CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga Takes Flight

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CrossFit Scottsdale Yopga tripod

While there are many over laps between CrossFit and yoga, one of the most obvious involves inversions (ex: handstands and headstands) and arm balances. In my own yoga practiced prior to CrossFit these “flying” poses were a source of frustration. They were always the most fun to watch others do but I just could not seem to get them myself. It has only been since I began CrossFitting in conjunction with my yoga practice that I have been able to begin to master these poses.

In class I watch fellow students struggle with similar CrossFit gymnastics moves. The CrossFit Journal Article entitled The Russian Gymnastics Warm-up summed it up best.

“Most beginners, (especially ladies) desperately lack the ability to perform pull-ups and dips, while more advanced guys aspire to perform dead-hang muscle-ups, levers, free-standing handstands push-ups and planks.” The article goes on to describe a warm-up that was designed specifically to help athletes develop the body weight competency, flexibility and strength required to perform more advanced gymnastics skills.

One of the movements in the warm-up is the tri-pod. The tri-pod is the first step in yoga required to work towards headstands. With this as inspiration and with my strong desire to make gymnastics movements not only fun to watch but fun to do, Friday’s CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga class will begin to incorporate headstands. CrossFit Scottsdale yoga students will begin to take flight and hopefully see the results and benefits in their gymnastics movements.

Fat Loss & CrossFit, The Perfect Marriage

Calling my fellow CrossFitters, joining CrossFit is one of the best decisions you have ever made, the second will be to come out on Saturday 1/30 and let me share with you how to rocket into Fat Loss Success.  I will be hosting a Free Fat Loss Workshop at 11:30am.

If you have 5, 15, or 20 pounds you just can’t get rid of no matter how hard you try, this is for you. I will give you my Body Balance Diet 21 day Fat Loss Grocery List, meal ideas and more.  This is the perfect food and exercise marriage, it works, plain and simple. I’m also going to mix you up the best Protein Shake you have ever tasted! 

Join us for the WOD at 10am and stay for some fun. Bring a note pad and pen. Check out my web site  and blog

“It’s time to Get Thin with MyrnaLynn”

Myrna and Luke

Got Milk?

Whole milk serves a few different functions. It is a complete meal and is an excellent post-workout drink for recovery and muscle building. It contains protein, fat, vitamins D and K, all necessary for performance and strength gains. It is an inexpensive form of supplementation; it is full muscle building properties and is ideal for trying to build mass. On top of all the good properties, milk is cheap, easy to find, and requires no preparation, so that it can be consumed immediately.

If you are lactose intolerant (actually a quite rare condition) whey protein is an ideal choice. Many forms of whey protein are lactose-free and therefore will not cause problems for those that cannot drink whole milk.

Whey Protein is a by-product of cheese manufactured from cow’s milk. It has the highest biological value of any protein, meaning that it passes through the stomach quickly and is rapidly absorbed by the intestines.  For years it has been the staple of many athletes/bodybuilders’ supplement program.

Hayden milk

Beckham Milk

Medicine Ball Clean

Shoulder press
1×20 1×10 1×5 (warm up)
1x1x1x1x1 (Heavy)
Med ball clean
1 min med ball clean
1 min jumping lunge
45 seconds med ball clean
45 seconds jumping lunge
30 seconds med ball clean
30 seconds jumping lunge
45 seconds med ball clean
45 seconds jumping lunge
1 min med ball clean
1 min  jumping lunge


~Kids Run for Kids~

Kanon AZ baseball
My name is Kanon. Some of you know me from CrossFit Kids. I am the youngest of all the students. I love burpees! My daddy has been teaching me how to do them since I was born. It really helps me with my hitting when I play baseball. I’m pretty lucky to have my parents cuz they can get me new cleats, gloves and gear. When I heard that there are other boys and girls right here in Arizona that cant afford Little League uniforms or gloves or even hats. I got pretty sad but my daddy said not to worry and that he had an idea.

Arizona Baseball Charities and CrossFit Scottsdale have teamed up to turn a double play. By having Kids Run for Kids everyone WINS. The race is this Sunday at Scottsdale stadium at 11am. I’m going to be running with my daddy cuz I am only 3 but anyone can run under age 12. The coolest part is that we get to run inside the stadium and finish around home plate.

It’s only $20 if your parents are hip like mine and register online at or you can register the day of for $25. If you are interested in donating to the Arizona Baseball Charities every penny counts or volunteering for Sundays event please contact Coach Luke Kayyem

…and after the race there is a celebrity softball game. Like my daddy always says that’s two things I like baseball and free.

Kanon Kayyem
Check out this video of me hitting home runs last June (I was only 2).

Hand stands & Muscle ups

CrossFit is three equal parts. Conditioning… Olympic lifting… and Gymnastics. So why do so many CrossFitter’s forget about the last? Maybe because it’s difficult and technical. Either way today we are going to dive right in to hand stands & muscle ups. Here is a video from this past weekends CrossFit Level II course at the USD strength and conditioning center in San Diego, CA.

1 Hand stands
3 Muscle ups
3 Burpees
10 min AMRAP
Max effort Push up/Air squat 2x minute

Brian Gubernick 2009 Athlete of the Year

Brian Gubernick
A.K.A  “B.G”
Dedication. Discipline. ConsistencyAOY Gub

I would like to congratulate B.G for his achievements in the classroom in 2009. He is the most consistent student we have and it shows in his numbers. Always coming in the top 3 and never missing a class Brian is a leader in all 3 categories (gymnastics, Olympic lifting, conditioning) Check out some of his numbers: Fran 3:31 Cindy 25  Helen 8:53 Jonny Boi 22:54
Brian is training for the sectionals in March and is considered one of our “Elite” athletes.

Chicken & Asparagus Omelet

chx and asp omletINGREDIENTS:

1 Whole Egg

2 Egg Whites

1 oz Cooked Chicken Breast

½ oz Mozzarella Cheese (optional)

1 Medium Tomato (optional)

1 Fresh Green Onion (optional)

1 Navel Orange

5 Medium Fresh Strawberries

Fresh or Dried Herbs (to taste)

Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper (to taste)


1. Cook chicken breast as desired (grill, bake, poach) then shred or chop

2. Cut & gently cook fresh asparagus (blanch or microwave) TIP! Blanch: Cook in boiling water until medium & still bright green (5 min) : Remove from boiling water directly into bowl of ice water  : This will stop the cooking to maintain crispness & vitamins

3. Whip together egg & egg whites, season with herbs, S & P

4. Pour into preheated sauté pan & allow to “set” about 2 minutes

5. Add cooked chicken & asparagus

6. Fold over ½ omelet on itself & finish cooking

7. Garnish with fresh green onions, tomato & mozzarella cheese

8. Serve with fresh strawberries & navel orange

Ground Beef & Lettuce Wrap

beef letuce wraps

Courtesy of the Body Balance Diet.


3 oz Lean Ground Beef

Butter or Romaine Lettuce Leaves

Yellow or Sweet Onion

Fresh or Dried Herbs (to taste) Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper (to taste)


1. Fry ground beef with herbs, S & P / drain, then set aside

2. Shred or chop onion & fry in same pan

3. Arrange lettuce leaves, divide meat, onions & fresh herbs

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