Coach Jorge is Feelin’ 22!!!





Happy Birthday, Coach Jorge!


Strength In Conditioning


For time:
22 Muscle Ups
22 Toes to Bar
22 Burpees Over Barbell
22 Power Cleans
22 Shoulder to Overhead
22 Kettle Bell Swing
22 Hand Stand Push Ups
2200m row
Life- ring row/lying leg lift/ burpees/ barbell oly/ 10-20 KB/ box HSPU
Fitness- pull up/ T2B/ BOB/ 65-95# oly/ 25-45# KB/ kip HSPU
Sport- bar MU/ T2B/ BOB/ 85-135# oly/ 50-75# KB/ kip HSPU
Jorge- Ring MU/ T2B/ BOB/ Bodyweight oly/ 97#KB/ Strict HSPU



FUN FACT FRIDAY: Meat first! To aid in keeping blood sugar low/ at normal levels, eat your carbs last. Start with your protein and veggie portions first.




Strength In Conditioning

A1) Dumbbell snatch x6/side
A2) Goblet Squat x8
A3) Bicycle kick x16/side
*No rest but not for time. Increase snatch weight when possible.

Skill- Rope climb
Lying climb x5
Full wrap
Hold + pull-up- squat x5
Jump + wrap + single pull x5
Full climb

B) For time:
Row 500m
30 push press
6 rope climbs
*Weight starts on rack if possible
L- jumping towel pull ups x30, 35/45# push press
F- towel pull ups x30 or rope climb, 65/95# push press
S- Rope climb, 85/135# push press

Don’t Let This One Go Over Your Head




Strength In Conditioning

A) Hang Power Clean x5, 5, 3, 3, 3
*Increase weight when possible
rest 1-2 minutes between sets

B) Overhead Squat
X15 PVC/barbell, x10, x8, x6, x4
*Increase weight after first set if possible

C) 5 rounds for time:
Run Big lap (Row 400m if too hot)
Overhead lunges x10
L- PVC/5#, F-35- 45#, S-55- 75# (barbell or dumbbell)

Pecs, Pecs, Pecs




Strength In Conditioning

A) Every 2 minutes start the next set
Bench Press x5-4- 3-2- 1
*Add weight each time
L- x5 each time, barbell only

B) Staggered Medicine Ball push up
X25 each side
L- no medicine ball, just stagger arms

C) Tabata (:20 on, :10 off, x8)
Dips, Sit ups, mountain climbers, flutter kicks,
*All 8 rounds of 1 exercise at a time

Beetle Juice





Strength In Conditioning

A) Take 15-20 minutes to build to 1RM deadlift

A2) AMRAP at 85% of 1RM

B) AMRAP 15 min with a partner-
50 Russian kettle bell swings
25 push ups
25 ring rows
50 sit ups
*One person working at a time, split up work however

Heat It Up




Strength In Conditioning

A1) Every 90 seconds x4 sets
Dumbbell shoulder press
*(L- light + more reps, F- medium, S- Heavy, low reps: Choose 5-10 reps)

-Immediately following the last set begin part 2:
A2) Every 60 seconds x5
Burpees (Choose 5-10 reps do as fast as possible)

-Immediately following the last set begin part 3:
A3) Every 90 seconds x4 sets
Thrusters (Choose 5-10 reps use same weight as Push Press)

B1) Overhead lunges x16
B2) Push-ups x8
B3) Lying side heel touches x16/side
No rest between exercises; rest 1 minute between sets
X3 sets
L- PVC-5# plate, F-10- 25# plate, S-35- 45# plate and weighted push ups

Jibber Jabber





Strength In Conditioning

A) Power clean x5, 5, 3, 3, 3
*Increase weight when possible
rest 1-2 minutes between sets

B) For time:
10-9- 8-7- 6-5- 4-3- 2-1
Handstand push up
L- ring row and pushup
F- knees or toes on box HSPU and kipping pull up
S- Strict
Alternate rounds with a partner
10 pull-up, 10 pull-up, 10 HSPU, 10HSPU, 9 PU, 9PU, 9HSPU, 9HSPU,

C) For time:
Row 500m

June Bug




Strength In Conditioning

Skill- Turkish get up

A) Every minute for 16 minutes (4 sets of each)
1- Push Press x8
2- Sit up x20
3- Turkish get up x3/side
4- ball slam x12
L- light weight and less reps as needed

B) 3 rounds for time:
10 strict pull ups
30 mountain climbers/side
10 goblet squats
L- bands/30 total/air squat
F- 25/45 kb
S-35/55-75 kb

Fun With Fifty


Strength In Conditioning

A) For time:
50 calorie row
50 box jumps/step ups
50 deadlifts
50 wall balls
50 dips

Life- do ½ amount of reps
Fitness- 20” box, 10/14# ball, 95/155 bar, paralette dips
Sport- 20/24” jump, 14/20# ball, 135/205 bar, ring dips

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