Ski School

What up from Ski Camp. MFN awesome up here…although progressing in this sport is tough/painful business.  I am on Day 2 in the Terrain Park, and like others I already have a tweaked thumb, a tweaked rotator cuff (won’t let it stop me), two majorly skinned elbows (one from jumping onto the airbag and one from skiing with the CF Scottsdale t-shirt on, the snow was abrasive), and a bruise from hitting a the Water Ramp today.  Not to mention I broke two different sets of poles on the first morning of Day 1, before lunch.  That is a tough start to camp, but all in the name of progression.

I am now riding rails/boxes better than I ever have before, landed my first Switch 180 (approaching the jump backwards), and finally landed my first 360 on snow at the end of the day today.  That was an epic moment in my life. Then I hit a front flip in skis using the water ramp later in the day when we got off the hill. I’ve ran into a couple other fellow Crossfitters up here.

The best part is that the key to launching all of these jumps is keeping a tight core with a nice even center of gravity as you approach the ramp, and then extending as you get close to the lip, with full extension at the lip of the jump (almost like the sensation at the top of the box jump, when we have to extend).  If you don’t then you get in the back seat on your jump and all hell brakes loose.

 “So the things I’ve learned from all of you has helped my progression a lot” Anyway, here is the picture I promised you…..not quite at the bottom of my OH squat.  I know its not perfect form, but in my defense it was hard to find flat ground and I was in ski boots. All in all a great time, and I’m still alive and walking, and even skiing. Thank you and all the Coaches for making me better.

Dave Kuivinen

CrossFit Scottsdale Connections July Recap

Thank you to all of you who attended this months July CrossFit Connections Meeting, it was once again a big success with over 15 people and 3 new visitors!!

A Big Thank you to Matt Blanton of Printing Solutions for hosting the 3rd CrossFit Connections meeting. Below are details about Matt’s company so please keep Matt along with your other fellow CrossFit Scottsdale Connections in mind when you are out doing business so we can all grow our businesses!

    Who are we:

Printing Solutions has been in business since early 2007 and is dedicated to achieving a reputation of excellence in the Phoenix area. Since its inception, Printing Solutions has moved towards a broader client base stretching across the US, into Mexico and Canada. Focusing on assisting the small and medium sized business owners, start-up companies, and anyone tired of paying inflated local printing prices.

   What do we do:

Specializing in the common business products such as business cards, letterhead, catalogs, presentation folders, and envelopes, we also cater to the high impact marketing pieces such as postcards, tear cards, posters, stickers, and banners. We have an award winning design staff to bring any idea to reality, whether it is logo creation, brochure design, or web images.

   Mission Statement:

“We exist to provide high quality print materials at a reasonable rate and share value added marketing knowledge to our clients while maintaining a high satisfaction level.”

Matt can be reached at: 

Matt I. Blanton           Printing Solutions

O- 602.682.8059         8281 E. Evans Rd. #104

F-  480.522.1700         Scottsdale, AZ 85260

 For those who are not members but are interested in joining or visiting, please be our guest and come join in on the fun and rewarding skill of networking. The next meeting’s details will be coming out shortly but be sure to save the date; tuesday, August 17th!

Little Rowing Nancy-CrossFit Heroes

Warm Up: 5 push ups/Bear Crawl/Sprint
5 squats/Crab Walk/Sprint
3 Rounds

Focus: Overhead Squat

250 Meter Row
15 Overhead Squats 25#/15#
5 Rounds

Young Heroes
250 Meter Row
15 Overhead Squats 15#/Weighted PVC
5 Rounds

Little Heroes
100 Meter Row
5 Squats-Hands to the sky
5 Rounds

Game: Heroes Choice

100x Days

Join me over the course of the next 100x days as we embark on a Health and Fitness challenge that will leave you clean, lean and feeling great. It’s pretty simple. Eat only meats, veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts, avacados and oils. Drink only water, fresh squeezed juice, tea and no more than 1x cup of coffee a day. No sugar, starch or processed foods. NO ALCOHOL! NO CHEAT DAYS! NO MISSING WORKOUTS! NO EXCUSES! I dare you, I triple dog dare you. I will be dedicating my Facebook page to the next 100x days of Paleo and CrossFit. Please follow me and share your courage and perseverance, trials and tribulations so that the world can watch you “Change”

Coach Luke Kayyem

"Chipper Progression"

Warm Up
5x min jump rope
Hand Stand Push Up
700x Meter Row
700x Meter Row + 60x Goblet Squats
700x Meter Row + 60x Goblet Squats + 50x Box Jumps

“The Chipper Challenge finals are this Saturday @ 7:45am”


Warm up
Team Jump Rope
Rope Pulls
1x rep max shoulder overhead (anyway)
Overhead Squat #95/65
Lateral Box Jumps 24″/18
Push Up (Games)

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