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Aloha, CrossFit Nation, my fans across the globe and our Scottsdale students. “What a way to finish the work week”. Today was the trial run of “1000″ our 100th W.O.D which we will celebrate April 11th. From 10-12pm. Here at the EDGE on wellness. Everyone is welcome, bring the family and tell your friends. We are going to do this workout together and everyone will finish. This is a FREE class and bring the kids for a barbecue and Kayyem kids workout at 11am. 
This morning Doug, Erica, Tiffany, Danny, Myrna, Erica, Coach Bryon and myself attacked this hour long marathon of a workout and I must say I was a little nervous going into it. Thinking of my great friend Chris Lalanne and his mantra “If they don’t scare you, their not tough enough”  I slammed the bottom of  my Vente Vanilla Americano. My usual breakfeast on Saturdays and coughed up the rest of my punishment for running a 5K outside yesterday in this beautiful dust bloom we live in. 3.2.1 GO! 55 minutes later we all survived and so will you. Make it a wonderful weekend, be safe and get outside! We have about 60 days left until the HEAT starts so take advantage of it. Coach Luke

             *Please do not attempt these exercises without the consent of a doctor.
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Overhead squat
100 Pull up
100 Push press
100 Wall ball
100 Kettle bell swing
100 Jumping pull up
100 Double unders
100 Dips
For time:


Squat Week 3/30-4/4

Starting Monday March 30th at CrossFit Scottsdale we will start every workout with100 Air Squats and Finish every workout with 100 Air Squats. This week was push up week and I must say adding an extra 200 push ups to our already tough W.O.D’s has made our workouts “Intense” Each week for 12 weeks we will add a different exercise to start and finish your workouts with. Try this same principle for all your training days of the week. Don’t forget we can scale any exercise the key is to get the reps in!

#95 "Ashlea"

Lunge 50x
Super Jumping Jack 5x
Lunge 40x
Super Jumping Jack 5x
Lunge 30x
Super Jumping Jack 5x
Lunge 20x
Super Jumping Jack 5x
Lunge 10x
Super Jumping Jack 5x

5 rounds of:
Row 250 meters
Ab Mat Sit Ups 25x

For time:
Thruster and Pull-Ups (#65, #95)

CrossFit Scottsdale @ Palm Desert Athletic Club #94

Wow! What a wonderful weekend I had in California. My family and I visit Palm Springs every other month. Grandma lives there and my wife and I are from the Desert. I started my illustrious career at the Palm Desert Athletic Club in 2000 From the front desk to the rock wall I did it all. More importantly I learned how to run a “Globo Gym.”So Saturday I invited 200 of my closest Facebook friends to come give Kayyem Fitness Powered by: CrossFit a try. These are the 8 who had the guts to show. All of them workout regularly but none have ever felt the way they did after this W.O.D…
Thank you CrossFit and thank you P.D.A.C.

400 Meter Run
50 Wall Balls
40 K.B swings
30 Push ups
20 Sit ups
100 Jump rope


#92 Mellow Monday


3 Rounds of:
10x Burpees
10x Jumping Jacks
10x Super Jumping Jacks

3 Rounds of:
10x Leg Lowers
25x Weighters Bow

Bosu Ball 1 minute each foot

50x Push-Ups
100x Wind Shield Wipers

3 rounds of:
30x Wall Balls
30 Second Mountain Climbers

#91 Dirty Bird

1 push up, stand up and turn around
2 push ups, stand up and turn around
3 push ups, stand up and turn around
Continue until 21

1 sit up, 1 crunch
2 sit ups, 2 crunches
3 sit ups, 3 crunches
Continue until 21

As many rounds in 20 minutes of:
10x Push Press (#65, #95)
10x Back Extensions
5x Street Fighters
20x Jumping Squats
Max Rep Pull Up

#90 Da Birthday W.O.D.

2 Rounds of:
Burpees XYour Age
Jumping Jacks 100+ Your Age
Push Ups 100+ Your Age
Sit Ups 100+ Your Age
Thrusters XYour Age (#45, #65)
Walking Lunges 100+ Your Age
Bench Press XYour Age (#Body Weight)
Pull Ups XYour Age

Happy Birthday to Jenn and Brian!!!! Enjoy your birthday W.O.D.!!!!

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