#72 500-25-10-1

Row 500 meters
25 jumping pull ups
10 full pull ups
1 Hang as long as you can

Row 500 meters
25 push press
10 hand stand push ups
1 minute of trying a handstand

Row 500 meters
25 jumping air squats
10 throwing ball squats
1 min hold squat


Where in the world is Kim Stafford?

I am happy to announce a new blog segment here at CrossFit Scottsdale called: Where in the world is Kim Stafford? Kim a regular at our 12 noon class Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Kim travels from Bangkok to China. Germany to Nepal. Kim is the Director of International Development and works with newly hired sales talent on company and product knowledge along with business issue selling skills. When travelling for a week or more her ‘trusty Abmat’ is packed away in her suitcase and a couple of WOD’s printed out just in case she cannot access CrossFit Scottsdale. Look for travel updates from Kim as she travels around the world. Next stop: Malaysia.


This morning on my way to work, running 5 min late at 6am. I was flying down 92nd st 20+ miles over the limit when I was pulled over. The officer asked me to give him one reason why he shouldnt take me in. I told him… Cuz it’s My Lucky Day. Here are the words to The Boss newest single.

In the room where fortune falls
On a day when chance is all
In the dark of this exile
I felt the grace of your smile

Honey you’re my lucky day
Baby you’re my lucky day
When I’ve lost all the other bets I’ve made
Honey you’re my lucky day

Well I’ve seen strong hearts give way
To the burdens of the day
To the weary hands of time
Where fortune is not kind

Honey you’re my lucky day
Baby you’re my lucky day
When I’ve lost all the other bets I’ve made
Honey you’re my lucky day

I have waited at your side
I’ve counted the tears you’ve cried
But to win, darling we must play
So don’t hide your heart away
Honey you’re my lucky day
Bruce Springsteen

Well I still got the ticket and  I was still late to class.
But I made sure this was not going to ruin my lucky day.

CrossFit MASTER Level II

On Saturday February 7, CrossFit Scottsdale held its first Level II masters class. This class was by invite only and the Level I test must be completed and passed first. We used these benchmark tests to gauge where you stand and to see where you can improve.  Tiffany our nutritionist here at The Edge, Coach Luke, and Coach Erica all participated in Saturdays testing. Congrats to Tiffany on getting her first 500 meter row under 2 minutes!!! She also completed the rest of the exercises in record time, only needing to shave seconds off the 400 meter run to make her test 100% and qualify as a MASTER.  Coach Erica also beat her best 500 meter row time, rowing it at 1:49. Great job to everyone and don’t forget we will test again February 21st @ 10am. Please see Coach Luke or Coach Erica for more information.


5 Min Jump Rope (Max #)

5 rounds of
Box Jump x20
Lunges x10 each leg
3 Rounds of
Ring Push Up x10
Ring Pull Up x10
5 Rounds of
Max Rep. Bench Dip
3 Rounds of
Single Leg Squat x5
1 Round
Bosu Squats x25

5 Min. Jump Rope (Max #)

When we post daily workouts we are intentionally cryptic at times. The point to posting any of this is to show a different way, stimulate thought, and to push those who are ready to be pushed to start their own line of inquiry and walk the path toward self-directed training.

Still, when people write in asking if they are supposed to do each of the workouts listed on a given day in succession I suspect two things: either they have no idea what they are looking at, OR they understand what it would take to do all of the workouts back-to-back, and not just that day but for months in succession, and they cannot believe it. I am a “hopeful pessimist” so while part of me wishes the second possibility were true I usually react as if the first option is correct.


Level I Test
1 mile run under 8min.
50 O.H. squats in a row
10/20 full push ups
25 jumping pull ups in a row
30 sit-ups under 60 seconds
10 burpees under 30 seconds
100 jump ropes in a row

Must complete in under 20 minutes.

#69 (Level 2 Test Feb 7th)

50 push ups & 50 sit ups Under 3 min
500 meter row Under 2:00/1:45
Push press X10 65#/95#
Air squat 100X under 2 min
Double under 25/50 under 3 min
Pull ups 10 assisted/10 kip
Run 400 meter with 10#/20# med ball under 90 sec

We will be holding are 1st level 2 testing next Saturday Feb 7th @ 10am. This is by invite only but everyone is welcome to watch. It will be a Pass/Fail test. You can retest on anything you failed Feb 21st. You must complete everything 1st time through for MASTERS!

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