Dustin Anderson January 2014 Athlete of the Month

Dustin Anderson is the “black sheep” when it comes to FITness competitions. Since Dustin first began his quest for higher level FITess two years ago he has come full circle, eventually beating any previous benchmarks, personal records, races, runs or events EVER at 29 years of age. “D” as I like to call him is one of the coolest, level headed men I know. His no nonsense approach to FITness shows the second he walks in the gym. Ready and eager to learn more about his own potential and possibilities as well as the guys he trains with. In the past 90 days Dustin has competed at the “FURY” , ran a half marathon way under 2 hours, competed with our vicious looking North Scottsdale Flag Football team. Some of Dustin’s recent scores include……
30 muscle ups > 6:06
30 snatches @ 135 > 2:24
Front squat #315
3x rep front squat #300
Power snatch #200
Power clean #280
Bench press #305
Half marathon 1:59:27

Congratulations Mr. Anderson you have come along way since wanting to loose some weight. We hope you continue to progress and achieve the FITness you are looking for. Thank you for your commitment to SICFIT Scottsdale.

Got Valentine’s Day Plans?


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine’s Day is typically viewed as an occasion for indulgence. A time to splurge on date-night at a fine restaurant and to actually take up the server’s offer for dessert. At SICFIT Scottsdale however, we view this day of romance a bit differently. To us, we think that celebrating the one you love should  bring out the best in both of you. So instead of throwing your nutrition and training plan out the window, why not incorporate it into your date and share it with your sweetheart?  SICFIT Scottsdale’s Sweat With Your Sweetie event will help you do just that! Bring your Valentine to the 5:30am, 6:30am, noon, or 5:30pm and let’s make this Valentine’s Day the happiest and healthiest  one yet!


10 Minutes
Run 300 meters + walk 150meters
4 Working Rounds
5-8 Front squats | 30 second rest
5 Strict chins up | 30 second rest
1 Minute plank 1 | 2 minutes rest
LIFE: Tempo ring row + barbell back squat + tempo push up
FITNESS/SPORT: Deficit push up with 25/15 plates
LIFE : 10 Sit ups + 10 hand release push ups + 200 meter row | 4 rounds
FITNESS: 10 Lying knees to elbows + 10 deficit push ups #15/10 plates + 5 wall walks | 5 rounds
SPORT: 9 Toes to bar + 5 handstand push up or wall walk | 6 rounds

We’ve Got Your Fuel!


Check out all the new food we stocked the fridge with for the New Year.

LIFEers – We have Paleo Snacks

-       PALEOKIT – A perfectly portable and healthy mix of nitrate-free, free-range beef jerky, raw nuts and dried fruits.

-       PALEOSTIX – Convenient, easy to eat, and packed with protein!

-       PALEOKRUNCH – This gluten-free and grainless granola bar helps you stay Paleo anytime, anywhere.

FITNESS – Regulate your insulin with healthy sugar

 –       ALMOND BUTTER – Low Glycemic Index Carb. Replenish your glycogen without spiking your insulin… oh and almond butter tastes amazing too.

-       POWERCOCO – A natural surge of electrolytes that will keep you hydrated no matter how hot it gets.

SPORT – Replenish your blood sugar

-       POWDERED GATORADE – Are you pulling two-a-days? You need a post workout recovery and you need it fast. Drop a Powdered Gatorade in a protein shake immediately following a workout and get maximum recovery for maximum results!

Be sure to get all the FUEL you need at SICFIT Scottsdale. Next time you workout grab what you need and simply write your name on the fridge list. You do the work; we’ll take care of the rest!

Creating and Keeping Strong, Healthy Shoulders


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our shoulders are vital to our ability as humans to reach out and interact with our environment. And though our shoulders allow us much versatility in movement, the shoulder itself is a relatively unstable joint. Much like our hip joints, our shoulders form a ball-and-socket joint. However, unlike our hips, the socket in which our humerus, or arm bone, attaches to is quite shallow.  This feature is what allows such diverse range of motion in the shoulders, but it is also what makes the joint vulnerable to injury. Protecting the shoulder joint is a group of tendons, ligaments, and muscles known at the rotor cuff (1). While we spend much time at SICFIT Scottsdale strengthening the rotator cuff muscles, it is equally important to give them the restorative and mobilizing stretching they need to both stabilize the joint and keep it unimpinged. Use this weeks FlexibilityRX Stretch of the Week’ to keep your shoulders healthy and strong!



Run 2 big laps + walk 2 small laps
10 Rounds not for time | 15 minute time cap
10 Sit ups + 10 push ups + 10 overhead squats (pvc)
Run 2 big laps + 2 walk laps
Lunge 50 steps + 5 burpees
Lunge 40 steps + 4 burpees
Lunge 30 steps + 3 burpees
Lunge 20 steps + 2 burpees
Lunge 10 steps + 1 burpee
Run 2 laps + 2 walk laps
5 Minute plank
stop clock when you stop

How to Run Your First Marathon


By Luke Kayyem
Originally posted on SICFIT.com

Let me first off say that I am not a runner. Never have been, nor do I think I will ever become one. To me, a runner is someone who has practiced, trained, and competed in running as a sport. I personally played a lot of sports that had running in them: baseball, basketball, and football. I did run track for a season my senior year in High School. But, this was strictly for the high jump and it was during a time when I was rehabbing my hand and unable throw a baseball.
Before the P.F Chang Marathon, the most I ever ran at one time was 17 miles. And this was only in preparation for the race and was about a month before it. Let me back track a few weeks and remind myself once again why I started training to run a race that just happened to be 26.2 miles long.
I broke my hand on October 14th during a high-speed/low-rep 30 inch box jump. After realizing I wouldn’t be able to pick up a barbell or string together muscle ups for a few weeks, I decided to switch gears and challenge myself in an arena I was unfamiliar with. I personally must commit to a race, competition, event, or something with a set date in order to train consistently — or else I won’t push myself or dedicate the time to training. So I signed up for the PF Changs Rock & Roll Marathon with a little less than 96 days, or 13 weeks, or 3.1 months to train for it.
Once my goal was set, I knew I would need help accomplishing it. So I found an endurance coach with more experience than myself to guide me in the right direction, customize my programming, and give me the nutrition and supplement advice I needed. This Coach was Sean Nugent, who not only guided me through the finish line but signed up and completed the race with me. (Below is a sample month of Strength In Conditioning, time trials, and long runs that Sean customized for me.)
Had I not had Sean’s expert guidance, I don’t think race day would have been so easy for me. Well, let me be clear: by no means was the race easy. The last 7 miles were HELL! But the preparation, advice, and instructions given to me made the day of the race and the day’s leading up to it feel as cool as the other side of the pillow.
Having spent the past five years training for Competitive FITness, my only running has been in warm ups and in the 400 meter runs that show up in my training a few times a week. With this in mind, Sean had me start off pretty easy in October with a 5k time trial. Then we added some distance: seven miles, then nine, then twelve, a 10k time trial, a 15 miler, and finishing my longest run with 17 miles. I incorporated some strength training to my programming, which I did when my legs needed a rest. I wanted to keep my legs fresh, so I never ran more than 25 miles in a week.
After my cast came off, I figured it was time to start lifting again. One muscle-up session later and I re-aggravated an old injury, tearing my tricep. As far as my race training was concerned this didn’t appear to be a setback until the pain became intolerable every time I ran. Eventually, I got a series of Prolotherapy injections which helped the pain tremendously and required virtually zero down time.
The biggest take a away I have from running with and running without strength training is I felt weaker when I wasn’t able to squat, press, or pull. I lost a few pounds of muscle and allowed myself to eat more junk than normal. A deadly combination that I combated with my training for the marathon. Like most, the Holidays threw me a few lemons and then I got sick. Two days in bed, then another two days to fully recover. By this time I was two weeks out from race-day and found myself needing and doing more mental preparation than physical.
Here are a few bullet points that helped me finish my first marathon in a time of 3:53:50.
Equipment: Let’s start with the priorities. You must have a great pair of running shoes. Something light, comfortable and not too new or old. I got my New Balance shoes sometime in December, giving me two months to break them in. I found a watch that can count up and one I could easily read while running. Save your money for the better shoes and scratch the heart rate monitor, iPod, or tv remote controlled watch. Follow the motto, “simple is smart” when deciding what gadgets and gear to invest in.
Next, you will need a runners pack: something that holds fluids, a place for your phone, keys, and some cash. I waited too late to find the right one and it took me a few miles of fidgeting to get it fitting the right way. From my own personal experience, Camel Packs bounce too much and are better kept for trekking, hiking, or trail runs.
Underwear, socks, a hat and sunglasses are no brainers but I must emphasize the importance of quality socks and drawers. As a male, I prefer skins or boxer briefs. For the socks, low cut runners socks, something that draws sweat away from your foot is your best bet.
As far as shorts and shirts, wear what’s comfortable. Race-day conditions were perfect, starting at sunrise with a cool 55 degrees and finishing at 75 degrees by noon. I was able to strip off my pants and sweater right before the race and run in shorts and a t-shirt — both were SICFIT of course. I had to let my crew know I was coming from afar.
Nutrition: Let’s start with day of. This is such a fragile time for a runner and if you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times: “DON’T TRY SOMETHING NEW ON RACE DAY!” At 5:00 a.m. I had white rice and bacon while drinking Gatorade and water. At  6:00 I had a Lara bar (peanut butter and choclate) with water, and about 20 minutes before start-time I had a couple BLOK chews that are actually quite tasty and are made with brown rice syrup and not corn syrup.
Once the race started I had planned to eat (drink) a meal every 45 minutes. Meal one was a combination of powdered Gatorade and whey protein in a ratio of 2:1, two parts carb to one part protein. Meal two was a starch carb alone that had a 3:1 ratio. After each meal I followed with a sip or 2 of water — whatever I could swallow while running and breathing at the same time. We had dropped these containers at miles 6, 12, 18, and 21, where volunteers assisted in handing them out. Thank you so much to all of you. You were truly lifesavers.
I never felt low on energy, sugar, or carbs and with water and gatorade hand outs at every mile I was fueled well for the race. My pre-race meals included sushi (white rice & fish), grass fed hamburger and sweet potato, and a ton of Almond butter and apples. Coach Sean had drilled the importance of not dehydrating leading up to race day and I made sure I was drinking plenty of water and Gatorade all week long.
Supplementation: I  want to start out by saying nobody should be taking supplements unless they are living a 90/10 lifestyle. Meaning they eat clean 90% of the time and 10% of the time they don’t. If your nutrition is dialed in, taking suplements will raise your game. If it’s not, it will only slow you down and waste your money.
So let’s start with the priorities again. First off, drink Gatorade a lot when you run long distance. I prefer the powdered stuff so I can make my own mixes. One scoop Gatorade during runs 10 miles or less. One scoop Gatorade + one scoop protein for runs 10-15 miles long. Anything over 15 miles I like 2:1 scoops, Gatorade to protein, giving me 60g of carbs and 25g of protein. This is the same formula I use for post workout when training for competition.
I always have and always will take fish oil 2x a day, along with 1000mg of Vitamin C, plus 7,000 units of Vitamin D. After getting sick my friend told me to get some liquid multivitamin in my system and try to overload on minerals. One last thing: I sucked on salt tabs during the race to help prevent cramping.
And finally, I must reemphasize, DO NOT TRY A NEW DRINK, FOOD, OR SUPPLEMENT ON RACE DAY!

 “Run your own race.”  Wow, was this harder than it sounds! My first level goal was to finish, second level was to finish in under 4 hours, my third level was not to stop and walk. Check, check and check! But, once I settled in and realized I was running well, I got a little over confident and it almost threw me off my own pace.
Call it the competitor in me but when I saw someone ahead of me in the distance, I would set up to pass them. This was a great mental boost for me the first 10 miles. By the second 10 I seemed to be the one getting passed. And by  the final six miles, I was getting passed left and right by guys, gals, young, and old. I cramped up on mile 22 and 24 so bad I thought I was going to have to walk. Fortunately I was able to shuffle the steps out and keep going. These unpredictable variables, largely coming from within my own response to the race, are things that I couldn’t possibly have known until race-day. Through this, I learned that running your own race is something that comes with experience.
A part of me thrives on emotion, and with each person I saw on the run it gave me a rejuvenated step. First up was the Wagners right around mile 10. Josh, his wife, and two kids were set up to the left of a water station and I locked eyes with them instantly. I had to run over and give them all a high five. Not a great idea if you’re trying to set a personal record but what the heck; it was an awesome feeling to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while.
At mile 12 was the first food drop. Elizabeth Z. came out of nowhere (which was actually a bus stop) and handed me my first meal. Short but sweet, it was enough to keep going. Because I listen to music and take notes on my long runs I actually called a friend who lives in Arcadia to see if he was home. No answer so I left a short voice mail and I was off. Mile 13, Steve C. threw his hands in the air and I turned to give him a big shoulder bump witch actually hurt more than anything in the race up until that point becuase I had to switch directions and move laterally. Not very smart, but once again the surprise scenery was awesome to have and it lit my fire for a few more miles.
At mile 16, my buddy Noah R. called me. And let me just tell you, when someone calls and asks “What are you doing?” and your answer is, “I’m running a Marathon,” it has got to be the coolest answer ever. I kept it short and pressed on. Running through Old Town Scottsdale at mile 18 was fun: a new energy and alot of scenery. Between the runners and friends and families supporting all of us, Old Town was slamming.
Next drop was Chris Canon and his lovely wife right at the switchback before heading back down to Tempe. Sean and I ran across from each other and a few minutes later I passed Kelley who was flying and deep in the ZONE.

Then I hit mile 20 and I thought I was home sweet home… Not quite! These were by far the hardest, slowest most painful miles ever, but I also knew it would soon be over. I planned to have my wife and kids meet me at mile 22 and give me some loving to get through the last few miles. A quick kiss and hug, they handed me my fuel and I was set. Mile 23-25 were a blur. I remember cramping up, running up a hill and wondering “Where the HELL is the finish line?!”

When I hit the home stretch I remembered what my client and freind Marc Lutz had said to me in years past. “Why run a marathon if you’re going to stop before you reach the finish line?” These were words of wisdom have inspired my life in so many ways and gave me the mental boost I needed for a strong finish. I sprinted the final 400 meter,s gaining more and more energy from the crowd until I crossed the finish line. There, I found my kids Kanon and Camille, my biggest inspiration in life, waiting for me. They were more excited than I was! We hugged as I looked for my teammates and had my medal placed around my neck. It was as surreal as surreal can be.

Thankful:  I want to thank each and every volunteer who took a day out of their life to help runners like myself accomplish our goals. A big shout out to all of the fans — most of whom I have never met — who clapped, cheered, and smiled for us. A special thanks to the personal friends of mine who stood by on a Sunday handing out liquid food: Chris, Elizabeth, Bill, Jeff, and my wife, Najla. Last but not least I want to give a huge hug to my Coach, Sean Nugent, for taking the bull by the horns and riding its ass into the ground. Your creation, commitment, leadership, and balls are what makes you an amazing coach. Thank you for making me a runner and introducing me to the SPORT of Endurance.
If your interested in running your first race — either a 5k, half marathon or full —  SICFIT Scottsdale has the coaching, programming, and education to give you the right prescription to help you achieve your personal goals.
Congratulations to all the runners from SICFIT Scottsdale who ran their own race. What do you guys want to accomplish next?
26.2 miles
Bob Vossoughi  3:27:05
Kelly Villa 4:10:43
Luke Kayyem 3:53:50
Mark Disalvo 4:20:36
Sean Nugent 4:20:10
13.1 miles
Dustin Anderson 1:59:27
Jeff Ciraulo 2:04:03
Justin Kimball 1:55:11
Marc Lutz 2:18:25
Valerie Raja 2:24:36

Back to Basics


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, January 28, 2014

As Students of Strength in Conditioning FITness, we never graduate from the basics. We are always willing to pick up the PVC pipe and drill form, mechanics, and alignment. We embrace  the philosophy that there is always more to learn. On Saturday, February 8th, SICFIT Scottsdale is hosting the perfect seminar for those looking to refine their technique and create the foundation that will sustain a lifetime of fitness. It’s only when we go back to the basics and build ourselves back up with even more precision that we enable growth and new possibilities. Reserve your spot today!


500 Meter Row
Movement prep for wall balls and pull ups
Gymnastics rings tuck + hollow + l-sit + kipping pull up progression
500 Meter row + 10 wall balls + 10 pull ups
500 Meter row + 20 wall balls + 10 pull ups
500 Meter row + 30 wall balls + 10 pull ups
LIFE: Ball slams #14/10 | ring row or bands
FITNESS: Wall ball #20/14
SPORT: Wall ball #30 | chest to bar or strict

New Level 1 Athletes


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, January 27, 2014

You may notice a few more wrists decked out with white bands in your classes at SICFIT Scottsdale, because we had a whole slew of hardworking and determined  individuals throw down for the title of Level 1 athlete this past Thursday! Congratulations to all of you who have earned this great achievement. But the time now is not to rest, but rather to set sights on a new goals… the Level 2 band!


3 Rounds
1 Minute lunge + air squat + scissor kick + run a small lap
20 Rep back squat
Dumbbell superset: 10  bicep curl + latteral raise + hammer curl + front raise + strict press
3 Minute rest
15 Rep back squat
Dumbbell superset
3 Minute rest
10 Rep back squat
Dumbbell superset
3 Minute rest
5 Rep back squat
Dumbbell superset
Jump rope

Level I Test Complete at SICFIT Scottsdale

The very first Level test we created at SICFIT back in 2007 was solely for the purpose of giving a few of our members a training goal other than loosing a few pounds or running a mile. It’s a physical fitness proficiency test that shows how well our programming is working and where we need to identify which areas of FITness we need to focus on. It gives coaches and ambassadors a chance to call good or bad reps and more than anything it grows our FITness community by bringing us all together under one roof for a common goal. Last Thursday we watched 10 students come test their FITness and see if they have what it takes to pass the Level I test. Here are the numbers….. 8 out of 10 passed, 7 out of 8 were women. Only one person completed the 15x double unders and everyone passed the 400 run. So that tells me we’ve been running a lot more than jumping rope a standard that shifts as the weather gets hotter and we are forced to stay inside more.

I want to thank all of our judges who came out to show their support and give these guys some inspiration to just “GO FOR IT”. Without struggle their is no progress. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen you have now earned your right to attend FITness classes and wear your new SICFIT Scottsdale white band with pride. Next month we invite you to come down and witness the Level II (Orange band) on Thursday, February 27th at 7:00pm. As a reminder all level testing at SICFIT gyms is always FREE as an active member of our FITness community. All we ask is to come back and cheer, judge, watch or just be present at a future testing event.

Level I Test at SICFIT Scottsdale

1. Push Ups: 40M 40W (knees ok) consecutive
2. Sit Ups: 65 in 2 min
3. Squats: 80 in 2 min
4. Burpees: 20 in 1 min
5. Hand Stand Hold (70 sec)
6. Thrusters: x15 consecutive 75#M 55#W
7. Wall Balls: x15  consecutive 20# M 14# W
8. Push Press: x15 consecutive 75#M 55#W
9. Jump Rope: 500 in a row or 15 double unders
10. Box Jump: x20 at 20″ consecutive jumps
11. 400M Run: under 1:45M 1:55W

Free Saturday Class Next Week


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, January 25, 2014

The first month of 2014 is nearing it’s close, and we all know that its only going to more and more difficult to keep those New Years Resolutions going strong. If you know someone who made the commitment to lose weight, tone up, and get healthy this year, encourage them to come to one of SICFIT Scottsdale’s Free Saturday Classes on February 1st! Share this blog post on their Facebook page, send them an e-mail, give them a call or text — or even just drag them to the gym with you next week! Please direct your friends and family to RSVP at 480.922.3253 or email info@sicfitscottsdale.com. (If going with the ‘drag-to-gym’ option, please RSVP for your guest!)


Dynamic movement
10, 9, 8…….1 Deadlift + press + backsquat | PVC or barbell
5 Minute walking rest
3 Sets at 100%
10 Unbroken thrusters
20 Second rest
20 Second row sprint AFAP
3 Minute rest
LIFE: barbell
FITNESS: 95/65
SPORT: 135/95

Weekend Family Fitness Fun!


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking for some fitness family fun this weekend? SICFIT Scottsdale’s ‘Run for Kids’ is just what you were looking for! Pack up the kids and their friends and enjoy the festivities at Scottsdale Stadium — including the Kid’s Run and entry to the Molina Fine Jewelers Celebrity Baseball Game. The event will benefit the Arizona Baseball Charities, an organization dedicated to helping the children of Arizona reach their full potential through sports! For more information, click here!


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 3.42.02 PM


2 Minutes run + 2 minutes row + 2 minutes airdyne
10 lunges + 10 mountain climber + 10 inch worm after each round
Rope climb/rope squat
Stones/heavy med balls
3 Rounds | 12 Minute cap
50 Sit ups
50 Double unders (150 singles)
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