Honoring 9/11 Heroes CrossFit Scottsdale Style

Nine years have passed since that fateful day when we were attacked by terrorists on our own soil. Terrorist activities keep us in fear, because we know that this great nation is still vulnerable. Time may ease some of the pain and the horrific memories, but we can never forget the family and friends that were lost, or the voids their absences have caused, nor the loss of innocence. We must all be very vigilant so that this does not happen to us again. If you are not joining us for our annual 9/11 Hero WOD, please take a moment out this weekend, in your thoughts and prayers, for those who are no longer here, for the men and women in the armed forces who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us and our freedom, and to remember just how precious everyday is in our lives. God Bless America!

How fit are you? Part IV

Test 4: Run 800 meters, Thrusters 75 lbs x 21 reps, “L” Pull-ups 21 reps

The thruster must originate from a full squat each rep. The “L” pull-ups are pull-ups with the legs extended straight out in front of the athlete. Any pull-up where the heels fall below the butt or the legs bend other than slightly is not counted. The thruster and “L” pull-ups need not be performed consecutively, i.e. without breaking. Any grip is O.K. for the pull-up, but the range of motion must be complete.

The entire effort is timed from the start of the run to the last pull-up. A time is returned in minutes and seconds.

Where necessary, the load for the thrusters may be reduced and the “L” pull-ups can be assisted by gently lifting the heels or allowing a “sloppy L.” For those not able to perform a pull-up, ring rows from a seated position.

This test is classic CrossFit. The combination of a monostructural metabolic exercise (running) combined with a high demand weightlifting movement (Thruster: front squat/push press), and a super demanding bodyweight movement (“L” pull-up), all for time, is distinctly CrossFit and is directly indicative of an athlete’s total capacity.
3x rounds


How fit are you? Part III

Test 3: Deadlift 1 RM followed by a max set of Handstand Push-ups

3x rounds

This duo represents a reasonable estimate of an athlete’s total strength – relative and absolute, upper and lower body.

Multiply the deadlift load in pounds by the number of handstand push-ups completed.

Ramp up to a one-rep max and within 30 seconds of completing the deadlift begin the handstand push-ups. The handstand push-ups must bring the ears below the hands so they needs to be done on parallel bars, parallettes, or some other raised platform like chairs or books. Using the wall for balance is O.K. Multiply the deadlift load in pounds by the number of handstand push-ups completed.

CrossFit Scottsdale Kids-Back To Basics

To our kids most movements are new and especially those related sport and fitness.  To our adults something as basic as a squat or a push up might seem second nature but perfecting both of those movements will give you gains in every specialty movement you find.  As basic as a squat or a push up may seem it is something we all could work on and continue to perfect. Watching students Clean & Jerk today, it was very clear that if you are not comfortable squating you cannot get to your potential.   Most of us need to go back to basics.

 For our kids these movements are vital to their development.  Both require great core control, balance, stability, strength, coordination and flexibility.  Not only do they develop strong muscles but they strength motor patterns within natura,l functional movements that will be used their entire life.  As our kids grow they may need to re-learn the squat and or push up as their body changes. That’s okay! Even the adults need to re-learn their squat from time to time.  Never underestimate the power of movements that seem to be “basic”.  They are what we build a solid foundation with to build the ultimate athlete or elite fitness that is life long.

Today’s CrossFit Kids WOD:

Warm Up:  5 Super Slow Squats/Hold at bottom for 15 sec
5 Super Slow Box Push Ups/Hold plank position for 15 sec
3 Rounds

Focus: Squat/Push Up
Squat drills
Push Up progression


 5 Broad Jumps
10 Push Ups
15 Squats
1 lap
4 Rounds

Game: Musical Medicine Balls/Roving Plank

How fit are you? Part II

Test 2: Clean and Jerk 15 Reps  

The score is load lifted
This classic movement is traditionally an excellent test of overall strength, but when performed at 15 reps becomes an extraordinary metabolic challenge as evidenced by max heart and respiratory rate.    

No time: Just load

There is no time limit, but the weight cannot be rested on the ground. Resting at the hang, rack, or overhead is O.K. At the ground, the athlete must touch and go. Technique is otherwise not critical.

How fit are you? Part I

Test 1: Bench Press 1 rep followed by max set of Pull-ups

Ramp up to a one-rep max and within 30 seconds of racking the lift begin the pull-ups. Any grip is allowed on the pull-ups as long as the range of motion is complete – all the way up and down.


Multiply the bench press load in pounds by the number of pull-ups completed.


3x rounds


This tests the upper body for both absolute and relative strength and stamina.

Team CrossFit Scottsdale

In just one year since our very 1st CrossFit competition @ CrossFit Fury our athletic program has gotten bigger, faster and stronger. We have studied the game and learned from our mistakes. We have packed the holes in our armor with “Concrete & Steel”. Practiced the skills we were missing and experienced the thrill of the sport of CrossFit. So who’s next? If you ever left class with a rush in your body like you could take on King Kong then our competition team is calling your name. What do you have to loose? Worst case scenario you get in the best shape of your life while kicking some @$$ along the way. Create an experience you haven’t had since college or even high school and build some lifelong relationships.

This Friday September 10th @ 6:30pm. We will be holding our first team meeting of the 2011 season. Our 1st meet will be CrossFit Fury’s 3rd Annual Furious Fundraiser  put on by one of the baddest humans on the planet, CrossFit Games 2010 tenth place finisher and friend of mine Coach Peter Egyed. All proceeds from the event will benifit the family of Phoenix Police Officer Travis Murphy. This all day event will start in the morning with a 5k run which will be open to everyone. Including a kids race. After the run, interested CrossFit athletes will compete in two additional unknown workouts to see who finishes all three events in overall first place.
Please join Team CrossFit Scottsdale in the 5K, WOD or just come down and cheer us on.
CrossFit Scottsdale: where “Firebreathers” are born. Coach Luke Kayyem

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