#79 TABATA = 8X 20 Seconds

Tabata. 20 seconds of non stop work followed by 10 seconds of rest 8X.
Overhead squat
Push up
Sit up
Med ball thruster
Med ball squat hold
Kettle bell swing
Box jump
Spar with bag/Bob

30 seconds rest in between each exercise. GET IT DONE!!!

One way to become enthusiastic is to look for the PLUS + sign. To make progress in any difficult situation, you have to start with whats right about it and build on that.

                                              Norman Vincent Peale

#78 Team Tuesday

WOW! What a day! What a workout!
I woke up at 5:30 am this morning with a pounding headache and soar throat from something my kids usually have. I felt terrible. But I sucked it up and headed into the office (I am Coach for you new-bees)
6am was an amazing class with back from Michigan Steve Q, congrats on the sale, and back from knee surgery Toby. They both did an amazing job with a hybrid version of #76 and #77.

7am was by far the most energy filled class we have had in this month. We split up in two teams. Team Black was Myrna, Chris and Jay bones. Team Red was E.P, Brandon and Erin. The workout was:

50 Burpees
1 Mile run
5,000 Meter row
100 Jumping pull ups
100 Push ups
1000 Jump ropes
Each Team had 1 minute to stratigise the order of there teamates. Once you start you cannot change the order. You must complete each exercise in order before moving on. GET IT? Team Black had a time of 44:07. Team Red 46:06. The most challenging part was the row. Amazing job! The energy everyone put in to that workout made me feel amazing and so I started to feel better.

12 hours later at 6pm Level 1 class 5 students showed… OH NO! This means that I have to workout. This is a TEAM training session and one TEAM was short. So I jumped in! Feeling pretty good from the Vitamin Injection Dr. Terranella our (In house Naturalpathic physician) gave me at 5:30 I accepted the challenge. So Coach E.P picked teams.
Team Black: Kate, Tiffany and Will Vs Team Red: Hamid, Mrs.Robinson and me. The exact same workout except we cut the row down to a 2K sprint. A little different but still extremely tough. An absolutely amazing performance by everyone especially Will. With only 24 hours of experience in CrossFit he helped push Team black ahead to win by 7 seconds. Team Black 27:41. Team Red 27:48. WOW! What a workout! What a day! Thank you to everyone in class today for motovating me to WORK HARD. EVERYDAY! ALL DAY!

#75 Dead Meat

Row 1000 meters

Sled Press 5x (25#, 45#)
Sled Press 5x (25#, 45#), 10 push ups between reps

Bosu Ball
Lateral Raise 25x
Bicep Curl 25x
Front Raise 25x
Reverse Curl 25x
Shoulder Press 25x
With one foot on the Bosu Ball balance for 1 full minute. Alternate feet for second full minute.

5 Rounds of D.B. Rows 5x, 10x push ups


10x Push Ups
10x Sit Ups
10x Supermans
10x O.H. Squats
As many rounds in 20 minutes.

#74 We heart Burpees

Do as many rounds non-stop for 10 minutes.
Lunge 30 seconds
Run 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
Push Ups 30 seconds

Sprints at Max speed for 30 seconds. As many rounds in 5 minutes.
25 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
20 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
15 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
10 Burpees
10 Ring pull ups
5 Burpees

CrossFit Scottsdale always has open arms for participants who want to drop in for a tour and/or class. Please check out our class times and come on by.
On Tuesday Chantel, a fellow crossfitter from San Diego dropped in for a class. She never misses her crossfit workout, even if shes out of town. We put her through a tough WOD, consisting of lots of jumping rope, pull ups, rowing, thrusters and much more. Check out Chantels blog to see what kind of pain we actually put her through.

Bring your Valentine in on Saturday, Feb. 14 for a FREE Workout at CrossFit Scottsdale!!! Feel the Love, Feel the Burn!!!

Happy Valentines Day from CFS!!!

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