"Concrete and Steel"

Welcome to the official blog of our new 5am Wednesday class “Concrete and Steel”. This is not a runners class, this is not a lifters class but you will do both.

C & S Baseline”

I. 800x meter run
2x min rest
800x meter run
2x min rest
800x meter run
2x min rest
800x meter run

II.  90x seconds to get max # over your head

What does it take for you to give your BEST?

“Show up, Don’t Quit” is our mantra at CrossFit Scottsdale but there is a difference between SHOWING UP to do the WOD and giving YOUR BEST in the WOD. 

There  are  those WODs that you know you couldv’e done better in.  You could have pushed harder, run faster or got that last rep in.  So what stopped you?  Why didn’t you give your best? There are no limits except the ones we create for ourselves. Don’t get  me wrong, showing up is certainly going to get you results but just think about what you could do if you truly gave your best.  Put the blindfold on, don’t look at the clock, don’t look around you,  push with your heart and ignore your body telling you to stop,  give 110% of everything you’ve got  and then take the blindfold off and see where you end up.  I promise you will amaze yourself!

  So I challenge you…don’t just show up to class, GIVE IT YOUR BEST!

~Coach Tiffany

Chasing Performance

As I left Flagstaff this afternoon I realized a few things. One we all need change, it defines us, makes us grow and sometimes work harder than we ever have before. Two, sometimes we need to step back before we can move forward. The 65 degree weather was amazing and definitely was a change and the CrossFit Movement/Mobility/Maintenance certification had me stepping back from 3.2.1. GO and moving forward with examining human movement. More importantly your’s. The students at CrossFit Scottsdale. Questions we all need to ask ourselves. At what point is your body failing you? When will Jeff Zuhl’s knee stop firing on a box jump? How long can Tia run for before her back starts to hurt and why can Sean not fully extend his arms over his head? But first we have to find out where the culpuret lies and I’ll give you a hint it’s not the knee, back or shoulders. We need to sytamatically fix these issues ourselves layoff the I.B Profin and change the face of Physical Therapy starting with you. In order to Maxamize Optimum Performance your training, nutrition and hydration must be at the highest levels.

Of the 10x General Physical Skills Flexibility is the only one that will effect strength, power, endurance, balance, endurance , accuracy, coordination, speed and agility. So why do we struggle with this area so much?  Because it’s not Sexy. Touching your toes for time is not on the leader board and Jon Kaufman does not hold the record for happy baby pose. However when he learns to retrain his body by stepping back stretching 5x minutes a day, using the foam roller before and after every class and working the issue from all angles he will be able to overhead squat his bodyweight 10x. We all will P.R everything and do it pain free. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to hurt and you’re not going to like it, but it will work. We will be teaching all week long on your new self defense plan. “Every class this week will start with 10x minutes of foam rolling and dynamic stretching”.

CrossFit Flagstaff

Coach Luke Kayyem and Coach Kelly Starrett

August Featured Product – Laughing Giraffe Organics

I Know. I get it. You are hungry and you want a snack. You have been working so hard at being good, but you just want something sweet. You are thinking…”Maybe I’ll have just one cookie. Nobody will know and it is just a small cheat.” Well everyone, those internal battles that you have with yourself are over. CrossFit Scottsdale is now proud to offer Laughing Giraffe Organics, the no cheat sweet. Their line of granola and snakaroons are not only raw, vegan, and gluten free, but they taste great too! Whether you miss your cereal in the morning, need a quick snack, or you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, with four great flavors, you now have some tasty options. Even our nutrition coach can’t complain about this healthy alternative. To make it even better, every time you open a bag of this delicious snack you will not only be supporting a local business but also a fellow CrossFit Scottsdale student. So go ahead, grab a bag, and be guilt free when you enjoy!!

Those Pesky Pesticides

In our quest to eat healthy we eat more vegetables and fruits, but what happens if those fruits and veggies have more chemicals on them than all of the processed stuff we are trying to avoid?

Buying Certified Organic fruits and vegetables will minimize your exposure to pesticides as the USDA prohibits the use of pesticides on certified organic foods.  As much as all of us would like to buy everything organic sometimes that’s just not in the cards.  Now the coach in me would tell you that this is an investment in your health and even though it may cost more in the short term it will certainly pay off in the long run.  Not only will you feel better on a day to day basis once you have eliminated the chemicals but it will set you up to be optimally healthy.

Now the realist in me would give you this link to “The new Dirty Dozen: 12 foods to eat organic and avoid pesticide residue to guide you to the right foods to buy to minimize your pesticide exposure” if you are not buying organic.  Either way shop wisely and make sure you know what you are putting in your body.

Coach Tiffany

"My Butt is Big"

5x Point Hip Stretch
Up/Down Dog-Superman

“My Butt is Big”

1000x row
50x “Games” push ups (hand off the ground on the bottom)
200x run (out the front door to the right)
50x pull ups
200x run
50x walking lunges
200x meter run
50x pull ups
200x run
50x “Games’ push ups
200x run
25x deadlifts @ 225/135

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