SICFIT Scottsdale student completes SEALFIT KOKORO 52 hour course

I would like to congratulate SICFIT Scottsdale student Paul Deuchar on earning the title of  Athlete of the Month. 


Hooya Kokoro class 34 you are secure! Were the final instructions given to us on the final day of the final evolution on the 52 hour  world renown SEALFIT academy in Encinitas, California. Paul and I had successfully passed the most rigorous civilian training program on the planet. But how did we get here? Let’s rewind the track back to Thursday July 10th a narrow 42 days prior to this adventure. 

Paul received an auto mailer email from SICFIT Scottsdale about meeting with me for a 6 month check in to see how things were going, were there any questions and what goals might we help him design and follow through with. What happened next neither of us could have ever imagined. Paul went on to discuss a goal he had of training to survive KOKORO  possibly within a year. I don’t quite remember exactly how it was said next but I believe I said why wait till 2015 let’s do it next month and I’ll even go with you! Within 24 hours we booked our trip and started preparing for exactly 6 weeks of brutal strength in conditioning that I designed with  a common theme of durability and duration, and so it began.

A sample day would look like this in the morning Pinnacle Peak Mountain run and in the evening a 30 minute grinder max pull ups + 300 meter run. The following day another 30 minute grinder 5x strict pull ups 10x strict push ups 15x air squats followed by a 100 yard sprint. We kept this up gradually increasing volume and distance all the way up to the final week where we executed a 30 mile ruck that started at SICFIT Scottsdale headed down to the very bottom of the city and back up taking us almost 11 hours total.

We were ready! At least physically, the biggest takeaway from KOKORO is the mental and emotional spirit and ability to do more than you ever imagined. Like not only staying awake for 3 days but performing under heavy training conditions with little rest and even less food. 

I could write about this all day but ultimately nobody knows what it’s all about until they experience it themselves. Thank you Paul for inspiring me to attend KOKORO for a 2nd time with my own goals in mind and more importantly my own “Why”. May this serve as a starting point for some of the greatest most successful years of your life. You are a true warrior and I would go into battle with you anytime, anywhere. Hooya Paul, hooya! 

Coach Luke Kayyem
The world is unpredictable and chaotic. Destiny favors the prepared (in mind, body and spirit). Hard physical training, proper nutrition, and strong values are foundational to living a good life. Personal Growth encompasses the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We believe that there is an athlete and warrior within everyone.  Leadership is best shown through example. We use what works and discard what doesn’t. We innovate. We treat everyone with respect, encouragement, and sometimes, tough love. The defining attributes of leaders is an unconquerable spirit, a burning desire to better oneself, and service to your teammates and communities.
What will you learn at KOKORO?
Loyalty – to our family and our team
Service – to others before self
Honor and integrity – in public as well as in private
Leadership and followership – we must be good at both to be effective at anything
Responsibility – we take it for both our actions and those of our teammates
Discipline – the only easy day was yesterday
Innovation – adapt, improvise and overcome

Mobilizing For the Squat Part III


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The third point of performance of the squat requires ankle, adductor, and joint-capsule flexibility.  Keeping your knees out during a squat is interdependent on keeping your weight on your heels and good squat depth.

The ability to keep the knees-out during a squat is the prerequisite for good knee position during different types of squats. This does not imply a specific way to squat, rather the ability to demonstrate good form that include sufficient stability and flexibility for what the athlete is trying to accomplish in his or her sport.

A good coaching cue for ‘knees-out’ is Dan John’s, “Squat between your knees.” Instructing an athlete to squat between their knees – not over them is a good way to get them into a solid position.

Limited hip external rotation is often due to poor anterior core stability. Exercises like the RKC plank can help improve hip rotation that is the result of poor core stability – not a lack of hip flexibility. Single leg exercises like the skater squat train the glutes and external hip rotators to function as stabilizers – increasing hip external rotation strength and knee stability.

- Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexibilityRx™

5 Minute row + 5 min jump rope + 2 min row + 2 min jump rope
Movement prep
12 Minute AMRAP
LIFE: 5 Kettle bell deadlift + 10 push ups + 15 box step ups
FITNESS: 5 Deadlifts 95/65 + 10 hand release push ups + 15 Box jump step downs 24”/20”
SPORT: 5 Deadlifts 155/115 +  10 hand release push ups + 15 box jumps 24”/20”

SICEST of the SOUTHWEST III “Old school, meet’s new sport”

On December 6th 2014 join TEAM SICFIT  on the GRID-lot as the “Old school, takes on this new sport”. Combining strategy, brute physical power, and agility, Grid racing brings strategic athletics to the competitive FITness set. SICest of the Southwest III will feature 24 teams of 6 athletes in each of the following categories. SPORT/advanced and FITNESS/intermediate plus 24 individual PRO men and 24 PRO women.

This year SICFIT Scottsdale will be the HOST facility for the SICEST of the SOUTHWEST III. If you would like to compete, volunteer, judge or sponsor in any capacity use the links below or email

Are Your Lil’ Beasts Drinking Enough Water?


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Arizona heat can reach extreme temperatures during summer, and this leaves all of us — but children especially — at much higher risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Children’s bodies are not as developed as adults': making their natural cooling process (i.e. sweating) less efficient. Because of this, ensuring our kids are properly hydrated is extra important.

At SICFIT Scottsdale, we encourage our Lil’ Beasts to drink one to two cups of water at least four hours before physical exercise or game time. But remember, all kid’s bodies and activity levels are different, so some children may actually require more water. To determine whether your little one is staying well hydrated throughout the summer months, regularly check their urine. If it is darker than pale-yellow, increase their water consumption by an addition one-two cups before physical exertion. More acute signs of dehydration to look out for are fatigue, nausea, headaches, cramping, thirst, and faults in coordination.

To keep your children hydrated, SICFIT Scottsdale recommends having them drink water every 10-15 minutes, depending upon the exercise intensity and weather. In general your children should be drinking half of their body weight in ounces to keep them hydrated throughout the day.  Additionally, drinks with the proper amount of sodium such as Gatorade are recommended because they aid in fluid retention and stimulate your child to drink enough water.

For our active kiddos, proper hydration is key in helping them put their best foot forward during the big game, when racing to home plate during a neighborhood kick-ball game, and even in the classroom. Follow these tips and this summer, the Arizona sun will be no match for Lil’ Beast!

1K Row
5×5 Push press 5×5
4×10 Toes 2 bar | LIFE: Work from floor with med ball
5×8 Heavy goblet squats
10 Minute EMOM
8 Heavy kettle bell swings

SICFIT 9/11 Hero Workout


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, August 25, 2014

Many of us can remember exactly where we were, and exactly what we were doing when we first heard the tragic news on September 11th, that our own U.S. soil had been attacked. To remember this infamous day in United States history, we hope that you will spend the 13th anniversary of 9/11 at the SICFIT 9/11 Hero Workout. We will be honoring the thousands of lives lost, those who fought to save them, and the soldiers who have protected us since, with a free workout along side uniformed members of the United State Military. At the event, please considering making a donation to the 100 Club, an organization that aids the families of first responders.

The SICFIT 9/11 Hero Workout will be held at 6:00am, 7:00am, 4:30pm, and 5:30, at SICFIT Scottsdale, SICFIT San Diego, SICFIT El Paso, and CaliforniaFit. RSVP at any location or by calling 480-922-3253.


3×10 Push up + sit up + overhead squat with PVC
Tire flips
Rope climbs
Sled push

Get Your Butt Down Here! And Bring Your Friends!

Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, August 23, 2014

It’s party time people! The SICFIT Scottsdale Open-House-A-Palooza Fitness Expo and Anniversary Bash has finally arrived and the only thing missing is YOU! If you are reading this and it is between 7:30am and 2:00 on Saturday 8/23, follow these instructions carefully…

  1. Step away from the monitor.
  2. Put on your sneakers and party pants.
  3. Call everyone you know who could benefit from the SICEST gym in Scottsdale and demand they come party with us.
  4. Drive to SICFIT Scottsdale and help us celebrate 6 years of FUNctional, life-changing, FITness!


WARMUP (all classes)
30 Seconds each:
Shuffle + high knees + run back and forth + jumping jacks + rest
Run big lap/walk small lap 5x | Increase speed each round starting at 50%
10 Rounds of 30 seconds max effort followed by 30 seconds rest of:
Russian kettle bell swing + push up + plank
LIFE: 5 Rounds of 7 each + 20 second plank hold + 2 minute rest between round
2k Partner row
Teams of 4 | One works at a time
1200m Row
75 Russian kettlebell swings
200 Sit ups
50 Russian kettlebell swings
150 Sit ups
75 Russian kettlebell swings
200 sit ups
1200m Row
10 Rounds
10 perfect push ups
45 Second row for max calories | write all scores on the board
1 Minute walking rest
Tabata mash up | 8 Rounds 20 seconds on 10 seconds off
Plank + flutter kick
10 Minute EMOM
LIFE : 7 Air squats + 4 burpees
FITNESS: 15 Air squints + 7 burpees
SPORT: 25 Air squats + 10 burpees

The SICEST Saturday


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, August 22, 2014

Six years in the making and SICFIT Scottsdale wouldn’t be as SIC as it is today without all of YOU! To celebrate over half a decade of LIFE | FITNESS | SPORT, we need your help! Bring your crew — members and nonmembers alike — to the gym-you-call-home anytime between 7:30am and 2:00pm on Saturday 8/23 for the SICFIT Scottsdale Open-House-A-Palooza Fitness Expo and Anniversary Bash. Tell your friends and family to bring their sneakers and their game face because in addition to the food, drinks, entertainment, demonstrations, and information, SICFIT Scottsdale will be offering free FITness classes all day long!
SICFIT Scottsdale Open-House-A-Pooloza And Fitness Expo

2 Rounds
I Minute plank hold + wall squat hold + hollow hold
Strict chin ups + dips + shuttle run down and back
LIFE: Ring rows + push ups
FITNESS: Bar dips with band
SPORT Ring dips
8 Rounds
1 Minute jump rope
30 Lunges with dumbbell or kettle bell
30 Second rest
3 Minute walking rest

The Signature Kayyem Series Turns the HSPU Upside-Down

Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, August 21, 2014

Turn your Thursday night upside-down and join SICFIT Scottsdale for the final segment of the Signature Kayyem Series on handstand pushups! Meet at the gym at 7pm and spend an entire hour working on the drills, skills, techniques, and strengthening exercises to flip your perspective of the HSPU from a movement you hate to one you dominate!
photo 1..

Down dog + up dog
5 Minutes of jump rope

3×10 Ring row
6 Minute EMOM of 5-8 strict pull-ups
4 Rounds
Push press (10 sec in between lifts)
5 Burpees
10 Sit ups
1 Minute row for max cal *write down all scores

Squat Mobility Part II


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The second point of performance for the squat builds upon the first point, the ability to keep your weight on your heels. For the hips to travel down and back below parallel, flexibility to allow hip flexion is required. The hip traction helps free a tight joint-capsule that is limiting hip flexion.  The glute stretch takes the hips into flexion and external rotation, which also allows for a good knee position during hip flexion. While the glute fibers may be tight, the glutes also need to be strong enough to control the descent.

The glute bridge activates the glutes and inhibits the deep hip flexor (psoas) during hip extension. The deep hip flexor (psoas) is often tight and weak. The hip flexor activation exercise activates the hip flexors during hip flexion. Hip flexor strength is required for you to actively pull yourself into a solid bottom position. The intention for psoas activation is hip flexion greater than ninety degrees – I find the psoas activation works better with the band around the knee than the ankle. You can use both to activate all of the hip flexors.

You can revisit the exercises for ankle and quad flexibility as needed. By keeping your weight on your heels and getting your hips below parallel you will be in good position for the next point of performance – “knees-out.”

- Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexibilityRx™
Run small lap or row 150 meters + dynamic movement

5x rounds
LIFE: 12 Front squats with barbell + 8 push ups + run or row 150 meter + 2 minute rest
FITNESS: 8 Tough front squats + 8 deficit pushups 10/15 plates + run or row 150 meter + 2 minute rest
SPORT: 8 Front squats from the ground + 5-8 clapping push ups + run or row 150 meter + 2 minute rest


SICFIT Level Test Prep


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The very first Level Test created at SICFIT, all the way back in 2007, was for the sole purpose of giving a few members a training goal a bit more dynamic than just loosing a few pounds or being able to run a mile. The SICFIT Level Test a physical fitness proficiency assessment that shows how well our programming is working for our members and identifies which areas of their training they need to focus on most. But beyond the programming agendas and and personal ambitions, the SICFIT Level Test unites our community by giving us a common goal to strive for.  Now that is what true FITness is all about!
Today we will have a chance to practice the SICFIT Level Test. Use your workout performance to gauge what areas you need to work on before the official testing day on Thursday, 8/28 at 7pm.
1. Push Ups: 40M/40W on knees (consecutive)
2. Sit Ups: 65 in 2 minutes
3. Squats: 80 in 2 minutes
4. Burpees: 20 in 1 minute
5. Hand Stand Hold: 70 secons
6. Thrusters: 15 consecutive 75#M/55#W
7. Wall Balls: 15  consecutive 20# M/14# W
8. Push Press: 15 consecutive 75#M/55#W
9. Jump Rope: 500 in a row or 15 double unders
10. Box Jump: 20 at 20″ consecutive jumps
11. 400M Run: under 1:45M/1:55W
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