Celebrate Indepence – Partner WOD style

To celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary and the 4th of July holiday, we are offering free classes for our students all day on July 5th. We have all of our regularly scheduled classes – 8am, 12pm, 5pm, & 6pm. If you have any friends or family who are police officers, fire fighters, or military personnel please invite them to join you in class tomorrow so that we can personally thank them for making this country a great place to live. We hope you had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July and we hope to see you in class today!

All classes this week will start with
3 Max effort L-sit/tuck hold attempts.

WOD: Teams of 2, only one person can work at a time
2K meter row (partner must hold squat on wall while partner rows)
100 knees to bows
100 wall balls
100 burpee long jumps
100 push-ups
100 walking OH lunges (10-45# plate)

* On all exercises, except the row, partner must do 10 air squats before rotating back in.

Moving day - July 5, 2009. Time flies when you are having fun!

CrossFit Scottsdale Baseball

After raising over $11,000 for Arizona Baseball Charites and helping over 300 kids get to play baseball we decided to play Baseball CrossFit Style!  Thank you to CrossFit Brand X for giving us the template for this WOD.  Happy 4th of July weekend!

20 Minute AMRAP

Teams of 2

Up to bat: 10 squats

First Base:  10 SDLHP
Second Base: 10 Push Up Pass Throughs
Third Base: 10 Pull Ups
Home Base: 10 Bupees/1 Forward Roll

Lunge between each base
A run is scored after the forward roll,  Most runs scored wins!

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!
 Enjoy a wonderful weekend with your family or ours.
All classes open on Saturday.
All classes open & FREE on Monday in honor of our FREEDOM.
 * Listen to KTAR 98.7 FM at  7am on Sunday morning
for tips on how to survive the summer blues.

"I Go Hard"

Warm up
2K Row for calories/farmers walk for distance

Hand Stands (get upside down)
Hold, walk, push ups, cart wheels

21x 15x 9x (GO HARD)
KB swing #55/35
Pull up
Jumping Squat

Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to Patty N. on becoming Athlete of the Month. Patty joined our Team back in January with a runners background and the lack of strength that goes with it. In 6 short months she has gained strength, successfully passed the Level I test, practice Paleo,  ran the Pat Tillman, screened Food inc. and more importantly has become an amazing Teammate in class. Thank you for your hard work and dedication Patty.

“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs”

 Joan Welsh




Chipper Challenge Results

Elite Men     Elite Women  
Matt B 13.50   Mel 14.20
BG 14.38   Tiffany 16.00
Luke 15.48      
Ted 16.28      
Dwight 18.56      
Paul Z 19.10      
Skip 20.19      
JK 20.32      
Branson 22.23      
Don 23.24      
Advanced Men   Advanced Women
Mark V 16.21   Katie K 14.29
Ali A. 18.24   Erin H 15.07
Pete H 19.02   Maria P 15.42
Chris T 20.23   Myrna 16.56
Lutz 21.47   Natalie G 17.16
Mike G 25.55   Naj 17.28
      Sara H 18.31
      Maggie 18.33
      Dani 19.19
Intermediate Men   Inrtermediate Women
Ryan M 14.22   Claire O. 13.44
Bob Neeser 15.42   Jenn D 14.07
Ashley P 16.15   Ashley U. 16.10
Doug N. 18.15   Hallie 16.11
Scott H 18.33   Ashley R. 16.17
JAZ 19.42   Alex F 16.25
Andy B 20.10   Julie K 16.43
Josh V 20.20   Rhiannon 17.06
      Traci E. 17.19
      Jenn B 18.04
      Lindsay B 23.30
Beginner Men   Beginner Women
Joey 19.31   Kim B 13.03
Mike W. 20.08   Erin W 14.17
      Alison 15.18
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