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I would like to introduce all of my readers to a new section of CrossFit Scottsdale called All Pro Dad. Once a week I will post a profound blog about becoming a great dad. I found this website while reading Tony Dungys book Quiet Strength. As a fatherless dad myself I enjoy reading these daily emails “Play of the day” that gives me insightful tips and tools to be a succesful parent and how to “Do the right thing” for my kids, family and myself. Please visit and Moms there is a site for you too


The Overhead Squat & The Ladder

“The overhead squat is the ultimate core exercise, the heart of the snatch, and peerless in developing effective athletic movement.” ~Coach Glassman

4 X 25 Overhead Squat w/ pvc
3 X 30 Jumping Squat w/ pvc 10 second squat hold on rep 30 of each set

3 Rounds of:
Spiderman walk 20X
Mountain Climbers 60X

The Ladder
RX 65#,95#
Complete 1 rep in the first minute
Complete 2 reps in the second minute
Complete 3 reps in the third minute
4 in 4 and so on
Continue until you can no longer do the amount of reps for that minute. If you can do 8 reps in minute 8 but only 8 reps in minute 9 then your end of the ladder is 8.
Post your ladder # to comments!

The Baseline

This Baseline workout is required for all new students to perform. Regardless of experience! It is a way to track and monitor your progess from the start. We use this Baseline test to also see what fitness level you are in and so that we can place you in the level class that works best for you. If you are not training with other students in your own skill level you will not be set up for success. That is my number one job as your CrossFit Coach. If you have not had your baseline test done or would like to test again please see a CrossFit Scottsdale Coach to schedule one. Check out this video of Coach Luke in Los Angeles, CA studying under Andy Petranek at CFLA.

500 meter row
40 air squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups
For Time:

#108 Run… Cow… Run


Kettle Bell Swing. Use a dumbell, bumper plate, med ball, water bottle, iron… something with some #s on it.
Run 100 yards

Start with 10 Kettle Bell Swings. Sprint 100 yards. Perform 9 Kettle Bell Swings. Sprint 100 yards. Perform 8 Kettle Bell Swings. Sprint 100 yards…down to…1 Kettle Bell Swing. Sprint 100 yards.

#107 Wake up! Now get up and get to class!!!

Good morning Monday! I know Mondays suck… but like anything you get what you put in. That’s my attitude at 5:45 this morning when my little girl decided to sing all 3 letters she knows out loud A,E and Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. So I rolled with it. Got up! Showered. Made my 4 block zone breakfast of a bagel/cream cheese. 20 almonds, 2 pieces of cheese, 3 egg whites/1 whole and a Vente Americano. Got to the gym early and programmed this amazing WOD. We had 8 students at 8am and this is what we did:

1000 Meter Row
Med Ball Thrusters 50X/Bench Dips 25X
Med Ball Thrusters 30X/Bench Dips 25X
Med Ball Thrusters 10X/Bench Dips 25X   
Going up in # each set
Run 400 Meters
Barbell Thrusters 25,20,15,10,5,5
Going up in # each set
3X Max rep dips

Saturday Morning… #106

I love Saturday’s! Why? Because my weekend starts @ noon. I’ve worked my tail off all week and Saturday morning class has the most energy of any other day of the week. Especially when everyone shows up. This morning they did! 22 students between the 8 and 9am class. A few new-bees, a few CrossFitter’s from other local gyms and a drop in from Chi town visiting for his “30th” Bday. The  8am all levels started with 5 min of jump rope as many reps as possible and 9am Lev 1 ran a mile for time. Coach Bryon designed this mornings wod… As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of

Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
Air Squat
Push up
Box Jump

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