#99 SSgt Jade A. McLeod II

1 mile run
50 burpees 
50 squats
50 jumping jacks 
25 super jumping jacks
25 hand stands
25 mountain climbers
50 sit ups
1 mile run
5 min squat hold. 3X
 If you are are on your way to Germany aboard a C-130 and then fying into Africa doing all your wod’s in the middle of the safari substitute 1 mile run with running in place for 10 minutes.
Jade I wod date Nov 14, 2008 SSgt Jade A. McLeod, USAF

This is not a Globo gym

The training we provide is hard, very hard. The traditional, I-just-want-to-look-good-naked elliptical cardio junkies will not survive. This is okay. I don’t want everyone as a client.

Doug Chapman

is the owner of Hyperfit USA/CrossFit Ann Arbor




Row Steph Row…

Alright all you Concept II Rower’s out there. This ones for you. Designed by are very own Steph Neckes who is a Coxswian for “The Tempe Town Lake Rowing”

500 meter row @ 30 strokes per minute
1000 meter row @ 26 spm
500 meter row @ 32-34 spm
For time:


3 rounds of:
25 Push-Ups
25 Squats
25 Dips

4 Rounds of:
30 second Squat hold (#95, #225)
5 Box Jumps (highest box)

4 Rounds of:
30 Bench Press hold (#65, #185)
5 Clapping Push Ups

Slow down…

Slow down and go for a walk with the ones you love… Last week my life was shook up. My wife and CrossFit student Najla was complaining of cramps on Wednesday afternoon. So she said she was leaving work early. Around 5pm she sent me a text that she was going to urgent care and to keep my phone close. One of my class rules is to turn your phone off and focus on training. But this was important. Half way through our 6pm class I received a text that Najla was going to E.R to have some tests ran and blood work checked. So I ran out the door. 24 hours later, a night in E.R and we still had no answers. With two babies at home and a business that is dependent on showing up. I started to spin. Slow down…  Fortunately we have an amazing nanny and 3 coaches that I trust can not only teach but answer any question I can. By Thursday @ noon we started to get some results. My wifes I.U.D (birth control) had been lost. She had a cyst growing on her fillopian tube and internal bleeding. Slow down… She went in for surgery at 2:30pm to have this foreign object removed and by 5pm I was holding her hand in the hospital room and she is now at home recovering. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. I wrote this W.O.D for everyone that has almost lost someone truly important in thier life. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Slow down and go for a walk with the ones you love.

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