Debating Your Workout Today? Read This, Now!


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thinking about skipping your workout at SICFIT Scottsdale today? Well here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t, courtesy of Want to read more reasons? Check out all 51, here!

You should workout today because exercise….

1. Lifts your moodphoto 3
2. Sharpens memory
3. Boosts creative thinking
4. Improves eating habits
5. Fights dementia
6. Increased sports performance
7. Builds self-esteem
8. Increases sex drive and satisfactions
9. Improves sleeping patterns
10. Decreases osteoporosis risk

Jump rope 1 min + 10 dumbbell superset (bicep curl, lateral raise, hammer curl, front raise, press)
5 Rounds
Run a big lap or row 300 meters + 2 minutes of sit ups + 50 crunches anyway
LIFE: 3 Rounds with 1 minute rest after each
FIT/SPORT: Use double unders and strict sit ups

Hip to the Hip Joint


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The hip joint capsule is both strong and flexible; it bears the weight of our body as well as the tremendous tension created by it’s neighboring leg and core muscles (which are the largest muscles in the body). On top of this, the hip joint capsule enjoys the second widest range of motion of all the joints (the shoulder joint takes first in this category). Within this mighty joint is Synovial Fluid, a lubricant which minimizes friction during movement while delivering nutrients and flushing out toxins from the joint. By stretching and mobilizing the hip joint capsule, we can stimulate the the flow of Synovial Fluid which can promote healing from inflammation and past injuries (1). Try these FlexibilityRX Stretches this week!



Turkish get up no weight
PVC mobility
Turkish get up | 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 each side rest as needed
Plank push ups | 10 seconds….increase by 10 each set…. 50 seconds,
Double/single unders | 50 seconds… decrease by 10 each set … 10 seconds
12 Minute AMRAP
Farmers carry small lap, then…
Run small circle + 7 kettlebell swings
*Score is total laps around small circle
LIFE: Russian swing
SPORT: #55/35

Nutrition Challenge for a ‘Nude’ You!


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, February 18, 2014

…Or is it a ‘new’ you? Both! Who doesn’t want to look better naked? Even if it is just for our own satisfaction when we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror after a shower. Feeling confident in the buff translates to confidence in all areas of our lives. So let’s lose the inches and gain the self-esteem and boundless energy we all deserve and sign up for the SICFIT Scottsdale Look Better Naked Spring Nutrition Challenge! The challenge kicks off March 1st with a Pre-game Huddle and a Grocery Store Tour to set you up for success for the following 30 days. Sign up at the gym or by e-mailing, today to reserve your spot. What have you got to lose besides those extra inches?



1 Pull on rower + 1 push up
2 Pull on rower + 2 push ups
… all the way to 10
Handstand hold
Level I test prep — 70 seconds
5×10 Press barbell/pvc | 1 Minute rest
5×5 Push press | 90 Second rest
4×25 barbell bicep curl barbell | 90 second rest
500 Meter row sprint

Instructor Training Program (2 Day Seminar)

Your life’s been changed; now change someone else’s…

Are you searching for a better quality of life? Has SICFIT Scottsdale influenced and changed your lifestyle? Has it inspired you to become a better person and do bigger things? Are you sick and tired of sitting at a desk for 8 hours counting the minutes until you get to the gym?
As our student body has grown, so has its knowledge and experience. While our fitness training program delivers the goods as far as developing athletes, it does not address those that want to grow as mentors, coaches, ambassadors, business associates or partners of the program. The industry isn’t going anywhere FITness is here to stay.

Some of you are ready to take it to the next level. Many of you have expressed an interest in learning more about SICFIT, how to become a Coach, how to open your own gym or how you can work here. Those of you that have already attended a fitness certification – great! … that’s a crucial step. But after returning from that, what is next? How do you continue to grow and develop beyond being just an athlete – so that you are someone who is knowledgeable and capable of teaching a great strength and conditioning class?

We know that there are at least a few of you who are interested in teaching, without having to quit your job, or change careers to do so. Our world-renown Instructor Training Program was designed to address both – the person who is looking for a career change, and the person who just wants to learn more, share it with others, and teach a kick-ass class. The ITP program is the cornerstone of our program and the pre-requisite for coaching at our facility. This program has quickly become a requirement for many coaches in the industry and a training tool used by gyms around the world to educate their team in client, coaching and business excellence. To date, we have trained over 70 coaches and helped to open 6 facilities.

If you are interested, please register for the Instructor Training Program 8.0 (2 day intensive training seminar) scheduled on Saturday March 29th and Sunday March 30th from 8am-5pm using this link:

The course is ideally suited for anyone interested in learning how to teach Fitness, all emerging coaches/trainers, and anyone serious about learning how to operate a gym business and developing quality in coaching techniques. Attendees will enhance their understanding of fitness and nutrition, program design and implementation, business management and advance their coaching skills. Come prepared to be heavily engaged. Peers and instructors will provide coaching, evaluation, and feedback as you actively participate in lectures, workshops and specialized small group work.

We’re looking forward to taking this next step with many of you. It’s going to be fun, exciting, and the next phase of our growth here at SICFIT.

Instructor Training

SICFIT Yoga for Athletes Workshop


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, February 17, 2014

As a student of Strength in Conditioning FITness, you are an athlete because you train like an athlete. And though every week you show up to the gym and pour tremendous energy into your workouts, we know there is more within you waiting to be uncovered. To help you unlock this potential, SICFIT Scottsdale has invited Certified Yoga Teacher Kari Ann Levine, to lead Yoga for Athletes. In this clinic, Kari will guide you through an experiential and informative two-hour class, where you will learn and experience first-hand the practical use of yoga and its ability to illuminate your inner potential, both in and outside of the gym. Reserve your spot here, by e-mailing, or call 480-922-3253.



Hang power snatch
Power snatch
Double under/single under
15 Minutes to find heavy power snatch
10 Minute AMRAP
15 Power snatch #75/55
30 Double unders

Private Training for Personal Transformation


 Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, February 15, 2014

How much further could you go if one of our expert coaches focused entirely on you? If you got to work with them one-on-one to achieve goals you didn’t even realize you had? In SICFIT Scottsdale’s Private Training program, our highly trained, motivated, and inspired coaches work with you exclusively to develop a holistic exercise and nutrition plan. From strength in conditioning gains to self-esteem, our Private Training sessions will positively impact your whole self — from the way you feel in a pair of jeans, to the way you feel about yourself when you walk into a room full of people. Call today to schedule a private session with a Coach (480) 922-3253.

30 Minute AMRAP
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats
20 Lunges
25 Sit ups
Jog small lap
Walk small lap
LIFE: Negative pull ups or ring row | 7 reps of each | Airdyne, row, or run

Happy Valentine’s Day


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, February 14, 2014

We all know that lasting relationships take hard work but on this Valentine’s day, SICFIT Scottsdale is taking this to the next level! Don’t forget to make SICFIT Scottsdale’s Sweat with your Sweetie a part of your day of romance. All day long, classes are free for your Valentine. So forget the flowers and the candies and join SICFIT in this workout for two!

Row 2K
100 Pull ups
3 Minute hand stand hold
150 Sit ups
2 Minute pull up hold (chin above bar)
200 Air squats
1 Minute overhead hold #95
400 Meter partner carry (switch if needed)



Show Your True Colors


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, February 13, 2014

To be blacklisted is to be feared, respected, and not underestimated. It is the mark of those who shine through darkness, misunderstood at times, but determined to SHOW UP and NOT QUIT until victory has been righteously earned. Want to show your true colors? Pick up your SICFIT Blacklisted shirt next time you’re at the gym!


Ring row 10, 8, 10, 8  + lunge 30, 10, 30, 10
Kipping pull up
Run 1 lap around block + 50 kipping pull ups for time
LIFE: Run 600 or row 1000 + 30 ring row or strict pull up w/ band
FITNESS: Jumping ok
SPORT: Kip no bands
5 Minute Rest
4 Minutes max burpee

Who Do you Surround Yourself With?


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday February 12, 2014

We become most like the people we surround ourselves with. Lucky for us, at SICFIT Scottsdale we surround our self with hard-working, positive, and goal-oriented people. Don’t miss today’s workout and yet another opportunity to soak in the good vibes of our awesome community!



Barbell complex
Thrusters off rack
LIFE: 12, 10, 8 + 12, 10, 8 pvc/barbell
FITNESS: 9, 7, 5 +  9, 7, 5
SPORT: 3, 2, 1 + 3, 2, 1
5-8 Max weight single arm dumbbell/kettle bell row after each set
5 Minute rest
2 Minutes max air squat
2 Minutes max sit up
20 Box jump/step downs

Stretch of the Week



Paleo Plans for Valentine’s Day


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, February 11, 2014

After spending an hour of your Valentine’s Day at SICFIT Scottsdale’s Sweat with your Sweetie, you’re going to need a paleo-friendly date-night to swoon your valentine with integrity! But have no fear because SICFIT has got your back. Here are a list of some of the yummiest restaurants in Scottsdale and Phoenix sure to satisfy your paleo palate!
Dynamic movement
Suicide warm ups
Prowler sleds 50-135
High/high: max 10 meter turn arounds in 1 minute |walk rest 1 lap
High/low: max 10 meter turn arounds in 1 minute |walk rest 1 lap
Low/low:  max 10 meter turn arounds in 1 minute |walk rest 1 lap
5 Minute rest
600 Meter run
Sled up and down
600 Meter run
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