Paleo Challenge Finals!!

WOW!!!  So you set out 6 weeks ago to look better, feel better and perform better…and that is exactly what you did!  

Winners will be announced Wednesday but here are some of the highlights from today:

The top improvements on “Cindy” were
Scott H. from 10 to 18
Jeff Z. from 7 to 12

 Mel from 18 to 24
Alison N. from 16 to 20

The guys averaged as a whole a 2 round improvement while the ladies averaged 3!  Stellar work CrossFit Scottsdale!  Enjoy the weekend and get your plan together on Sunday for the week.


CONGRATULATIONS Tiffany, Carolina, and Katie on passing the Level II test. It was a great night filled with ups and downs. More than anything it was a reminder of why CrossFit Scottsdale is so special. Thank you Jaz, Roger, Matt, and Hallie for judging and supporting the athletes taking the test. Paul and Ted, your performance tonight will inspire other students to take risks and push themselves to their limits without fear of failure.  Your orange bands are waiting.

Diet or Lifestyle?

As we near the end of the Paleo Challenge, the question has to get asked, was this just a “diet” for you or has your lifestyle changed? 

Paleo for me has become a lifestyle. It is the way that I eat most of the time.  My old habits of pizza on Fridays and baking cookies on Sundays are things of the past.  Instead I spend my Sunday’s making Paleo muffins, turkey burgers, meatballs, better barbeque sauce and roasted vegetables.  On Friday’s we grill out and maybe make some coconut ice cream.  I am certainly not Paleo 100% of the time but the majority of my food is Paleo.  I feel better, look better and perform better when I eat foods found in nature.  This is what keeps me eating this way about 90% of the time.  Ultimately I am 100% aware of how the food I eat affects me. There is the occasional time when I decide to eat whatever I want, Paleo or not.  Sometimes its worth it. Most of the time its not and so I go back to my normal routine of eating Paleo and all is good again.

My advice to you as the Paleo Challenge comes to an end is to eat whatever it is that you missed the most.  Eat a really good quality version of that food. Enjoy it.  But before you do, before Saturday think about how this challenged affected you.  What have you learned?  How did it change how you think and feel about food?  What parts of the Paleo diet have you turned into a lifestyle?

 ~Coach Tiffany

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Post your thoughts to comments.

Justification for Higher Education

In today’s fitness industry you can go online register for a certification pay $199, pass an open book test online and call yourself a certified personal trainer and get a respectable job that pays well at a local “Globo Gym”. As a member of that globo gym you could sign up for a membership and get sold a package of personal training that can cost as low as $50 an hour and as much as $95 an hour most of  these packages are usually sold in 10x and 20x sessions ranging from $500-$950 a month.

This new-bee personal trainer could be the 1st person that takes you on a tour of your new gym. Show you a few machines, bicep curls and crunches. Put you on the elliptical at an easy setting that you wont forget the next time you have an appointment with him/her. This model of fitness is why you’re still overweight, sick or unhealthy.

Ya… your trainer is HOT, most are… but how much longer are you going to be able to afford him/her before you finally give up and say to yourself.
  “I know how to use these machines and can set the elliptical on my own”

At CrossFit Scottsdale we take pride and ownership of our continued education. All Coaches must have a CrossFit Level I certification and have passed the new written test that will allow CrossFit to be a Globally accredited certification. Coaches B.K, Najla, and Katie all passed the new test. Skip and Erin also passed and will be the 1st of our students enrolled in the Instructor Training program that we will unveil to the greater student body early next week.

This past weekend we had the honor of hosting a Level I certification at CrossFit Scottsdale. We hosted 7x Coaches from the H.Q. training staff including the 2008 “Fittest man on earth” and winner of the 2008 CrossFit Games Jason Khalipa and this year’s winner of the Mountain Regional  Matt Chan pictured below with Coach Luke Kayyem.

“It was amazing just to be able to Hang with with 2 of the top CrossFitter’s in the world” 

At CrossFit Scottsdale we also believe in Coaching specialties. Olympic lifting, Kettle Bells, Gymnastics, Endurance and Mobility are a few that we have. Coach Tiffany was in Ramona, California at Brand X learning the CrossFit Kids programming and how to scale for all athletes. She will be tackling the “Future of Fitness” and leading the charge with our CrossFit Kids program.  50% of America’s children born after 2004 get Type II Diabetes. THIS IS OUR MEDICARE PEOPLE GET YOUR KIDS OFF THE SUGAR AND PLAYSTATION AND GET THEM IN TO SEE US AT  CROSSFIT SCOTTSDALE.

Pick a Girl and Do Her as Fast as You Can (Part II)

It’s great to do a Girl (or any benchmark WOD) that you have never done before. We did Annie on Monday and today it’s Elizabeth’s turn. We have not done this one in class so there are 6 Leader Board spots up for grabs. Go get her!

Warm Up:
Jump rope

Burgener Clean Warm Up

Girl WOD: Elizabeth
Squat Cleans (135#/85#)
Ring Dips

Happy Birthday Richard!

Pick a Girl and Do Her as Fast as You Can (Part I)

The long awaited new CFS shirts are finally here and to celebrate we will be picking some of our favorite girl WODs and doing them as fast as we can. Five girls in one week, are you man/woman enough?

5 minutes of jump rope


5×5 Heavy Deadlift

Girl WOD: Annie
50, 40,30, 20, 10
Double Unders

Saturday 5/15 WOD's at Northsight Park

We are hosting a Level 1 CrossFit Certification this weekend at the gym therefore the gym will be closed on Saturday. Saturday’s WODs will be held at Northsight Park at 9am (CrossFit Class) and 10am (CrossFit Yoga class). All ages and fitness levels are welcome, so bring your friends and family.

8400 East Thunderbird Road in Scottsdale (about a mile south/east of the gym)

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