit and kids. The question or should I say the thesis was that CrossFit teaches all students of all ages functional movement, performed with high intensity and that are constantly varied. FMxHIxCV=CF. How about this… Force x Distance/ Time = Power = Results. Pretty boring stuff I know. That’s why I took a model. One of my CF Kids “Firebreathers” ya this kid can spit it with the big boys. Zach my 8 year old stud helped me teach exercises to adults. He was amazing! Performing all of the demos correctly, introducing himself and giving a brief biography and even telling a joke. Zach thank you for your help and for learning at such a young age the importance of exercise, nutrition and overall good, fun, health.
ASU photo
50 jump rope
10 overhead squats
10 sit ups
10 med ball press
10 push up burpees

CrossFit Scottsdale Lev I testing (white band)

CrossFit Scottsdale Level I test: Saturday 8:30-10:30am
11 exercises. Choose any 10. Must pass with a 70% rate. Baseline time must be under 5:15 M. 6:30 W. Green band pull ups.

1.Push ups 40 M. 40 W (knees) consecutive
2.Sit ups #65 in 2 min
3.Squats #80 in 2 min
4.Burpees #10 in 1 min
5.Hand stand hold 70 sec
6.Thrusters 15x 75# M. 45# W
7.Wall balls 15x 20# M 14# W
8. Push press 15x 65# M 45# W
9. Jump rope #500 in a row or 15 double unders
10. Box jump 20” 20x nonstop
11. 400 meter run 1:45 M. 1:55 W

Mentally Challenging= Physically rewarding

CrossFit makes you better at what you do! Period! Police officers, school teachers, grandmas and students. This program changes who you are through mentally challenging work. When you expect the unexpected you are ready for anything…
That’s why today’s W.O.D has a unexpected element to it…
“Do one thing a day that scares you” lulu

Push up/burpee/sit up 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
“Unexpected element”

500 meter row/25 box jumps 20″
400 meter row/20 box jumps
300 meter row/15 box jumps
200 meter row/10 box jumps
100 meter row/5 box jumps
500 jump ropes in a row or 50 double unders in a row

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