"I Go Hard"

Warm up
2K Row for calories/farmers walk for distance

Hand Stands (get upside down)
Hold, walk, push ups, cart wheels

21x 15x 9x (GO HARD)
KB swing #55/35
Pull up
Jumping Squat

Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Patty N. on becoming Athlete of the Month. Patty joined our Team back in January with a runners background and the lack of strength that goes with it. In 6 short months she has gained strength, successfully passed the Level I test, practice Paleo,  ran the Pat Tillman, screened Food inc. and more importantly has become an amazing Teammate in class. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Patty.

“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs”

 Joan Welsh




Chipper Challenge Results

Elite Men     Elite Women  
Matt B 13.50   Mel 14.20
BG 14.38   Tiffany 16.00
Luke 15.48      
Ted 16.28      
Dwight 18.56      
Paul Z 19.10      
Skip 20.19      
JK 20.32      
Branson 22.23      
Don 23.24      
Advanced Men   Advanced Women
Mark V 16.21   Katie K 14.29
Ali A. 18.24   Erin H 15.07
Pete H 19.02   Maria P 15.42
Chris T 20.23   Myrna 16.56
Lutz 21.47   Natalie G 17.16
Mike G 25.55   Naj 17.28
      Sara H 18.31
      Maggie 18.33
      Dani 19.19
Intermediate Men   Inrtermediate Women
Ryan M 14.22   Claire O. 13.44
Bob Neeser 15.42   Jenn D 14.07
Ashley P 16.15   Ashley U. 16.10
Doug N. 18.15   Hallie 16.11
Scott H 18.33   Ashley R. 16.17
JAZ 19.42   Alex F 16.25
Andy B 20.10   Julie K 16.43
Josh V 20.20   Rhiannon 17.06
      Traci E. 17.19
      Jenn B 18.04
      Lindsay B 23.30
Beginner Men   Beginner Women
Joey 19.31   Kim B 13.03
Mike W. 20.08   Erin W 14.17
      Alison 15.18

Chipper Challenge a HUGE Success!

What do you get when you combine 51 kick ass CrossFit Scottsdale Students with a 10 exercise home grown chipper… A WHOLE BOATLOAD OF AWESOMENESS!!!

 Today was the largest challenge we have ever hosted, both in terms of participation and exercises. To put on an event like this we needed a whole lotta help so before I go any further, a big thank you to all of our coaches, ambassadors, and volunteers. We would not have been able to put on an event like this without you. A special shout out to Skip for making our brand spankin’ new plyo boxes. Those things are sick… not any easier to jump on after 60 goblet squats, but sick nonetheless!

 The morning started off with a bang as our Elite Women rowed, squatted, jumped, sat, pulled, swung… you get the point. Every 5 minutes after that another heat of 3 set off on the rowers ready to conquer the beast. Most succeeded, some puked but all competed.

 Heat 5 was one of the more memorable heats of the day. Hallie, Ashley U., and Ashley R. all finished within 7 seconds of each other. Ashley U’s time of 16:10 was the top time of the day for our intermediate women.

 The Elite and Advanced men competed in the same heats and were impressive both in their athleticism and in their determination. Heat 13 paired two members of CrossFit Scottsdale’s Affiliate Cup team with Ali A. Brian Gubernick and Matt Blanton went head to head for almost 14 minutes with Matt B posting the best Elite Male time of the day, 13:50.

 Finally, thank you to Peter and Sara Houck for all of the great memories. We were so glad you came to share one last Saturday with us. We will miss both of you and we will miss seeing Charlie continue to grow up. You will always be family.

Attention ALL Chipper Challenge Participants be here at 7:30am to get signed in and warmed up for the challenge.

Chipper Challenge Heat Times

        Start Time
Elite Women Tiffany Mel Jenn D (Adv) 8:10
Inter Men Tom H Ashley P Devin W 8:15
Inter Men Josh V JAZ Andy B 8:20
Inter Men Peter Kravitz Bob Neeser   8:25
Inter Women Hallie Ashley U. Ashley R. 8:30
Inter Women Julie K Lindsay B Alex F 8:35
Inter Women Rhiannon Jenn B Traci E. 8:40
Inter Women Lisa Jenna Kravitz   8:45
Beg Men Buck W. Mike W.   8:50
Elite/Adv Men Dwight Ted Scott H 9:00
Elite/Adv Men Paul Z Don Ryan M 9:05
Elite/Adv Men Matt B BG Ali A. 9:10
Elite/Adv Men Luke JK Chris T 9:15
Elite/Adv Men Skip Nate H Mike G 9:20
Elite/Adv Men Branson Mark V Pete H 9:25
Beg Women Alison Kim B Ginny 9:30
Beg Women Nicki Erin W   9:35
Adv Women Sara H Maria P Natalie G 9:40
Adv Women Dani Maggie Myrna 9:45

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