“Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”
Author, Frederick B. Wilcox

The Ups and Downs of Paleo

So I have totally bought into the catchy little saying that failing to plan in planning to fail.  But someone needs to create a little ditty that helps me to remember not to leave my “plan” in the fridge as I head out the door to yoga before work on a Tuesday morning.  That would be how I found myself at Whole Foods frantically trying to find something Paleo to eat for breakfast that did not require anything more than a microwave.  It was while I was agonizing over the ingredients in breakfast proteins that it finally hit me.  If I didn’t take a deep breath and a few second to refocus on my goals for this challenge I was going to end up sabotaging myself before I even gave the challenge a real chance.

I have a couple of goals with this challenge but really they can all be summed up by one statement.  I want to be aware of what I am eating and find a nutrition lifestyle that produces the physical results I want but still leaves me happy and healthy.  There is absolutely nothing happy or healthy about cursing the American food industry at 8am on Tuesday morning because I can’t find a single breakfast meat that doesn’t list some kind of sugar in the ingredients.  The only way that I am going to survive the next six weeks is by staying focused on my goals and making better choices regardless of if I loose out on an occasional point here or there. 

 I will be traveling this weekend and I want to enjoy my vacation including my meals.  After my morning revelation I decided that while on vacation the only way I can continue to work towards my goal is by picking and sticking with a daily point total that challenges me to continue to make good choices but doesn’t set me up for failure.  For me that magic number is 8.  You can all hold me accountable when I return next week.  Picking a number that is challenging but is still realistic is just one way to survive this challenge.  Share your number with a coach or the people with whom you regularly take class.  Let them encourage you and hold you accountable.  It is the best part of CrossFit Scottsdale so use it.    

My hope is that my shared struggles may help you with yours.  However if you are still feeling stressed by this Paleo challenge we can take care of that in yoga this week.  Hope to see you there.  Happy eating! 

Coach Katie

Athlete Of The Month

This month was the 1st time in a long time we had a unanimous decision on A.O.M. Halie Flood has been to 5x classes a week for over a month. With her husband fighting for our FREEDOM over seas. Hallie is fighting to “Bringing sexy back”. This girl does not give up. Everyday… Anywod she is ready for a fight. Hallie has lost another 15# this month and is 100% Paleo. She is also one of Team CFS newest Ambassadors and will be our videographer for events, races and challenges. When you see her in class tell her “Get that sexy back” and give her a high 5!

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ~ John Quincy Adams

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