13 hours earlier I woke up in Montana with one thing on my mind… getting home safe. 13 hours later the only thing on my mind was surviving this workout so I could get home safe. What happened in between was a blur. Stopping only to get gas and grab a paleo meal consisting of trail mix, apples, jerky and muscle milk. I realized just how blessed we are as Americans and humans for that matter to roam free from state to state driving fast in tanks and buying things full of sugar and caffeine. Could you imagine how amazing we would be if we had a library, CrossFit, School and fresh produce farm in every city on every major corner instead of… Arby’s, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Weinersnitchel. No joke downtown Salt Lake City!  We are by choice a Fast food nation. I am by choice a CrossFit machine. At every pit stop I stretched for 5 minutes and knocked out 10 burpees. It kept me going… I felt refreshed and at no point after doing burpees did I feel like eating crap. With a gallon of water on my lap I left Salt Lake for Vegas and a 6pm W.O.D at Kaizen CrossFit. At 3pm I felt relaxed, safe in my condo on wheels. Listening to classic rock while I cooled my seat down with a push of a button. At 4pm I had my pre workout meal. A double double animal style, protein style from in-n-out (This is not fast food it is made to order, it takes time and it’s a perfect paleo/zone meal) No fries, no coke, no shake!

At 4:30 I confirmed with the gym that class was at 6pm and that I was reassured we would not be running because I only had sandals with me and I was not about to ask… if the workout could be changed or modified for me. From my experience if you want to see the fastest way to running, watch the look on my face when you walk in to class without shoes and ask if you can row instead of run.

Now its 5pm, I am an hour and 15 minutes away. I have my towel, water and credit card ready. Oh ya we pay to CrossFit. $25 for drop in. Even if it’s a free class or like some CF they choose not to charge we donate that money. “You see we are a worldwide affiliation. Not a franchise or a chain. We are self employed, small business owners that are trying to compete with globo gym inc. I not only encourage this from my CF students and coaches but ask that all CrossFitter’s worldwide do the same”.Two weeks ago a group of 4 drop ins, 2 couples visiting from Canada came by for a Saturday W.O.D they paid 4 drop ins and bought 6 t-shirts. No questions asked… Got their asses kicked Row 500/squat 50x remember that one? Took a photo with me and bought 2 more shirts and left. “Oh Canada”a week later one of the gents dropped in to buy 3 more shirts and tell me that his wife was a Lev I Coach at CF Vancouver and the couple they were traveling with were both CF Lev I Coaches. They said they had enjoyed the class and thought that the Lev I testing was genious. “Respect” I love it!!! No attitude! No ego! No hey I train at… Can I train for FREE. What do you think we did? After we kissed them. We told them to come back again. The next class was on us. “Respect”

 Now back to my 5pm story line and I was an hour and 15 minutes away. So I step on it 80…90… slow down…85… I start to practice what I am going to say to the officer.” I’m on my way to CrossFit. You look like you’re in shape. Have you ever heard of it? You would love… No dude! No more tickets I tell myself. 85…80 Cool I am on time. 5:30 my phone dies. I hit downtown Vegas traffic on Monday and I have 6 miles left till I run out of gas. By the way filling up is the only, I repeat only LAZY habit I have on this planet. I cannot stand stopping for gas.I am the oldest person to run out of gas 3x in one year. So I stop, get 5 gallons and head back into traffic. 5:45 now andI start to go through a wave of Pre- CrossFit emotions that I am sure some of you have experienced at CrossFit Scottsdale.

Anxiety 1st…
What if I’m late? Burpee a minute? 50x burpees? What if they don’t except late drop ins!
Anger2nd… Why did you stop to eat? You should have driven faster! Dam navigation!
Excuses 3rdI’ve been driving for 13 hours. Traffic was terrible. I… I… “Respect” sometimes it’s harder to hold yourself accountable then to have others do it for you.

5:58 I see the sign. CROSSFIT KAIZAN. I made it! Now, I have to deal with the pressure of What if ‘s? What if it’s hard? What if there is someone bigger, better, smaller, faster. What if its sit ups? Arrgggggggggggg. What if I can’t do it? The final question I always ask myself before I block it all out and answer all the questions with Ya, its hard! Yes, he’s stronger. Yes, its sit up time!

The PRESSURE builds and builds and builds until it EXPLODES. My hearts pounding, my head is pulsing. I’m nervous, anxious, and almost sick. 3, 2, 1 GO. Now it’s time for PERFORMANCE. I am focused. I see the task at hand. I know it can be completed, I know I am going to give it 100% even when it hurts and more than anything I know, I am not going to quit! I will not stop, until it’s done. I will… I will… I’m done! Sumo dead lift high pull 10x. Ring dip 10x. Farmers walk 150 ft w/45# db. 4x For time:  10:38
13 hours of pain for 10 minutes of pleasure. I am CrossFit and you are too!

With respect… Coach

Hurry Up and Wait!!!

Split into even teams and complete as many reps as possible, then switch team members to complete each round.
160x Pull-Ups
320x Air Squats
100x Double-Under (700x Singles)
100x Push Jerks (135#, 95#)
4K Row
4 Rounds of Farmers Walk (1.5 Pood)

Vacation W.O.D #2

Run… Swim… Run
Run one length of the beach and back
Swim one length
If you are poolside run for 10 minutes swim for 5 repeat…

Vacation W.O.D #2

Run… Swim… Run
Run one length of the beach and back
Swim one length
If you are poolside run for 10 minutes swim for 5 repeat…

Vacation W.O.D #1

10 overhead squats… lunge to 1st base
10 push ups… run to 2nd base
5 burpees… lunge to 3rd base
10 sit ups… run to home plate

Split up in even teams and line up at home plate. Start at the same time and set the clock for 20 minutes. Winner can eat lunch 1st.


Mentally challenging= Physically rewarding
100 sit ups
100 jump ropes
200 jump ropes
300 jump ropes
400 jump ropes
500 jump ropes
100 sit ups
Each time you miss drop and do 5 push ups until you complete each # without a miss.

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