Fitness Friday's @ CityNorth

Back by popular demand we packed up the CrossFit truck “Bumblebee” and headed to CityNorth this morning. We had a great turnout of 19 people this morning for an amazing energy filled class. With almost 15 new students we completed a 10 minute team workout. Coach Bryon led the class with education on the med ball clean and proper technique of the overhead lunge. Great job guys see you next week for another class… “Think burpees”

2 man teams:
#1 student performs a med ball clean holding the ball overhead and lunges 20 yards and back
#2 student does jump ropes, calf raises or burpees depending on skill level until #1 crosses the start line. Then switch
Total time: 10 minutes

We look forward to continuing Fitness Fridays throughout the summer indoors next to the park on high street. 

CrossFit Kids

Warm up
bear crawl
long jump
5 min
kettle bell swing
box jumps
Eyes closed single leg karate kids. If you drop other foot or open eyes your out. 25 jumping jacks to get back in the game.

"Every second counts"

Congratulations to every single participant in this mornings preliminary baseline challenge. We had 22 students and 4 coach’s dig deeper than they ever have before. 25 personal records were set and one CrossFit Scottsdale Team record set by Ryan Flynn in the 500 meter row with a 1:29. Absolutely amazing! Ryan has only been training with us for a month and has the potential to set a national CrossFit record. Take a look at your times and set a goal for yourself for the finals in our new location August 1st. Train CrossFit for the next 6 weeks harder than you ever have and watch the minutes fly off.

Below are the times by catagory for the preliminary baseline challenge:
John K 3:48
Bryan G 4:15
Eric 5:07
Kate G 5:09
Jen 5:34
Ryan 4:58
Don 5:12
Chris 5:05
Marc 7:04
Jeff 7:37
Tracy 5:22
Myrna 5:20
Ellen 6:17
Liz 5:50
Alison 8:16
Shannon 5:29
Kristin 5:30
Katie 5:18
Leesa 5:27
Bill 7:17
Tia 5:24
Erica 4:36
Tiffany 4:47
Bryon 3:40
Luke 3:41
Here are a few pictures from this morning. We have also added a CrossFit Scottsdale page to Facebook. Click on the link below to follow us and post your scores.

All Pro Dad

Write out your goals…

A Harvard study followed the progress of students who had written out their goals while still in college. Years later, those students were found to be more satisfied with their lives and more successful than those who had not put their goals down. So, to help achieve your dreams, put your aspirations to paper. First, be specific with your goals and include a timeframe. Next write out three things you can do to reach each one. And finally, evaluate your progress every year. Start with family goals and work from there.

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