Deadlifts and Dresses… 2011 Calendar Call for Photos

Calling all Ladies! Do you love to Deadlift? Are you a savage in your dress?

Time to strut your stuff and enter the Deadlifts and Dresses 2011 Photo Competition being spearheaded by one of our very own CrossFit Scottsdale athlete’s….the one, the only, the original CrossFit Cougar Eileen Schreiber. Come to the Gym on Monday, October 4that 7pm to get your photos taken to be entered into the Deadlifts and Dresses Calendar. The idea is a contrast between the strong, sexy woman doing a deadlift and that same strong, sexy woman in a dress.

You can come dressed in your gym clothes and submit another picture of you in a dress or take both photos on Monday evening. Deadlifts and Dresses celebrates women who love to lift. All ages and all fitness levels are encouraged to participate and submit photos. 

 How to Enter?

You will submit TWO pictures; one picture of you doing a deadlift and one picture of you rocking a dress.  The entrance fee is $15 direct to the foundation. Partial proceeds will go towards sponsoring a woman in need for a year membership to her CrossFit gym.

Hallie will be at the box on Monday at 7pm to take a photo of you pulling a Deadlift. Wear a cute outfit or your grunge clothes. It doesn’t matter. Be strong. Be sexy. 3..2..1..Go!

For more information visit:



Burgener Snatch Warm up
1-3 down and up
4-6 down and up + elbows high and outside
7-9 muscle snatch
10-12 2″ 4″ 6″ drop
13-15 SNATCH


Tabata sumo deadlift high pull/push press/overhead squat/power snatch

Never give up

5x point hip stretch
Lunge 50x steps 10x finger tip push ups
Lunge 40x steps 20x finget tip push ups
30/30  20/40  10/50

Press 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 

2K Row + 1200x Run + 3x min max effort pull up
Score = Time – Reps

Rear naked choke

800x run
Ring rows/Handstand walk


7x Power cleans #165/110
14x Double unders
7x Rounds

HELL WEEK soldiers you will be learning warrior athlete skills, self defense and some hand to hand combat tactics.

CrossFit Kids (the Heroes) Rock the Gym

CrossFit Kids is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit, it is entirely absolutely CrossFit geared and designed for kids and their specific developmental needs. On Saturday, we hosted our first CrossFit Scottsdale Kids Open House. The 2 hour event was filled with workout demos, a fun obstacle course with some tires, health tips and preventative maintenance information, nutrition counseling (ie: what to pack in a kids lunch box) and some science fun…who doesn’t like to play with slime?

A special thank you to CrossFitter Dr. Thomas Tuzzolino with North Scottsdale Family Chiropractic, Mad Science, our Coaches and ambassadors for putting on a fun filled event. We were able to spread the word about CrossFit Kids to many parents that want their kids to grow up healthy, strong and have a life long love of working out thus avoiding the common problems associated with childhood inactivity and obesity. Our CrossFit Kids program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Healthy living requires that our kids push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift, jump, effectively and safely regardless of whether or not they play sports. Bottom line, the kids have fun…and they are entertaining to say the least.

What super powers would you have if you started CrossFitting at an early age? Superheroes are all the rage these days, which is not surprising since they embody qualities we as everyday people yearn to possess. Integrity, honor, power, strength — they’re all a part of what makes superheroes, well, super. So, what’s a better way to build the body of a superhero than to mimic the every day functional movements (pushing, pulling, running, throwing, climbing, lifting, jumping) of your favorite comic book characters. We cannot promise that your kids will leap tall buildings in a single bound but we will train them to climb mountains, flip tires and scale rock walls. They may not be faster than a speeding bullet but they sure will be faster than they are now. Bend steel bars? Maybe, maybe not but you can bet that we will strengthen their joints and muscles to push press a barbell.

I am proud to say that my son Kanon has grown up with CrossFit Kids (not that he really had a choice)….he is 3 years old (barely old enough to participate in class) and can do 15 unbroken burpees , a 5 minute AMRAP of squats , double pump push ups and box jumps and he amazes me everyday. CrossFit Kids has taught him teamwork, camaraderie and how to move efficiently and effectively. Watch out 2023 CrossFit Games… My superhero Kanon Kayyem is coming for you.

  “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”
Will Rogers

~Coach Naj

"G.I Jane"

Burgener Warm-up 1-12
1-3 Down & Up
4-6 Down & Up & Elbows high & Outside
7-9 Hang Clean
10-12 Front Squat (stay down 30x sec)
3x rounds

Front Squat
2×10, 1×8, 1×6, 1×4, 1×3

“G.I. Jane”
100x Burpee Pull ups

“Hell Week”officially starts in 2x weeks October 11-15. So we are going to be running after class to get ready for it. Grab a vest, plate or med ball and a stop watch. Set a goal of  1, 2 or 3 miles. If a WOD has alot of running in it skip it or do it as homework. Don’t run the same distance 2x days in a row. Chart your progress on the board over the next two weeks. For those of you who know “Nolan” he will be visiting us and our honorary Coach during the very 1st class October 11th 0500. We will have a sign up sheet available at the check in station today. Free for unlimited athletes $50 for everyone else. 10x wods in 5x days. You will need to attend all five 0500 classes plus five PM classes in order to successfully pass “Hell Week” Troop I. No make ups. No excuses. No problems. All soldiers will need to have at every class. CrossFit Scottsdale shirt. 1x personal jump rope. 1x pair knee socks. 1x personal water container large enough for one fill during class only. 1x towel. An open mind, strong heart and willingness for teamwork. “Some of you will quit, some of you won’t, all of you will want to”

Coach Luke Kayyem

The Orange Band

What makes you work hard?  What makes you show up to class an hour early and run 2 miles after class? What drives you to push yourself beyond your limits?  What gets you to CrossFit Scottsdale at 7pm on a Thursday night to run 2 miles and do 50 pull ups in under 20 minutes/25 pull ups in under 25 minutes….do 10 BW/3/4 BW Clean and Jerks and 10 3/4 BW/ 1/2 BW Overhead Squats in under 10 minutes…. AND do 50 burpees in under 4 minutes? 

For 5 Students on Thursday night it was the CrossFit Scottsdale Orange Band signifying passing the Level II test.  Passing requires completing all 3 parts of the test and represents the next level of skill and strength needed after passing the Level I test.

Congratulations to Jen D and Mo for passing Level II and earning your official Orange Band!  Such great example of hard work and discipline paying off.  You are the newest Level II leaders. Wear it with pride.

Justin, Don and Branson-you all came very close and know exactly what you need to work on to crush the next test in November!  You all gave it a 110% and it was inspiring to see your determination and willingness to test yourself.  Your Orange Bands are waiting for you.

Everyone pushed themselves hard and would not have been able to do so without the support of their fellow students who came out to cheer their friends and fellow crossfitters on. It is the community and camaraderie that makes all the difference!

So who is next?  What is your goal?  What will make you work hard?  Post to comments.

~Coach Tiffany

"Chariots of Fire" 5K Challenge Prelim Times

Great job CrossFit Scottsdale 5K challenge participants. Your performance this morning was impressive and inspiring. Running a 5K is an excellent goal for new runners. You’ll get lots of motivation, as well as enjoyment, from participating in a race, and  a 5K  is the perfect distance for first-timers to try a long distance run out…… however, it wouldn’t be CrossFit Style if there wasn’t a twist and the opportunity to make it harder and do the extraordinary. In case you missed it, here is what your fellow team members did to start off their weekend.

Run 200M with a 45#/35# plate
Jump over 2 tractor tires into the gym, run through alternating tires 30ft
Bear Crawl under an 18″ chalked string for 10ft, if you touched it….burpee
Run 200 feet to the back wall of the parking lot and do 10 squats
Run backwards 250 feet
Lunge 150 feet to the sidewalk
Run 1 mile
3x rounds for tim3

Beginner (1x)
Alison Nocks 25:38
Andrew Canto 25:38
Jacob Gold 19:25
Kelly Gold 19:25
Intermediate (2x)
Stephanie Binch 34:30
Ashley Richards 30:29
Advanced (3x)
Amanda Gornet 49:05
Lindsey Bartlett 51:58
Brandi Raider 46:04
Erin Wellendorf 58:25
Stu Selden 61:18
Josh Vella 43:06
Mike Wellendorf 52:50
David Kuividen 45:30
Melissa Einbinder 36:20
Justin Baumgartner 50:28
Brandon Peyton 38:17
Chris Tommarello 38:33
Roger Zetah 45:05

Some Highlights:
Alison Nocks ran her first mile, it was only a few weeks ago when she ran her first 800M without stopping and with the help and support of  Andrew Canto, she was able to run her very first mile without stopping. Stu gave an unbelievable performance and did not quit or slow down. His teammates ran the last mile with him to make sure he didn’t have the option to walk. Jacob ran with his son Kelly while his wife and daughter cheered them on and Mel…well, Mel is Superwoman. She is an unbelievable athlete and teammate. It’s no surprise she posted the fasted time of the day, beating out the men. Brandon and Chris- you have just over a month to catch her.

The “Chariots of Fire” 5K Finals will take place on October 30th at 8am. The run/obstacle course can be scaled to meet any one’s athletic ability level. If you would like to participate in the finals, see a Coach to get signed up. We encourage you all to dress up for the Halloween Fun Run. We will even have an opportunity for the kids to show off their costumes and participate. They will do the obstacle course  through and around the gym 3x (minus the mile run).

So, now that it is over, how do you feel? What was the hardest part? What will you do different next time? Where can you pick up some time? Post to comments….

Coach Naj

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