September 2010

Dear CrossFit Scottsdale,

I am proud to introduce to you, the 1st edition of “Letter from the Editor” A monthly blog dedicated to making you better at everything in your life. As a Coach, Father and Husband the pursuit of happiness is constantly being dangled in front of my eyes and just with in reach. Chasing it is easy. “Dedication, discipline and hustle” Knowing what to do with it once you reach it is challenging. CrossFit enables us in new ways to conquer adversity. Set and crush new goals all while giving us mental and physical strengths we never thought we had.

If you are new to our program listen up, this is your “School of Elite Fitness” and welcome to the CFS family. “We are here for you, now that you have taken the 1st step, we will take the rest of them with you”. For those of you who know how to kip, handstand and have a Level 1 band… Now what? Now you take your foot off the clutch and hit it harder than ever. Practice and sharpen your skills, do your homework (squat holds/foam rolls) and start thinking about what you need in your toolbox to be RX.

All my “Gamers”we unofficially have 6x months left until sectionals. Are you hitting all 3x components of CrossFit, daily? Olympic lifting, Gymnastics and Metabolic Conditioning? Are you eating clean, every meal, every day? Are you, taking your fish oil and pushing yourself harder than the previous day?  If your not I guarantee you the 5,657 competitors from this year are.

For everyone else… Why are you here? Do you have goals? How can we help you suceed? In this program, at home, or  in your office. Results are not guaranteed here, they are earned. So become proactive, take control of your life and earn the right to be called a superhero, by your kids and your Coach.

Coach Luke D. Kayyem


The Level 3 Test at CrossFit Scottsdale- “The Mental Game”

Adjectives to describe the test; Miserable, Long, Difficult, and the “Unknown.”
By: Jeff “Sarge” Brennan

I started at CrossFit Scottsdale in October of 2009 for the purpose of testing for the SWAT team and getting in better shape.  In my line of work I don’t have the opportunity to stretch out before a foot pursuit followed by a fight (possibly for my life).  Train hard, fight easy…

My strengths are:  mental toughness, heart, and the desire to win.  I don’t want to be second to anyone and I don’t give a shit if you have more training than me.  There are plenty of people who have better genetics, and/ or Olympic technique…but when its “gut check” time I have the mindset to keep pushing and getting stronger.  I thrive off of other competitors getting weaker during a WOD…it makes me stronger to see people break.  The more I CrossFit the more I realize how much of a “mental game” it is.

Improvise, Adapt, and overcome.

Be prepared for anything and everything.  The Level 3 test encompasses heavy weight and Olympic technique with little to no rest. With the Level 3 test you don’t have the opportunity to know what you are going to do next until you’re 98% done with that prescribed exercise. 

So how do we look at this test and see whether or not an individual passed?  Do we do it by a total number of reps, or mere “respectable” completion?  

One thing that I completely agree on is keeping the test a secret until you have to absolutely come out and tell everyone because so many people have taken the test.  The idea/ philosophy behind the Level 3 test is not being “prepared” or warmed up.  There is no “WOD” management, just raw output.  Challenge yourself as a human and see what you’re capable of 

Congratulations Jeff “Sarge” Brennan on passing the CrossFit Scottsdale Level III Test


Kids on the Rings

Body awareness?  How much do you have?  No, I don’t mean what you look like in the mirror.  Body awareness is how well you can feel your body move and how you understand the movements your body makes.  Think about your squat…are you going deep enough?  How do you know?  Can you feel it or do you need to look in the mirror?  Our body awarness changes with new movements and skills but always increases with practice.  For our kids, their bodies are constantly changing and are fairly new to them so body awareness is a constant challenge.  Gymnastics is an integral part in the training of CrossFitters and requires not only body awarenss but total body control as well.  Gaining good awarness and control of your body is critical in our development for proper movements throughout our lives and truly gaining confidence knowing that you can do anything!Today our CrossFit Scottsdale Kids get introduced to the rings to challenge their awareness and control of their body.

CrossFit Scottsdale Kids WOD

Warm Up:
L-sit Hold/Shuttle Run
Knees Up/Shuttle Run

Skill: Getting on the rings

WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes
30 single jump ropes
10 second ring hold or 10 attempts
10 bench dips
5 push ups

"Double Down"

WOD #2 From the So.Cal CrossFit Games Sectionals
Overview: This WOD actually consists of two short workouts. You will start the second workout exactly 20 minutes after you start the first one, so your rest is determined by the time it takes you to finish the first workout. Your score for this event is the combined times of both workouts. 15x minute cutoff for each.

 “Double Down”

Part 1
4 Rounds for time of:
9 Squat Cleans (135/95lbs)
6 Handstand Push-ups

Part 2
For time:
30 Hang Squat Snatches (75/45lbs) *below the knee
30 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
750m Row

"Miss Fisher"

5> jump rope

Front squat/Push press/Thruster

“Miss Fisher”
10x Front squat/10x Push press/10x Thrusters/2x Chest to bar pull ups/2x Box jumps/2x burpees
8x Front squat/8x Push press/8x Thrusters/4x Chest to bar pull ups/4x Box jumps/4x burpees
6x Front squat/6x Push press/6x Thrusters/6x Chest to bar pull ups/6x Box jumps/6x burpees
4x Front squat/4x Push press/4x Thrusters/8x Chest to bar pull ups/8x Box jumps/8x burpees
2x Front squat/2x Push press/2x Thrusters/10x Chest to bar pull ups/10x Box jumps/10x burpees

"Concrete & Steel"

100x Superman 100x Pelvic Thrusts 100x Air Squats 100x Pull Overs

Overhead Squat

5x Rounds
400x Run
15x Overhead Squats

"I love this video, you can tell it is one of the original CrossFit videos by one of this sports pioneers and good friend of mine Andy Petranek" Coach L.K

Open Gym Sunday September 5th 7am-10am

Okay everyone; take advantage of this because it will probably never happen again. This Sunday we are going to open up the gym from 7am-10am for people to come and work out. A film crew will be doing live weather shots throughout the morning to promote the 9/11 event and we would like people to be able to come and work out during that time. We will be organizing some mini WODs for people to do every ½ hour. There will be coaches here to give tips on movements that you may need help with, but this will not take the place of a skill lesson. Whether you are looking for that first muscle up, double under, kipping pull up, or you just want to work on your Olympic lifting, this is your chance!  So come on in for an hour or three, WOD, work out, and practice, practice, practice!

Game Day-CrossFit Scottsdale Kids Style

CrossFit Kids provides more than just a workout, it builds teamwork, responsibility, accountability, sportsmanship and much more. Most of our CrossFit Kids classes end with a game.  We have fun but it is also an integral part in the education that CrossFit Kids provides.  Games require rules to be followed which builds listening skills, tasks to be completed which builds responsibility,  and someone must win or lose and we always encourage and build healthy competative spirit and good sportsmanship.  CrossFit give such a broad spectrum of exercises and movements that some we are good at right off the bat and others take months to learn.  The attitude that I working on being good at something permeates every class and seeing others perform these movements helps us set goals for ourselves.  Today is dedicated to the game and all it offers our CrossFit Kids. 

CrossFit Scottsdale Kids sharing and eating "Paleo" style


Warm Up:

3 Laps in Back lot –Sprint long legs & jog short legs

100 Push Ups/100 Sit Ups

 Skill: Muscle Up/Handstand Push Up

 WOD: “Nate”

>20 Minute AMRAP

2x Muscle Ups

4x Handstand Push Up

8x KB Swing #75/#55

Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy was killed Sunday, February 4th 2008 during combat operations in Iraq. He is survived by his wife Mindi, and infant son Parker.

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