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Come join Coach Luke this Saturday, August 8th from 10-11am at lululemon athletica on the Borgata. We will be teaching a free class inside the new lulu location at 6166 N.Scottsdale Rd. Suite 408.


CrossFit Games 2008 W.O.D #3

After watching the CrossFit documentary of the 2008 CrossFit games “Every second counts” we decided to try a W.O.D from the events. Please scale this load to your skill level. We will be having a viewing of this film at CFS on Thursday, August 20th at @ 7pm.

Deadlift 5x #275/#185
Burpee 10x
5 rounds for time:

Baseline Challenge Final Results


On Saturday we held the Baseline Challenge Finals here at CrossFit Scottsdale. The turnout was 28 competitors ready for war. With the new location and space we moved into one month ago the classes have been intense. We have been training the CrossFit method for 6 weeks and the results are off the charts. 27/28 beat their prelim times from 7 sec to 3 minutes. This challenge shows us all the power of CrossFit, the respect of the community and the law of hard work pays off. Here are the times posted below. Winners in all 3 categories beginner, intermediate and advanced, both male and female and most improved male and female, won the prize money of $65 and CFS bragging rights until the next challenge Sep, 21st “Jackie” 1000 meter row/50 thrusters/30 pull ups.

Great job Team CrossFit Scottsdale and thank you to all the fans who showed up to cheer on all of our students!!!

*Marc 7:04 5:46 1:18 Most improved
*Sara 7:28 5:43 1:45 Most Improved
*Leesa 5:27 4:29 0:58 Won Beg
*Tracey 5:22 4:40 0:42 Won Intermediate
*Don 5:12 4:06 1:06 Won Intermediate
*JK 3:28 3:48 0:20 Won Advanced

Ellen 6:17 5:32 0:45
Liz 5:50 4:51 0:59
Myrna 5:20 4:53 0:27
Jeff 7:37 6:25 1:12
Chris 5:05 4:20 0:45
Eric 5:07 4:04 1:03
Katie H. 5:18 5:27
Tia 5:24 4:40 0:44
Ryan 4:58 4:11 0:47
Allison 8:16 6:37 1:39
Dr. Rob 4:59 4:41 0:18
Doug 4:37 4:11 0:26

Skip 7:45 5:22 2:23
Raj 8:26 5:53 2:34
Matt 7:27 4:24 3:03
Peter 5:51 4:33 1:18
Marissa 5:50 5:05 0:45
Evan 5:38 5:15 0:23

Coach 3:33 3:41 0:08
Bryon 3:33 3:40 0:07
Tiffany 4:26 4:47 0:21
Erica 4:36 4:21 0:15

CrossFit One World


najla one hand

It is with great pleasure I would like to congratulate the newest Certified Coach to the CrossFit Scottsdale team. Najla spent the weekend in Union City, California with some of the “Elite” Coaches in the world. Jolie won the games last year and Freddie has been coaching in the community since its inception in 2001. Najla has only been training the CrossFit method for less than a year and although she doesn’t plan on quitting her day job just yet as V.P of marketing and public relations at Related co. Najla believes in this program and has seen the changes in her own physique and body. She also happens to be my wife and knows the importance of the family that stays fit together, stays together. When visiting friends in California last month, we got up at 6am trained at CFLA had a zone breakfast and talked about how amazing this was… All day. Our friends thought we were crazy but by the end of the day asked us if CrossFit might be right for them. It allows us to share something that makes us better at what we do. Just being married is hard enough so sharing an experience like “Megan’s last stand” makes our relationship easier. We have 6 couples training here at CFS and although they may not train together they have a common bond. “One tough ass experience” Great job baby! That hand stand is HOT!

Vacations over!

200 push ups for time:
100 air squats
Inch worm 2x
30 sec locked out pull up hold 3x
300 jumping jacks
Single arm K.B overhead lunge Right/Left arm

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