From the 2010 CrossFit Game’s WOD II
1200m Run
63 K-Bell Swings (55/35#)
36 Pull Ups
800m Run
42 K-Bell Swings
24 Pull Ups
400m Run
21 K-Bell Swings
12 Pull Ups

*40 minute time cap.
3 rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 K-Bell Swings
12 Pull Ups

RX Challenge

Attention Gamers, Firebreathers and all other Rx students!

Can you handle 2 WODs in 1 hour?
How hard would you push yourself going head to head with your fellow CrossFit Scottsdale Firebreathers?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself to see if you are ready to compete in CrossFit Scottsdale’s Rx Challenge.

Its GAME TIME, CrossFit style!

So here is how it works. The challenge will take place from 8am-9am on Saturday August 14, 21 and 28. It is limited to 16 people all of which can do the majority of WODs RX, think Fran, Grace, Helen, etc. At 8am you will draw a name of who you will be competing against and we will draw 2 WODs out of the hopper. We will then run the two WODs simultaniously and you get to go head to head with your fellow firebreather in order to get the best time/score on that WOD. There will be a short break and then the heats will switch and you will get to do the other WOD as well. After each week the times/scores of the WODS will be ranked and scored just like the CrossFit Games. The better you do the lower your score is and the lowest score after all 3 weeks wins.

6 WODs, 3 weeks and bragging rights in the gym until the next RX Challenge! Oh and a trophy too!

Cost of the challenge is $45

Reserve your spot by emailing Coach Tiffany at Tiffany@CrossFitScottsdale.com, sign up at the gym or post to comments.



Warm up
1 min mountain climbers
1 min lateral jumps
1 min plyo planks

Ring rows
5x max effort

Air squat


Box Jump 10x/Air Squat 20x/Double Under 30x
AMRAP 20> minutes

Is that a wheel barrow?

Team Jump Rope
Tug of War

Wheel Barrow Race:
     Flip barrow
     Load all equipment as a Team
     Push 1x person at a time to the end

10,000 lbs over your head using any size Kettle Bell. Only 1x Teamate can work at a time

A New Level

Through rain, sweat and over 40 cheering voices… 7 students recieved their “orange” band and the title of a Level II CrossFit Scottsdale student.  Congratulations to Ted, Dwight, Paul, Maria, Mel, Carl, & Skip for passing the test!  For Pops, Branson and Don-now you know just how close you are to your “orange” band.  I am so proud of all of our athletes that competed and the friends, family and fellow students who came out to see the famed Level II test, making it our largest to date.  We are a community and it showed!  We are a tight nit group that thrives on intenstiy and is always looking towards what is next.  The next level, the next PR… how much can I do and how hard can I push myself! As Paul finished his 3/4 BW Overhead squats with less than 5 seconds on the clock, all of us erupted in cheers and new that at that moment a new level was reached.  So what’s next????  What is in store for the mysterious Level III?  Keep pushing yourself… and maybe you’ll find out. Coach Tiffany

A Day for a Hero…"JT"

Warm Up:  Tabata Hallow Rocks

Skill: Max effort box jump

WOD:  “JT”
Handstand Push ups
Ring Dips
Push ups

In honor of Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor, 30, of Little Creek, VA, who was killed in Afghanistan June 2005

"Your Best"

Today’s WOD is going to be a little different…. Let’s find out what you got. Give me your best and nothing less. Coach L.K

Warm up
2x min as many burpees as possible
2x min break
2x min as many squats as possible
2x min break
2x min as many sit ups as possible

Choose any movement: Olympic/Gymnastic/Metabolic and try to beat your best, my best and the best. You will have 25x minutes to fill your success journal with as many P.R’s (personal records) as possible.

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