Leaders of a new school


Brian K, Katie K, Angie, Doug and Skip for sucessfully completing the Level I H.Q CrossFit certification. These 5 student have learned the ability to perform the 9 basic movements. They are also leaders in class so please feel free to ask them to check your depth on your front squats.

No Frills Chicken or Fish

Food doesn’t need to be elaborate or doesn’t need to take a bunch of time to be good

Here is a recipe that my picky husband loves. This is also something that we eat quite often especially because its easy and most of the time we aren’t home until 8:30-9pm at night and do not feel like cooking. I know some of you are in the same boat and in order to combat the alternative of eating something quick and easy that is not condusive to our approach of food as fuel this is what we eat.

Tiff & Skip’s No Frills Chicken or Fish

We like to use fresh frozen wild caught orange roughy from Costco. It thaws quick (we put the individual pouches in room temperature water to thaw-usually takes 5-10 minutes). You can use chicken if you like too.

1 fillet of white fish or 1 breast of chicken
1 tbsp coconut oil
Spices of your choosing (We like a garlic and onion blend. You can use any salt-free spices or fresh herbs, I have also used fresh squeezed oj, lemon or lime juice as well for more of a citrus flavor.)

Directions: Heat a skillet with the coconut oil. Place some spices in and gently place chicken or fish on top of spices in the coconut oil. Cook on medium to high heat about 3-4 minutes on each side for fish and 6-8 for chicken or until white throughout. (I would cook the chicken on lower heat for longer so it doesn’t burn on the outside).

I will either throw some fresh veggies in a steamer bag or use the steam fresh veggies from the store if I want less dishes to do. Otherwise I will throw either some more coconut oil or olive oil in a pan and cook up some zucchini and yellow squash and red onion as my favorite veggies to go with this.

12 Days of Christmas

Starting Monday December 14th and continuing for the following 11 days. Today’s wod will be the entire sequeunce. On Tuesday start with 50 overhead squats, 25 push ups. On Wednesday 25 sit ups, 50 overhead squats and 25 push ups… Till Xmas day when you do the entire sequence again. Anyone can do it. No equipment needed. This is not your daily wod but in additionto. If you’re celebrating Hanukkah double up a few days and do 8.

1} 25 push ups
2) 50 overhead squats
3) 25 sit ups
4) 10 burpees
5) 400 meter run
6) 2 min plank
7) 1 min 6″
8) 100 doble unders or 500 singles
9) 75 dips
10)  100 walking  lunges
11) 20 hand stand attempts
12) 1 mile run

The Road to the 2010 CrossFit Games

 The 2010 CrossFit Games season is upon us. Because of the extraordinary success of the 09 Games, we have added another layer of qualifier. Last year, the Regionals were the starting point for potential competitors. This year, there will be 13 Regionals around the world that all take place in May. But unlike last year, you now have to qualify for the Regionals. Arizona will be at the San Diego sectionals March 27-28.

 Only 100 athletes will make it to the Individual competition in Aromas 2010, fifty men and fifty women. The events and scoring system for the 2010 Games will be kept a mystery until right before the competition. Only one thing is known: they will be different from any of the past CrossFit Games.

How do you prepare for a competition of an unknown nature? Easy! Specialize in not specializing. Overcome your weaknesses. Fortify your strengths. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. And, develop tremendous power across broad time and modal domains.

CrossFit Games Widget


Can CrossFit make you sexy?

Hell ya it can…and starting in Janurary CrossFit Scottsdale will be adding a womens only class at 9am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Confidence, no matter how it’s “packaged,” is sexy. But how do you increase confidence? For a lot of women, it gets down to how we feel about our bodies. For me, an amazing confidence booster is knowing my body is powerful enough to do whatever I need it to do…” – Pamela from Arrowhead CrossFit

To see Pamela’s article on her CrossFit experience visit her blog http://seasonedsex.com/crossfit-workouts/


DSC_0258                              Good luck Team CFS.

 B.K, Angie, Skip, Doug and Katie this weekend at the CrossFit headquarters Level I certification this weekend here at CrossFit Scottsdale.
                                    “Do work Baby”

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