9/11 "Here's to the Heroes"

Words cannot express the emotion, attitude and intensity of CrossFit Scottsdale’s 2nd annual “Here’s to the Heroes” 9/11 WOD. Over 160x people training in 4x different classes including the Luke Air Force Base Honor Guard, Airmen & Airwomen, Scottsdale Police, Scottsdale Fire department our students, family and friends. Special guest and CrossFit Founder Coach Lauren Glassman.

Each class started with recognizing all of our men and women in the armed forces. A beautiful National Anthem by Samantha Renner, a moment of silence and 3.2.1 GO. It was great to see so many different athletes from different CrossFit’s and skill levels come together for one cause to honor all of the men and women who lossed their lives 9x years ago.

This event would not have been possible without help from so many people. I would like to thank… Luke Air Force Base, Sherri Beringer, CFS Coaches, Ambassadors, Vita Coco, Lauren Glassman, Scottsdale Fire Department, and all of you for showing your community support and commemorate the anniversary of 9/11. 

The A-Team

On Friday September 10th, CrossFit Scottsdale took a 4x man men’s team to compete on base against CrossFit Luke Air Force and 25x other local teams. Myself, Sarge, Matt B and “Camaro” Chris packed up the truck at 0500 and headed down to Goodyear. When we arrived on base we were a little shocked to see the level of competition and the amount of athletes. For what we thought was just a friendly wod. We were greeted by Ms. Sherri Biringer, CrossFit Luke Supervisor and colleague of mine who has been the catalyst behind the growth of CrossFit on base. Once we checked in and got settled the energy and excitement started. As always we had a target on our heads from everyone due to the thought of “Scottsdale” As always we knew we had to defend ourselves with Firepower. We found a spot in the corner and set up base camp. Within seconds the WOD was announced.

Each person must complete:
25x Pull ups
40x Power Snatches #95
40x Box Jumps #18
1000x Meter Row
50x Sit ups
40x Wall balls #20
You cannot start next movement until all 4x athletes complete the reps.
Run 150x Meters
Push a Hum V/Hummer/Real one not the one your neighbors wife drives
25x Burpees
25x Meter Tire flip
25x Burpees
50x Meter Run
Farmers walk 20x meters into the deep end of pool
For time:

After the announcement I started to prep my team and become Coach. We watched the 1st 2x heats closely. Following them the entire way. One local “Thunderbird” met Pukey 3x on the run to the pool. We looked at eachother and without words we knew this was going to be tough. A large part of our success or failure was going to be on the shoulders of new guy “Camaro” Chris. He’s 22 years old and drives a Camaro… Get it? Still green the boy has some major skills. His 1st week at CFS he Clean and Jerked #250 pretty impressive I know but that’s not why we scouted him. He walked into my office confident, ambitious and respectfull. Three qualities that tell me he can handle pressure and perform under it. Sarge got in his ear early and told him “were gonna ride you like Seabiscut boy” and we did. He finished behind all 3x of us on every exercise leaving absolutly zero seconds to rest *finish 1st rest longest.

 3.2.1 GO we were off unbroken pull ups, easy snatches, no problem on the box, the row sucked, sit ups were automatic, wall balls are… wall balls. Run felt good. BAM! The Hum V sniper, pushing a vehicle that ways 11,000 lbs now that was hard then we headed over to burpees and I played quarterback along the way yelling out the order of who was going to start burpees. Sarge you 1st, I got next, Matt 3rd and “Camaro”… “Camaro” F__K Chris! “Come on man, we can win this thing, dont stop, dont quit” Lets GO, lets GO. You can rest when Sarge starts his burpees. BAM!

Sarge we got this, your almost done Matt B yells out. Then he looks at me and says his lips are turning purple. Keep going!!! I go, then Matt and now “Camaro”. I cant recall exactly what was said but it wasn’t pretty. Something like you know what the 2nd place prize is nothing, I know we didn’t come out here to get 2nd cuz that’s the 1st place looser, so keep going. We were almost done and I knew it was going to be close. By this time we had a crowd of about 20x people following us into the pool to see if we could pull it off before we got sniped.

We all jumped in with our shoes on, one by one taking the #55 kettle bells into the deep end and back. Having never experienced load under water it was suprisingly easy. Then “Camaro” headed into the water and everyone was yelling at us to hurry cuz it was going to be close. BAM! Finished 37:40 and 15 seconds faster than the top time. Unbelievable… That was amazing! Great job fellas and the game ball goes to “Camaro” It could of gone either way and Chris made it go our way. Congratulations A-Team, CrossFit Scottsdale and the entire city of Scottsdale we brought home the Luke Air Force Base PT challenge trophy off base for the very 1st time.

Check out these photos on Facebook Team CrossFit Scottsdale pixs.

Honoring 9/11 Heroes CrossFit Scottsdale Style

Nine years have passed since that fateful day when we were attacked by terrorists on our own soil. Terrorist activities keep us in fear, because we know that this great nation is still vulnerable. Time may ease some of the pain and the horrific memories, but we can never forget the family and friends that were lost, or the voids their absences have caused, nor the loss of innocence. We must all be very vigilant so that this does not happen to us again. If you are not joining us for our annual 9/11 Hero WOD, please take a moment out this weekend, in your thoughts and prayers, for those who are no longer here, for the men and women in the armed forces who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us and our freedom, and to remember just how precious everyday is in our lives. God Bless America!

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