Vita Coco Coconut Water – A New Way to Hydrate at CrossFit Scottsdale

Vita Coco is an all-natural, super-hydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega-electrolyte coconut super water! In three great flavors this refreshing beverage is sure to satisfy you after even the toughest WOD. This “functional beverage” comes in 100% coconut flavor, peach & mango flavor, and pineapple flavor, and it is as natural as natural gets. Try one today and get hydrated!

Rx Challenge Week 2…

Take 10 Firebreathers, 4 WODs, and a little thing called competition and you get the Rx Challenge Week2! Here are the WODs and the standings going into the finals on Saturday at 8am.  Winner will be announced on Saturday and take home the Rx Challenge Trophy.


Shoulders to Overhead 95#/65#
Challengers face head to head with a partner starting with the bar in the rack position.  Judge calls “1” partner one does one rep, the other partner does 1 rep right after partner one is done.  After all participants have finished their one rep the judge calls “2”.  Partner one does 2 reps, partner two does 2 reps right after partner one finishes.  After all participants have finished, the judge calls “3”.  That continues until the rep cannot be completed and the bar comes out of the rack position.  BAR MUST REST IN THE RACK POSITION AND YOU MAY NOT PUT THE BAR DOWN.  Count total reps.

Mel 55
Carl 55
Mo 45
Derek 45
Luke 36
Brian G. 36
Ted 34
Maria 28
Branson 22
Skip 14

2 Rounds For Time
25 Calorie Row
20 Pull Ups C2B/Chin to bar
400 meter run with a 25#/15# plate
20 Push Ups games style

Brian G. 10:57
Luke 11:11
Derek 11:20
Mel 11:57
Carl 11:57
Mo 13:01
Ted 13:10
Skip 14:27
Maria 14:50
Branson 17:38

Rx Challenge Standings after Week 2
*Note that the women are ranked with the men as everything is Rx and already scaled appropriately

Derek 10
Mel 12
Luke 14
Brian G. 14
Carl 16
Mo 16
Maria 25
Ted 28
Skip 29
Branson 34


Rogue Ultra Speed Ropes – BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!

If you are struggling with your double unders or just looking to improve your “Annie” time you have got to try these ropes.   These ultra-durable and lightweight jump ropes will make jumping rope easy and fun.   They are easy to adjust and lightning fast helping you achieve that elusive double under and improving any jump rope CrossFit WOD. Grab one today and start marking down those PR’s.


Athlete Of the Month

From a skinny kid to a solid stud. We honor Paul Zetah this month for his attributes as a student in the classroom at CrossFit Scottsdale and for how far he has come the last few years outside the gym.
Headed down the same road alot of us found ourselves drinking and partying his dad Roger had a man to man talk with him and now 3 years later he is the healthiest he has ever been in his life.
Dedicating his life to himself and his family Paul has climbed the ranks from Level I to Level II and will definitely be apart of our Level III exam. Congratulations Paul it is a pleasure pushing you to your limits.

Coach Luke Kayyem

CrossFit Kids Teamwork

Teamwork is an integral part of life and the only way some of us get through a WOD. With the support and comraderie of your fellow crossfitters and teammates you can push yourself harder and perform better.  For our CrossFit Scottsdale Kids, they get introduced to teamwork at an early age.  Not only do they learn to work together but they learn to cheer eachother on and support their teamates too.  Nothing makes me smile more than when our heroes are giving “hi fives”!

Peyton and Kanon after the Water Day WOD

Today’s CrossFit Scottsdale Kids WOD
Warm Up: Get on the Leaderboard!

Skill: Med Ball Clean

WOD:  5 Med Ball Clean
10 Ball Slams
5 Rounds

Game: Monkey in the Middle

Strength & Conditioning III

Warm up
400x meter lunge

Max effort pull up 3> minutes

Snatch progression
Shrug + pull
Muscle snatch
Behind neck press
Behind neck push press
Pressing snatch balance
Heaving snatch balance
Drop “snatch balance”
Hang snatch

WOD *From the 2010 San Diego/Arizona Sectionals
7x Power snatches #95/65
21x Double unders
7x Rounds

Luke Kayyem 7:14
Jeff Brennan 7:40
Erica Picard 9:03
Ilana Fisher 10:17
Brian Gubernick 11:11
Eileen Schreiber 13:51
Skip Divelbiss 14:07

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"Concrete & Steel" 5am Wednesday

2x mile run

“Air Force”

20x Thrusters
20x Sumo-high pulls
20x Push Jerks
20x Overhead squats
20x Front squats #95/65

~For every minute on the minute you have to perform 4 burpees. 1x suicide shuffle 20x yards and back.

"Hell Week"

It’s my Birthday and I’ll cry if you make me? For my “21st” Birthday I partied in Vegas till 4 in the morning. When I turned “26” I celebrated by opening a Night Club and at “30” I celebrated by the Grand Opening of CrossFit Scottsdale. So what does the owner and Coach of a CrossFit want this year? “Hell Week” 5x days of the hardest most physically and mentally challenging training on the planet. SEAL FIT is an integral and functional Mind-Body-Spirit training program developed by former Navy SEAL, competetive athlete and martial artist Mark Divine.  Combining training of the mind, body and spirit in the warrior athlete tradition, SEAL FIT is a full-spectrum functional fitness, mental toughness and self awareness training program.

SEAL FIT is popular with CrossFit and competetive athletes, special ops candidates and any professional who seeks to develop serious mental toughness and fortitude, and learn to operate at peak capacity for long periods of time.  SEAL FIT emphasizes Strength, Stamina, Work Capacity, Endurance and Durability development.  Our primary tools are CrossFit, SEAL-inspired Team and Mental Toughness Training, Austere Tools, Hybrid Programming and the Environment. Here is an example of Seal Fit programming. We will be starting a “Hell Week” style training program in October. 2x workouts a day for 5x days. Participants who accomplish and achieve this honor will be recognized on the Warrior wall of fame and have a limited edition “Hell week” CrossFit Scottsdale t-shirt.

Warm Up:
  Run 2 miles at a moderate pace.  Max rep kipping pull-ups, or minimum of 40.

Strength:  Work to 1RM Push Jerk

Stamina:  5 Rounds, not timed:  3 x PJ @ 90% 1 RM, 10 x KTE, Buddy Carry 50 M

Work Capacity:  Tabada That -
2 times through of::
  • 8 rounds of (:20) seconds max effort (:10) seconds rest of:
  • Row, Air Squat, Pull-up, Push-up, Sit-up
  • Rest 3 minutes

Durability:  50x GHD situps. 50x GHD back extension. Stretch.

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