Paleo Challenge Quote of the Day

Thanks to Roger for starting the idea of 42 motivational quotes for the Paleo Challenge.  Email me your favorite quotes and I will post 1 a day for the challenge.  Here is Day #1:

“First say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do.”

You pick it Friday

I. 1 Mile Run/40x Thrusters 1x Round

II. 800x Meter Run/30x Thrusters 2x Rounds

III. 400x Meter Run/20x Thrusters 3x Rounds

If that doesnt make you sick… this video will. Next month we will be showing on movie night.

Get Real Food In Your Kitchen!

Tips to prepare you for success for the Spring Paleo Challenge

The time is here.  Spring Paleo Challenge starts Saturday for everyone participating, whether you are in the gym on Saturday or not. The Paleo Challenge WOD is at 9am or 10am and measurements will begin at 11:30am.  Be there on time for each (burpee law applies).

Your biggest tool for success is getting yourself prepared.  Here are tips to clean, stock and prep your way to success!  Remember Ashley’s post: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.  No failing allowed!

1. CLEAN OUT YOUR KITCHEN!- If its not there you won’t eat it.  Give your kitchen a makeover and get rid of all the junk in the house and everything that will cost you points.  No dairy, grains, legumes (peanuts too), sugar, alcohol, etc.  Donate it or throw it away- it will cost you more in the long run.  Your family will only hate you and refuse to eat for a short amount of time.  Trust me they will not starve.  If its not there, they won’t eat it (at least at the house) either and you know they could benefit from Paleo too.

2. STOCK YOUR KITCHEN WITH REAL FOOD! – See the Paleo Shopping List at the gym (this will be emailed to the participants on Saturday).  Get your snacks, meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds ready to go.

3. PREPARE YOUR FOOD SO IT IS QUICK AND EASY! – Wash it, cut it, chop it, bake it, boil it, grill it and bag it as soon as you get home from the store (you won’t do it later-trust me).  Chop you veggies and fruit into portions you will eat and bag them or put them into small containers that you can just grab out of the fridge.  Portion out your meat for what you will use that week and either put it into the fridge or cook it right then.  Freeze the rest but put it into meal size portions before you do so (especially if you buy in bulk) so that you can defrost a meal or two at a time.  Make your dressings for your salads. This way you won’t grab the processed stuff because of time.  Bake your paleo muffins, or pancakes for quick and easy breakfasts.  Boil some eggs for the week as well.  If you do the prep it will be less work during the week and you will have no excuse for losing points.

Paleo Challege Reminders:  Be sure to post to comments after daily posts (the WOD or any post) on the website and on the Facebook fan page daily successes, meal ideas, questions and most importantly pictures of your food! Check out this article about taking pictures of your food in the NY Times

Happy "70th" Birthday Mr.Reed

Dear Reed,

It has been a pleasure coaching you the past two and half years at CrossFit Scottsdale. I am proud of you for committing to your health and fitness and your one B.A Grandpa that has done 100x burpees 3x since you started CrossFitting. I hope to be as young as you are one day. This WOD’s for you.


Warm up
500 Meter Row
Leg Drills
10x  Burpee/Squat/Push Up/Sit Up/Superman  7x Rounds
Strict Press
Push Press
Push Jerk
Split Jerk
10x each. As Many Rounds As Possible >10 min

Level I Students

Congratulations to everyone who attended this evenings Level I Test (white band). A special thanks to Bob, Ted and Sarge for showing up and Coaching all of the athletes. Our coaching staff did a great job as well and of course all of you for having fun and kicking @$$. Pretty sweet Natalie when you show up for class and leave with a “White Band”. Halie you ROCK and I promise you got this! Next month is the Level II Test.

COMING SOON… LEVEL III (Gold Band) will be somewhere in between Rocky and Rambo.

CrossFit Scottsdale Level I Test 4/6/10 from Luke Kayyem on Vimeo.

Pat's Pre-Race

Charge your ipod, bring your running shoes, tie your shoes right and wear those good socks.

42 Push Ups
42 Sit Ups
(X3 rounds)
2.1 Mile Run

Don’t forget to sign up for Pats Run with team CrossFit Scottsdale (#2407). The run takes place on Saturday, April 17, 2010 @ 7:00 AM at Sun Devil Stadium, Arizona State University Campus
219 Packard Drive, Tempe. Pat’s Run, is the signature fundraising event for the Pat Tillman Foundation. The 4.2 mile run/walk attracts over 20,000 participants, volunteers and spectators from across the country. Together, we  run and walk  and honor Pat’s memory while raising important funds to support the scholarship programs created to pay tribute to his commitment to service. All events finish on the 42 yard line inside Sun Devil Stadium – symbolic of the #42 jersey Pat wore while a Sun Devil. Register Now

Last year we had a crew of 20 people participate, this year we expect that to double. If you haven’t run a race or entered into a sporting event as a competitor this is a great way to start. Get a PR and challenge yourself to run/walk 4.2 miles. Students that are involded in the Paleo Challenge will get bonus points for  participating in the run. Hope to see you there…It’s a lot of fun!

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