Listen to Yoda!

“Do or do not. There is no try.” ~Yoda

Probably one of my favorite quotes and very appropriate for this point in the Paleo Challenge.  We are over the half way point and if you’ve been “trying” to do paleo up to this point you probably aren’t where you want to be.  Its time to stop “trying” and just do it! 

If you want to make sure you are on the right track, make an appointment to get your body fat tested with Dr. Bosch.  Then depending on where you are at see a coach so we can make some adjustments before the finals.  Dr. Bosch has offered the midpoint testing at $20 so take advantage of it. Visit for her contact information.  Results at the 4 week point will be posted on Saturday!

Let’s all be on track for the last two weeks!!

Affiliate Cup Team

CrossFit Scottsdale sectional from ali a on Vimeo.

The 2010 Southwest Regionals will be taking place this weekend at UC Irvine in Irvine, CA. For those of you not making the trip to Irvine to support our athletes, you can watch the Regionals live on the CrossFit Games website. See the Affiliate Cup Team profiles below. GO TEAM!

NAME: Luke Kayyem
Nickname: Coach

Age:31 1/2

Born: Los Angeles, CA but raised in Hawaii
Occupation: Leader
Started CrossFit: 03/2008

Why do you CrossFit? To be the best at everything.

Favorite WOD: Fran
Favorite Lift: OH Squat
Least Favorite WOD: Fran
Least Favorite Lift: Back Squat

Fran: 2:58
Cindy: 14 (the 1st wod I ever tried @ Golds Gym, have not done it since)
Murph #20 Vest: 53:26
Helen Chest to bar: 8:47
100x Burpees: 6:11
Baseline: 3:33:5
500m Row: 1:27

Deadlift: 405
Push Jerk: 225
OH Squat: 225
Snatch: 135
Clean & Jerk: 215
Max Pull ups: 43
Unbroken Double Unders: 100

NAME: Matt I. Blanton
Nickname: Silent Assassin

Weight: 166

Born: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Owner, Printing Solutions
Started CrossFit: July ’09

Why do you CrossFit? There are so many aspects of life you will never
anticipate and Crossfit is another tool to help you prepare for those
unexpected arrivals. It provides humility and triumph on a weekly basis.
There is no hiding or cheating yourself with Crossfit. Mentally and
physically challenging, highly rewarding.

Favorite WOD: Fight Gone Bad
Favorite Lift: Snatch
Least Favorite WOD: Fran
Least Favorite Lift: squat clean thrusters

Lynne: 160
Baseline: 3:34
Angie: 17:10
Barbara: 23:40
FGB: 309
Filthy Fifty: 23:39
500m Row: 1:26

Deadlift: 405lbs
Press: 145lbs
Back Squat: 335lbs
Snatch: 175lbs
Clean & Jerk: 205lbs
Max Pull ups: 32

NAME: Brian Gubernick
Nickname: BG, G-G-G-Unit

Weight: 175

Born: Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: Owner, Homehelper Consultants
Started CrossFit:  2009

Why do you CrossFit? To be more like Luke and BK

Favorite WOD: Heavy Fran 21,15,9 @ #135
Favorite Lift: Bench Press
Least Favorite WOD: Fran
Least Favorite Lift: Overhead Squat

Cindy: 25
Murph: 52:48 (20# vest)
Helen: 9:10 (chest to bar)
Nicole: 120
Push-ups: 100

NAME: Ilana Fisher
Nickname: ‘B.A.B’ or Na

Age: 29
Weight: 135

Born: Lansing, MI
Occupation: financial analyst
Started CrossFit: October, 2009

Why do you CrossFit?  CrossFit improves the quality of my life, in every aspect.  Makes me feel exhilarated & capable.  Its my daily anti-depressant.

Favorite WOD: Murph
Favorite Lift: Snatch
Least Favorite WOD: Missed WODs
Least Favorite Lift: Sit ups

Fran: 7:23
Murph: 49:59
FGB: 242 
Kelly: 27:59
Jackie: 11:08
1 mile run: 7:38

Deadlift: 220
Press: 125
Back Squat: 165
Snatch: 90
Clean & Jerk: 125
Max Pull ups: 8 consecutive deadhangs

NAME: Melissa Einbinder
Nickname: Mel, Vegas or random women in the Sapranos

Age: 26
Weight: 135

Born: Sacramento, CA
Occupation: Engineer
Started CrossFit: November of 2009 

Why do you CrossFit? – I crossfit for the intense work outs and the constant push to give it everything I’ve got.   The workouts are short, sweet and torturous.  For some reason, I’m addicted to pushing my body to the max to claim the coveted prize to rule a random woman to which we call Fran, Karen, etc. 

Favorite WOD:  Helen or anything with running and pull ups
Favorite Lift:  Deadlift
Least Favorite WOD:  Jackie
Least Favorite Lift: Thrusters and Front Squats 

Fran: 3:53 @ 55#
Cindy: 18 Rounds (+ 5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups & 5 Squats)
FGB: 276
Helen: 9:42 @ 35#

Back Squat: 155#
Clean & Jerk: 135#
Max Pull ups: 25

NAME: Eileen Schreiber
Nickname: XFit Cougar

Born: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Real Estate Professional
Started CrossFit: 01/2009

Why do you CrossFit?  I CrossFit because it is the total mind body experience. I am getting older yet am in better overall shape than ever, and know that in the future, I will be stronger and faster than today. I consistently look better naked. I feel healthier, have more energy and am more alive than ever before. I love the community and the positive spirit of crossfit. Oh, and I am addicted.

"Above the bar"

Warm up
Shuffle Run 10 meters…20… meters…. 150 meters
5x (last 2x for time)

7x Chest to bar Pull Ups
21x Double Unders
7x Rounds

Broad Jump 3x attempts for distance

Paleo Protein

So you did it. You took the plunge and went head first into the paleo challenge. Awesome. Perfect. Fantastic. Now what?

We at CFS want you to achieve your paleo goals and we want to do everything we can to support you. So when you spoke, we listened:

“I want to look like superman, but my schedule is more like Clark Kent’s.”

“My ancestors were less hunter and more gatherer.”

“My energy level is closer to a hibernating bear than the caveman that hunted him.”

On the paleo diet, protien is key. While we all know that real food is the most important part of our diet, sometimes we need a little help meeting the protien demands of our CrossFit lifestyle. With that in mind, CFS is now selling egg protien for $35. That’s right folks, the same brand you find at supplement stores is now avaiable for $35 at CrossFit Scottsdale. Ask a coach how you can get yours today.

CrossFit Scottsdale Regional Qualifiers

The 2010 Southwest Regionals will be taking place this weekend at UC Irvine in Irvine, CA. For those of you who are not familiar with the CrossFit Games, THIS IS OUR OLYMPICS!!! The Southwest Region (Hawaii, California, & Arizona) is believed by many to be the most skilled and most competitive region in the world. We’d love to have a big support crew in CA to cheer on EP, Sarge, BK and our Affiliate Cup Team. Tickets for spectators are $50 – that gets you tickets for 2 people for both days. Register as a spectator HERE.

We could not be prouder of our 3 Regional Qualifiers.

NAME: Erica Picard
Nickname: “E”, “E.P.” “Eazy E”

Age: 27
Weight: 135

Born: Foster, Rhode Island
Occupation: haridresser/coach
Started CrossFit: Aug. 2008

Why do you CrossFit? I love the community and competition. Even after a year and a half i still see progress and results using the  Crossfit method. Hot boys with their shirts off…need i say more?

Favorite WOD: Every WOD BK programs
Favorite Lift: deadlift
Least Favorite WOD: Kelly
Least Favorite Lift: front squat or snatch

Fran: 5:54
Helen: 10:55
Karen: 6:36
Filthy Fifty: 26:31
500m Row: 1:47
Baseline: 4:21

Deadlift: 230
Press: 85
Back Squat:175
Front Squat : 165
Clean & Jerk:130


NAME: Jeff Brennan
Nickname: “SARGE”

Age:  31
Weight: 190#

Born: Port Jefferson, Long Island New York
Occupation: Police Officer
Started CrossFit: 10/2009

Why do you CrossFit?  Because I’m a masochist.

Favorite WOD: FRAN
Favorite Lift: Back Squat
Least Favorite WOD: F.G.B.
Least Favorite Lift: SNATCH

Fran: 2:33
Christine: 9:53
500m Row: 1:28
ANNIE: 6:02
Mcghee- 26 rounds

Deadlift: 365#
Back Squat: 365#
Clean & Jerk: 245 clean, 225 jerk
Max Pull ups: (in the 30’s…)

NAME: Brian Kunitzer
Nickname: BK
Age: 30
Weight: 180
Born: Saginaw, MI
Occupation: Professional Athlete
Started CrossFit: June 2009

Why do you CrossFit? I do it for the kids.
Favorite WOD: Murph
Favorite Lift: Back Squat
Least Favorite WOD: Eva
Least Favorite Lift: Bench Press
Fran: 3:00
Angie: 16:43
Linda: 162
FGB: 359
100 Burpees: 5:29
Deadlift: 355
Press: 145
Back Squat: 295
Snatch: 165
Clean & Jerk: 225
Max Pull ups: 25

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