Chipper Challenge a HUGE Success!

What do you get when you combine 51 kick ass CrossFit Scottsdale Students with a 10 exercise home grown chipper… A WHOLE BOATLOAD OF AWESOMENESS!!!

 Today was the largest challenge we have ever hosted, both in terms of participation and exercises. To put on an event like this we needed a whole lotta help so before I go any further, a big thank you to all of our coaches, ambassadors, and volunteers. We would not have been able to put on an event like this without you. A special shout out to Skip for making our brand spankin’ new plyo boxes. Those things are sick… not any easier to jump on after 60 goblet squats, but sick nonetheless!

 The morning started off with a bang as our Elite Women rowed, squatted, jumped, sat, pulled, swung… you get the point. Every 5 minutes after that another heat of 3 set off on the rowers ready to conquer the beast. Most succeeded, some puked but all competed.

 Heat 5 was one of the more memorable heats of the day. Hallie, Ashley U., and Ashley R. all finished within 7 seconds of each other. Ashley U’s time of 16:10 was the top time of the day for our intermediate women.

 The Elite and Advanced men competed in the same heats and were impressive both in their athleticism and in their determination. Heat 13 paired two members of CrossFit Scottsdale’s Affiliate Cup team with Ali A. Brian Gubernick and Matt Blanton went head to head for almost 14 minutes with Matt B posting the best Elite Male time of the day, 13:50.

 Finally, thank you to Peter and Sara Houck for all of the great memories. We were so glad you came to share one last Saturday with us. We will miss both of you and we will miss seeing Charlie continue to grow up. You will always be family.

Attention ALL Chipper Challenge Participants be here at 7:30am to get signed in and warmed up for the challenge.

Chipper Challenge Heat Times

        Start Time
Elite Women Tiffany Mel Jenn D (Adv) 8:10
Inter Men Tom H Ashley P Devin W 8:15
Inter Men Josh V JAZ Andy B 8:20
Inter Men Peter Kravitz Bob Neeser   8:25
Inter Women Hallie Ashley U. Ashley R. 8:30
Inter Women Julie K Lindsay B Alex F 8:35
Inter Women Rhiannon Jenn B Traci E. 8:40
Inter Women Lisa Jenna Kravitz   8:45
Beg Men Buck W. Mike W.   8:50
Elite/Adv Men Dwight Ted Scott H 9:00
Elite/Adv Men Paul Z Don Ryan M 9:05
Elite/Adv Men Matt B BG Ali A. 9:10
Elite/Adv Men Luke JK Chris T 9:15
Elite/Adv Men Skip Nate H Mike G 9:20
Elite/Adv Men Branson Mark V Pete H 9:25
Beg Women Alison Kim B Ginny 9:30
Beg Women Nicki Erin W   9:35
Adv Women Sara H Maria P Natalie G 9:40
Adv Women Dani Maggie Myrna 9:45

Muscle Milk = arsenic, lead and mercury

After thorough research and examination we have decided to pull Muscle Milk off of our shelves. With no defining regulation on supplements by the FDA. A new Consumer Reprts issue explains some of the research behind these private tests.  Just like anything too much can not only be bad but harmful to your health. The bottom line is if your looking for a protein replacement try our lactose and toxin free egg protein. Drink a 8-12oz glass of milk or hunt, kill and cook an animal. If you would like to try a sample we will be making strawberry and banana smoothies on Saturday during the chipper challenge.

 Tests at an outside laboratory of 15 protein drinks, a review of government documents, and interviews with health and fitness experts and consumers.  Showed that some protein drinks can even pose health risks, including exposure to potentially harmful heavy metals, if consumed frequently. All drinks in our tests had at least one sample containing one or more of the following contaminants: arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. Those metals can have toxic effects on several organs in the body.

Arizona Baseball Charities

Dear C.F.S,

Here is your assignment. Collect sponsorships for our 2nd annual Jump Rope a-thon. Come to any class Monday or Tuesday June 28/29. Jump as many times as possible in 45 minutes. Raise money for Arizona Baseball Charities a wonderful charity that 100% of the proceeds goes to buy baseball equipment for underprivileged kids that cannot afford to play Little League and go home feeling healthy, happy and satisfied you have just saved the world one jump at a time. If you choose to except this mission I expect nothing but the highest level of competition. “NO ZEROS” You can sponsor another student, you can sponsor yourself, you can sponsor me. My goal is 5000x jumps and $1000 raised. Yes, anyone can come and jump and raise money. Yes, this is a free class. If you need a new rope, shoes or need to discuss a strategy call me 760.333.0959

Coach Luke Kayyem.

CrossFit Scottsdale Connections June Recap

Thank you all so much for those who attended the second CrossFit Connections Meeting on June 15th.! It was a great turnout and some great networking going on and we look forward to helping each other grow our businesses with like-minded CrossFitters. Also a HUGE thank you to Jon Kaufman of Zog Media for hosting this month’s meeting. Please think of him along with the other members of CrossFit Scottsdale Connections when referring business to your friends, clients and family members.

 Also congratulations to: Julie Kern, Erin Harkey, Luke and Najla Kayyem, Jon Kaufman, Matt Blanton, Richard Shields, Mike Gillis, Myrna Lynn, Sean Wightman, Perry Chrisler, Don Wong,  Alison Nocks who have joined and are official members of CrossFit Scottsdale Connections.

 For those who are not members but are interested in joining or visiting, please be our guest and come join in on the fun and rewarding skill of networking.

 NEXT MEETING: Will be held on Tuesday, July 20th  from 12:00pm to 1:00pm and will be hosted by Matt Blanton of Printing Solutions located at 8281 E. Evans Road, Suite 104, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

We look forward to seeing all of you on July 20th!


Fight Gone Different

Warm-up: 700m row

3 x 5 min Rounds – Fight Gone Bad style
1 min work at each station, 1 min rest between Rounds
-Burpee Pull-ups
-Jumping Squats (45/15#)
-Plyo Push-ups
-Wall Balls (20/14#)

* Post score by Round and Total Score to Comments

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