It's an AMRAP!

Warm-up: Official CrossFit Warm-up

Skill: Curtis P
1 Curtis P =
1 Hang Squat Clean
1 Left Leg Lunge
1 Right Leg Lung
1 Push Press

15 Minute AMRAP of Curtis P’s
*Start the WOD with 5 push-ups and do 5 more every minute on the minute

"I can't Row for Squat"

“CrossFit” Warm up
Dips/Sit-ups/Push-ups/Back-extension/OH Squat/Samson Stretch
*do the Samson Stretch once each round for 30x seconds

Back Squat

Back Squat 3,3,3,3,3x
Row 10x 100 meters 30x sec rest

CrossFit Scottsdale Annual Student Awards

CrossFit Scottsdale’s Anniversary party is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than honoring some of our amazing students. We have decided to create the CrossFit Scottsdale Annual Student Awards, and we want YOU to be the judge!

 From July 14th to July 28th, stop by the table set up in the back of the gym and fill out a ballot for this year’s awards.

The categories are:

-Best Attitude “Show up don’t quit”

-Best Teammate

-Worst Dressed

-Best Dressed

-Best Undressed

-Best Burpee

-Best Pull-up

- Most Burpee Penalties

-Best Smile

- Best School Spirit

-Best Form

- Most Intensity

-Best Legs


So come cast your votes and be sure to join us on August 20th at 6:30pm for our Anniversay Party and where the winners will be announced!

The Fight Against Childhood Obesity: CrossFit Scottsdale Kids

As I sat in the airport I was saddened by what I saw.  First it is the food choices and then its the adults and especially kids that are partaking in that food while using the moving walkways and carts to get them from one gate to the next. Take a look around in any public place.  Maybe you see it in your neighborhood.  Maybe the only place you have to look is right a home.  It seems to be an acceptance or complacency to things as normal.  As if there isn’t another way.  An attention to only short term rewards versus long term pay offs . Our kids are in the wrong shape…the round kind of shape. They only know what we know and do what we do. It has become an epedemic in which the First Lady Michelle Obama has set out to fight.  It is something we all should fight.  Our kids should  thrive on being active and healthy, enjoy it and live it everyday.  If you are not going to change for yourself at least change for them.  Educate yourself, educate them.  Know that there is another way.

CrossFit Scottsdale  kids give kids and teens ages 3-17 the opportunity to enjoy exercise, learning how to fuel their bodies, and become strong, healthy, confident adults.  We  breed a culture of higher expectations, self empowerment and a drive to continually better yourself.  It is a community of learning and changing lifestyles to affect positive change. We don’t settle and we are not complacent.  This is the same for our adult students as it is our kids. 

 CrossFit Scottsdale changes  LIVES…CrossFit Kids changes the FUTURE!

Today’s Kids WOD:

Warm Up:  10 Walking Lunges/2 push ups/Crab walk back
3 Rounds

Focus: Shoulder Press and Push Press

WOD:  AMRAP in 5 min of
100 meter row
10 presses

Game: Coaches Choice

"Damn Yankee" A tribute to the Boss

You may not like them, you may not have liked him. But you must respect them both. The “Yankees” and George Steinbrenner are the greatest winning team and owner in the history of sports. We will pay tribute to the Boss in today’s WOD. Wear your baseball gear to class today. “Yankee” or not.

The “Yankees” 2010 payroll = 196 million
George Steinbrenner’s age = 80
Hall of Fame Players = 31
World Championships = 27

27x Burpee
31x Double Unders
80x Thrusters #45/35
31x Double Unders
27x Burpee

"No mere mortal"

In November of 2009 I made a decision, I chose to live a more active life.  I made a list of goals and set out to accomplish them.  I decided that a life of mediocrity will no longer apply to me or even have the remote chance of being written about me.  All my life I’ve relied on someone or something else to get me to where I want to be.  I’ve hiked on glaciers in the Andes, I’ve been spelunking in a remote cave system in Costa Rica, I’ve flown over active Hawaiian volcanoes in a helicopter, and gone under the 3rd largest waterfall by volume in the world on a boat in Argentina.  I’ve been to and done some amazing things in my life, however all of these things can be done by mere mortals with the funds support them.

 Back when I found you guys in December 2009, I didn’t quite know what I was getting into.  I came in for my consultation and got thoroughly crushed by a simple baseline workout that left me sore for 3 days.  I soon came to realize that this was the norm.  Here is a group of people who have also decided that they are no longer a mortal and strive to be better than they were the day before after every workout.  Having only worked out in normal gyms all of my life, I wasn’t used to being around people with this kind of intensity or partaking in those same workouts, scaled to my current ability level.  I wasn’t used to pushing myself to the point of feeling nauseous.  I wasn’t used to the mindset needed to be that intense.  I wasn’t used to being extraordinary.

 Pride is a word that can sometimes have a negative connotation.  People believe that being too prideful or loving oneself too much is a negative trait.  Maybe this is why our current society has record levels of people with depression.  Those that are down, want to keep others around them at the same level.  They fear that if others get up there too high or accomplish too much, that they will feel worse about themselves and their average life.  I know these feelings all too well, having suffered their overbearing grasp in my teenage years.  In my 20’s, just when I was feeling great, a diagnosis of Epilepsy pulled me back down again nearly 4 years ago.  My doctor told me that I have an undetectable brain tumor and with any Epilepsy diagnosis comes the possibility of sudden death without any known cause.  I had accepted the fact that there would be many things I wouldn’t get to experience in life…..that is until I joined CrossFit Scottsdale and began to change.

 My change was not only the external drop of inches, but it was also quite a mental change.  Once I experienced the struggles of your workouts and the pride that came in completing them, I set out to challenge myself in new ways with my personal time as well.  I’m happy to say that I accomplished a goal last week that I had written down 8 months ago.  Last week I did the hardest thing I’ve physically done and climbed to the top of Arizona.  Humphrey’s Peak stands at 12,633 ft and the round-trip took me 12 and a half hours to complete.  I made it to a place where there’s no road up and no money buys you a ticket to the top.  The only way to get there is to use your own two legs, sweat, and have the mental ability to keep pushing yourself in an alien environment where not even a tree dares to grow.  There where many times during the climb where I felt exhausted and it’s amazing how you get out of breath from walking 50 ft due to the thin air.  I am 100% certain that my success is a direct result of the hard time I’ve served in your gym and the “never give up” and “always do your best” attitude that you guys instill in all students.

 Helen Keller said it best, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.  Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.  Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.”

 Pride is a good thing.  Watch out world, I’m coming to conquer you.  Nobody, not even myself, can stand in the way.  I am no mere mortal.  I am a CrossFit Scottsdale student.
I am,

Stu Selden

A Bunch of PullSit

Warm-up: “Official CrossFit Warm-Up”
3x rounds of 15x reps of
Dips/Sit-ups/Push-ups/Back-extension/OH Squat/Samson Stretch

* do the Samson Stretch once each round for 30x seconds

Skill: Lunge/OH Lunge

21 Pull-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge (45/25#)
21 Sit-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
18 Pull-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
18 Sit-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
15 Pull-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
15 Sit-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
12 Pull-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
12 Sit-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
9 Pull-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
9 Sit-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
6 Pull-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge
6 Sit-ups, 25′ OH Walking Lunge

CrossFit Scottsdale Kids WOD: Lift & Push

Warm Up: Aligator Walk
6 Four Corner Jumps

Focus: DeadLift (Angry Gorilla)

WOD: 10 DeadLifts/10 Push Ups
9 DeadLifts/ 9 Push Ups
8 DeadLifts/ 8 Push Ups
7 DeadLifts/ 7 Push Ups
6 DeadLifts/ 6 Push Ups
5 DeadLifts/ 5 Push Ups
4 DeadLifts/ 4 Push Ups
3 DeadLifts/ 3 Push Ups
2 DeadLifts/ 2 Push Ups
1 DeadLifts/ 1 Push Up

For Time

Times from today’s Heroes Class:
Zach 15# 4:18
Hunter 20# 5:84
Paxton 15# 4:37
Amanda 8.8# 6:04

CrossFit Kids Practicing the Plank Position

In celebration of this weekends “World Series” of Fitness and the beginning of the 2011 training season. We want to know… who wants some? Who wants a shot at competing for the title? Top DAWG of Arizona like Peter Egyed, Michael Mosley and Brian Kunitzer. Best in the West like Chris LaLanne, Andy Petranek or Josh Everett. I know one guy who is…. Jeff Zuhl who sends me a text every day of the WOD he does and his times because his mind is set on qualifying for the Masters 50+ and over or who just wants to compete for the 1st time since High School or maybe even ever? Who wants it? I don’t want your excuses, reasons or stories just DEDICATION, DRIVE and DESIRE to WIN. CrossFit Scottsdale will take 10x of you to compete in the 2011 CrossFit Games sectional. 5x of us will make it to the California Regional and the rest is up to you and how hard you want to work for the next 8x months. That is my GOAL. Whats yours? “Your training starts today This week we want to see your intensity GO UP. Let this be the hardest you train and maybe it will push you to new limits. Crush all your GOALS and give you the STRENGTH to do anything in the world. L.K

Jeff Zuhl @ Strength Class 7pm Friday

“Official CrossFit Warm-Up
3x rounds of 15x reps of
Sit up
Back-extension “Horse”
Overhead Squat with PVC
Samson Stretch (do the Samson Stretch once each round for 30x seconds)

High Jump
Long Jump
Jump Rope Jump (single, double)
Box Jump
4x Corners

20x Front Squats
40x Toes 2 Bar
60x Sumo Dead lift High Pulls (Kettle Bell)

Matt Blanton     185/35/6:32
Brian Kunitzer   185/75/8:45
Luke Kayyem    155/55/8:22

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