One Minute at a Time


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, August 24, 2015

Every minute on the minute, you have a task to complete. Every minute on the minute, your mind needs to focus on one thing and one thing only. Every minute on the minute, we’re asking that you give everything you’ve got. Every minute on the minute, its time to turn down the voice in you head that says you can’t and turn up the one that knows you can. Every minute on the minute, its time to show yourself just how strong you are.

At SICFIT Scottsdale we embrace new challenges as often as we can. Today we dish out a challenge every minute on the minute. Each one a new opportunity for you to meet that challenge head on and blow it out of the water.

By the end of our training today, you’ll be ready for all of the many challenges we face, minute by minute, not just in the gym but outside of it as well. When we meet our challenges one minute at a time, it’s inevitable that we also get stronger, one minute at a time.


Coaches Choice
10 Minute EMOM
1 Round Oly Complex
3 Deadlift + 2 Hang Power Cleans + Push Press
8 Minute EMOM
5 Push Press
5 Minute EMOM
Back Squat
5 Minute EMOM
5-10 Burpee Pull Ups


Training the Posterior Oblique Subsystem


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Posterior Oblique Subsystem (POS)

The posterior oblique subsystem is comprised of the gluteus maximus and the lat muscle on the opposite side – connected by the thoracolumbar fascia.  This is sometimes referred to as the posterior oblique sling and part of the fascial continuity that Tom Myers refers to as the Back Functional Line.




  • Distributes transverse plane forces during rotational movements,
  • Co-contraction of the glute and contralateral lat stabilizes the sacroiliac joint,
  • Transfers forces from transverse plane into the sagittal plane during gait,
  • Important for rotational movements like swinging a golf club or during throwing,
  • Provides stability to the pelvis, spine, and extremities during squats and deadlifts

Training Considerations

The POS prevents unwanted rotation during walking and running allowing for a stable SI joint.  During rotational movements like throwing, swinging, and twisting the POS transfers forces between the upper and lower extremities.  Whole body pulling movements require integrated motion between the arms and legs.

Movement dysfunctions are often the result of poor motor control.  Altered timing of muscle firing is different than just having a weak muscle.  Muscles need to contract at specific times with other muscles during different movement patterns.

This article will focus on using the reverse lunge with arm reach for training the posterior oblique sling.  A training progression can include supine, prone, half-kneeling to split-stance exercises.

Examples of each include the high post position of the Turkish getup (supine), bird-dog (prone), half-kneeling press with load in opposite hand (half kneeling), and a lunge with a twist or pull.


The next article will examine the role of the thoracolumbar fascia in optimizing movement through the posterior oblique subsystem.

- Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexibilityRx™ –

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 Coaches Choice
Teams of 3-4 | 1 Person Works at a Time
1000 Meter Row
100 Kettle Bell Swings
100 Sit Ups
750 Meter Row
75 Kettle Bell Swings
75 Sit Ups
500 Meter Row
50 Kettle Bell Swings
50 Sit Ups
250 Meter Row
25 Kettle Bell Swings
25 Sit Ups
LIFE: 1 Minute of Rowing+ 10 Kettle Bell Swings + 10 Sit Ups at a Time

How to Prepare for Your First (or Fortieth!) Competition Day


Strength in Conditioning for Friday, August 21, 2015

Whether you are new to the world of competing or have done so many races that you don’t even buy the t-shirt anymore, the preparation for competition day is equally vital to your competition success. What do you eat? Drink? Bring? Wear? These are all necessary questions with answers that can be the difference between a first place and a third place.

Let’s start at the beginning, the night before a competition. As the old saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Be sure to pack everything you may need the day of competition, and check it twice. There is nothing worse than reaching for your wrist wraps or running shoes at the start line and coming up short-handed.

Make yourself a checklist in the weeks leading up to the event of what gear you use in training. This list should be as encompassing as “shirt, shorts, sports bra…” because competition-day jitters can sometimes make you forget even the most basic of necessities.

Be sure to have a high-carb dinner the night before, but do not eat anything you haven’t eaten recently. If you usually eat sweet potatoes with your protein source, just double your typical amount of sweet potatoes and add in an extra serving of fruits or veggies. The worst thing to add to a stomachache from competition jitters is a stomachache from a big bowl of pasta that your body hasn’t seen in years!

The same principles go for food during competition day; keep it simple and familiar. If you are doing an endurance event and cannot stop to eat, practice eating protein bars or gel packs on the go during your training. It’s better to find out that a gel pack will send you straight to the bathroom on a training run rather than finding it out during the competition!

If your sport has downtime between events, pack meals and snacks that you’ve had in the last week. Keep protein bars, fruits, and veggies handy for quick breaks and simple meals that don’t have to be reheated available for longer breaks. Be sure not to have anything that may give you an upset stomach or a sugar crash later on, like cookies or candy.

The most important thing to bring to any competition is your water bottle! Depending on the venue, water may be unavailable or just downright expensive to purchase. Avoid become dehydrated by bringing your own gallon of water or a few extra water bottles filled to the brim. Drink before, possibly during (depending on your sport), and after your competition. The more you sweat, the more you need to refill that water depletion in your body.

What you wear will be highly dependent on your sport. Whatever that sport is, though, be sure to dress appropriately for the venue. Wear longer shorts or capris if you’ll be running long distances and your legs may chafe. If your sport is outside, lather up the sunscreen. For heavy sweaters, stick to a dri-fit material to wick away moisture and keep from feeling weighed-down by a drenched cotton t-shirt. Again, stick to the familiar. If you have worn it in training, it is probably safe to wear on competition day.

The most important competition day tip of all is to stay positive and leave knowing you gave everything you’ve got!

SICEST of the Southwest III Competition

500 Meter Row
Movement Prep for Wall Balls and Pull Ups
Ring Tucks + Hollow Rocks + L-Sits
Kipping Pull Up Progression
500 Meter Row + 10 Wall Balls + 10 Pull Ups
500 Meter Row + 20 Wall Balls + 10 Pull Ups
500 Meter Row + 30 Wall Balls + 10 Pull Ups
LIFE: 10 Ball Slams + 10 Ring Rows
FITNESS: 20/14 Wall Ball
SPORT: 30 Wall Ball + C2B or Strict

Eat What Gorillas Eat: Plant-Based Protein!


Strength in Conditioning for Thursday, August 20, 2015

Perhaps you have heard this one before… or maybe you have even uttered it yourself, “Oh, I could never go plant-based, I need protein.” Every argument against a plant-based diet stems from the myth that plants cannot give our bodies the protein we need to thrive.

That myth is just that- a MYTH!

Vegetables, beans, and legumes contain all of the protein necessary to fuel workouts and keep us going all day long. Adding fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and beans is easy and goes a long way to adding protein and nutrients to any dish. A cup of broccoli contains about 5 grams of protein, a cup of baked beans is about 12 grams of protein, and even a cup of oatmeal will add 6 grams of protein! Sprinkle some sunflower seeds on your salads, throw some sautéed peppers in a stir-fry, or grill some eggplant and pineapple slices on shish kabobs.

One of the best ways to incorporate more plants into your diet is to keep washed, cut veggies and fruits in the refrigerator. If it’s easy to access, it’s easy to incorporate!

Mix up your normal post-workout shake with a plant-based version such as pea, soy, hemp, or rice protein. If protein bars are easier to get down post-workout, some great plant-based bars are Vega, Clif Bar, Purefit, Kind bars, Lara bars, No Cow Bar, 22 Days, Caveman, and Squarebars.

Get the whole family on board with a plant-based diet by going “Meatless on Mondays” and challenging yourself to turn a family favorite meal into a plant-based version. If tacos are a classic in your household, swap the beef and cheese out for some pinto or black beans and guacamole. If you just “can’t live without cheese,” then try a vegan version! A vegan version has all of the cheesy flavor but none of the animal product in traditional cheese. Some great brands of vegan cheese are Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Tofutti, and Go Veggie. These can be found at local grocery stores like Whole Foods and Safeway.

One of the easiest ways to stay on a plant-based diet, or any diet for that matter, is to keep it fun. Have the kids each pick a “vegetable of the week” at the grocery store. It can be something common, like carrots, or something totally strange, like artichoke. Look up ways to cook it (carrots steamed in Rosemary are heavenly) or put it in a recipe (artichoke dip is a personal favorite!) and try out the final product together. You’d be surprised at how delicious a plant can turn out to be!

Even desserts can become plant-based by adding some naturally sweetened fruits. An apple with peanut butter, fruit salad, caramelized pineapple, berry cobbler, fruit juice popsicles, and cherry tarts are all delicious dessert options. Eating a plant-based diet is easy, healthy, and packed with protein. Still not convinced that plants can give you enough protein to be strong?

Next time you encounter a gorilla, ask him if HE gets enough protein from the plants he eats!



300 Meter + 300 Meter Row
5 Rounds:
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups
10 Air Squats
10 Ring Rows
10 Lunges
Walk 1 Lap
Build to Heavy Double Power Clean
10 Minute EMOM
3 Hang POwer Clean + 1 Push Press or Jerk
3-5 Minute Walking Rest
“Stairway To Heaven”
5 Minute AMRAP
Box Ups
LIFE: 18-20”
FITNESS 20-24”
SPORT: Box overs 24”

Tabata – Four Minutes of Torture!


Strength in Conditioning for Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A tabata is a fast, high intensity interval workout where work is performed for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second rest for eight rounds. We love these workouts here at SICFIT Scottsdale! And here are a few reasons why…

  1. Tabata workouts are extremely effective fat burners.
  2. They are versatile and can be used with many different kinds of functional fitness movements.
  3. Tabatas train both aerobic and anaerobic capacity, inspiring fat loss and increased muscle mass, simultaneously.
  4. With each tabata only requiring four minutes, they are incredibly efficient, time-saving workouts.
  5. The work rest cycle provides an opportunity to push ourselves to capacity every round.
  6. These high intensity workouts build mental toughness in addition to physical strength

In today’s workout we will be challenging ourselves to three tabatas. For your best results, pick a pace that is challenging but that you can sustain for all eight rounds for each movement. Try and keep your score consistent, rather than blowing out all of your energy in the first few rounds. Get ready for the longest four minutes of your life!



Coaches choice
5 Rounds
30 Second L Sit
300 Meter Run or 250 Meter Row
Tabata |8 Rounds Each Movements
Squats | Rest at Bottom
Sit Ups
Walk out Push Ups |Option to Rest in Plank


Get Your Creative Juices Flowing for our Vision Board Party!


Strength in Conditioning for Tuesday, August 18, 2015

There is great power in visualizing what we want. No matter what our goals are — losing weight, getting stronger, taking our business to the next level, or even spending more time with our families — if we can see it, we can be it!

SICFIT Scottsdale knows this to be true! We’ve seen it through with hundreds of clients! And we’ve even done it ourselves in our personal lives and with our business. This is why we want to share the power of visualizing with you at our Vision Board Party!

Join us and the folks at Pinspiration — a DIY creative studio space that empowers everyone to be an artist — on 8/26 for a bodyweight workout and a Create-Your-Own-Vision-Board Party!

The fun starts at 6pm, and all the supplies for the workout and the vision boarding will be provided. The cost is $25.00 per person and food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Bring your energy, your creative juices, and your biggest goals and ambitions! This party is about putting all of these things together and then going out and making it happen!


Dynamic Movement
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Deadlift + Press + Back Squat with PVC or Barbell
5 Minute Walking Rest
3 Sets of 10 Unbroken Thrusters
LIFE: Barbell | 1 Minute Rest Between
FITNESS: 95/65 | 2 Minute Rest Between
SPORT: 135/95 | 3 Minute Rest
300 Meter Run
Round 1 65-75%|  3 Minute Rest
Round 2 75-85% | 3 Minute Rest
R0und 3 90-95%


A Special…just for SICFIT Members!

Athleta Kierland is having our Friends and Family weekend and all SICFIT members are invited! Anyone who comes in will receive 25% off their entire purchase!! This event only happens twice a year and it is by invite only.

Come in and show the email, flyer, call ahead, or say you are with SICFIT, then you will receive the amazing discount! Mark your calendars now and plan to come in and stock up on your favorite workout gear!


Free Education Series for Happy and Healthy Hormones!


Strength in Conditioning for Monday, August 17, 2015

Our hormones are like the control center for our bodies. When they are in balance they support everything from sleeping well, losing weight (and keeping it off), maintaining elevated mood and energy levels, efficient digestion, and even helps us avoid food cravings. But when they are out of whack — we feel equally off kilter.

To help us understand how our hormones effect our health and what we can do to keep them in balance, SICFIT Scotsdale is excited to host nationally acclaimed hormone expert, Rudy Dragone from Chambers Clinic, for a free Hormone Education Clinic. Don’t miss out on this important and informative opportunity and join us at our Scottsdale gym location on Thursday, 8/20, at 7pm.

RSVP to or call 602-722-5627 and reserve your spot. Seating is limited!


Quick, Fast Warm Up
Air Squat + Push Up + Burpee + Dynamic Movement
5 Rounds
5-8 Bench Press
5-8 Single Arm Dumbbell or Kettle Bell Row
5-8 Dumbbell Hang Power Clean
5 Burpees
10 Strict Sit Ups
20 Flutter Kicks
3 Minute Rest
1600 Meter Partner Row Sprint

Rock Tape: Fascial Movement Taping Certification


Strength in Conditioning for Saturday, August 16, 2015

What is RockTape?

RockTape FMT is a movement-based approach of kinesio-taping that focuses on ‘taping movement, not muscles.’  The actual tape is designed to increase stability for improved movement – unlike tapes that limit movement.  The tape is stickier than traditional kinesiotape lasting for 3-5 days while facilitating good range of motion.

Immobility is often a compensatory stabilization strategy – taping areas to improve stability can greatly increase range of motion.  Using Charlie Weingroff’s definition of mobility (central nervous system control of a joint to move without influence) athletes can understand that improving stability can improve mobility around a joint because the brain then allows greater range of motion.  The neurosensory input from the tape tells the brain that it is ‘safe’ to allow motion around a joint.

RockTape Applications

The three primary applications of RockTape are for pain, decompression, and improving neurosensory input.  The FMT framework is allows for an open-ended approach to taping rather than having to strictly adhere to a handful of protocols.  The tape can be applied to stabilize joints, optimize movement patterns, and to reduce swelling and inflammation.

RockTape mechanically decompresses the skin and underlying fascial layers – relieving stress on nerve endings that transmit pain signals.  Taping can be used to improve posture – the tape can be used to address forward head posture, slumped shoulders, and collapsed arches.  Two more applications of taping include taping over scars for better movement and taping to address nerve entrapment.

The Joint-by-Joint Approach

The Level 1 workshop stressed the importance of Mike Boyle and Gray Cook’s joint-by-joint approach which explains that joint alternate between requiring more stability or mobility.  The ankles, hips, thoracic spine, and arms require mobility.  The foot, knees, low back, shoulder, and elbow require stability and can benefit from taping.

Foot – stable
Ankle – mobile
Knee – stable
Hip – mobile
Lumbar spine – stable
Thoracic spine – mobile
Scapula – stable
Arm – mobile
Elbow – stable
Wrist – mobile

The Role of Fascia in Movement

The Level 2 workshop stressed the importance of healthy fascia (connective tissue) in transmitting force globally.  Tom Myer’s “Anatomy Trains” concept provides direction for taping movement and controlling posture.  Taping myofascial slings and subsystems provides a solid template for optimizing movement.  Understanding fascial chains provides a great framework for thinking about movement patterns not just muscles.

“Movement becomes habit, which becomes posture, which becomes structure.” – Tom Myers

Important Concepts

  • Immobility is a compensatory stabilization strategy
  • You get more movement when you feel more stable
  • Breathing is the benchmark for correction and performance
  • If your shoulder hurts you can’t control rotation
  • Power lives in the transverse plane
  • Scars restrict movement along fascial planes
  • Taping can be used during pregnancy for postural support

FMT Movement Screen

  1. Breathing
  2. Double Leg Stance
  3. Staggered Leg Stance
  4. Single Leg Stance
  5. Push Screen
  6. Scapular Screen
  7. Rolling Screen

The level 2 course expanded on screening movement which included looking at breathing, rolling, squatting, lunging, and retraction of the shoulder (diamond test).  Attendees experienced much improved movement during squats and other functional movements after applying tape to unstable areas.  The functional movement chains (posterior oblique chain and anterior oblique chain) were examined and taped to facilitate rotation movement for increased power output.

RockTape Movement Pyramid

  1. Screening
  2. Assessment
  3. Rolling/Balls/Bands
  4. IASTM
  5. Rock Tape
  6. Corrective Exercise

RockTape emphasizes the fact that they are not just a tape company but a movement company.  Their movement pyramid is based on screening and assessment.  After movement patterns are analyzed athletes are instructed to utilize myofascial release tools on adhered or shortened areas.  Chiropractic care, assisted stretching, and myofascial release is also advised to mobilize fixated joints and adhered connective tissue.  After mobility is improved rock tape can be applied to enforce stability for corrective exercise patterning.

Perry Nickelston: Stop Chasing Pain

The course instructor was Perry Nickelston who has a great website and podcast called, “Stop Chasing Pain.”  Perry stressed the importance of controlling rotational movement in the transverse plane.  His workshops, “Primal Movement Chains” break down movements based on the myofascial slings (Tom Myers Anatomy Trains) and subsystems of the body.  Perry is a course instructor for FMS, NKT, and RockTape.

Weightlifters, runners, and athletes playing sports can greatly benefit from using RockTape to optimize movement.  I highly recommend RockTape and the RockTape FMT two day certification for strength coaches, bodyworkers, and yoga instructors.  I learned alot about movement screening, optimizing power output through rotational movements, and the benefits of kinesio-taping in this two day seminar.

Related Resources

Rock Tape Website (link)
Stop Chasing Pain Website (link)
Tom Myers: Anatomy Trains (link)
FMS: Functional Movement Systems (link)

- Kevin Kula, “The Flexibility Coach” – Creator of FlexibilityRx™ –


PVC Work
Shoulders, Squats, Good Mornings, Around the World, Shoulder Capsul, Snatch
Movement Prep
8 Minute EMOM
Push Press
LIFE: 10
8 Minute EMOM
Bent Over Row
LIFE: 10
8 Minute EMOM
Back Squat
LIFE: 10
8 Minute EMOM
Box Up and Overs
LIFE: 10 Step Ups
FITNESS: 6 Step Downs 24/20″
SPORT: 4 Burpee Box Overs 30/24″
Coaches choice

Cooking with the Kayyems… Tonight!

Strength in Conditioning for Friday, August 14, 2015

No dinner plans tonight? No problem. SICFIT Scottsdale has got you covered! Not just for tonight and not just for dinner – but every single snack and mean for the rest of the entire school year!

No, we aren’t offering to set you up with a personal chef. We’re doing something better. We’re providing all the information, skills, tips and tricks you need to keep your family eating consistently clean – even on the busiest of week days!

Join us tonight for SICFIT Scottsdale, Cooking with the Kayyems Nutrition Seminar! From paleo recipes you’re whole family will love, to strategies on saving time in the kitchen, to school lunch ideas that will keep your kids fueled up all day — this seminar is packed full of info, ideas, and inspiration!

Did we mention that you’ll actually get to try some of our favorite dishes and snacks? In other words, come hungry!

The seminar begins at 7:00pm and will be held at our North Scottsdale location. Register here or at the door 15 minutes prior to start time.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight!



Dynamic Movement
Explosive Warm Up
Sleds High/High + Run a Small Lap 80% + Walk a Small Lap x2
Sleds High/Low + Run a Small Lap 60% + Walk a Small Lap x2
Sleds Low/Low + Run a Small Lap 40% + Walk a Small Lap x2
5 Minute Rest
1000 Meter Run + Sled Up and Down + 1000 Meter Row


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