Every second counts…

This Thursday at 7pm CrossFit Scottsdale will be having it’s first movie night. Come join other students as we watch the  CrossFit documentary, Every second counts… Please bring your own lawn chair and zone friendly snacks. All friends and family are welcome. This is a free event but please leave the kids and animals at home! Bring your training gear too, after the first time I watched this movie I jumped up and did 100 burpees. No joke! It will motivate you out of your chair!

Breathe Later…

breathe later

What started out as a friendly competitive CrossFit event honoring a local police officer turned out to be Team CrossFit Scottsdale’s very first taste of some of the best competition around the state. With all matching black CFS t shirts 7 of our competitors and 8 fans (husbands, wives, students and children) showed up to CrossFit Fury in Goodyear owned by Peter Egyed qualifier in this years games finishing 4th overall.

The first wod was a clean and press any way over your head. Press, push press, jerk or split jerk We had 5 minutes to rack and clear that weight. Every one of us hit a P.R or personal record. Exactly two minutes rest before the next wod began. The 2nd wod was max rep pull ups (as many as possible in 3 minutes). No bands, no scaling, men or women. The total score of lbs plus reps on pull ups would equal your score going into the 3rd round.

The 3rd wod was a 1 round triplet. 400 meter run/30x burpees/10x push press #155. Easy right? W.R.O.N.G! Even though the metabolic conditioning is our schools strong point that #155 lbs was a killer after doing 30 burpees. Each and every one of us finished in 1st place after the run and the burpees… but got crushed when it came to the #155 push press. Brian K. was the only competitor in his heat to finish as RX’d, Brian G. was the first one finished in his heat and both Coach Bryon and I were the 1st to the bar in our heat’s. My last rep took me almost 3 minutes. That was the difference between 4th and 8th place. For the first time ever, I thought I might not finish the workout. But I did, we all did! Tiffany completed her 1st 8 consecutive pull ups, ripping her hands apart and smiling the entire time. “That girl has more heart than a lion”. We all did things we never expected to do and all of it was under pressure, nerves and competition. It makes you perform better! I want to truly congratulate Jon Kaufman who showed us all just how strong physically and mentally this 23 year old is. Having only been a CrossFitter for 3 months– he showed up and did not quit. Coming in 2nd place over all only to Mike Mosley from CrossFit Northwest Tuscon. Who placed 3rd overall at the CF games qualifier in Flagstaff. Congratulations Jon, you are truly a machine and I am honored and  proud to be your Coach!

I would also like to thank CF Fury and all of the local affiliates who joined us on Friday night. It was my 1st experience competing at another box. It was amazing to have my family and friends, competing for a fundraiser. It felt like an AYSO soccer tournament when I was a kid. There were no attitudes, no egos, no problems. My voice is horse from cheering and yelling at not only our team but for guys I’ve never met. I am thankfull to have something like CrossFit in my life. In a time where community doesn’t exist, there are no regular neighborhood cook outs and most of us dont speak to our friends in person. I am blessed to have a group of like minded individuals working hard towards one common goal.

 “Doing the right things, for the right people, for the right reasons”.

Respectfully… Coach Luke Kayyem






Just do it!

50 double unders or  5×1= 250 single jumps
25 single arm KB swings #35/#15
5X For time
Check out this video of my good friend Chris LaLanne explaining the KB swing at the “Brickhouse”

CrossFit Fury Memorial Competition

cf fury

This Friday at CrossFit Fury, Team CrossFit Scottsdale will be competing for a good cause in a unknown W.O.D. Come cheer on Coaches Luke, Erica, Tiffany and Bryon. Students Brian G, Jon Kaufman, Bryan K and Doug as we “Raise our game” against each other and other regional CrossFitters.

July Athlete of the Month


Congratulations Sara H, your hard work and dedication is paying off. Sara has only been with CrossFit Scottsdale 2 months and already acts like a veteran. She is always early, never misses a class. Trains at home with her husband Peter who is also a student all while feeding and changing Charlie (CF Kids 2013) She has also attended classes at CityNorth and improved her baseline time by 1:45 to Win the most improved cadagory. Way to go Sara. Make sure you give her a HIGH 5 and let her know She Rocks…

Dr. Barry Sears-Activate your health!

Coach Tiffany and Skip Divelbiss with Dr. Barry Sears

Coach Tiffany and Skip Divelbiss with Dr. Barry Sears

It was a privelidge and an honor to meet Dr. Barry Sears this weekend in Irvine, CA.  He spoke to approximately 400 fellow crossfitters about the Zone Diet in terms of fighting silent inflammation and creating optimum performance.  Here are some highlights from this amazing seminar.

The underlying cause of virtually every chronic disease as well as the aging process is inflamation.  The body is a complex orchestration of pro and anti inflamatory events. Diet has the ability to activate or inhibit these events. You are in control of your future!

The Zone:  Its about hormonal control and gene expression.  Use food as a drug in the right prescription to fight silent inflamation, control your homones and genes.  Listen to your body!  You may or may need different amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fat.  Don’t complicate it either.  Use one hand and one eye to determine amounts of food.  Eat small meals that consist of lean protein at each meal no larger than the size of the palm of your hand.  This is 1/3 of your plate.  Fill the other 2/3 with colorful low glycemic load vegetables and fruit.  Add some good monounsaturated fat.  That’s it!

Performance Zone: To increase performance you must be able to control homones and inflamation. 

Being in the Zone can give you decreased inflamation which means decreased recovery times, increased muscle mass, increased reaction times, increased mental focus, and decreased body fat!

Big Take Aways:

The power of Fish Oil!  Are you getting enough?

Low-Fat diets have no health advantage.

You must release your “fat trap” to permenently lose weight. 

Its not about calories it about converting to ATP that matters.

Diet is a way of life!

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”  ~ Hippocrates

Thank you CrossFit and Dr. Barry Sears for putting on this event!

~Coach Tiffany

CrossFit Kids

Jump rope 1 min
Run 3 laps
Jump rope 45 sec
Run 2 laps
Jump rope 30 sec
Run 1 lap

Bear crawl
Push press
High jumps
3X rounds

Balance ball toss
Miss 1 push up
Make Coach does 1 burpee

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