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Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, February 6, 2014

We all come to SICFIT Scottsdale with different goals for fitness, health, and overall wellness. Some of us may be here to lose weight and get a handle on our nutrition. Many of us likely found SICFIT as a way to surpass a fitness plateau we have been stuck in for a while. Some of us may even have very specific sport and competition related goals that SICFIT is helping us to achieve. No matter where your objectives lie, SICFIT Scottsdale’s personal training programs may be just what you need to manifest your goal into your reality. Check out this video to learn why some of your classmates love their personal training at SICFIT Scottsdale.

1 Mile run
50 Push ups
50 Air squats
10 Burpees
Walk small lap
800 Meter run
25 Push ups
25 Air squats
10 Burpees
Walk small lap
400 Meter run
15 Push ups
15 Air squats
10 Burpees
Walk a big lap

How to Stretch your Pecs


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An essential component of performing your best on the SICFIT WOW is maintaining superb flexibility and mobility. This week’s WOW has a heavy emphasis on push and pull movements with the upper body. In order to maximize our upper body potential we must take care of the muscles and connective tissues in the chest and shoulders — and it just so happens that today’s Stretch of the Week from FlexibilityRX does just that! Pectoralis Minor is a small muscle that extends from the third, fourth, and fifth rib to the top of the shoulder on either side of the chest, and is key in many of the actions involving the shoulder blades, and by extension the arms. Try these FlexibilityRX stretches to prevent soreness and stiffness after today’s WOW, as well as to improve your performance in future upper body exercises.


10 Minutes
Bear crawl + lunge + single leg toe touch + long jump
Jump rope progression: bounce, single, double, triple
Push press
5.3.1 + 5.3.1
Max pull ups
3 Minute rest
3 Minute rest
Max 500m row
LIFE: Ring row/push up
FITNESS: Bands allowed
SPORT: Chest to bar/kip

The Fundamentals of Fitness


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mark your calendars for this Saturday, 2/8, for the SICFIT Scottsdale Fundamentals Seminar. By honing in on the basics you will effortlessly and inevitably improve your performance in the gym overall. This seminar will help you identify where there are holes in the foundation of your fitness and give you tools to build yourself back up to an even greater potential. The seminar will be two hours long, beginning at 9am. Sign up at the gym today to secure your spot!

OLY snatch progression DL/HP/PS/OH/SB
12 Minute EMOM
3 Tough power snatch (not touch and go)
7 Rounds | 10 Minute time cap
LIFE: 7 Power snatch with barbell + 30 single unders
FITness: 7 Power snatch 75/55 + 21 double unders
SPORT:  7 Power snatch 95/65 + 21 double unders

Getting Down with Dubs


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, February 3, 2014

Aside from the incredible WOW performance from our buddy at SICFIT San Diego that this video showcases, the clip below also demonstrates excellent double under technique. Notice how the athlete maintains his focus at the same point during each set of double unders. This steady gaze helps establish balance, coordination, and focus. Additionally he keeps his focus slightly upward in direction, but without kinking his neck. Where the gaze goes the body often follows, and since we want our chest to be tall during double unders, looking slightly above the neutral line of vision will help us in this task.

The athlete’s arms remain externally rotated and his shoulders are pulled away from the ears. This action keeps our shoulders in a healthy and safe position as well as keeps our arms somewhat relaxed so we can preserve more energy. Also helping to preserve energy in the arms, the athlete featured here centralizes his swing in the wrists only, rather than relying on the entire arm. Finally, notice how with each jump the athlete lands on the balls of his feet and allows his heels to tap the ground before rebounding back into the air, thus relying less on only the calf muscles to propel him upwards.

Jump rope
Double under
Spend 5-7 min building to a heavy 5 rep deadlift
4 Rounds
5 Rep deadlift
3 Burpee long jumps
21 Unbroken jump ropes single or double
3 Minute rest
30 – 20 – 10
LIFE: Russian kettle bell swing + air squat + box step up 20″
FITNESS: Heavy russian swing + jumping air squat + box jump step down
SPORT: full swing 55/35 + goblet squat 55/35 + box jump 24″/20″

One Month of 2014 Down!


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, February 1st, 2013

With the first month of the year in the bag, February first presents us with an opportunity to check back in with our goals for 2014. For many of us, our goals are centered around shedding the pounds once and for all. If this is the case for you, how has this process been for you so far? Are you still going strong? Are you finding yourself losing momentum? Perhaps your willpower to make it to the gym 5-6 times a week is on point but you have a tough time staying committed in the kitchen and and restaurants? Maybe visa-versa? No matter where your struggles are, SICFIT Scottsdale is here to support you and help you turn your goals into reality. Ask your coaches for their export advice; look through the nutrition and fitness resources on our website; sign up for a few personal training sessions. SICFIT Scottsdale is here to make 2014 your SICEST year yet!

Coach Hallie Before

Coach Hallie Before


Coach Hallie After

Coach Hallie After

4 Rounds
5 Heavy back squat
12, 9, 6 burpee + box jump up/step down AFAP
4 Minute walking rest
5 Minute break
1000 Meter run
Sleds around small lap 90/70/45 forward and walking backwards
1000 Meter row

Ain’t No Obstacle Too Big For SICFIT


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, January 31, 2014

Obstacle course runs, like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and Warrior Dash are a great showcase for the effectiveness of functional fitness. What better way to test your ability to be physically prepared for anything and everything than with a race filled with unpredictable obstacles? Everyday at SICFIT Scottsdale we throw new challenges your way, and teach you the most efficient and effective way handle them while maximizing your personal strength, speed, and stamina. Today’s programming is no exception and is geared specifically to replicate the physical experience you would encounter during an obstacle court race.



10 Minutes: Walk small lap + jog small lap
21 Sledge hammer strikes
2-3 Rounds | Heats of 2
10 Tire jump/step in-n-out
Run big lap
Lunge down and back
Push sled down high and back low
Lunge down and back
Tire flip down and back
Lunge down and back
Farmers carry down and back
Lunge down and back
Run big lap
Jump over wall or 21 air squats
5-10 Minute rest

Dustin Anderson January 2014 Athlete of the Month

Dustin Anderson is the “black sheep” when it comes to FITness competitions. Since Dustin first began his quest for higher level FITess two years ago he has come full circle, eventually beating any previous benchmarks, personal records, races, runs or events EVER at 29 years of age. “D” as I like to call him is one of the coolest, level headed men I know. His no nonsense approach to FITness shows the second he walks in the gym. Ready and eager to learn more about his own potential and possibilities as well as the guys he trains with. In the past 90 days Dustin has competed at the “FURY” , ran a half marathon way under 2 hours, competed with our vicious looking North Scottsdale Flag Football team. Some of Dustin’s recent scores include……
30 muscle ups > 6:06
30 snatches @ 135 > 2:24
Front squat #315
3x rep front squat #300
Power snatch #200
Power clean #280
Bench press #305
Half marathon 1:59:27

Congratulations Mr. Anderson you have come along way since wanting to loose some weight. We hope you continue to progress and achieve the FITness you are looking for. Thank you for your commitment to SICFIT Scottsdale.

Got Valentine’s Day Plans?


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, January 30, 2014

Valentine’s Day is typically viewed as an occasion for indulgence. A time to splurge on date-night at a fine restaurant and to actually take up the server’s offer for dessert. At SICFIT Scottsdale however, we view this day of romance a bit differently. To us, we think that celebrating the one you love should  bring out the best in both of you. So instead of throwing your nutrition and training plan out the window, why not incorporate it into your date and share it with your sweetheart?  SICFIT Scottsdale’s Sweat With Your Sweetie event will help you do just that! Bring your Valentine to the 5:30am, 6:30am, noon, or 5:30pm and let’s make this Valentine’s Day the happiest and healthiest  one yet!


10 Minutes
Run 300 meters + walk 150meters
4 Working Rounds
5-8 Front squats | 30 second rest
5 Strict chins up | 30 second rest
1 Minute plank 1 | 2 minutes rest
LIFE: Tempo ring row + barbell back squat + tempo push up
FITNESS/SPORT: Deficit push up with 25/15 plates
LIFE : 10 Sit ups + 10 hand release push ups + 200 meter row | 4 rounds
FITNESS: 10 Lying knees to elbows + 10 deficit push ups #15/10 plates + 5 wall walks | 5 rounds
SPORT: 9 Toes to bar + 5 handstand push up or wall walk | 6 rounds

We’ve Got Your Fuel!


Check out all the new food we stocked the fridge with for the New Year.

LIFEers – We have Paleo Snacks

-       PALEOKIT – A perfectly portable and healthy mix of nitrate-free, free-range beef jerky, raw nuts and dried fruits.

-       PALEOSTIX – Convenient, easy to eat, and packed with protein!

-       PALEOKRUNCH – This gluten-free and grainless granola bar helps you stay Paleo anytime, anywhere.

FITNESS – Regulate your insulin with healthy sugar

 –       ALMOND BUTTER – Low Glycemic Index Carb. Replenish your glycogen without spiking your insulin… oh and almond butter tastes amazing too.

-       POWERCOCO – A natural surge of electrolytes that will keep you hydrated no matter how hot it gets.

SPORT – Replenish your blood sugar

-       POWDERED GATORADE – Are you pulling two-a-days? You need a post workout recovery and you need it fast. Drop a Powdered Gatorade in a protein shake immediately following a workout and get maximum recovery for maximum results!

Be sure to get all the FUEL you need at SICFIT Scottsdale. Next time you workout grab what you need and simply write your name on the fridge list. You do the work; we’ll take care of the rest!

Creating and Keeping Strong, Healthy Shoulders


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our shoulders are vital to our ability as humans to reach out and interact with our environment. And though our shoulders allow us much versatility in movement, the shoulder itself is a relatively unstable joint. Much like our hip joints, our shoulders form a ball-and-socket joint. However, unlike our hips, the socket in which our humerus, or arm bone, attaches to is quite shallow.  This feature is what allows such diverse range of motion in the shoulders, but it is also what makes the joint vulnerable to injury. Protecting the shoulder joint is a group of tendons, ligaments, and muscles known at the rotor cuff (1). While we spend much time at SICFIT Scottsdale strengthening the rotator cuff muscles, it is equally important to give them the restorative and mobilizing stretching they need to both stabilize the joint and keep it unimpinged. Use this weeks FlexibilityRX Stretch of the Week’ to keep your shoulders healthy and strong!



Run 2 big laps + walk 2 small laps
10 Rounds not for time | 15 minute time cap
10 Sit ups + 10 push ups + 10 overhead squats (pvc)
Run 2 big laps + 2 walk laps
Lunge 50 steps + 5 burpees
Lunge 40 steps + 4 burpees
Lunge 30 steps + 3 burpees
Lunge 20 steps + 2 burpees
Lunge 10 steps + 1 burpee
Run 2 laps + 2 walk laps
5 Minute plank
stop clock when you stop
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