September Athlete of the month

I would like to congratulate our September athlete of the month, Amy Walsh. Amy recieved this acomplishment through, hard work and dedication. Having 1st heard of CrossFit from her husband who follows the website and works the wods at home. Amy needed more of a support system. What she did not know was that she would become just as supportive to others. It was about a month ago I 1st watched Amy show some New-bees the proper form on a burpee and when I heard her cheering me on during a workout, I knew she was a motivator.

Thank you Amy for becoming a Team leader and showing us all how to…
 “Show up and never quit”

Respectfully Coach
Athlete of the month Amy (2)

All Pro Dad

Alright Moms and Dads, the weather has finally broken. Turn off the tube and get outside with your kids. They get stir crazy too and it’s been HOT for long enough. Don’t just sit around and watch them run. Get up and get involved. Run, jump, lunge and play tag. It’s good for everyone. Try this family wod.
Long Jump 10x
Lunge 50 steps
Run back
10x burpees
As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes. Then play a sport. DSC_0247

Jack LaLanne Day

In celebration of fitness legend Jack LaLanne’s 95th birthday, his grandnephew Chris LaLanne attempted a feat performed by his uncle more than 50 years ago. Chris, 34 challenged Jack’s world record of 1,000 push ups and 1,000 pull ups in one hour and 22 minutes – a feat performed last by Jack on his 45th birthday in 1959.

Chris LaLanne (who is the essential Fire breather) was able to complete 500 of each exercise before his hands were torn to shreds.  Still an amazing accomplishment by itself.  I have no doubt that each of you are able to accomplish 1000 of each, although we only have 1 hour of time for class. We will be doing the same workout but only as a group.  We will pick teams  and discuss strategy in class.  Coach Tiffany and Coach Maxwell will also be holding a “Food as Fuel” seminar after class at 11:30-12:30.  This is a basic class discussing the elements of a Zone diet, a Paleo diet and the fusion of both and how all these components effect your every day performance.  

Below is a picture of Coach and Jack at Chris LaLannes wedding 7/7/07

Luke and Jack

"Food As Fuel Workshop"

CrossFit Scottsdale will be holding a Food as Fuel Workshop this Saturday October 3rd from 11:30am-12:30pm.  We will be going through the ins and outs of The Zone and Paleo diet recommendations and giving you the tools you need to optimize the fuel you put into your body.  This workshop is free to current students.  Whether you have already had your nutrition consultation or still need to this is a great opportunity to get started and/or tweek what you are already doing.  We will be having a Food As Fuel Challenge starting October 17th.  Nutrition is the foundation for everything you do in life and especially as an athlete.  Come on Saturday and make sure your foundation doesn’t have any cracks!


Knees to Bows


Warm up-
Inch worm 1+ burpee
3x rounds

21 knees to elbows
25 sit ups
50 crunches
4x rounds

 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, 1 min rest 10 again
 KB swing, shoulder press, pull up

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